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Two Texas state troopers Body cavity molestation!

Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Department of Public Safety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two Texas state troopers responsible for a roadside body cavity search of two women have been indicted on charges of sexual assault and oppression. One of the troopers was also charged with theft for taking one of the victim’s prescription medications.

“I was molested, I was violated, I was humiliated in front of other traffic,” one of the victims told WFAA last December. “I had to watch my niece go through the same thing and I could not protect her at that point.”

After two Texas women claimed they were molested by state troopers last summer, they filed a lawsuit against the perpetrators, stating to have been violated in the most horrific sense. The troopers had conducted an inappropriate and humiliating roadside body cavity search of 38-year-old Angel Dobbers and her 24-year-old niece, Ashley Dobbs, after pulling them over for littering.

The younger woman had allegedly thrown a cigarette butt out of the car window, which is illegal in the state of Texas. State Trooper David Farrell proceeded to pull over the car and called his colleague, Trooper Kelley Helleson, to search the women for drugs.

Using the same latex glove on both women, Helleson searched their anuses and vaginas and irritated one of the women’s cysts. No narcotics or contraband were ever found, and the women filed a lawsuit against the troopers for violating their bodies.

“Angel Dobbs was overwhelmed with emotion and a feeling of helplessness and reacted stating that Helleson had just violated her in a most horrific manner,” the lawsuit reads.

One of the trooper’s dash-mounted cameras captured the incident on tape, which was published online by the Dallas Morning News. After the video spread on the Internet, the troopers were suspended from their positions and Helleson was fired shortly thereafter.

But it wasn’t until recently that the troopers were charged with any crimes. The Department of Public Safety is still investigating the incident, but after the women appeared before the Dallas County Grand Jury on Friday, they were read their indictments.

Trooper Helleson has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression. Trooper Farrell has also been charged with theft after one of the women complained that her prescription bottle, containing the painkiller hydrocodone, went missing after the search, CBS-11 reports.

Attorney Bob Baskett, who is representing Helleson in the case, said the charges filed against his client are ‘completely bogus.’

“I have no explanation for it, except for the grand jury disregarded the law,” he told the Dallas Morning News. “She got consent from these women to conduct a search inside their clothes.”

Baskett also alleges that Helleson passed a polygraph test, during which she alleged that she had not ‘penetrated’ the victims’ genitals.

Scott Palmer, who represents the victims in the case, declined to comment to reporters on Friday, but previously said that the roadside body cavity search was a possible violation of the Fourth Amendment.

“This is outside the constitutional grounds by a mile. It’s not even close. This has to stop. These two need to be stopped,” he previously told NBC.

“[Littering] is a Class C misdemeanor. It does not justify any type of pat-down, let alone an invasive search of cavities of women,” he added.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has not publicly commented on the incident. Helleson maintains she acted appropriately and is appealing her termination from the Texas Department of Public Safety.


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phenomenon of ‘the dead women of Juarez’

In 2012 killed 132 in NL and there are 500 girls and young women lost, says NGO adviser

phenomenon of ‘the dead women of Juarez’

Mexico. – Bodies tortured, mutilated and sexual violence were thrown into the streets, canals, railroads, road ditches, drains (…) The balance of Felipe Calderón: 4000 murders of 112 women and 976 missing 3000 only in the last two years: “The phenomenon of ‘the dead women of Juarez’ spread across the country,” says Yuriria Rodriguez Estrada, general counsel of the National Citizen Femicide Observatory and Catholics for a Free Choice.

The cases were accumulated: Arely premiums Sarahí Montelongo Jeniffer Rodriguez Flores and Flores, both 16, decided to go to a party in Saltillo, Coahuila, one Sunday last month. Three days later their bodies were found with signs of torture and sexual disfigured face, lying in a drain in the municipality of Garcia, Nuevo Leon.

In Texas, this year 132 women were killed, and more than 500 girls and young women aged 10 to 20 years are missing. We won two injunctions: in Nuevo Leon state and Mexico, says lawyer femicide specialist before offering a talk at Monterrey in the context of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, established by the United Nations (UN).

