Seven people killed in Guerrero

24 Mar

ACAPULCO, The Attorney General of Guerrero is investigating the murder of seven people that happened in the bar of the Hotel Las Vegas, in Ciudad Altamirano, region of Tierra Caliente.

Seven People killed in mass shooting rampage

Seven People killed in mass shooting rampage

The ministry said that among those killed were three elements of the federal police and four civilians, while two other officers were wounded in the attack.

According to the preliminary MIN/SC/03/114/2013, civilians are victimized Ángel Martínez Castillo, Enrique Palacios Duenas, Jesus Alejandro Mariano Galarza Juanche and Anuar Santamaría.

Meanwhile, the federal agents are Ludwin Lopez Casanova, Hector Jose Escribano Escribano and Benito White Velázquez, who were stationed in Coyuca de Catalan.

According to preliminary investigations, a group of gunmen arrived and started setting a shoot straight to the bar where the officers were.

The office was informed of the facts by the Preventive Police , so ministerial elements moved to the place with the aim of carrying out inquiries and found caps for 7.62X3 caliber and AK-47.

Meanwhile in the Clinic of the Americas, located in Ciudad Altamirano two elements of the Federal Police, and Samuel Nieto Moscosa Alcantara Fernando Aparicio, who were wounded by gunfire in the attack are being attended to.

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