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Women used as drug mules enter Arizona from Mexico

NOGALES, Arizona,  For the third time in a week, U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested women who were walking south entering Arizona with heroin hidden under thier bra.

Drus strapped to a womans abdomen and Bra

Drus strapped to a womans abdomen and Bra

Officials of Customs and Border Protection said Friday that a Mexican woman age 18 was arrested on Wednesday in the city of Nogales, in the most recent case of this type.

They added that the woman had nearly 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds) of heroin – with an estimated value of $ 47,000 – with tape attached to her abdomen.

Officials said a California woman, 37, was arrested days earlier with almost three kilos of heroin hidden under her bra.

On February 21, another Mexican 18 was also arrested with a pound (1 pound) of drugs taped to the abdomen.

Authorities would not comment on this method, apparently growing, of smuggling drugs.

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the new threat of drug trafficking; improvise use of wineries in Sinaloa

Mapa donde se muestra las zonas de predominio ...
Mapa donde se muestra las zonas de predominio principales del Cártel de Sinaloa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The crisis of insecurity added, Sinaloa have a time bomb against the citizens they represent, the narco laboratories and chemicals used to manufacture synthetic drugs seized by the army and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR.)

According to military personnel and Quick System Company, hired by the PGR for moving and storing the seized substances, the number of laboratories dismantled in the federal entity and has exceeded the capacity of management and safeguarding of the precursors to manufacture drugs, they have been improvised storage centers that lack the backing of state Civil Protection.

2011 to date have been discovered 146 clandestine laboratories in Sinaloa, located in nine of the 18 municipalities of the state, according to figures from the Army.

To date, the Attorney General finds that 12 chefs from the narco-who are responsible for producing the synthetic drug, have been killed by poisoning.

Danger: Waste of narco

Investigate death of 12 “cooks” in 2011 and 2012 have been dismantled narcolaboratorios 146.

Sinaloa is a time bomb before an imminent collapse of thousands of gallons of highly toxic substances and pollutants that have been seized and kept in public facilities.

These components come from narcolaboratorios assurances which produced synthetic drugs.The lives of dozens of people at risk before the indifference of state and federal authority that has left the issue to chance; in contrast, the Army is the only authority in the state identifies and secures the substances and the “rudimentary factories “where they are produced synthetic drugs and crystal meth calls.

Currently, Sinaloa experiencing one of the worst crises in its history, not only by the extreme violence that killed daily by the fighting stops by constant rivalry of criminal drug cartels, but the emergence of criminal organizations narcolaboratorios installed and cause pollution in river beds, groundwater and the natural habitat of some species.

Elements of the Ninth Military Zone in 2011 achieved the destruction of 66 laboratories and 80 in 2012.

Employees at the Quick System, which was hired by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to transfer the toxic substances that are insured by the Army, require that their ability to transport chemicals is superseded by the size the problem.

They say they have stopped collecting the substances seized because their warehouses and the PGR are at maximum capacity and “no longer fit, we cannot go get what they say the military, we have nowhere to put it and the situation is serious because they are about to explode, “said one worker.

The army protects the narcolaboratorios he can find and soldiers often stay months in places nestled in the mountains of Sinaloa, maintaining perimeter security to prevent drug cartels back by the substances and drugs and waiting for the PGR do insurance.

The PGR, by Marisela Morales and the state government headed by Mario López Valdez, not only have committed acts of omission by leaving the lot and while chemicals seized, but to its own staff and the elements Army that is constantly exposed to highly polluting substances.

According to data provided by employees of the company, whose legal guardian and owner Alberto Borrael Bazúa is indicated that the PGR hired to transport the chemicals from the points where they are found the narcolaboratorios, but for lack of advice the Ministry of Environment (SEMARNAT) and the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) substances have not been destroyed, although it is a national security situation.

