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When a sound idea becomes reality success follows

Creation comes by developing a sound idea

In 36 hours we’re holding a pre-launch hangout for affiliates only.   Funny to call it a pre-launch…  

Because We are 23 months old. Have paid out over $70,000,000 in  commissions successfully to affiliates like you and me.   Have over 155,000 CUSTOMERS and over 30,000 affiliates.  

To see where we’re headed right  now, over the next 30, 60, 90 days —   And be like the smartest business  people on earth who use the FALL  season to create launching pads for the next year.   What you do over the next 90 days determines where you stand on  January 1.  

You can stand where you are, hoping and praying…   Or you can move like Jagger and  compete with some of the most trafficked websites in the world.  

We’re already in the top 100 most trafficked websites in the USA…And when we launch the “BEAST” over the next 30-60 or 90 days we will likely QUADRUPLE this traffic.  

 So to position yourself you must be deep within the wave… not come up for air…   And then ride this wave.    So as you pop your head up for the first time — and take a deep breathe…where you are now will be a distant memory — and your new existence will  be one where the surface hasn’t even  been scratched.  

We’re not even in the first inning of this game — matter of fact, we haven’t even gotten started.   So where are you going ?   Where do you want to build your next fortune?

And let me tell you — having the ear of the top earners in the company….Let me tell you this – although we’re launching EN v2 within the next month.   I haven’t been more excited about what’s possible — because there is SO MUCH more than just a simple website.  

If you’re from the old school of network marketing or home business — the old school strategies are all but dead.  

And if you want to use the new school strategies and recruit, sell and build a business from the comfort of your home….   Then this is the best time for you to plug in, and ride this thing.   And although Empower Network will be launching and dominating the home business industry…   You have the ability today to dominate INSIDE the Empower Network.  

So there are 2 steps for you to follow.  

1) After you get started here for $25 You’ll  get your affiliate account activated for $19.95

2) Then you’ll have the unmatched opportunity to get on our EN call with our Co-Founder Dave Sharpe.   And most of all..  

Stop.   Making.   Excuses.   Step into your POWER and use this opportunity to make the next 90 days  the best of your life.

Tomorrow night we are starting something that has never been done before. We will be having the BIGGEST Internet Marketing hangout EVER…. And you’re invited. >> Get In Here, Now For $25

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Excited about the Prosperity Formula?

Watch the Prosperity Formula video here <<  and see how Adam went from $40,000 in debt to traveling the world using his laptop and the internet — and how the systems are now ready for you to use, today.  

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Have you been scammed lately? Stay away from fastlane commissions!

Credit card

Credit card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is personal and dear to my heart! I am retired and have been looking for a way to make some extra money as we all need it! I thought I had finally found the answer until, I registered for the product from “FastlaneCommissions” this was suppose to be the best thing since sliced bread. Then I made the decision to jump-in, the cost wasn’t much only $37, and I thought that this might just be my answer for finding the key to make the extra money I needed. Then what happens, I made the payment with my credit card to Clicksure, this was the reccommended process, and I followed every detail of completing the transaction. They showed me a valid receipt on the computer screen, and I was satisfied.

The next step was for Clicksure to send me a receipt and notifcation to my email with the sigh-in account name and pass-word! Funny thing is, it never came! Then I contactd Fastlanecommissions and they ran around the cirle and said, they hae no record of the transactions, Hmmmm! I said, then after a few email exchanges, I decided to cantact “” and they asked me for the order number, but since they never provided one in the first-place, I could not provide them with the order number! Then I was informed that without the order number there wasn’t much they could do. Hmmm, then I contacted my bank and asked them to provide the payment transaction details and they said that it was made to “Clicksure” but of course they did not have an order number so my transaction did not exist

Im Phil from Fast Lane Commissions customer support.
I can advise that I am unable to locate an account in our records with the details you have provided.

To enable me to assist you further, please provide the following information:
* Your order / reference number * Your full name and address  * Your email address (including any that you may have used to join the program) * The name of the product(s) / Package(s) that you have purchased * Your Username
If you cannot locate all of this information please also forward us a copy of your invoice by email.

If you believe that your payment has been approved b
ut still haven’t received the confirmation from Clicksure, pls contact the Billing department at

They will assist you at their best.
I hope that this information has been helpful.

If you have any additional question, please feel free to ask.
At the end of the day, I realized that these people are simply dishonest, and whatever you do! Do not accept them at their word for they are experienced in deceipt, lies and Fraud! If this post helps one person, then I will have succeeded in getting the word out!
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21 bags located in Jalisco containing human remains

21 bags found containing human body parts

21 bags found containing human body parts

The discovery happened on Saturday afternoon, at the eight kilometer road marker to San Gabriel Sayula. Sayula Township Authorities found at least 21 bags of human remains

MEXICO CITY, Sayula Township Authorities found at least 21 bags of human remains. The discovery happened this afternoon, gave the eight kilometer road Sayula-San Gabriel, Jalisco

At first it was thought that the remains corresponded to several people, but after investigating the contents of the 21 bags it was concluded that they belonged to a single individual.

