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Millionaire investigated for money laundering involving Nestor Kirchner

The late former president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, was involved with a money laundering billionaire sparking a media scandal

Former Argentinas President

Former Argentinas President

BUENOS AIRES, The late former president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, was involved with a multi-million dollar money laundering scandal which sparked a media frenzy and stated an investigation by the justice Ministry.

The case is tainted by the fight to keep the government and the opposition out of the press, and that the allegations were revealed by a channel on Grupo Clarin, the largest media group in the country, five years after attacking Kirchner.

From all Clarín media, and the rest of the opposition press, submitted the complaint as one of the biggest corruption cases in Argentina’s history, while the government media said it was a new media operation.

The previous Sunday Thought for TV program presented a report in which two financiers acknowledge having taken the country 55 million euros (71.6 million dollars) belonging to Lázaro Báez, Kirchner businessman linked to from the beginning of his political career, to late-80s.

According to testimony, Baez sent to Buenos Aires, from the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, where he lives, millions of euros in cash to a company that introduced the financial market by creating shell companies based in tax havens.

Its main operator was the financier Leonardo Fariña, whose testimony became public knowledge through two hidden cameras that made the program director, Jorge Lanata, a leading anti-government journalists.

In these recordings, said Baez Fariña was a partner “at all” with Kirchner, the financier who also personally knew and even shared barbecues and played a couple of football games.

The story is trivialized, in part because Fariña and a man who allegedly helped him in money laundering are married to two famous Argentine starlets, so attention focused on their personal stories and not whether the particular offense evidence.

For now, the case has arrived to justice, to investigate the employer Baez for concealment and conspiracy, while at Fariña and was inhibited their property and denounced him for money laundering.

In government, the few officials who have referred to the scandal that occupies the radio and television programs, whether news or entertainment, downplayed the allegations and warned that, in any case, the act is to be justice.

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British scientist caught smuggling two kilos of cocaine

Jailed … Frampton said he was tricked by gangsters posing online as glamour model Denise Milani

But scientist claims he was duped in bikini model honeytrap sting

Paul Frampton and a Beauty

AN acclaimed British scientist caught smuggling two kilos of cocaine at a South American airport has been jailed for almost five years.

Professor Paul Frampton, 68, claimed he was duped into carrying the drugs in a honeytrap sting involving a bikini model.

But the Oxford-educated academic was sentenced to four years and eight months in an Argentinian prison after being convicted of drug trafficking.

He was arrested in January after being stopped at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, where cops found the drugs wrapped in gift paper inside Frampton’s suitcase lining as he tried to board a plane to Peru.

The divorced physicist told police he had been tricked into carrying the drugs by gangsters who posed on the internet as 32-year-old glamour model Denise Milani. Speaking after his arrest, he said: “Perhaps I should have realised earlier but the fraudster was very good and very intelligent. ”For 11 weeks I thought I was chatting with an attractive woman.”

Frampton, who was teaching at the University of North Carolina, said he first travelled to La Paz, Bolivia, where he thought he was going to meet Miss Milani, a former Miss Bikini World, for the first time. In La Paz, he claims to have met a middle-aged man in a hotel who gave him the suitcase, saying it belonged to Miss Milani.

The following day he travelled to Buenos Aires and was instructed to fly to Brussels to meet the model. But after waiting 36 hours at the airport for “her” to send him an electronic ticket, he said he decided to head back to the US via Peru.

Frampton, originally from Kidderminster, Worcs, was convicted after prosecutor Mario Villar read out emails and text messages which the professor had sent his “girlfriend”. According to local reports, the correspondence included the phrases: “I’m worried about the sniffer dogs”, “I’m looking after your special little suitcase” and “In Bolivia this is worth nothing, in Europe it’s worth millions”.

The prosecutor also showed the court a note written by the scientist reading “1grm/200US$. 2000grms/400000U$S”. Model miss Milani, who was completely unaware she was being used as a honeytrap, has since spoken of her shock at being dragged into the sting.

The scientist’s ex-wife, Anne-Marie Frampton, 71, has described him as being “a naive fool”. They divorced four years ago after 15 years of marriage but remain close friends. Frampton, who graduated with a double first from Brasenose College, Oxford, suffers from high blood pressure and lung problems, and had been facing up to 16 years behind bars.

His defence lawyer Eduardo Oderigo said: “There were many good reasons to have acquitted him. I set them out in his defence. I am convinced of his innocence.”


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Woman held captive Seven Years by her partner and had four children

held captive by her partner and had four children
held captive by her partner and had four children

Seven years held captive by her partner and had four children

Was subjected to physical and psychological abuse, plus it was separated from her offspring, her family contacted her via Facebook

BUENOS AIRES, Feb. 25. – A woman was held captive in Argentina for seven years by her partner, who bore him four children, who subjected her to physical and psychological pain, today confirmed the victim’s family.

The woman, identified as Sophia Encisa, 24, was released Thursday in a police operation conducted in the locality of Guernica, in which her partner was arrested Oscar Roberto Enriquez, 33. “He’s very upset, sad, and shocked.

She wanted to go and not the left. Once she tried to escape and he stabbed her in the buttocks. He beat her unconscious, “said Rocio, the sister of Sofia, Radio 10, Buenos Aires.

Enriquez is charged with alleged illegal deprivation of freedom and holding a woman captive since April 2005. The investigation was initiated by a complaint from the sister Sophia, who had recently made contact Rocio through Facebook.

