Have you been scammed lately? Stay away from fastlane commissions!

26 Jun
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This is personal and dear to my heart! I am retired and have been looking for a way to make some extra money as we all need it! I thought I had finally found the answer until, I registered for the product from “FastlaneCommissions” this was suppose to be the best thing since sliced bread. Then I made the decision to jump-in, the cost wasn’t much only $37, and I thought that this might just be my answer for finding the key to make the extra money I needed. Then what happens, I made the payment with my credit card to Clicksure, this was the reccommended process, and I followed every detail of completing the transaction. They showed me a valid receipt on the computer screen, and I was satisfied.

The next step was for Clicksure to send me a receipt and notifcation to my email with the sigh-in account name and pass-word! Funny thing is, it never came! Then I contactd Fastlanecommissions and they ran around the cirle and said, they hae no record of the transactions, Hmmmm! I said, then after a few email exchanges, I decided to cantact “” and they asked me for the order number, but since they never provided one in the first-place, I could not provide them with the order number! Then I was informed that without the order number there wasn’t much they could do. Hmmm, then I contacted my bank and asked them to provide the payment transaction details and they said that it was made to “Clicksure” but of course they did not have an order number so my transaction did not exist

Im Phil from Fast Lane Commissions customer support.
I can advise that I am unable to locate an account in our records with the details you have provided.

To enable me to assist you further, please provide the following information:
* Your order / reference number * Your full name and address  * Your email address (including any that you may have used to join the program) * The name of the product(s) / Package(s) that you have purchased * Your Username
If you cannot locate all of this information please also forward us a copy of your invoice by email.

If you believe that your payment has been approved b
ut still haven’t received the confirmation from Clicksure, pls contact the Billing department at

They will assist you at their best.
I hope that this information has been helpful.

If you have any additional question, please feel free to ask.
At the end of the day, I realized that these people are simply dishonest, and whatever you do! Do not accept them at their word for they are experienced in deceipt, lies and Fraud! If this post helps one person, then I will have succeeded in getting the word out!
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