Locusts invade Israel the Eighth plague

08 Mar

A few days before Easter, as the biblical passage says, tens of millions of locusts have covered  the sky of the Negev desert in Israel in the last days.

These insects migrate into the Gaza Strip, Israel and Jordan, after visiting Egypt.

Reports estimated approximately 30 million insects have devastated vast agricultural areas.

The cloud of locusts is being monitored by the authorities of Israel, which is on alert for fear that may have negative effects on agricultural production.

However, apparently the amount of insects that cross Israel is lower than that struck Egypt.

The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development launched a fumigation campaign, given the magnitude of the plague.

The alert comes to  Israel three weeks before Easter, which commemorates the passage of the Israelite exodus from Egypt.

According to the holy Bible, a large swarm of locusts was the eighth of ten plagues that struck the Egyptians by divine punishment, to persuade Pharaoh to free the ancient Hebrews from slavery.

This year, Passover begins March 25.

We leave you with the shocking images.

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