Currently a warehouse, the delegation itself of the PGR in Sinaloa and military installations guarding the substances as ammonia, hydrochloric acid, tartaric acid, ethyl phenyl acetate, liquid or solid methamphetamine, also known as crystal , caustic soda, mercury and aluminum, among other chemicals.

Workers at the company said that the winery is one thousand square meters, while the PGR shields in its delegation, in a space of 400 meters, packages and thousands of liters of chemicals.

Civil Protection advice Sinaloa say the lack of air conditioning and ventilation has caused gases and chemicals containers can explode at any moment.

Quick System Employees indicate that they should PGR seven million dollars for eight months and the Administrative Office and the Deputy Regional Control of Criminal Procedure and Amparo told that administrative procedures “are so time-consuming.”

Workers exposed to this company are no longer willing to risk his life because “they owe the pattern, we do not get paid salary risk, animals that use chemicals to lower die right away, because the area where vehicles are not covered, and no way to transfer and without economic incentives cannot work. “

Public health problem

To date, the only federal authority that has been made to ensure jobs and slow production of synthetic drugs and substances that are used for this report is the Army.

Sinaloa currently holds second place in the states of northern country with the highest number of car thefts with violence, the third in number of murders linked to organized crime and proliferation of narcolaboratorios second, which has generated a serious public health problem because it pollutes rivers and groundwater because the criminals pulling the chemical waste, which kills dozens of cattle and other livestock and wild animals and farm.

According to the Army, with the change in the operation of organized crime to higher revenues for transfer of synthetic drugs has found that criminal organizations are making their own precursors for the manufacture of methamphetamine and crystal, generating the first time consumed a high addiction and lead to death of people and animals that become contaminated with the chemicals they survive only two to three years.

The Army has found that criminal organizations are developing two precursors themselves without having to import: phenyl acetic acid and methylamine.

Culiacan leads the first in the state with the largest number of labs found, followed Mocorito, Cosalá third, and fourth Badiraguato, although clandestine laboratories were found in nine of 18 municipalities.

Chemicals used by organized crime for the manufacture of synthetic drugs are as dangerous as radioactivity, as only to remain within 50 meters of the deposits cause respiratory distress, central nervous system damage, eye problems and mucous and is related to cancer diagnoses.

There is a substance called red phosphorus practically eats and destroys vital organs.

The PGR has a record of 12 of the “narco cooks,” who are responsible for the development of drug-intoxicated have died from contact with these substances, in which cases have been opened preliminary investigations. These people do not live more than two years from having contact with the chemical precursors, as it affects your airways.

Sinaloa is a state that has historically been positioned as an entity producing drugs, specifically opium poppy and marijuana, or drugs called organic. However, criminal organizations have mutated their activity by the synthetic drugs for higher profits and the ease of transportation.

The commander of the Ninth Military Zone, Brigadier General Marco Antonio Covarrubias Aguilar, states that “from 2007 to the current year, yes, indeed, have soared so-called clandestine laboratories producing methamphetamine, whose inputs are more advantageous for them to obtain higher profits than a plantation of marijuana or opium harvested after three months.”

He adds that “in these clandestine laboratories that called crystal and that develop around a week, i.e. the input to produce methamphetamine find it profitable and easier to transport to market and indeed the state of Sinaloa is a state where they are driving in that order of activity with major impact.”

According to specialists from the Army, for the manufacture of synthetic drugs and precursor chemicals used substances such as mercury, aluminum, hydrochloric acid, tartaric acid, ethyl phenyl acetate, methamphetamine liquid caustic soda, phenyl acetic acid, methylamine and two phenyl propanone.

Criminal organizations use washing machines and dryers for the finished product, but also buy large quantities of aluminum foil, same as crushed to produce the drug.

Proceeds from the sale of synthetic drugs far exceed the price of drugs called organic, for example, while a kilo of marijuana is priced at 71 dollars, the crystal reaches the same amount 42 000 301 U.S. dollars. While a kilo of grass is obtained 834 cigarettes, one kilo of crystal you get three thousand doses.

