Narco-tunnel found in old immigration office in Sonora

21 Jun

It is located a few meters from the border between Sonora and Arizona, is less than a meter wide and is 55 meters long

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Hermosillo, Federal police located the entrance to a narco-tunnel in a building formerly housed government offices, which now looks abandoned property and is located a few meters from the border line between the homonymous cities of Nogales, Sonora and Arizona.

It was mentioned that the underground passage was allegedly used for the smuggling of drugs was identified by federal authorities in the United States, who gave notice to the Federal Police to initiate a binational action from both sides of the border.

On the Mexican side, the building where they found the entrance to narco-tunnel worked for four years as the State Center for Migrant Care, is located west of the main gate called DeConcini, in the center of the city of Nogales, on the street corner International and Calle Del Cerro de la Colonia Buenos Aires, where until Wednesday afternoon military personnel and federal police inspected the building and its surroundings.

Unofficial sources explained that the passage was built by hand with pick, shovel and chisel.

The tunnel is less than a meter wide, four feet deep and 55 feet long, and connects to the drainage system shared by the two Nogales, where the water flows by gravity from Sonora, Mexico, to the neighboring state Arizona, in the United States.

The discovery was made by police allegedly American Border Division minutes before midnight on Tuesday, when they were alerted to drug trafficking activities.

The officers used breathing apparatus to enter the passageway, due to moisture and reduced space. In addition, it required the help of a k-9 officer (trained dog).

On the Mexican side, when police officers arrived at the scene, some men managed to escape the building, not reported the arrest of any individual or assurance of drugs, weapons, money or vehicles.

This would be the third narco-tunnel Nogales discovered so far in 2013, according to official reports, over the past six years the Mexican army was able to detect and destroy 54 narco-tunnels built between the borders of Baja California and Sonora to the United States.

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