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Is America being Torn Apart By Civil Unrest!

Is America being Torn Apart By Civil Unrest!

This has been the worst period in the history of the United States of America! Immigration, Clinton Foundation Scandal, Hillary Cover up, Emails deleted, Classified emails shared on an un-certified Server, Cheating, False Statements, DOJ Corruption, FBI Corruption, Voter fraud, White House cover-ups, Obama’s New World Order and more!

I am ashamed to be called an American anymore. I grew up in Florida in the 1950-60’s and we had respect for The American Flag, The Lords Prayer, Our National Anthem and our love of God and Country. We joined the Military when our nation was in danger, and we freely give our time, and lives to make sure that those of us that lived afterward had the freedoms, and blessing of our great nation! We stood for God, family and our religion of choice.  Yes, there was the period where Martin Luther King stood up and made our great nation even stronger by his sacrifice! Yet, if you look at his genius, he did this against great odds and he did not belittle himself or kill anyone because he was a man of conviction! He sacrificed his life that you the African-Americans of today can enjoy your freedoms!

But, you African-Americans feel that you are owed something in return, but, Why? What have you as an individual sacrificed for your country, nothing, but who wants everything! You kill each other openly in Chicago every weekend, yet I do not hear you going out in the streets protesting this! You had rather keep the old mentality and blame someone else, especially, a policeman or a white guy. That is your easy cop-out for creating a mob scene.

What has the Democratic Party ever done for the American Blacks? You speak about racial equality when you are the precise ones, along with the News Media that claim that all acts of violence are someone else’s fault. If you can name one thing that the Democratic party has done for you; let it be known; otherwise you are still a slave in bondage by that same Party you vote for and keep in office year after year!

This post is not against anyone, regardless of your color, heritage or culture. The point being made is this; you have a CHOICE! Stay where you are in your own little self-centered world; or stand-up and make a difference, change your lives and prosper. It takes you to decide, no-one can make your choice except you, and then you must live with the results!

Ask your self, self what has Obama done for me? Has my life improved, do I make more money, is Obama Care working, can you pay the premiums he has forced on you and your family? Will you accept Muslims taking over your towns, cities, and states? Will you allow those Muslims that have been brought into your hometowns to change your laws, so that you will be governed not by the Constitution of the United States, But by Sharia law? If you agree with this then you are in the right place at the right time for this to happen to you!

We are now being over-run with Muslims who are protesting everything that is American when they complain they are offended by what is our heritage, our flag, our Constitution, and Liberals are agreeing with them and for what reason? Has America become a land of hate and where Dreamers want a free ride and we the hard working Americans just tolerate it and say it’s ok! Is America Being Torn Apart?

America you have turned away from being “One Nation Under God” and you have brought this crisis upon yourselves. President Trump wants to help all Americans but you do not want to listen, you prefer Mob action, rioting, looting and killing each other for your own self-reward. America you need to come to your senses, investigations into every aspect of President Trump’s life before and after his election will not change the fact that he was duly elected to be President of the United States of America.

Our Government is made up of three different branches; The Executive Branch, The Department of Justice and the Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) yet, a single Federal Judge can make a ruling that is applied all across the USA and this brings about questions as to who has authority over the people or who represents who? The President represents the American People and that means all of you! You do not need to like him, but he is your President. If you think he is a failure in 2020 vote him out, rather than destroy our great nation! By your destructive ways, you are asking for Civil War, and that will not be tolerated in the USA! Patience is a virtue but destruction of private property is breaking the law!

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United States of America has Lost its’ way!

It is August 5, 2016, and I have not written a post in quite some time because I have been observing what has been happening in the United States of America and I am appalled! We have the first African American President and a few years ago, I thought that he would do a great job for us, but after many heartaches, I have found that it was probably our biggest mistake of all times to elect Barack Obama. He has literally destroyed our homes and our country. It is just awful what he has done to destroy our most beautiful country.

Now we are in the process of selecting a new President, and that is a most difficult challenge. The Democrats have chosen for their candidate a woman, the first woman to be running as the nominated representative of the Democratic Party, what a shame! Any other woman would have been or could have been a great thing for America, but they chose HRC the biggest liar, criminal, corrupt individual in the history of American politics. I don’t understand the American mentality when they make such ignorant decisions as this one. I suppose they are just plain stupid and think that by electing a crook everything will work out! It is hard for me to post such, but I love my country and I don’t know what to do to save her from this calamity.