Many of the 132 victims of Nuevo Leon have been exhibited in public and 40 percent were not identified, which shows another problem of trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation. For several weeks, the number of crimes in the state increased. The body of a 25 year old woman was located in the middle of an irrigation canal, 20 kilometers north of Montemorelos, another was taken to the edge of a railway line, where he was shot dead in the head and chest, another thrown into the streets of the colonial Coyoacan, a young woman was shot in the shoulder of the Northeast Bypass with feet bound and his head covered with tape, and a more finalized shock and shot on a street in Guadalupe with a message … all with signs of torture.

They are being murdered increasingly high levels of violence and greater display of their bodies. All this has to do with a social pattern: shoot a woman tortured and murdered in the street means that something did. That is the message we are giving the state Yuriria says Rodriguez.

He explains that “the majority of bodies found in public places across the country, have not been identified, may be from co-opted women migrants by organized crime and used for sexual exploitation, as hawks or some group of cooks crime, but they have nothing to do, even if the state involved and the claim that 70 percent belonged to organized crime. Lie. ”

The increase in violence during the presidency of femicide Calderon is linked to the refusal of some states of the Republic to declare gender alert, urgent action mechanism in the absence of prevention to end violence against women, which was rejected by several governors without legal arguments and only under the misconception that it is a punishment or a political coup.

This refusal of the states of Mexico, Nuevo Leon and Guanajuato has caused a significant increase in violence against them: in Texas, for example, grew 698 percent femicide in two years, according to the Arthemisas for Equity, who reported deficiency of the authorities to investigate the killings.

According to statistics from the National Citizen Observatory of Femicide, the Attorney General of Texas, by Adrian de la Garza, said that of 132 murders of women, 52 percent were a result of organized crime, but only appropriated to homicides in 30 percent of cases.

“The authorities tell us that over 70 percent of  these crimes are women who have been killed by organized crime, therefore, claim that they are not investigating drug traffickers. That’s the message they send to society: as belonging to the drug, do not solve the murders, “says Rodriguez Yuriria.

Discriminatory patterns of authority have led to the significant increase in women’s murders and disappearances. They are a kind of breeding ground of which the killings against them and continue sending this message: the women can kill anywhere, for us, they deserved it because they were drug dealers and no charge. Keep killing women.

Impunity has allowed women’s access to justice. In the case of the murder of Rubi Marisol Frayre, daughter of Marisela Escobedo, Sergio Rafael Barraza committed by Bocanegra, who was killed a few days ago by the Army, the reaction of the governor of Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte, was to shelve the matter: “I kill him, and not investigated. Instead, research should continue to achieve real reparations not only moral, but with guarantees of non-repetition of such crimes, “he says.

Gender Alerts

The existing mechanism in Mexico to prevent violence against women, gender alert called, is unique in the world, came after the phenomenon of so-called dead women of Juarez, to prevent spread across the country, based on the coordination of state and federal authorities and financial resources allocated to it.

“We are identifying a context of systematic violence in different states of the country, where several factors converge: crossing internal and external migrants, high levels of violence against women sector, not only in domestic but also in the community; rates femicide and especially in states where there is lack of control of the armed forces and police, “said Rodriguez Yuriria.

The highest rates of violence against women were reported in Chihuahua, Veracruz, State of Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Morelos, Chiapas and Guerrero: The alerts mean more attention from state and federal resources to eradicate aggression actions against this sector of the population.

In the case of the State of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto former governor refused to gender alert “no investigations or judgments, even a thousand cases, in 592 did not know the victim-offender relationship. If he had gotten a declaration of alert would have been generated gender-sensitive protocols and actions to evaluate the work of prosecutors. And there did not follow the same systematic pattern of violence against women and zero access to justice. Carpetazos were hundred “.

For the National Citizen Femicide Observatory, formed by 50 organizations in 20 states, Felipe Calderon has a debt to women and must pay it before leaving. Yuriria Rodriguez has no doubt: “One of the things you should do before going Calderón’s post reform Regulation of the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence, to ensure the immediate implementation of the declaration of alert eradicate femicide and safeguard the lives and safety of women. ”


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CUERNAVACA, 10 women killed this month!

