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Seven policemen accused of joining the criminal organisation “Chalco”

He arrested the officials with a sniper rifle 308 mm, a 5.56 mm rifle, three pistols, not allowed for police

308 Sniper Rifle with scope

The Department of Public Safety (SSC) reported that the investigation continues around linking public safety officials and Chalco Chalco Valley with organized crime gangs, since they found high power weapons not authorized to municipal corporations.

The weapon [308 mm sniper rifle] was found in a vehicle the five officials of the municipal police in Valle de Chalco were traveling in, without registration and have the military could not verify the source.

Secretary of Public Safety, Salvador Neme Sastré news conference said that so far only seven of the 23 detainees elements of both corporations have criminal entry, the rest have been accused by the Attorney General that mexiquense conducted investigations to locate the source of the weapons found.

“The day the operation was implemented Olympus, was found unmarked private car they were traveling near the cluster near the parking lot, five members of the municipal police there is located a 308 mm sniper rifle, I would like to know what the police with a sniper rifle, but did not establish the property at the time the license or any item that could be given with respect to that gun and a 5.56 mm rifle, three pistols and 38 special caliber 3.57 that most do not corporations are accustomed to police. ”

Given the alleged complaint of the municipality of Valle de Chalco for theft of weapons and destruction, caused by the elements of the SSC, the official denied that he had registered a theft, but agreed they could register destruction and argued “goes, we were chasing murderers, kidnappers and we are pursuing even more hiding in plaque and in police uniform gives courage, but not a single shot, “he added.

Regarding weapons issued instructions said to keep track of these weapons have municipalities, as all should be welcomed to the same type of weapons.

In addition to reviewing the municipalities of Valle de Chalco Chalco and to determine if there are any missing or stolen weapons.

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Spanish police dismantle Chinese Mafia in Fuenlabrada!

Among those arrested was the alleged ringleader, Gao Ping, the Socialist councilor José Borrás and porn actor Nacho Vidal


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Spanish police today broke up, with a hundred arrests, a network led by the Chinese mafia laundering money between 200 and 300 million euros a year, and in which they participated, among others, a Socialist councilor and a well-known porn actor.

Anticorruption chief prosecutor, Antonio Salinas, who appeared before the press to explain the “Emperor operation”, said it carried out at least 80 arrests in Spain, although 108 have been issued arrest warrants, 17 in 7 other countries.

The operation, which involved more than 300 officers and remains open, was centered mainly in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and she seized 202 vehicles and seized 6 million cash in the various records that were held in homes and storage warehouses.

Among those arrested was the alleged ringleader of the network, the Chinese citizen Gao Ping, the Socialist councilor José Borrás, responsible for security of the city hall of the town of Fuenlabrada, on the outskirts of Madrid, and the porn actor Nacho Vidal, reported police sources.

Gao Ping, a leading Chinese entrepreneur and owner of a gallery in Madrid, close to the Reina Sofia Museum, intended to become a “bridge” between Spain and China with art-related businesses.

In 2007, Gao Ping, 45, who lived in Spain since 1989, created the Foundation for Art and Culture (IAC), which, according to its own website, was born as cultural platform to promote the development and exchange of art between Spain and China.

Another of the detainees is the Spanish porn star Nacho Vidal, one of the few in the profession who had managed to have a good public image for the generalist, making its activity is not socially stigmatized.

But it was his work as a businessman which ended vinculándole now with the Chinese mafia.

The anti-corruption prosecutor and the Spanish National Court, the court deals with crimes of particular relevance-directed the operation, one of the largest undertaken by money laundering and tax fraud, according to legal sources.

Agents conducted 120 records, half of them in London, primarily in the industrial Cobo Calleja, an industrial area of ​​Fuenlabrada (Madrid), which houses more than 350 distributors and wholesalers is the largest shopping center of Chinese entrepreneurs Europe.

The center Ping Gao owned several businesses, from where products are distributed arrivals from China, like jewelry and handbags that were put on sale by up to 110 different locations in Spain and Europe.