The Forensic Medical Service personnel took charge and opened the bags and confirmed that it was the body parts of a single male person.

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A 12 year old girl explains why banks are enriched and we are not!

A 12 year old girl explains why banks are enriched and we are not!

At just 12 years of age, this young Canadian explained clearly and simply that when you make a loan does not give you the cash

Victoria Grant, a little 12 years of age girl clearly explains how the government of Canada and the current banking system working together in damaging the population.

In the video lasts 6 minutes, the girl explains that financial institutions lend money that does not exist.

When you make a loan does not give you cash, that is money that does not really have in their cameras.

Check it out and tell us whether you agree with the explanation of this girl who has caused a sensation on the web.

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The bodies of three men executed with a bullet to the head were found by state police



on a rural road that runs from El Camalote Achotán the community near Coahuayana, all three with hands tied and showed signs of torture,. The murders happened about 9:00 am, just 60 meters from the Municipal Pantheon, when the Attorney arrived accompanied by common law expert and Ministerial Staff for the process of law.

The first victim was about 20 years old, slim build, 1.70 meters tall, dark complexion, with a mustache, wearing blue jeans, a black shirt with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, white Nike sneakers, and had been shot twice, once in the neck and another in his back on the right shoulder blade.

The second victim was about 18, of slim build, 1.70 meters in height and complexion brunette, wearing blue jeans, a red shirt and black sneakers, and also had a gunshot wound to the head.

The last victim was about 22, of slim build, light brown skin, of 1.65 feet tall, wearing gray jeans, a red and blue plaid shirt, and black sneakers, and likewise had a shot in the head with the entry point in the neck and exit point on his left cheek. At crime scene, experts criminalists found four 38 caliber shell casings and a bullet of the same diameter, which were collected for the preliminary investigation.


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Russian man lives to walk away!

Lives to walk away

Lives to walk away

In Russia a man born again. In a video you can see how the pedestrian attempting to cross the highway recklessly tries to avoid on-coming traffic on one avenue, running from side to side of the street.

When passing a vehicle, which his passenger recorded the video, the man did not notice that another car exceeded at full speed, trying to stop, but it was not enough, the right mirror of the car struck the pedestrian who fell in the middle of the road .

Miraculously, the man gets up and returns to the side of the highway

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MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon- Mass Murder in the Bar Eternity!


11 persons killed at "Bar Eternity"

11 persons killed at "Bar Eternity"

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon, January 27 .- A total of 204 people were arrested inside the Bar Eternity by state authorities in relation to the murders of eight men and three women who would have been there just before their death.

In an operation that took place during the Thursday night, ministerial officers arrived at the above Bar Eternity, located at the intersection of Reforma and Amado Nervo.

The police deployment was recorded from 23:30 hours and lasted for two hours. They detained employees and customers who were transferred aboard buses to the facilities of the State Agency for Investigations.

According to a security spokesman for the state, Jorge Domene; detainees were questioned to see if they had information that will help clarify the killings of these people.

Initially 150 people were arrested but, the spokesman confirmed that they had arrested 204, of which 60 are employees of the place.

An eyewitness said, the ministry came with their rifles and cordoned off the area and entered the building.” They took everyone who was listening to the live music,” said the witness, who preferred anonymity.

The bodies of 11 persons executed had a stamp on his wrist with the name of the bar so the authorities established the relationship and performed the operation at the Bar.

Information about the crimes, first unveiled the eight men who happened at the intersection of Aramberri and Martin Zavala. The bodies showed the so-called “coup de grace.”

They were lying on the sidewalk near a house, and witnesses provided different versions of what had taken place at the site in several taxi units to be subsequently finalized.

And the deceased were identified as: brothers, Juan Jose and Ruben Eduardo Trejo Garcia, 22 and 26 years old, Juan Manuel Martinez Galaviz, 29; Diego Guadalupe Ruiz, 26, Luis Enrique Chavez Arce, 25, Saul Ezekiel Facundo Cruz, 23, Brayan Martin Garza Santos, 18, and Jose de Jesus Bermudez Brown, also 18.

Later, there was the discovery of the body of a woman adjacent to the Paseo Santa Lucia. Locals found the body of the victim in a vacant lot, located in Plato Sanchez and Riva Palacio.

Immediately, the areas’ attorney, Adrian de la Garza stated that crimes tended to be related and that he was investigating the matter.

On the night of Thursday, also was announced the execution of two more women in the colony Fomerrey 106, who also would have attended the same business

These victims also already established his identity, the Paseo Santa Lucia is Bertha Veronica Lopez Palomo and the other two: Jessica Cortez Veronica Cabral and Ilse Valverde Jasmine Flowers

For his part, the mayor of Monterrey, Felipe Larrazabal said before the wave of violence that exists in the city he is conducting joint operations in some of the businesses that comprise this area.

Specified to be coordinated between the three levels of government to implement them and will aim to exercise extreme vigilance.

“There are operations that were agreed today we are going to conduct some business in the first frame of Monterrey,” the regional mayor.

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