Woman Arrested in Ysleta with 484 kg of marijuana

21 Feb

Woman Arrested in Ysleta with 484 kg of marijuana, while having her two children in the car

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Officials of the Office of Field Operations of Customs and Border Protection, CBP for its acronym in English, working at the port of entry in El Paso, on Tuesday seized 61 pounds of marijuana thousand in a single case.

A New Mexico woman who was accompanied by her two sons was arrested for attempted smuggling. The estimated value of the drugs seized in the streets is 848,800 dollars. “An exceptionally large amount of marijuana was taken from a single vehicle,” said Barry Miller, director of CBP at the port of El Paso.

“Drug traffickers used almost all available space in this pick up to hide the drugs.” Forfeiture happened Tuesday just after 11 pm at the intersection of international Ysleta when a Dodge Ram pickup 1998 model arrived from Mexico.

The officers conducted the inspection and then selected the vehicle to undergo a second review. ‘s dog “Johan” sniffed the truck and alerted to the presence of drug. CBP officers uncovered part of a panel and found an envelope.

After a complete inspection of the vehicle which, resulted in the discovery of drugs in the panels, the gas tank, the floor and the spare tire of the truck.

CBP officers recovered wrappers yielding marijuana weighing 61 pounds thousand. They took the driver into custody, Palma Lyon 32 years old and originally from Socorro, New Mexico. She was transferred into the custody of the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs who was arrested and the accused was arrested for drug smuggling.

Currently detainee is in the prison of El Paso County without bail. The children were released to a relative.

Though anti-terrorism is the primary mission of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the inspection process they have done in the ports of entry are associated with this mission and has resulted in impressive numbers of cases in which the law is applied in all categories.

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