Donald Trump is a businessman and he is outspoken and could be the solution for our problems at home, where we have an evaporation of jobs, lost infrastructure and open borders where we are inundated with illegal aliens coming into the USA. Yet, this is not the only set of problems that America is faced with; terrorism from ISIS and radical Islam, which our current President refuses to acknowledge. Yet they are very real and they have already penetrated our borders and have set up training facilities across our country. Obama is bringing in more and more migrants from Syria and other Muslim countries and this is now an urgent problem in many States. These Muslim migrants are causing havoc across our nation, everything American from our Flag to our National Anthem causes the Muslims anxiety and in turn, Obama and the courts agree and find all things American Offensive to the new Muslim onslaught. I guess no one believes in our freedom with rights and a Constitution that protects those rights of its citizens above and beyond non-Americans and illegals. We have lost our way, and if we (The American People) do not stand for those rights and our freedom then we will go down in flames, as the Muslim population continues to grow inside the USA, we are at the point of destruction and this is exactly what Obama wants to happen.

It is time to get rid of this Muslim President and regain our self-dignity and position in the free world, as a leader that is strong, and based on Christian values and brotherhood. Where one can enjoy home, freedom, prosperity, and religion of choice.

I ask that all Americans stand up and fight for our Country, our Freedom and our way of life! We are not destined to worship Allah or any other false god or idol but the one God, Jesus Christ, who is the Kind of Kings and Lord of Lords for all mankind!

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Can you defend yourself in an emergency situation?

English: SIG Sauer P226 with Hogue grips

English: SIG Sauer P226 with Hogue grips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SIG-Sauer P220, description for parts of handgun.

SIG-Sauer P220, description for parts of handgun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Know how to protect yourself. This almost certainly means owning a firearm and knowing how to use it to protect yourself or others.

Many TV survival documentaries show people who feel they can defend themselves with knives or clubs, but in reality, they are going to lose 98% of the time against someone else with a firearm. Someone that has been specifically trained on how to use firearms in a defensive manner will almost always win the day in a gun battle.

You can’t just own a gun; you have to know how to use it at a very high level. You also need to know how to clean your weapons and take care of them. Access to a gunsmith may or may not be available to you during an emergency situation…

Some people think they cannot use a firearm against another person, but this feeling changes abruptly when they see one of their family members at risk. Some people still cannot use a firearm in any circumstance, and these people should consider some form of self-defense such as the non-lethal devices (stun batons, pepper sprays, TASERS, even baseball bats).

People can feel that everyone will come together and rebuild society, and many good people will — but there are plenty of bad people in this world. And it may come down to you or them.

Everyone needs to practice over and over with any self-defense armament they have so there is no hesitation when it comes to saving one’s life from someone that is willing to take yours or your loved ones’.

For a handgun, I recommend a 45-caliber for men and a 9MM for women. Most women find the kick of a 45-caliber handgun too much to handle when shooting and are more comfortable with a 9 MM. Colt, Smith and Wesson, H&K, Sig Sauer are some of the best name brands in handguns to consider if you don’t already own a handgun and need to purchase one.

A 45-caliber handgun has more stopping power than a 9 MM, but any well-placed shot with any type of gun can mean game over for an intruder or attacker with mal-intent.

Some other types of guns to consider are a good defensive shotgun (12 gauge) with large-size buckshot and along-range rifle with a quality scope.

If you are not familiar with guns, it is best to find a friend who is who can help you through the process of buying handguns, shotguns, or rifles.

Once you have the guns you want, it then becomes necessary to know how to safely use those guns without hesitation if needed. If you are not familiar with the handling of guns I highly recommend you find someone that can properly train you in a safe environment.

 I consider the best gun training that exists on planet earth for civilians. The name of the place is called Front Sight and is located an hour outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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North Korea further threats the US will be crushed in an attack!

The North Korean Army in a statement warned the White House and the Pentagon to “be crushed” by troops and nuclear weapons of China

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North Korea announced today that it has approved a ruthless attack  against  the United States  which could involve a “diversified nuclear attack,” in a statement the state agency KCNA, in a new twist to the campaign regime’s threats to Seoul and Washington.