Beside a Chinese trade, a Spanish worker polygon already declared it was “suspicious” that there were “too many high-end cars.”

The investigation began two years ago mainly centered in that polygon, where it was discovered the arrival of containers from China with low-priced products sold in Spain run by local Chinese.

That was the origin of the research tax crime, smuggling and money laundering as part of that merchandise was not declared to the tax, legal sources said.

Detainees were laundering “black money” generated in two ways, either they took the money in carrying bags to China, or delivered to a group of Spanish and Israeli who laundered in offshore shell companies.

All money generated is then used to create other companies, which led to investigate other related crimes karaokes related businesses and restaurants, as well as prostitution and extortion

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Chinese Communist Party caught in an Orgy of sorts!

The Huffington Post today published on its website a photograph of an orgy in which appear several members of the Chinese Communist Party and has started to run like wildfire over the Internet, after Chinese citizens on Thursday the disseminated through the social network Weibo, the equivalent microblogging platform Twitter used by most citizens.


The new way Chinese Communist Party members at play

The article originally published in the adds that in the pictures (there are over 100) reportedly taken in 2007, are three men with two other women participating in an orgy in a hotel and posing next to the bed. The photographs were taken from the computer of one of the members when it was repaired.

In the photos appear at least three members of the Chinese Communist Party. One is the party secretary in the region of Lujiang, Minsheng Wang. The other two are a secretary of the League Young University in Hefei, Wang Yu, and his wife. The latter two have been fired from his job and expelled from the Communist Party.

The Chinese authorities have tried everything so that the scandal does not get worse. Initially announced that it was a montage of Photoshop, but later denied this and said the images were old photographs that did not appear in any official of the Communist apparatus.

This argument fell apart when one of those involved in the orgy, Wang Yu, admitted into the scene and showed his repentance by images, adding that he and his wife were the only party members who participated in the orgy.

The Chinese government propaganda then continued through their media. The Global Times (half funded by the Government of China) also denied that the other members were members of the party and said that he had made a mistake because of the similarity between one of the photographed and the party secretary Wang Minsheng, which is harm intended to be researching various cases of corruption.

The images, however, stopped operating on the network, where Chinese citizens seized the opportunity to express their discontent with the incessant bad example and the corruption that plagues the Asian country.

Censorship came then through the abolition of forums that discussed the scandal, along with a warning from the Government to the Chinese news pages not to discuss the incident, reports The New Yorker.

Threesomes and orgies are banned in the communist country, and members of these can be pursued by the authorities according to the Chinese criminal code. This rule caused a stir when in 2010 the authorities arrested 22 people for participating in sex parties in which exchanges were made partners.

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State of Mexico offering a reward of one million pesos for “the Flirty”

TOLUCA, February 29. – Attorney Alfredo Castillo Mexico State will meet in the next few hours with relatives of the victims of Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta, alias “the Flirty responsible for multiple homicides.”

the Flirtatious wanted for Murder and Rape
the Flirtatious wanted for Murder and Rape

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) also confirmed that offering a reward of one million pesos to anyone providing information leading to the arrest the rapist and murderer of women.

It is expected that the meeting with the families of the young people who were killed by Librado Legorreta will be conducted behind closed doors in the city of Toluca.

The prosecutor said that in the last hours they have investigated 14 homes related to the criminal, where they have located the victim’s belongings.

The office reported that so far they do not have clues as to the whereabouts of the two judicial police who allegedly are related to the escape of the criminal.

The governor instructed the mexiquense Attorney Eruviel Avila, Alfredo Castillo, to facilitate the investigations leading to the recapture of Armando Librado Legorreta, aka “Flirty”, accused of rape and homicide.

In a statement reported that the state government was determined to dismiss the charge of the Commissioner General of the state ministerial police of Mexico, Enrique Dominguez Abasolo, to facilitate investigations into the case and determining if there are more public servants suspected of evasion of arrest.

