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Peru has become the world’s largest COCA producer

As reported

Peru has overtaken Colombia as the world’s largest coca crop cultivator, reinforcing its position as the world’s primary cocaine producer and highlighting the growing demand for the drug in Europe and regional markets.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) annual report “Peru: Cocaine Cultivation Monitoring 2012,” more than 60,000 hectares of coca crops were cultivated in Peru in 2012, compared to 48,000 hectares in neighbouring Colombia. Although coca cultivation decreased in both countries when compared to the previous year, in Peru it only dropped by 3.4 per-cent, while Colombian cultivation fell by 25 per-cent.

As in neighbouring Bolivia, Peru has a sizeable domestic demand for unprocessed coca leaves. However, according to the report, that demand could be met with less than 7,000 hectares of coca crop, suggesting that the vast majority of coca produced is destined for drug processing.


The Analysis

Peru’s newfound position as the number one cultivator of coca reinforces its status as the world’s primary producer of cocaine, a position it previously attained through growers’ use of coca strains that produce a higher cocaine yield. Even without these advantages, Peru would likely remain the world’s biggest cocaine supplier as interdiction rates are a fraction of those seen in Colombia.

The emergence of Peru as the world’s main supplier has been boosted by changing consumption patterns. Most Peruvian cocaine is destined for consumption in Brazil and Argentina or export to Europe — all markets that have grown substantially in recent years. In contrast, the US market has declined, but remains predominantly the domain of Colombian cocaine, which accounts for 95 per-cent of all imported product, according to US government estimates.

While cocaine production has been booming, prices have fallen to levels much lower than those seen in Peru’s rivals, to the extent that much of the cocaine that arrives in Argentina and Brazil from Bolivia now originates in Peru.

The thriving cocaine sector has inevitably attracted the interests of international organized crime groups, research in the country revealed the presence of Colombians, Mexicans and Russians. However, this has not yet led to growing violence, and Peru has yet to see the sort of criminal conflicts that still plague Colombia.

The Peruvian government has pledged to fight trafficking, announcing a hard-line anti-drug strategy in 2011. However, their efforts have yielded questionable results. Though authorities eradicated 12,000 hectares in the first half of 2013, it is unclear whether such efforts actually decrease the total cultivation area or if growers simply move elsewhere.


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Millionaire investigated for money laundering involving Nestor Kirchner

The late former president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, was involved with a money laundering billionaire sparking a media scandal

Former Argentinas President

Former Argentinas President

BUENOS AIRES, The late former president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, was involved with a multi-million dollar money laundering scandal which sparked a media frenzy and stated an investigation by the justice Ministry.

The case is tainted by the fight to keep the government and the opposition out of the press, and that the allegations were revealed by a channel on Grupo Clarin, the largest media group in the country, five years after attacking Kirchner.

From all Clarín media, and the rest of the opposition press, submitted the complaint as one of the biggest corruption cases in Argentina’s history, while the government media said it was a new media operation.

The previous Sunday Thought for TV program presented a report in which two financiers acknowledge having taken the country 55 million euros (71.6 million dollars) belonging to Lázaro Báez, Kirchner businessman linked to from the beginning of his political career, to late-80s.

According to testimony, Baez sent to Buenos Aires, from the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, where he lives, millions of euros in cash to a company that introduced the financial market by creating shell companies based in tax havens.

Its main operator was the financier Leonardo Fariña, whose testimony became public knowledge through two hidden cameras that made the program director, Jorge Lanata, a leading anti-government journalists.

In these recordings, said Baez Fariña was a partner “at all” with Kirchner, the financier who also personally knew and even shared barbecues and played a couple of football games.

The story is trivialized, in part because Fariña and a man who allegedly helped him in money laundering are married to two famous Argentine starlets, so attention focused on their personal stories and not whether the particular offense evidence.

For now, the case has arrived to justice, to investigate the employer Baez for concealment and conspiracy, while at Fariña and was inhibited their property and denounced him for money laundering.

In government, the few officials who have referred to the scandal that occupies the radio and television programs, whether news or entertainment, downplayed the allegations and warned that, in any case, the act is to be justice.

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British bank HSBC was charged with money laundering in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, British bank HSBC in Argentina was charged Monday of illegal money laundering and evasion of taxes amounting to more than $ 100 million through its local subsidiary.