Her naked body was left on the side of the road in the community of Tres Marias Huitzilac

Ruthless violence against women is taking place in this town and the police are mute about what they are doing to located and apprehend the murderers.

CUERNAVACA, 10 women killed this month!

A woman was killed and her body left on the side of the road from the community of Huitzilac with Tres Marias. So far the body has not been identified and her face was so battered from the beatings that she is unrecognisable. 

The month of October has been one of the most violent in the numbers of murdered women in Morelos. So far, 10 women have lost their lives in circumstances of violence, however, the local authorities have been stonewalling on gender alerts despite the trend of violence in its entity is against women.

The woman’s body was found about 7 AM in the morning, in one of the ditches that are on the shoulder of the country road, amidst the bushes, also was topless and in lingerie.

A few meters from the lifeless body a patch of blood was found on the ground, while several pieces of her clothes were on one side of the body.

By the time the state authorities released a version of events, they have not provided any information on this finding. Local residents came to the place, but did not identify the clothes or the person lying dead on the ground.

The Office of Morelos took evidence and the body to determine the cause of death and the identity of the person, which will be difficult to identify as the face was battered and disfigured due to the severity of injuries.

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Teenage girl abducted and raped over three years, manages to flee

Steven Johnson held captive a teenager of 19 years old, who said she was held and raped during her abduction

An Illinois man pleaded guilty to a sexual charge involving a teenager who claims that held her captive in his house for over three years, raped her daily and had a son of his captor.

Steven Johnson, 25, entered his plea in St. Clair County Circuit Court, after Washington Park police continue denouncing the 19-year-old, who said he had been held against her will in the house Johnson since April 2009 and was forced back at gunpoint when she tried to flee.

The woman told investigators she finally escaped on 20 August with the help of a relative.

The Johnson Family have refuted the allegations, telling the media that she was always free to leave the house.

Johnson and his mother were arrested Thursday after a SWAT team raided his house. He was charged Saturday with one count of felony sexual abuse, the defendant claims to have had sex with the teen since she disappeared in 2009.

Johnson also was charged with promoting prostitution, although it is unclear if this is related to the case of the teen-drug possession and firearm. The prisoner had been convicted of burglary.

Johnson’s mother, 54 years old, Owida Johnson, also appeared in court on Monday on two counts of misdemeanor child endangerment put. The charges say they submitted to the teenage son of two years old and another child “living conditions unsafe and unhealthy” at home. It describes the unsafe electrical wiring, animal feces and insects in the home and spoiled food in the refrigerator.

Police said the teen told investigators she endured almost daily shocks and sexual abuse at home and when he tried to escape, Johnson took her back, sometimes at gunpoint. The teen also told investigators that Johnson helped hold Owida against their will and falsifying medical records when his son was born.

Police Chief David Clark said the teenager met Johnson voluntarily and went home with him, but was not allowed to leave. Clark said the three-day delay between the time that the woman made her complaint to the police and a search of the house was devoted largely to trying to justify her story, which the same family of Steven Johnson rejected.

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Mexico fails to address growing violence against women: Amnesty International

Amnesty International, the Mexican government has failed in its obligation to protect women.

The report explains that the number of rapes is” alarming”

The information submitted by the international agency detailing the increase in threats and assaults against women human rights activists

Women abused in Mexico on the increase according to AI

Women abused in Mexico on the increase according to AI

The government institutions in Mexico have failed in their obligation to protect women from increased violence and discrimination against them, as well as legally prosecuting of those responsible, said Amnesty International (AI). In a report released Wednesday, the advocacy group Human Rights said that despite the recent creation of laws and institutions to bring down gender violence in Mexico, violence against women is rising. ”

 In Recent years have witnessed not only an increase in murders of women, but a continuous and habitual lack of effective investigations and justice,” said Rupert Knox, AI researcher for Mexico. After his describing the situation as” alarming” The expert noted that” much of the problem lies in the non-implementation of laws passed” for women, as well as the weakness of government institutions working in this field.