In addition, Villegas Avila ordered the state prosecutor to speed up the investigation and implement the mechanisms necessary for legal and intelligence gathering to lead to the capture of Saul Antonio Rodrigo Sanchez and Israel Rodriguez, the two policemen at large for whose negligence or complicity, made it was possible for the detainee to escape.

Further instructions were for the Deputy Governor for the Investigation of Crimes Linked to Gender Violence and the prosecutor Alfredo Castillo in the sense of providing all necessary attention to the families of the victims of the fugitive.

The governor also asked the head of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico structural analysis of substance dependence to identify those actions which may need to improve and streamline their work

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Ixtapaluca febrero, is one of the most unsafe places in the State of Mexico

Olympic Swimming Pool Fast Lane Category:Outdo...
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MEXICO CITY, 12- the Federal Deputy Maricela Serrano Hernandez said, Ixtapaluca febrero is one of the most unsafe places in the State of Mexico and currently ranks first in auto theft crimes and kidnappings, though it is one of the largest in the state, it is one of the three poorest, to deliver the facilities of a semi olympic pool of the hill tejolote.

“Ixtapaluca is the most insecure of all municipalities, and occupied the first place which is not an honorable thing. To be first in auto theft crimes and kidnappings and the authorities did not invest in sport, do not invest in culture and do not invest in education and employ only policemen who are very poorly equipped “said, Serrano Hernandez.

He noted that Ixtapaluca, is one of the largest areas in the State of Mexico and is a municipality in recent years that has grown considerably, but its budget has grown much less in services.

“Today, we occupy the penultimate position in the distribution of state budget that is allocated to each municipality. The second to last when the contradiction we are the last places of poverty. It’s not fair that our town is in the marginalization, “he said.

Finally he said, that Ixtapaluca has only one public swimming pool, and it is now abandoned so the construction of a semi-Olympic pool this is an opportunity for everyone in Ixtapaluca and is open to the general public.

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“The Bride” 18, “The Cuina” 18, “The Bottle” 22. get Jail for extortion!

Four gang members allegedly engaged in an extortion ring were captured by personnel from the Attorney General’s Office in the act of charging “fees” to a bilingual school in this city.

At least one of those arrested was an employee of the school. Those arrested are Jesus Adrian Flores Portillo, alias “El Pelon” for 21 years, Graciela Torres Torres, aka “The Bride” 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka “The Cuina” 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias “The Bottle” 22.

"The Bride" 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka "The Cuina" 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias "The Bottle" 22.

"The Bride" 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka "The Cuina" 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias "The Bottle" 22.


The atrocities committed by the gang of “La Cuina” as the prosecutor identified, occurred during the month of December 2011 and January 2012. During the first days December 2011, the principal of the school made ​​several threatening messages arrive in the sense that if you did not pay the amount of 30,000 pesos monthly processing fee and / or dues would run against him, would cause havoc on families and on campus; identifying the attackers as members of a criminal group operating in the city.

Therefore, the director informed the telephone number indicated by their abusers and agreed that payments would be made ​​the second week of each month also threatened the victim not to report the facts, otherwise the first death would be a relative.

The investigating officers observed when Edgar Daniel Escobedo Corral “The Cuina”, reached the Paseo mall and walked toward the rear of the building and made ​​the delivery of cash to Jesus Adrian Flores Portillo, Graciela Torres Torres and Gabriel Botello Eduardo Avila, who greeted in a suspicious manner.

For this observed behavior Edgar Escobedo Daniel Corral and the people who received the envelope with the money were detained in terms of the flagrancy in the intersection of Del Huizache Montemayor and the colony El Roble, and transferred to the facilities of the Attorney General, Northern Region, to conduct interviews for. Escobedo Corral “The Cuina “said an employee of the victim, who first served as mayor and now as a security guard, also stated that his girlfriend and two friends whom they identified as Graciela Torres Torres, Gabriel Eduardo Avila and Jesús Adrián Botello Flores Portillo, planned to extort money from his employer, and the profits divided equally. Also, Graciela Torres Torres, Eduardo Botello Gabriel Adrian Avila and Jesus Flores Portillo, said their leader is Edgar Daniel Escobedo Corral (a) “Cuina”, who was the person who planned the extortion and left messages on the door of the school and home of the victim.