Brigadier General Marco Antonio Covarrubias Aguilar states that “sometimes we localized citizen complaint, we must be clear, we have located in the daily work of staff in the walking, sometimes with aerial surveys, sometimes by the complaint direct people to report the damage they are causing to the health of the individual, the environment, the habitat in the ecological environment which is already resulting damage.”

In one of the insured narcolaboratorios it was observed that squirrels, voles and birds, among others, were killed in a radius of 50 meters.

General Covarrubias Aguilar notes that “during the rains now we realize that the laboratories placed on dry riverbeds and now with all that water produces a harmful effect we do not know where you are going to stop.”

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New act of Cannibalism Woman tries to eat her son in New York

Woman tries to eat her son in New York

Federal District in New York:

Woman tries to eat his son in New York

Woman tries to eat his son in New York

A woman assaulted her son and tried to eat him whilst under the influence of drugs now known as “bath salts“.

Pamela McCarthy attacked the boy, and tried to strangle him and tried to eat in an act of cannibalism, the aggression was prevented by her boyfriend who saw her naked and outside of the house, he ran to grab the child and she fled.

Neighbors alerted police. As reported by the Daily Mail, a witness says a dog also attacked and tried to bite him on his legs. Also, when officers arrived they found the woman was very aggressive and tried to bite several of them so they had to resort to the laser gun to reassure her.

Later she was taken to hospital where she died of cardiac arrest. Her son also was treated at the hospital with minor injuries.

This drug was first known about when a black man completely naked attacked the indigent Ronald abanlanzó Poppo, 65, and began to bite and devour his face.

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A gross case of cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

A gross case of cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

MIAMI, USA – Miami police are investigating whether the shocking case of the man who ate part of the face before being shot dead by police on a busy highway ramp was acting under the influence of a new type of LSD known as “bath salts”.

Cannabalism brought on by LSD "bath salts"

Cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

This substance causes an increase in body temperature and those who consume it become very aggressive, said Dr. Paul Adams, from the Hospital Jackson Memorial in Miami, reported the ABC television network.

The victim, who remains hospitalized in critical condition at that hospital, lost almost 75% of his face, according to authorities. The assailant, identified as Rudy Eugene unofficially, 31, was completely naked when the incident occurred, he ate the ears, nose, part of the forehead and tried to devour even the eyes of the victim.

The event, which occurred last Saturday on the side of the ramp of the Mc Arthur viaduct in the city center which connects Miami Beach, has rocked the city.

The union president of the Miami police, Armando Aguilar said there seems to be similarity between this case and other recent in which “Bath salts “are involved. “People taking off their clothes, people suddenly have superhuman strength, become violent and are burning inside,” said Aguilar.

He revealed that in one case, a subject was walking naked and was hit by a taxi driver. The man jumped onto the car roof and it took 15 officers to subdue him. The man ignored last Saturday by a person who claimed to witness the act of cannibalism, when passing by on his bike instead urged him to release the victim. “

The guy was like tearing the other with his mouth. he said, ‘Get out of there. “The guy kept eating the other, tearing the skin,” said Larry Vega at WPLG channel. Vega called police and when an officer arrived and tried to stop the subject, he just growled and continued devouring the other man lying on the floor, also naked.

The policeman had to use his service revolver and shot him the first time, but the individual continued devouring the victim’s face and did not die from receiving multiple gunshots to the body. I “Never thought I’d see someone eating someone else. That was really scary,” said Vega. The terrible event was recorded by security cameras from The Miami Herald, whose headquarters are near the place where the event occurred. Authorities also are investigating whether both men were homeless.

The newspaper El Nuevo Herald said today that police source identified the victim as Ronal Poppo, 65.

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International drug trafficking network dismantled in Colombia

The drug shipments were in false bottoms in suitcases and parcels, and used couriers to transfer narcotics

International drug trafficking network dismantled in Colombia
International drug trafficking network dismantled in Colombia

BOGOTA, -The Counter Narcotics Police of Colombia dismantled a drug ring that operated in airports and arrested six people, including three Americans, officials said today.

