Bogota judge orders the Seizeur of $4 billion empire of Carlos Slim

18 Mar

Some countries have it right, they are not afraid of the super-rich! Court seizes $ 4 billion empire of Carlos Slim

Judge orders 4 Billions dollar  to be seized!

Judge orders 4 Billion dollar empire to be seized!

The Decision was part of a process between Comcel,  and Conexcel, which was its main distributor.

The biggest mobile phone company in the country, owned by the richest man in the world, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, we seized $ 4 billion from their accounts due to a process involving this company and Conexcel, a former distributor Comcel, before it was acquired by Clear.

In an official letter of Feb. 26, known as The Spectator, 17 civil judges inform several banks in Bogotá , about the embargo of Conexcel Colpatria. This process is a new headache for Claro, the largest cell phone company in the country.

The case is: Conexcel was, between 1996 and 2010, one of the largest distributors of products Claro Comcel-now-in the country. However, in January 2010 and on behalf of some alleged abuses contractual Conexcel stopped working with the cell phone company. A few months after that company sued for non-payment of unemployment trade-something like the dismissal of typical worker must be returned to the company at the end of the contract, two of its contracts with Comcel (Claro).

In addition, the company sued for breach, illegal charges, damages and loss of earnings, among others. On May 9, 2011, an arbitration tribunal of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce gave him reason to Conexcel and therefore ordered the cell phone company to pay about $ 30 billion.

Comcel had not paid the claim when there was a dispute between the new company and Conexcel. The cell phone company sued its former distributor because they wanted to give 31 distribution stations were used by Conexcel when the contract was in force. Therefore called for a new arbitration court, which ruled in favor Claro Comcel-now-and Conexcel forced to pay $ 2,900 million. When paying your claim, the cell phone company these monies deducted and paid less Conexcel.

However, on appeal the Court of Bogotá did away with the award for a number of irregularities. First, Comcel could not call a new arbitration court because he had one in charge of resolving the conflict between it and its former distributor. A lawyer close to the process told this newspaper that the representative would have committed irregularities Comcel to convene the new court.

In addition, the referees who were elected to settle the dispute were not approved by the two parties. Its approval was made at a meeting which was not involved Conexcel representative, that day was involved in a hospital in the city. Therefore, the April 30, 2012 overturned the award and for that decision, which was confirmed on July 25, 2012 by the Supreme Court, the money, along with interest and other items must be returned to Conexcel and Colpatria the trust, which manages part of the assets of the company.

As this has not occurred, the trustee and asked Conexcel seizure of accounts of the company, part of the conglomerate of Carlos Slim, whose fortune is $ 73 billion. Conexcel has two other cases against the largest wireless company in the country. This newspaper tried to contact the company, but at press time had not received a reply.

Sure, by order of the State Council, is overdue to return about $ 134 billion to the Bogotá Telecommunications Enterprise. In this case, it was even international bodies, the mayor of Bogota, Gustavo Petro, has asked President Juan Manuel Santos to intercede for those monies Sure you back to ETB. In this regard, the mayor said that “every day that passes that money in the pocket of the world’s richest man, will be money we are robbing the citizens.”

To this must be added that in 2012 course was the cell phone company with the highest amount of fines. According to figures from the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Claro had to pay $ 10,847,000 in fines against them for bad service. More than double what they had to pay the other companies in this sector as a whole.

To make matters worse, since 2002 Claro Comcel-before-has been sued 18 times by contractual abuses. In all lost. He did it for the first time on March 18, 2002, when an arbitration court forced her to pay one of its distributors, CellPoint, about $ 4,500 million for breach “seriously and reiterated its contractual obligations.”

Other companies that have sued course and have earned are Celcenter, Concelular, Mobile Point, Movitell, Cars del Camino, CMV, Colcell, Globaltronics, Electrophone, Andino Cell, MLC, World Cellular and, of course, Conexcel that still waiting to give him back his money.

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