Gabriel Eduardo Botello Adrian Avila and Jesus Flores Portillo, were threatened by death was the manager of the phone calls and gave instructions how to make the payment.

Therefore, the prosecution requested the collaboration of employers, traders and the general public should recognize their attackers arrested today come to denounce them.


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Georgia, My Home State Corrupt as a Cotton Nickle!

FBI Badge & gun.
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I went to Georgia a few weeks back, I thought I was going back to my roots, but I had never expected it was a state of Corruption!

The FBI has assembled a new squad to investigate corruption among judges and legislators in Georgia, though the top federal agent in the state is being tight-lipped about what cases are developing.

Brian Lamkin, who heads the FBI office in Georgia, said  he decided to form the team after months of reviews and a look at the bureau’s long-term priorities.

Georgia’s FBI office has long used a single squad that handled the brunt of corruption cases, from law enforcement officials to government officials. But Lamkin set up a special team to look into wrongdoing by police and other law enforcement officers and landed string of recent corruption charges. That team will still check out officers while the second new corruption squad will have a different goal, he said.

“It impacts the everyday system. It’s not just a dirty law enforcement officer that might be shaking you down,” he said. “You’re talking about people that you elect to an office to represent you who try to line their pockets.”

Lamkin will personally sign off on the investigations before they go forward, and high-profile cases will be approved by FBI officials in Washington, he said.

“The reason is a corruption investigation can ruin reputations,” he said. “These are not quick hits. We will use advanced techniques and undercover operations to really go after these. That’s why the individuals that work these have to be patient.”

Lamkin wouldn’t say how large the team is, but he said he’s assigned about 40 percent of the staff in the bureau’s white-collar crimes unit to the mission.

The move was welcomed by government officials, who believed state and local funding cuts over the last few years have eroded other investigations.

“I just appreciate it. One of the frustrations you hear is that with the state budget cuts, you don’t have the resources to hire more investigators,” said state Rep. Joe Wilkinson, who chairs the House Ethics Committee. “This brings another much-needed level of scrutiny to the system.”

Fulton County Sheriff Ted Jackson, who has asked the FBI to investigate deputies at the Fulton County Jail for wrongdoing, applauded the new oversight. That probe led to charges in June against four guards accused of smuggling drugs and cell phones into the jail.

“The FBI has been working with us to rid this agency of corruption and investigate other crimes involving civil rights,” said Jackson, a former FBI agent himself. “This effort is beneficial to the public by rooting out corrupt activity which costs taxpayers.”

The new squad was formed as rounds of budget cuts have depleted key state investigative agencies.

The Judicial Qualifications Commission nearly ran out of money in December to investigate judicial misconduct, but state lawmakers gave it a financial boost this year.

The agency has forced several judges to resign, and recently recommended that a north Georgia judge be ousted from the bench after concluding that he pointed a gun at himself in the courtroom and berated his boss in a bizarre televised rant.

And the Georgia Ethics Commission, which investigates finance complaints and registers lobbyists, has been rocked by deep funding cuts even as it takes on more duties. The commission’s director resigned after a dispute over the agency’s budget and the status of several cases involving Gov. Nathan Deal. And it went from fielding three investigators in 2008 to none now, said William Perry, the director of Common Cause Georgia.

“Our state is cutting back on monitoring elected officials and their ethical behavior, so we welcome the fact that the federal government is stepping up,” he said.

Lamkin still remembers the first corruption case as a field agent. It involved a food inspector who took $1,000 to look the other way at a Virginia naval base. It may not seem like a lot of money, he said, but don’t try to tell that to a sailor who ate the tainted food.

“We don’t take this lightly,” he said. “These are truly the types of investigations that are being done in the back room. And the circle of friends is very small. In order to penetrate that inner circle, you’ve got to have a strong and tenacious group to develop the intelligence.”

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