Hiv or hepatitis 7000 possibly infected in Oklahoma

29 Mar

A dental clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma ,  reported 7000 patients may be at risk of having been infected in their facilities with HIV or hepatitis in the past six years.

Are you one of the 7000

Are you one of the 7000

Health authorities in Oklahoma State reported that the affected persons should be tested, after checking that the instruments used in the clinic had not been sterilized properly for years.

They also asserted that the doctor responsible for the dental clinic is cooperating in the investigation.

According to CBS, the alert is triggered when one of the patients tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and hepatitis, despite not having been exposed to risks. The investigation led to the source of infection clinic of Dr. Scott Harrington.

The state health department said the investigation found that the clinic there were “numerous and serious violations of sanitary laws and safety standards” in dental practice.

Thousands of patients could have been infected with HIV or hepatitis B and C since 2007 and have asked authorities notified to undergo tests to dispel doubts, since those infected may not experience symptoms for years.

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