HSBC accused of money-laundering

HSBC accused of money-laundering

The complaint was made ​​by the head of the Federal Agency of Public Revenue ( AFIP ), Ricardo Echegaray , who explained in a press conference that the bank since February “came deploying a platform defraud (sic) that represented a conspiracy, by the use of false invoices that allowed different companies to launder money. ”

“It’s a ploy to hide bank account information from the Treasury,” he said Echegaray.

“Allegations Argentina regulators are a major concern, and we are committed to cooperate with the authorities to ensure a thorough review and appropriate resolution of the matter,” said HSBC in a statement sent to the AP by email.

Three companies identified by Echegaray as More Distribuidora SA, South Revenue Services SRL and SA Multiservice Network “evaded taxes and laundered money through the purchase of false invoices, which then derived in issuing checks whose amounts were deposited in a cuit generic ever the HSBC informed the AFIP “.

For these “ghost operations” were deposited checks totaling 392 million pesos ($ 76 million), representing an evasion of 224 million pesos (44 million dollars), according to the head of AFIP.

HSBC is one of the ten largest banks operating in the South American nation.

The AFIP filed a criminal complaint against the bank in a court of criminal jurisdiction and tax.

“They have to pay what they owe and dismantle this gang of cheaters, involving both private and public to the purchase of false invoices,” said Echegaray.

The note sent from Mexico by the regional office of HSBC , said its subsidiary in Argentina “complies with the law no matter where they operate and strongly supports the efforts of governments and regulators to detect illegal activities and take appropriate action” .

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Accused assassin “The Arete”, arrested in Colima!

The New Generation Assassin leader “The Arete”, arrested

Vicente Mendoza alias “The Arete”, is also responsible for the attack on the Attorney General Armory, Colima, on September 14

COLIMA, The Office of Colima reported the arrest of Rafael Vicente Mendoza alias “The Arete”, 38 years old, the main operator and leader in the Armory municipality called New Generation Jalisco Cartel, and alleged responsible for several crimes.

This suspect was involved in the killing of the following people: Armando Lopez Lopez (a) “The Toluco”, the brothers Pedro and Armando Alejandro Castañeda surname Mojica, Rafael Figueroa Serratos, Jose Mendoza Guizar, Luévanos Jesus Garcia, Rogelio Fifth Sixto, Salazar Miguel Tejeda, Hector Manuel Gonzalez, Miguel Quezada Hernandez and Francisco Sanchez Reyna.

Also the murder of taxi driver Paul Pano Robles, Ramon Solano and Quezada, Gilberto Farias Noah Jimenez, Guadalupe Castaneda Valladares, Armory and municipal police in the death of Benigno Jimenez Larios.

It was also reported that two mass graves were found, the first in a grove of banana that is bound to the town of Paradise, Armory and the second in the backyard of a home in Laguna Street Chamela, the colony’s Springs Royal Armoury where exhumed human remains.

Vicente Rafael Mendoza, is responsible for the damage caused to the premises of the Attorney General in Armory, as well as vehicles of that council, after throwing grenades early on September 14.

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Mexican Drug cartels operating in 16 countries on the American Continent

In Mexico, the dispute over control of the territories being waged between eight drug cartels

operating throughout the country have consolidated their expansion projects and organized their cartels into a transnational presence and partnerships with local criminal groups from Canada to Brazil covering 16 countries in the Western hemisphere.

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Though the fight against drug trafficking undertaken by the Calderon government, in which 22 of the 37 most wanted leaders and operators have been detained-from March 2009 until today.

In recent years the eight Mexican cartels consolidated their internationalization presence. In a report by the PGR updated to August this year, reveals that Mexican transnational organizations have partnerships operating in 16 countries in the hemisphere .

“El Chapo”, with the largest or the Sinaloa cartel Pacific, led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, has hegemony. Until now has expanded its presence to 13 countries on the continent: Canada, United States, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Venezuela.

The closest competitors of the organization “El Chapo “are Gulf cartel and” Zetas “(formerly antagonistic allies and today), operating in a total of nine nations, as documented by the Mexican federal government sharing intelligence with the authorities in these countries.

