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More than a Hundred bodies dissolved in acid, located on the property of The Pozolero

Tijuana – The deputy against Organized Crime in Baja California, Abel Galván Gallardo said he found a second narcofosa

more than 100 dead bodies located that had been dissolved in acid

The deputy against Organized Crime in Baja California, Abel Galván Gallardo, confirmed the discovery of what could be more than a hundred bodies dissolved in acid, on a property owned by Santiago Meza “The Pozolero” where experts from The Attorney General’s Office (PGR), conducted excavations on Thursday located a second narcofosa on the grounds.

Whole bodies were not spotted until, the elements of the PGR and the Attorney General of Baja California found organic mass, but still digs for bones and teeth, as these tend to be placed at the bottom of the points excavated, said Fernando Ocegueda, representative of the United Association for the Disappeared.

Ocegueda Flores, said that this is the third piece of land owned by “The Pozolero” where human remains are discovered: the first was called ‘Ojo de Agua’ where in 2009, after the arrest of Santiago Meza, several bodies were discovered, the second , called Loma Bonita, and the third called La Gallera, located in the ejido Maclovio Rojas of this city.

Meanwhile, Abel Galvan found that “there may be more than one hundred bodies and diluted (are to) expected to find any particles or bone that has comparative and junction with existing genetic information in the databases of dependency” .

In this third field, experts sent by the PGR located a room with artifacts and drums that could have been used for the dissolution of bodies and a canal that opens into the pit where the bodies were going to stop in liquid, mainly of his chief rivals, the kingpin Teodoro Garcia Simental, alias “El Teo”.

Meanwhile, the human rights activist Victor Clark, said that the practice of dissolving the bodies to hide them, was very handy in the middle of this decade, but in recent years, was changed to the bodies being placed in water in order to intimidate the rival organized crime gangs

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The escort El Mayo Zambada’s son captured in Ensenada

The state Public Security Secretariat reported that Santos Lara, 26, escaped last January of a criminal Sinaloa


The escort El Mayo Zambada’s son captured

ENSENADA, The State Preventive Police (PEP) arrested Juan Ángel Santos Lara, who at the time of his arrest was carrying two firearms and rounds of ammunition and allegedly worked as an escort for a son of Ismael El Mayo Zambada.

The state Public Security Secretariat reported that Santos Lara, 26, escaped last January and was a criminal who sought refuge in Sinaloa and Baja California.

He said the capture of Santos Lara was made on Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas Boulevard corner Estancia, fractionation of Acapulco, where the agents ordered him to stop while riding aboard a pick-up truck GMC Sierra.

The escapee was identified with a driver’s license in the name of Pedro Nunez, 26, but then he confirmed his identity and was actually named Juan Angel Santos Lara, 26, a native of Guamuchil, Sinaloa.

During a precaution review he was found to have a concealed weapon tucked in his waist, a nine millimeter firearm, two thousand dollars, $ 40 and two envelopes with white powder which appears to be cocaine was seized.

Also seized in the arrest was a firearm caliber 25 mm supplied with five rounds of ammunition and a magazine with 10 cartridges, 39 shots nine millimeter caliber, 10 caliber ammunition 45, 15 rounds .38 Super and .25 caliber seven shots.

To verify your identity, Juan Ángel Santos proved that Lara was arrested in 2008 in possession of several long firearms, including a .50 caliber barret and fragmentation grenades.

After this arrest he escaped from prison to work as an escort Ismael Zambada alias El Mayito , son of Ismael El Mayo Zambada Garcia, leader of the Sinaloa cartel along with Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera.

However, the alleged offender was arrested again in November 2011, but in January 2012 he escaped with four other subjects from a penitentiary in Sinaloa with the help of a custodian of that criminal.

In this custodian allegedly paid the sum of 300 thousand dollars to facilitate the escape, so that also has an arrest warrant for the crime of escape of prisoners.

Currently residing in Lara Santos Juan Diego Residential fractionation Ensenada, municipality where you purchased taxis and went to work on public transport.

It also engaged in planting, harvesting and sale of marijuana for the Sinaloa cartel, said it unnerving to have crops in the village of El Pino, in the state of Sinaloa.

A Lara Santos also been linked as the perpetrator of a murder recorded in the mountains of Sinaloa, in revenge for the murder of his brother.

After his arrest in Baja California port, PEP agents moved to Tijuana, where apparently the subject had houses that presumably concealed firearms.

The detainee was turned over to the Attorney General’s Office.

