North Korea further threats the US will be crushed in an attack!

05 Apr

The North Korean Army in a statement warned the White House and the Pentagon to “be crushed” by troops and nuclear weapons of China

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North Korea announced today that it has approved a ruthless attack  against  the United States  which could involve a “diversified nuclear attack,” in a statement the state agency KCNA, in a new twist to the campaign regime’s threats to Seoul and Washington.

According to the KCNA dispatch, North Korea officially informed the White House that will use “nuclear high technology means smaller, lighter and diversified” to respond to the “increasingly intense hostile policy” of the United States toward the communist country .

Pyongyang has explained that “examined and finally ratified” an “operation merciless revolutionary armed forces” against the United States, whom he accused of raising a “reckless nuclear threat” against the regime of Kim Jong-un to deploy warplanes in South Korea.

The powerful Korean People’s Army (North), with more than 1.1 million troops, “held powerful and successive military counterattacks, as solemnly declared Supreme Command,” added the KCNA dispatch.

Pyongyang also invited the U.S. to “reflect on the current situation” in which he said, “the time of the explosion is fast approaching” and “no one can predict that a war in Korea explode or not and whether it will be today or tomorrow “.

North Korea justified its new threat to the presence in the area and because of the joint annual maneuvers Seoul and Washington of U.S. B-52 bombers, and F-22 fighter aircraft and known as “stealth” B-2, able to evade radar and launch nukes.

The threat to launch a nuclear attack against the U.S. is the latest North Korean challenge in its unusual, severe and prolonged offensive rhetoric against Seoul and Washington, which has included several threats of war.

The campaign of threats from Pyongyang, which places the target of their anger maneuvers that South Korea and the U.S. do all this April, had its origin in early March, when the Security Council extended sanctions at UN communist country make its last nuclear test in February.

United States has deployed 28,500 troops in South Korea and is committed to defending its ally against a hypothetical North Korean attack as a legacy of the Korean War (1950-1953) ended with an armistice that keeps technically faced on both sides of the peninsula had not been replaced by a peace treaty.

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