The report was submitted to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in the UN, which on July 17 next evaluate the progress of Mexico to the Convention on the subject.

This UN body will publish its findings and recommendations at the end of its session on 27 July. The report states that” the gender-based violence remains a widespread and femicide official figures have grown rapidly in the last three years.”

He further explained that in the state of Chihuahua there was a large increase in the numbers of murdered women, because in 2010 one of every 11 deaths were women, whereas in 2008 it was one in 14.

For rape, AI recalled that in 2009 it reported 14,829 allegations of such abuse throughout Mexico, while only achieving two thousand 795 convictions in court. The report explained that the number of rapes is” alarming”, given that most women do not report these crimes. It further found that most cases are not effectively investigated and measures taken to protect survivors are insufficient.

AI said that the case of San Salvador Atenco”” is emblematic, because despite that 26 women were sexually assaulted by police after being arrested in demonstrations in 2006, have been denied access to both state and federal justice.

The information submitted by AI also detailed the increase in threats and assaults against women human rights activists working for are made justice to their murdered relatives. He also criticized inadequate responses of the Mexican state on women’s rights, gender discrimination, violence against migrants and lack of enforcement of judgments of the Court of Human Rights.

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Law to Combat Crimes against Women require mandatory 40-60 year jail term

Law to Combat Crimes against Women require mandatory 40-60 year jail term

The amendment requires the Attorney General’s Office to train nationwide to prosecutors and specialize them so they know to distinguish the cases

From now on anyone who commits the crime of femicide will receive a jail term of 40-60 years, which is already incorporated in the Federal Criminal Code and was announced by President Felipe Calderon in enacting the amendments to the Law to Combat Crimes against Women.

During the event held in Los Pinos, the President announced that the reform law requires the Attorney General’s Office to train nationwide to prosecutors and specialize them so they know to distinguish the cases of femicide.

He noted that another major reform of this law is that in addition to punishing the perpetrators of sexual harassment and abuse, an offense which a subordinate away his head to avoid being accused of sexually abusing her.

Also issued in Los Pinos, the General Law on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Trafficking and from this day all government ministries in the country are required by law to act on its own after being informed that a woman, man or child a victim of trafficking.

In announcing the new law, the president announced that in Mexico there are thousands of women against their will are forced into prostitution, begging or working without pay, by their traffickers, who deprived them of freedom.

The new law, he said, requires three levels of government, federal, state and municipalities to work together to rescue those who are victims of this crime. He said that behind many nightclubs “there is this which is one of the worst forms of slavery … the Mexican state cannot remain silent about this, the decrees promulgated today respond to that.”

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middle-ranking UN official accused of sexual abuse

Dushyant Joshi worked on the computer to prepare and support emergency human resources department of the UN

Middle ranking UN Official arrested
Middle ranking UN Official arrested

A middle-ranking official of the UN was accused of sexual abuse nine months after a UN contractor filed a complaint against him was reported by the New York Police Department (NYPD) on Wednesday.

Dushyant Joshi, who worked on the computers in the human resources department  to prepare and support emergencies of the UN, was arrested Tuesday, said a police officer.

Joshi did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the fact.

He was charged with third-degree sexual abuse, police said. According to the New York criminal code the maximum penalty for third-degree sexual abuse is three months imprisonment.

Joshi’s arrest came nine months after a woman who worked as a UN contractor filed a complaint against them through the internal justice system of the entity and eight months after it said it had filed a complaint with the police.

In a copy of the complaint made to the UN, accused of kissing and touching Joshi to forcibly employed in a bar near the UN headquarters in Manhattan on June 3, 2011.

On 5 June, the secretary general of UN human resources, Catherine Pollard, said the woman, whose contract ended in December, through a letter that Joshi would be subject to disciplinary action.

Reuters obtained a copy of the letter of Pollard, who said that Joshi denied the allegations of sexual abuse.

The UN spokesman, Martin Nesirky said it could only talk about the UN investigation, not on any actions taken by the NYPD.

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