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TIJUANA, Suspected links uncovered between customs administrator and El Chapo

Repeatedly, the Sinaloa cartel transported large amounts of U.S. dollars to Mexico without being detected by Customs in Tijuana that alerted federal authorities

The King of Drug Trafficking and his Money

The recent seizure of more than a million dollars of property trafficker, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, casts suspicion on the administrator of the office of Tijuana, Luis Torres Torres, who said at the time that crossings smuggling were inhibited.

The money, from Los Angeles and its destination was the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, where they would “wash it”, was carried in two plastic boxes, containing thousands of notes of 20, 10 and five dollar bills, there were at least an estimated fifty crossings by this gang of organized crime associates with half a million dollars without having been arrested or suspected.

Specifically, according to the part of the State Preventive Police, inside the vehicle they “found two plastic boxes hidden, with 40,400 $ 20 bills, while the other was found in 11400 packets 6000 $ 10 and $ 5 bills, giving a total sum of $952,000.”

Elias Lopez Lopez, alias “El Pantera” and who confessed to being at the service of the Sinaloa cartel who commands Joaquin Guzman Loera, revealed to have “washed” by this criminal organization, more than $ 24 million previously, all of which had to be passed through customs in Tijuana.

The suspect, who was driving a pickup truck where they were seized banknotes totaling almost a million dollars, is originally from Los Angeles and according to the Ministry of Public Security of Baja California, was responsible for introducing almost weekly $ 500,000 to country.

The criminal confessed that “washed” approximately $ 24 million,-crossing around 50 times in nearly a year of operations, but it had stopped only once in Tijuana Customs and mocking Random Vehicle System ( Siave), and which is designed to report the excessive weight of the vehicles, the crossover frequency, plates and other data.

The same Secretary of Public Security of Baja California, stated in a press release issued after the capture of “El Pantera” which contacts arranged to send the money from Los Angeles to the border, where it crossed through customs in Tijuana, unit in charge Luis Torres Torres.

Precisely in June 2011, when Elias Lopez Lopez crossed with his first large amount of dollars from drug trafficking, the agency administrator said that while there were crossings of weapons and other goods, was referred as “ant smuggling” as huge quantities of illegal goods, would be easily detectable.

The Administrator of the Customs even defended the Random Vehicle System, which allows more control over merchandise entering the country illegally.

“The main thing is covering-up merchandise they want to smuggle into the country: electronics, food, shoes, everything. I understand that the economic situation is difficult and people looking for ways to have an added benefit, unfortunately we have to do our part and we are making seizures of 3.5 to 4 million in the month of goods seeking entry illegally into Mexico. On average between 20 and 22 cars a month, “explained Torres Torres.

But among those 20 to 22 cars a month, not the A8 pickup truck, model 2002, or any other car that Elias Lopez has used to cross the various amounts of money through Tijuana Customs, which cast doubt on how clean management Luis Torres in front of the Customs, who believes that “the Siave is starting to inhibit people”.

Torres Torres’s ancestors have not come clean on its way through customs Tijuana. For example, Antonio Martínez Luna, was indicted by a carrier-entrepreneur dedicated to organizing tours-of having robbed two passenger buses.

And another is his predecessor, Jose Guzman Montalvo, who was investigated for alleged involvement in smuggling activities. While the federal government continues to investigate the case of “El Pantera”.


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Georgiy Chipunov Russian terrorist Arrested in Tijuana

He threatened to blow up the facilities of the Court of San Diego, California, and to kill judges and officials

Georgiy Chipunov Russian terrorist Arrested in Tijuana

TIJUANA; A suspected Russian terrorist who threatened to blow up the premises of the Court of San Diego, California, and to kill judges and officials, was captured in this city by agents of the State Preventive Police.

The general coordinator of International Liaison dependence, Alfredo Arenas Moreno, said authorities in San Diego County warned that the alleged terrorist could be on Mexican soil, specifically in Baja California.

Upon this information the sheriff of San Diego, ordered the opening of the investigation to locate the alleged suspect, which led to his arrest in Cantil Street, San Antonio in the division of the Sea

The individual was identified as Georgiy Chipunov, 28, originally from Russia and naturalized U.S. citizen, Arenas Moreno explained.

The personal and physical characteristics of Chipunov were verified through the link of the Commissioner of San Diego, who confirmed that it is a dangerous terrorist wanted on charges of threats to the U.S. government and cyberterrorism.