According to the KCNA dispatch, North Korea officially informed the White House that will use “nuclear high technology means smaller, lighter and diversified” to respond to the “increasingly intense hostile policy” of the United States toward the communist country .

Pyongyang has explained that “examined and finally ratified” an “operation merciless revolutionary armed forces” against the United States, whom he accused of raising a “reckless nuclear threat” against the regime of Kim Jong-un to deploy warplanes in South Korea.

The powerful Korean People’s Army (North), with more than 1.1 million troops, “held powerful and successive military counterattacks, as solemnly declared Supreme Command,” added the KCNA dispatch.

Pyongyang also invited the U.S. to “reflect on the current situation” in which he said, “the time of the explosion is fast approaching” and “no one can predict that a war in Korea explode or not and whether it will be today or tomorrow “.

North Korea justified its new threat to the presence in the area and because of the joint annual maneuvers Seoul and Washington of U.S. B-52 bombers, and F-22 fighter aircraft and known as “stealth” B-2, able to evade radar and launch nukes.

The threat to launch a nuclear attack against the U.S. is the latest North Korean challenge in its unusual, severe and prolonged offensive rhetoric against Seoul and Washington, which has included several threats of war.

The campaign of threats from Pyongyang, which places the target of their anger maneuvers that South Korea and the U.S. do all this April, had its origin in early March, when the Security Council extended sanctions at UN communist country make its last nuclear test in February.

United States has deployed 28,500 troops in South Korea and is committed to defending its ally against a hypothetical North Korean attack as a legacy of the Korean War (1950-1953) ended with an armistice that keeps technically faced on both sides of the peninsula had not been replaced by a peace treaty.

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FEMA auctions off Emergency trailers before Sandy strikes!

Some-one should demand and answer from the “President”, “WHY did you let this happen, where was your fore site?”

Map of New York highlighting Schoharie County

Map of New York highlighting Schoharie County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FEMA may have been offering assistance in the days before Sandy, but at a price. Those trailers, the General Services Administration notes, were purchased by the government for around $25,000 a piece, only to be auctioned off at as low as one-fifth of that.

“I don’t know what was the driving force behind auctioning off or selling these units at a significantly reduced rate.But I can tell you temporary housing is going to be a critical issue in New Jersey and New York as they try to recover,” Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Robert Latham tells the Examiner.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect they would be selling them,” Schoharie County, NY Sheriff Tony Desmond adds to the outlet. “If they were serviceable, they might be taken to the next site of a disaster where they would need housing,” Desmond said. “But they were selling them.”

In the immediate aftermath of Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg hailed US President Barack Obama for a job well done in getting aid to the region with the help of FEMA. On his part, the president called the response “aggressive and strong and fast and robust.”

The millions of residents that have been without power, some for as long as two weeks after the storm struck, have critiqued that praise, though. As recently as this week, more than 50,000 customers of the New York State-owned Long Island Power Authority were without electricity, and the company’s chief operating officer said some clients could be left out in the dark — literally — for quite a while until LIPA could get everything up and running, a process complicated by the feds’ lack of assistance in clearing downed trees and providing assistance for citizens trapped from Sandy.

When FEMA first dispatched workers to the New York region to provide aid, emergency centers set up for the sole purpose of hazard recovery closed its doors to victims citing bad weather as a reason for not being able to stay open.

“Really? You’re telling Staten Island people that sorry, we’re closed due to the weather?” Staten Island resident MaryAnne Alessio told Neil Cavuto. “These are people walking the streets that don’t have no homes, no electricity, no life, no place to go. They’re put out of their houses. And then they go to the FEMA center and they’re closed due to the weather. I think it’s a disgrace

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Secession fromt he USA is getting more serious!

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

Mr. Barack H Obama, you may have been re-elected but you are not wanted, and the masses are growing everyday! 700,000 American citizens “Say Enough” is enough! It would be ironical that States like Texas seceded, would that make you happy! You are a known liar and no one can TRUST you! You are responsible for the deaths in Libya and are not man enough to accept that you alone are RESPONSIBLE! or do you know what the word Means?

Where is the help you promised to the North Easter United States in the aftermath of SANDY?

In the one week since US President Barack Obama won his bid for re-election, representatives from all 50 states have filed petitions with the White House asking to secede from the United States.

