Creation comes by developing a sound idea!

25 Sep

When I was thinking about creating a pages blog, many thoughts ran through my mind, some good and some bad. I think the good thoughts prevailed as I am now starting a journey alone and perhaps in time I will pickup some followers that would prefer the truth rather than hype that we find all over the Internet.

So the truth is: Benefits of using the easiest blogging platform under the SUN!

Most recently I had the privilege to attend a video conference at Empower Network where I was totally amazed at a new Blogging Platform “BlogBeast” that is coming on the market shortly. This platform will allow anyone to actively use it in their business to improve the way you sell and market products, present video and mobile content without the hassles that we currently have when using WordPress or any other blogging platform.

Usually when you want to insert a video you must get the URL, upload the video and then insert it into the blog. With this new blogging platform that has been simplified you just press a button and the video is instantly uploaded and inserted into the blog within seconds. This just and example, you can also perform on-line comments where you can respond within realtime, without having to wait for the comment to arrive in your inbox, this is amazing it works just like Chat.

There are so many features available to simplify the process of blogging for business or pleasure. It is content oriented with many available features.

If this entices your taste buds check it out by following this link>>>> Action Now! you must join to enjoy the Benefits of using the easiest blogging platform under the SUN!

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