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Money laundering suspects (19) detained by U.S. Federal Authorities

The U.S. federal authorities announced the arrest and indictment of nineteen people for washing tens of millions of dollars from the drug trade for Colombia.

Money Laundering suspects (19) detained by U.S. Federal Authorities

Money Laundering suspects (19) detained by U.S. Federal Authorities

The detainees were allegedly a network from the U.S. sending money from drug trafficking to Colombia , and was received by persons operating in shopping centers in the city of Cali , federal prosecutors said the Eastern District of New York in a statement.

After a four-year investigation, twelve people were arrested in Cali by the National Police and four others were arrested in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, while three were already under arrest previously for other reasons.

The officers who conducted the arrests seized $ 6.5 million and 52.5 kilos of heroin, 32 kilos of cocaine, 28.5 kilos of marijuana, eight vehicles and three firearms.

The four arrested in the United States received cash from drug dealers, often elaborately hidden, and sent it through transfers to Colombia, the statement said.

Twelve arrested in Colombia on their way, according to federal prosecutors, a network for the distribution of money from receipt of Cali in commercial establishments in the hands of Colombian drug traffickers.

“People arrested and charged today allegedly transferred tens of millions of dollars in drug money from the U.S. to Colombia’s drug traffickers” , said U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch in a note, in which he stressed that laundering Money is the lifeblood of narcotics. “

If convicted, those arrested could face up to twenty years in prison.

By: Reuters
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Women used as drug mules enter Arizona from Mexico

NOGALES, Arizona,  For the third time in a week, U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested women who were walking south entering Arizona with heroin hidden under thier bra.

Drus strapped to a womans abdomen and Bra

Drus strapped to a womans abdomen and Bra

Officials of Customs and Border Protection said Friday that a Mexican woman age 18 was arrested on Wednesday in the city of Nogales, in the most recent case of this type.

They added that the woman had nearly 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds) of heroin – with an estimated value of $ 47,000 – with tape attached to her abdomen.

Officials said a California woman, 37, was arrested days earlier with almost three kilos of heroin hidden under her bra.

On February 21, another Mexican 18 was also arrested with a pound (1 pound) of drugs taped to the abdomen.

Authorities would not comment on this method, apparently growing, of smuggling drugs.

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Woman Arrested in Ysleta with 484 kg of marijuana

Woman Arrested in Ysleta with 484 kg of marijuana, while having her two children in the car

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Officials of the Office of Field Operations of Customs and Border Protection, CBP for its acronym in English, working at the port of entry in El Paso, on Tuesday seized 61 pounds of marijuana thousand in a single case.

A New Mexico woman who was accompanied by her two sons was arrested for attempted smuggling. The estimated value of the drugs seized in the streets is 848,800 dollars. “An exceptionally large amount of marijuana was taken from a single vehicle,” said Barry Miller, director of CBP at the port of El Paso.

“Drug traffickers used almost all available space in this pick up to hide the drugs.” Forfeiture happened Tuesday just after 11 pm at the intersection of international Ysleta when a Dodge Ram pickup 1998 model arrived from Mexico.

The officers conducted the inspection and then selected the vehicle to undergo a second review. ‘s dog “Johan” sniffed the truck and alerted to the presence of drug. CBP officers uncovered part of a panel and found an envelope.

After a complete inspection of the vehicle which, resulted in the discovery of drugs in the panels, the gas tank, the floor and the spare tire of the truck.

CBP officers recovered wrappers yielding marijuana weighing 61 pounds thousand. They took the driver into custody, Palma Lyon 32 years old and originally from Socorro, New Mexico. She was transferred into the custody of the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs who was arrested and the accused was arrested for drug smuggling.

Currently detainee is in the prison of El Paso County without bail. The children were released to a relative.

Though anti-terrorism is the primary mission of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the inspection process they have done in the ports of entry are associated with this mission and has resulted in impressive numbers of cases in which the law is applied in all categories.

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Captured a serial rapist in the act, aboard a White Van

Javier Mendoza Davila was arrested after sexually abusing a 20 year old woman, who was tied hand and foot

Van used in serial rape
Van used in serial rape

The capital police arrested Javier Mendoza Davila 29-year-old, who is reportedly identified as a dangerous serial rapist, who was arrested by policemen belonging to the UPC Chuchilla modern farms in the colony, Gustavo A. Madero.

According to police reports, Mendoza Davila was arrested after assaulting physically and sexually to a girl on the street, police in Mexico City, these facts originated when the crew of the patrol P07-35 performing his harmonica surveillance by 171 East Street referred colony, then heard the cries for help of a woman, which came from the back of a Ford Ecoline white type license plates 431-XMV.

Preventive agents surprised the occupants of the vehicle and asked them down, when you open a door the officers observed a woman who was half-naked and tied hand and foot, while the guy who opened the door tried to run for escape from the military, no clutch, was captured.