Just seven days after a citizen of Louisiana asked for the state’s peaceful secession from the rest of the country, hundreds of thousands of electronic signatures from around the United States have been submitted to for review as Americans from all corners of the country ask the president to grant them amicable separation from the union.

According to the White House’s own rules on the ‘We the People’ portal of the Executive Branch’s official website, a staffer from within the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will respond in a timely manner to any petition that can garner more than 25,000 signatures. As of the morning of Nov. 14, pleads out of Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee have all crossed that threshold, with petitions from the rest of the country quickly accumulating enough signatures to soon require a reply as well.

In almost every case, signees say that the time has come to do something about the state of the union.

Using bureaucratic means to “bypass the will of the people” is a complaint that 1,758 people as of this writing say is reason enough to separate Virginia from the current rule of the US in one petition; elsewhere on the site, a separate petition also calling for that state’s secession has received more than triple the signatures, with residents agreeing with an interpretation of the Declaration of Independence that decries, “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another.”

Browsing the more than 100 petitions currently open on, it’s easy to see that those sentiments expressed by the country’s forefathers are evident with many Americans today: almost all of the petitions from each of the 50 states cite the Revolution War-era doctrine to detail the necessary of separation.

In Texas, over 97,000 signees agree that secession is necessary, especially given what’s described as a rampant mismanagement of the country’s operation by means of the “federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending.” Elsewhere in the explanation for their request to “withdraw from the United States of America and create its own new government,” citizens of the Lone Star State say, “The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights,” specifically calling into question the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA). Several states have already repealed on local levels the NDAA and its provision that gives the president the authority to indefinitely detain US citizens without charge or trial, and next year lawmakers in Texas are expected to weigh in on a proposal to ban that legislation and another that will outlaw the procedures regularly used by TSA agents. With more and more Texans demanding secession, though — and hundreds of thousands of Americans from across the country demanding separation from the United States in other petitions — locally-binding legislation might not be enough to keep citizens from standing up and voicing their opposition off the Web.

In an editorial published this week in the Daily Caller, author Bob Smiley says that even if the demands of nearly 100,000 rebels from Texas aren’t being taken seriously in Washington, all that could very well change.

“No doubt Texas’s desire to break free is a source of amusement inside a White House that has mastered the art of belittling the opinions of its challengers, but there is one not-so-small problem here: Texas could pull it off,” Smiley writes. “Texas currently sits on one-quarter of the nation’s oil reserves and one-third of the nation’s natural gas reserves. Even more, fully 95 percent of the country receives its oil and gas courtesy of pipelines that originate within Texas. This is what one might call leverage,” he explains.

As if oil wasn’t enough reason for a civil war to start up, Smiley says there is more than just that though. He cites the Texas’ economy as building up faster than any other state’s, and writes that it is also the only one to have its own power grid. Also, of course, is the fact that historically speaking, Texas has followed through with its threats to secede twice before: once while under Mexican rule and again when it joined the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has already issued a statement through his press secretary rejecting the petition to separate from the US, but tens of thousands of new signees have added their names to the plea in only the two days since he was prompted to respond. By Tuesday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam was driven to issue a response after a petition aimed at “Helping the people of Tennessee” by seceding crossed the 25,000 threshold as well.

“I don’t think that’s a valid option for Tennessee,” Gov. Haslam (R) said on Tuesday, the Tennessean reports. “I don’t think we’ll be seceding.”

A spokesperson for the top official in Alabama issued a similar statement to on Tuesday, saying that “While there is frustration with the federal government, Governor Bentley believes that states can be great laboratories of change.”

As signatures pile up though, responses from state leaders and eventually the president might be the only answer that’ll address those grievances as they amount exponentially. By noontime on Wednesday,

703,326 Americans have signed their names to the petitions — a substantial figure but still less than one percent of the country’s population

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Obama; declares he is muslim the face of Evil!

Official photographic portrait of US President...

President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; The Face of Evil!

The Face of Evil, is he your choice to lead our nation? No! He is the key to the USA’s collapse over the next 4 years!!

Is he going to be your next President? If so then you are also of the Muslim faith, and you will have turned against GodJehovah” and Jesus Christ!

You will become responsible for the Destruction of the United States of America for your support and belief in his Capability to lead our country in Freedom! He has already contributed to the Bankruptcy of the country, and his undeniable support against the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the Free Americans! You Choose your own damnation!

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