“Sofia did not go out, and when she did, she was accompanied by her captor. So I could not help. One witness recounted that when they saw her occasionally, she could express in short sentences the situation she was in and asked for help with signs, “said the judicial instructor Germain Di Pascual , in remarks published today by the newspaper La Nacion .

Sequestration rule  Di Pascual said the woman was “never missing” because her family always knew she was with Enriquez and explained that, therefore, “the figure is not kidnapping but illegal deprivation of liberty be doubly aggravated by situations of violence or threats, “a crime that is punishable by two to six years in prison. He said that Sofia had “freedom of movement within the house, but was not allowed to go outside or have contact with others” and “was enclosed under threat of death to her and her children, and was the victim of physical violence and threatened with guns several times.

Dew the victim’s sister, said today that Sofia “lived under constant threat and was psychologically abused” and did not reside with their children, aged 1 and 6 years, because Enriquez had them in another house. “Once I went to the house and (Enriquez) said to me she does not want to see her family. I did not know that my sister was like that. He made me think that she did not want to see the family” said Dew. Even today she is still shaken by her ordeal.

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Angie Sanclemente Valencia; sentenced to 6 years prision; Drug smuggling

Angie gets 6 years for smuggling cocaine

Angie gets 6 years for smuggling cocaine

Colombian model Angie Sanclemente Valencia (31 years) was sentenced Wednesday to six years in Argentina justice and eight months in prison for attempting to smuggle cocaine to Europe, but her lawyer said before the press conference that they will appeal to a higher court.

The lawyer for the former Queen of Café de Colombia, Germain Delgado, questioned the decision of the Regional Criminal Court 3 of the Economic capital of Argentina and recalled that he had asked his client’s acquittal, told the television.

“There was no evidence for a conviction and I had asked for dismissal given that she had no criminal record,” said the lawyer and they will appeal to a higher court.

The sentence was requested by the prosecutor Sandra Benavente, who had requested a sentence of five years in prison for the attempted Sanclemente smuggling 55 kilos of cocaine to Europe via Mexico, in late 2009.

The models boyfriend Nicolas Gualco, was also sentenced to six years and eight months in prison, while the Venezuelan Gustavo Paez harnesses, six years and two months in prison, according to the Judicial Information Center.

Angie Sanclemente Valencia, known by the alias “Diamond” and “Pepo“, was arrested on May 26, 2010 in a hostel in Buenos Aires after spending five months a fugitive, suspected of being the link between Mexican drug traffickers and Argentina network of the band.

The case began in December 2009 when a woman trying to board a flight to Mexico with 55 kilos of cocaine in two suitcases was arrested at Ezeiza International Airport (southern outskirts of Buenos Aires).

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Argentina- 25 percent of Latin America’s entire cocaine consumption

Joaquin Guzman, alias “El Chapo

Joaquin Guzman, His place!

Peruvian traffickers are also building links in Argentina, as detailed in a recent investigation by newspaper Clarin. Despite the arrest of Peruvian alleged capo Marco Antonio Estrada Gonzáles, alias “Marcos,” in 2007, he has continued to run the trade in a neighbourhood of Buenos Aires called Bajo Flores, which is the city’s hub for the sale of cocaine and “paco,” a crack-like substance. The product sold there all comes from Peru, and is transported to Argentina by land or by air, with drug “mules” who ingest a load being a thing of the past, according to the report.

There have even been reports that Mexican capo Joaquin Guzman, alias “El Chapo,” the Zetas Drug Lord, perhaps the most wanted man in the world, had moved to Argentina in 2010, leaving only in March of this year.

Argentina is not just attracting high-profile capos, but also the lower-down managers who run the drug trade day by day. These Colombian middle-managers are locating themselves in Argentina in order to oversee the export of drugs to Europe, according to reports going back as far as 2008. A recent article in El Pais announced that “the Colombian drug trade has shifted to the south of the continent,” with Argentina becoming a new centre of operations for traffickers.

The country is good place to base a drug trafficking business, as it has become increasingly important as a trans-shipment point for drugs being sent to Europe, either via West Africa or Spain. It shares long land borders with drug-producing Bolivia, and with Paraguay, an important transit route for cocaine and producers of marijuana. Meanwhile, the high volume of cargo, passing through its’ many sea ports and airports, help to disguise outgoing drug shipments.

Colombians located in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in shipping cocaine into Argentina. According to the newspaper, Colombian traffickers have set up factories around the city, which process coca leaves from the conveniently close-by Chapare region, one of the country’s biggest producers of the leaf. These factories ship drugs over the border into Argentina in “industrial quantities,” using roads which are deserted and under-policed, reports El Pais. There have been reports that up to 3,000 Colombians are now based in the city, many thought to have arrived there around 2006

Argentina did not have the necessary climate or location to play a major part in the rise of cocaine in the last century, and this relative absence of the drug business has contributed to the country having a lax regulatory climate and less vigorous law enforcement. Drug kingpins can launder their money through the country’s poorly-regulated financial system. This is made easier by the widespread use of cash, a legal loophole meaning it is not a crime to “launder” your own money, and an under-regulated real estate sector.

Another attraction for drug traffickers is that Argentina is an increasingly important trans-shipment location for chemicals used to make methamphetamine, as it does not have the restrictions placed on these chemicals in, say, Mexico. In addition to this the country is increasingly emerging as a drug market in its own right, accounting for some 25 percent of Latin America’s entire cocaine consumption.

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