Millionaire investigated for money laundering involving Nestor Kirchner

18 Apr

The late former president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, was involved with a money laundering billionaire sparking a media scandal

Former Argentinas President

Former Argentinas President

BUENOS AIRES, The late former president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, was involved with a multi-million dollar money laundering scandal which sparked a media frenzy and stated an investigation by the justice Ministry.

The case is tainted by the fight to keep the government and the opposition out of the press, and that the allegations were revealed by a channel on Grupo Clarin, the largest media group in the country, five years after attacking Kirchner.

From all Clarín media, and the rest of the opposition press, submitted the complaint as one of the biggest corruption cases in Argentina’s history, while the government media said it was a new media operation.

The previous Sunday Thought for TV program presented a report in which two financiers acknowledge having taken the country 55 million euros (71.6 million dollars) belonging to Lázaro Báez, Kirchner businessman linked to from the beginning of his political career, to late-80s.

According to testimony, Baez sent to Buenos Aires, from the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, where he lives, millions of euros in cash to a company that introduced the financial market by creating shell companies based in tax havens.

Its main operator was the financier Leonardo Fariña, whose testimony became public knowledge through two hidden cameras that made the program director, Jorge Lanata, a leading anti-government journalists.

In these recordings, said Baez Fariña was a partner “at all” with Kirchner, the financier who also personally knew and even shared barbecues and played a couple of football games.

The story is trivialized, in part because Fariña and a man who allegedly helped him in money laundering are married to two famous Argentine starlets, so attention focused on their personal stories and not whether the particular offense evidence.

For now, the case has arrived to justice, to investigate the employer Baez for concealment and conspiracy, while at Fariña and was inhibited their property and denounced him for money laundering.

In government, the few officials who have referred to the scandal that occupies the radio and television programs, whether news or entertainment, downplayed the allegations and warned that, in any case, the act is to be justice.

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