Using a heavy security supported by the State Preventive Police, the alleged terrorist was arrested and turned over to federal authority, to be delivered to authorities of the neighboring country to the north.

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Baja California 866.5 kilograms of marijuana discovered

A total of 866.5 kilograms a ton of marijuana was what the Navy of Mexico, assigned to Naval Region II, seized in the vicinity of Laguna Scammon Black Guerrero, Baja California Big Sur.

866.5 kilograms a ton of marijuana

866.5 kilograms a ton of marijuana discovered in Baja California

This confiscation was made between 25 and 30 June, when elements of Marines, moved into Turtle Bay, they located the drugs near Punta Eugenia packaged in the form of a block seal brown with tan tape. Once the package was in the hands of the authorities they found that the block contained a green grass with the characteristics of marijuana. Therefore, the Naval Command ordered the departure of a Patrol Interceptor, a helicopter take off and land tours infantry personnel Navy, who conducted a search operation to locate more packages.

The operation lasted for four days in various parts of the coast, finding a total of 107 packages of various sizes of suspected marijuana, which were transferred, on Saturday at the premises of the Second Naval Region.

Once counted and weighed the drug was made available to the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry, integrating the preliminary AP/PGR/BC/ENS/765/12/III in City and Port of Ensenada. naval authorities reported the seizure occurred in the context of maritime surveillance operations, air and land that permanently takes the Navy of Mexico on both coasts of the country.

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Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead

One victim was a man who was handcuffed and naked, and driving a car was trying to escape

Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead
Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead

TIJUANA, March 29. – The Attorney General of the state is investigating the deaths of five people including two security guards and one that was shot by municipal agents to repel aggression.

He said so far, four of the dead have been identified and that is all we would know. The person who was shot by officers, one man’s hands was bound and half-naked nevertheless he drove a car in which they tried to escape.

According to early investigations, the man tried to flee on board a vehicle that had previously been used to rob two security guards in that area, who were by a killed a high-powered weapon.

Earlier this man, who died with his hands tied and bound, would have killed two other people inside the house who were apparently kidnapped.

It is presumed that in his escape attempt, when confronted with the Municipal Police, he shot at them, so the officers returned fire killing the attacker. The deputy Ricardo Salas Bravo, Tijuana area, said the two people were found inside the home were identified as David Edgar Vargas and Javier Paredes Lopez Ortega.

The other two dead, whose bodies were found in the streets, went by the names of Luis Enrique González Cifuentes, 41, retired lieutenant, and Roberto Fernandez Uribe, 45, a former police officer.

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Women consume alcohol to get drunk in Mexico

In the past five years the consumption of alcohol has increased in women, especially adolescents, in fact the prevalence is similar to that of men

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The director of the Center for Youth Integration (CIJ) in Toluca, Alba Carrera Testa, reported that 24 percent of Mexico‘s population, or about 27 million people between 12 and 65 years of age, consume alcohol in large quantities.

In an interview, said of the 27 million of these people, nine million are women, while others 670 000 abuse of this substance.

He explained that women metabolize alcohol more slowly than men, which facilitates its rapid accumulation in the blood, reaching states of drunkenness or intoxication in less time.

He said that risky sexual practices, violence, depression, unwanted pregnancies, aggressiveness and physical damage are some of the causes of excessive use of alcohol.

He added that in the last five years the consumption of this substance is increased in women, especially adolescents, in fact the prevalence is similar to that of men.

He noted that the dependence made a survey of female students, averaged higher in states that show rates of alcohol consumption above the national average according to the National Addiction Survey 2008.

Among them, Baja California, Campeche, Aguascalientes Chihuahua, Mexico City, Colima, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacan, Morelos and Nayarit.

According to the study it showed that increased consumption of alcohol was found among high school level students, and similarly found that women with dependence and abuse of alcoholic beverages belonging to members of social networks with more users of alcohol.

Also stressed that consumers of alcohol has a greater need to explore and search for new sensations, as well as experience through strong drink, which in turn leads to the use of other drugs.

He added that they perceive the use or abuse of this substance as a means of “liberation and equality with men.”

The specialist said that women need to know the risks of smoking and how it affects your health, which is important to consider biological and psychosocial elements in the areas of prevention and treatment.

This, with the goal “to eliminate barriers to access of women to be treated by alcohol problems,” he said.

Reported that the Youth Integration Center provides prevention and treatment services in its 113 units distributed throughout the republic, and also edited the book “Young people and alcohol in Mexico, an emerging problem in women,” in order to provide more about this problem.

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