Once safely, the victim of 20 years, said being a girl on the street and explained that her assailant walked up to the vehicle to force subsequently hit and outrage her inside the van.

The police also found inside the vehicle woman’s’ clothes, probably from other victims.

Mendoza Davila was submitted to the Territorial Coordination Public Safety and Law Enforcement GAM-3, specializing in sexual offenses, which confirmed that this man has been involved in several sexual assaults in the area. The suspected serial has the same modus operandi denounced by other victims

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Cuernavaca- 11 policemen arrested for allowing traffickers escape

They were arrested for the escape of Antonio Román Miranda alias “La Mona”, who accompanied Rogelio Maldonado Crisóforo alias “The Horn”, leader of The Reds

11 policemen arrested for letting traffickers escape

11 policemen arrested for letting traffickers escape

Cuernavaca, Mor. – At least 11 judicial police and municipal police Cuernavaca were arrested by the escape of a suspected drug trafficker, identified as Antonio Román Miranda alias “La Mona”, who accompanied Rogelio Maldonado Crisóforo alias “The Horn” leader Reds Guerrero.

According to a statement released by the state attorney establishes a folder that was initiated research, at par, the General Inspectorate VG/SV/296/2012 one affidavit, prepared by the national control and internal discipline of the institution.

The constitutional arrest of 36 hours against five elements of the Ministerial Police, also must appear before the Inspector General, including his statement surrendered all investigation documents initiated by the prosecution SC01/13659/2012.

It was determined from these facts, that five policemen and six municipal police ministry officials have given their statement to determine responsibilities for evasion and drug lord lieutenant of The Reds, criminal group controlling the town of Temixco, Emiliano Zapata and Jiutepec.

In the statement, the Office of Morelos, “reiterates that investigations into the case continue to determine responsibilities, since not tolerate breach of the duties and obligations of public servants of this institution, much less protection links or crime members organized “.

On Monday, Rogelio Maldonado criminal group leader Reds in Guerrero and Morelos Cuernavaca was arrested after he was shot and wounded in the Colonia Flores Magon, while walking down the street Durango.

Yesterday, the government secretary Messeguer Jorge Guillén confirmed the start of a research folder, plus the search for alleged drug trafficker who managed to evade the authorities, due to collusion of municipal and ministerial policemen, who released him after his capture.

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El Chapo Guzman’s Lieutenant arrested in Chihuahua

The Ministry of National Defense and the Attorney General’s Office reported that on October 29, in an operation “Che” was arrested

José Salgueiro Nevarez, alias Che,

The National Defense Secretariat reported the arrest in the city of Parral, Chihuahua, José Salgueiro Nevarez, alias Che, who appears as a lieutenant of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman.

Along with Salgueiro Nevarez was arrested five others in a Army exclusive action developed in the city of Parral, on the 29th of this month, but it was not until today that the detainee was presented to the media Information.

Military personnel from the Military Zone 42 performed an operation which also apprehended Victor Javier Hernandez Marquez, David Ruiz Rubio, Salgueiro Efren Gonzalez, Brian and Erick Salgueiro Salgueiro Zepeda Peña.

The arrest came after a chase between the army and criminals who took refuge in an auto shop, which used as a showcase to hide their illegal activities, and where are located six rifles, three handguns, 13 magazines for different guns, 414 cartridges of various calibers, seven vehicles (one armored) and various media.

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27 pedophiles arrested in Spanish operations against pornography

Those involved were charged with offenses related to the possession, exchange and distribution of pornographic content of minors

27 pedophiles arrested in operations against pornography in Spain

MADRID, At least 27 people were arrested and eight others were charged in three operations against child pornography in 16 Spanish provinces, unveiled the Spanish Interior Ministry.

Those involved, charged with offenses related to sexual indemnity, holding, exchange and distribution of pornographic images to minors, unloaded and such material shared through networks of P2P file sharing.

In operations, called “chips”, “Tangerine” and “Akai” seized nearly a million computer files and numerous pedophile material like computers, hard drives and DVDs.

According to a statement, in the operation called “chips” developed in various provinces, 17 people were arrested for an alleged crime of possession, exhibition and distribution of child pornography over the Internet.

In total, there were nineteen records addresses of as many localities where abundant seized computer equipment, as 116 hard drives, a laptop, a CPU, five USB flash drives, memory cards and five 12 DVDs, with over 500 thousand pedophile content files between photo and video files.

For its part, the operation “Tangerine” by the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of Cordoba, was developed simultaneously in eight Spanish provinces which resulted in the arrest of seven people and the imputation of six others, suspected of involvement in the distribution of videos and photographs of pedophile content.

Finally, during the operation “AKAI” developed simultaneously in four Spanish provinces, three people were arrested and charged three others, allegedly involved in the distribution of videos and photographs related to child pornography.

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