Both groups are in the United States, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia and Bolivia, seeking to control territory. It has also documented the presence of “Los Zetas” in Honduras, Argentina and Brazil, while their rivals now Gulf cartel operating in Belize, Costa Rica and Peru.

The other criminal groups also have operations in some of these nations, but not at the same level. For example, the once powerful as the Arellano Felix cartel, is present only in the United States and Peru, while Juarez is on American soil, maintaining its alliances in Colombia, as well as Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, and has Argentina reached.

In this drug map, the recent criminal group “The Knights Templar“, which grew out of “The Family” in 2011, in just one year operates in the U.S., while the group from which emanated Michoacan has ramifications on U.S. soil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Beltran Leyva, after separating from “El Chapo” hold its own network in the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia. Colombia remains, together with Bolivia and Peru, as the epicenter of the production of cocaine.

While Ecuador and Venezuela, see how the Mexican and Colombian cartels used as transit countries, with the consequences of violence on the rise, while Chile with Argentina-seen as a haven for the supply of precursor chemicals, are used as ports output to export the drug to Africa and Europe. Brazil is the largest consumer just Latin America, but also the largest supplier of chemical inputs to process cocaine.

Bruce Bagley, director of the Center for Latin American Studies, said that Mexican cartels are in control in the Andean region and the Northern market. “There is something very clear: instead of letting traded intermediary groups (drug), they (the Mexican narcos) are already hands in the dough.”

“We had no major problems capos here, and now, we speak here of cartels and mini-posters . The crops also appear in Zulia, Tachira, Apure. ” Hernan Matute , coordinator of the Drug Free Chair of the Institute of Caracas.”

This phenomenon of ‘paid assassins’ was not observed in Argentina, becomes a worrying situation that goes together with increased drug trafficking. ” Eduardo Amadeo , deputy national Peronist Front.

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Argentina – Sentenced to 50 years for stealing babies during Videla dictatorship

The trial began with a complaint for “removal, retention, concealment and replacement of identity under ten years”

Argentina Justice sentences Videla to 50 Years
Argentina Justice sentences Videla to 50 Years

Argentina Justice today condemned the former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla to 50 years in prison for the theft of babies in a systematic plan implemented during the last military dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983).

The court ruled tested a crime against humanity “by the systematic and widespread abduction, detention and hiding of children under 10 years” in the context of a “plan of annihilation” against the civilian population of the argument to end the “subversion” during the military dictatorship.

Considered a process “landmark” by human rights organizations, the trial began with a complaint of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo and covers more than thirty cases.

Along with Videla sat on the bench the former dictator Reynaldo Bignone, sentenced to 15 years, Antonio Vanek, a former admiral sentenced to 40 years, former Commander Jorge Eduardo Acosta, sentenced to 30 and the former general Omar Riveros, to 20, among other repressive military dictatorship.

Sitting in the front row, Videla listened impassively as he was sentenced, which adds to the life sentence already levied against him for crimes against humanity committed during the coup regime.

According to estimates from humanitarian organizations, 105 children stolen during the dictatorship have recovered their identity, although there are over 400 similar cases pending complaints.

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Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló on Romantic Holiday

Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló on Romantic Holiday

The Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló, photographed on a romantic vacation in Mexico with a woman, asked for forgiveness today, amid the investigation began and the Vatican.

The television cameras of Argentina showed the eve of former President of the humanitarian organization Caritas Argentina when kissing a woman in a pool of a luxury hotel in Cancun.

On Wednesday, the television channel America 24 sought the bishop, who first refused to comment on the fact, but then gave his version.

Bargalló said the images are from two years ago when he traveled to the Mexican Caribbean to participate in the meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Secretariat of Pastoral Social Caritas.

“The photos actually respond to a meeting in Mexico, where we agree with this friend of my childhood, she and her family maintain strong bonds of friendship,” said the prelate.

The priest lamented the situation in which it was wrapped and admitted that his attitude was not exempt from “a certain recklessness” because “may have given rise to misunderstandings.”

Although the images are explicit, with kisses and hugs, the bishop confirmed his loyalty to the vows of chastity and poverty, and said it is “committed to God and the Church” Catholic.

However, the apostolic nuncio, Emil Paul Tscherrig, as reported to the Vatican, which will assess the penalty to be applied to Bargalló.

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