According to the police report, detainees inserted drug shipments in suitcases and parcels, and used couriers to send narcotics to Europe at the international airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Cali and Bogota’s Eldorado.

Official operations allowed catches Victor Manuel Ramirez Colombian and American Mountain Oswaldo Wally Lora, retired Navy warrant officer in the U.S., who led the band.

Arrests were recorded in the southwestern towns of Tulua, Buenaventura and in the Colombian capital, in addition to Miami, USA.

The authorities also captured Americans Deion Lemar Burton and Samuel Horne Jr, who are wanted in extradition warrants by the District of Columbia Court of the United States for drug trafficking offenses.

Also arrested were Colombians Riascos Junior Alexander Ponce and Pedroza Edward Romero, who were responsible to contact the couriers.

Drug offenders sent in suitcases with false bottoms, parcels of content “sports equipment” or through couriers, mostly foreigners.


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USA drugs on the rise-oxycodone, the main ingredient in OxyContin, Percocet and Percodan

It triggers addiction to painkillers in the U.S.

Increases the use and abuse of these drugs has coincided with a wave of overdose deaths and robberies of pharmacies

oxycodone, the main ingredient in OxyContin, Percocet and Percodan

oxycodone, the main ingredient in OxyContin, Percocet and Percodan

NEW YORK, April 5. – The sale of the two most popular painkillers offered by prescription in the United States has soared to new areas of the country, according to an analysis.Experts, concerned, consider that the pressure to relieve patients’ pain is unleashing an addiction of epidemic proportions.

Figures from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, for its acronym in English) show a dramatic increase between 2000 and 2010 in the distribution of oxycodone, the main ingredient in OxyContin, Percocet and Percodan. In some places, sales increased 16 times.

Meanwhile, the distribution of hydrocodone, the key ingredient in Vicodin, Lortab and Norco, is up in Appalachia, the original epicenter of the epidemic of painkillers in the U.S., as in the Midwest.

The increases have coincided with a wave of overdose deaths, pharmacy robberies and other problems in New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Florida and other states. Opioids for pain relief, a category that includes oxycodone and hydrocodone 14800 deaths caused by overdose in 2008 alone, and the number of deaths is increasing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All across America, pharmacies received and distributed the equivalent of 69 tons of oxycodone and 42 tons of pure hydrocodone in 2010, according to available statistics. This is enough to give 40 Percocet pills 5 mg and 24 Vicodin 5 mg every person in America.

The DEA records the data from shipments to distributors, pharmacies, and hospitals, medical and educational institutions. Eventually analgesics are administered and sold to patients, but the DEA does not record how much you receive each patient individually.

The increase is partly due to the pains of aging population and a greater willingness of doctors to relieve pain, said Gregory Bunt, medical director at the chain of clinics for the treatment of addictions Daytop Village in New York.

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14 years old Australian teen sentenced to prison for three months! Hashish offence!

Denpasar in Bali

Image via Wikipedia

The prosecutor of the court of Denpasar, the capital of Bali a province of Indonesia, called for three months in prison for 14 years old Australian teen who was arrested on October 4 on the island of Bali for buying about seven grams of hashish.

The teen could be sentenced to up to six years in Indonesia, where drug offences are harshly dealt with drug trafficking.

His arrest sparked media outrage in Australia, forcing the government to intervene. The Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, had assured that “it would do everything to bring back the young.”

The age for the youth defendant also drew criticism because of the severity for the offence in the field in Indonesia, where justice does not provide courts for minors.

“We requested a prison sentence of three months, which is lower than the usual sentence. We take into account their age and the fact that their behavior can change,” said the representative of the prosecution, Gusti Putu Gede Atmaja I after the audience.

The tribunal shall forward its decision on November 25.

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