When a sound idea becomes reality success follows

26 Sep

Creation comes by developing a sound idea

In 36 hours we’re holding a pre-launch hangout for affiliates only.   Funny to call it a pre-launch…  

Because We are 23 months old. Have paid out over $70,000,000 in  commissions successfully to affiliates like you and me.   Have over 155,000 CUSTOMERS and over 30,000 affiliates.  

To see where we’re headed right  now, over the next 30, 60, 90 days —   And be like the smartest business  people on earth who use the FALL  season to create launching pads for the next year.   What you do over the next 90 days determines where you stand on  January 1.  

You can stand where you are, hoping and praying…   Or you can move like Jagger and  compete with some of the most trafficked websites in the world.  

We’re already in the top 100 most trafficked websites in the USA…And when we launch the “BEAST” over the next 30-60 or 90 days we will likely QUADRUPLE this traffic.  

 So to position yourself you must be deep within the wave… not come up for air…   And then ride this wave.    So as you pop your head up for the first time — and take a deep breathe…where you are now will be a distant memory — and your new existence will  be one where the surface hasn’t even  been scratched.  

We’re not even in the first inning of this game — matter of fact, we haven’t even gotten started.   So where are you going ?   Where do you want to build your next fortune?

And let me tell you — having the ear of the top earners in the company….Let me tell you this – although we’re launching EN v2 within the next month.   I haven’t been more excited about what’s possible — because there is SO MUCH more than just a simple website.  

If you’re from the old school of network marketing or home business — the old school strategies are all but dead.  

And if you want to use the new school strategies and recruit, sell and build a business from the comfort of your home….   Then this is the best time for you to plug in, and ride this thing.   And although Empower Network will be launching and dominating the home business industry…   You have the ability today to dominate INSIDE the Empower Network.  

So there are 2 steps for you to follow.  

1) After you get started here for $25 You’ll  get your affiliate account activated for $19.95

2) Then you’ll have the unmatched opportunity to get on our EN call with our Co-Founder Dave Sharpe.   And most of all..  

Stop.   Making.   Excuses.   Step into your POWER and use this opportunity to make the next 90 days  the best of your life.

Tomorrow night we are starting something that has never been done before. We will be having the BIGGEST Internet Marketing hangout EVER…. And you’re invited. >> Get In Here, Now For $25

<< Need to see the Original “Commission Magician” Video? 

Watch the original video here<< where Dave and Dave share the original vision and how Empower Network came to be….   Want to see the new “Direct/Indirect Method” Video?

Watch the new method here<< where Dave Sharpe explains his story, and give you a training on how to use websites, and the power of content and direct response marketing to get leads, sales and profits with the least amount of ‘techno-babble’ possible…  

Excited about the Prosperity Formula?

Watch the Prosperity Formula video here <<  and see how Adam went from $40,000 in debt to traveling the world using his laptop and the internet — and how the systems are now ready for you to use, today.  

Have you met the Pizza Boy? Meet him here << Chris went from delivering pizza in a clapped-out old Buick, to earning $2.3 Million a year online, and his exact iPAS systems are open for you to tap into — this is what I personally use, and it works.  

News Flash: You have everything you need to succeed.   All the info   All the power.   It’s now up to YOU to make a decision and be a part of the largest, most influential group of internet entrepreneurs to grace the pages of Google…..   >> Get Started Here.

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