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Kidnapped journalist found dead in Sonora Friday pm

With signs of torture the journalist Marco Antonio Avila Garcia was found dead, he worked in the newspaper “The Sonora Regional”

Kidnapped journalist found dead in Sonora
Kidnapped journalist found dead in Sonora

SONORA, May 18. – Journalist found dead, with signs of having been tortured; the police beat reporter, Marco Antonio Avila Garcia, who was “located” yesterday afternoon in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora.

He was working in the newspaper “The Sonora Regional” circulating in the municipality of Cajeme, until 16:20 pm yesterday when his vehicle was cleaned, a white 2011 Atos that was assigned to perform his job, the “surge” was in a car wash located in Jalisco and the streets of the colony Belem Free Municipality, about 500 meters from the headquarters of the Preventive Police and Municipal Transit.

The spokesman for the Attorney General of the State (PGJE), Jose Larrinaga Talamantes confirmed that the journalist’s lifeless body was located at Km 1, the bypass San José-Douglas Bridge, near the port of Guaymas, when a call was made to emergency number 066 which came around 12:15 pm today, alerted the police forces of the human skeleton wrapped in a black plastic bag.

Witnesses of the kidnapping of Avila Garcia said that the car wash a late model navy blue van in which three armed men with high powered rifles were making insults and threats against several employees of a business, forced the reporter to get in the car and then fled down the same street to the east of Belem Avenue Jalisco.

On Thursday night, police authorities of the three levels of government closed the entrances to Ciudad Obregon and implemented a major operation to find the whereabouts of Avila Garcia, an action that resulted in no matches.

The reporter had 15 years covering the police beat and before “The Sonora Regional” worked as a correspondent for the now defunct Sonora state newspaper, The Independent and as a freelance photographer.

According to the spokesman of the PGJE, in charge of the investigations is the Public Prosecutor of the Common Law, who is integrating the preliminary investigation and taking statements from relatives, colleagues and eyewitnesses.

Regarding the gruesome discovery, Larrinaga Talamantes said the body showed signs of torture and that the murderers left a narco message

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Killed in search of his kidnapped son for walking in a Peace March; Hermosillo




HERMOSILLO, November 28 .- Nepomuceno Moreno Munoz when transiting through a central street in the capital of Sonora, was shot and killed, for walking in a “Peace March” with Javier Sicilia and never fulfilled the desire to find his son kidnapped by criminals.

He was riddled with at least five bullets at the intersection of Reforma and the colony Pesqueira Centenario, he was coming from west to east in a Chevrolet Silverado blue late model pick up, according to eyewitnesses. The armed attack was committed by a lone gunman in a PT Cruiser or HHR vehicle.

The victim had walked with Javier Sicilia in the “March for Peace” and, recently, he starred in the only manifestation during the visit of President Felipe Calderon to the entity.

His claim was the disappearance of his son and to locate him, Jorge Mario Moreno Leon, who was abducted by suspected criminals in Ciudad Obregon, Cajeme municipality, on July 1, 2011, along with three other young men later turned up dead.

“I’m here to listen and investigate the killings, disappearances, of my son, Jorge Moreno, and they already know, I’ve talked to the president,” on November 8, who showed up with a makeshift banner in hand, facing the place where the event took place presidency.

Nepomuceno said Calderón recently was able to meet in the Castle of Chapultepec during the “peace talks” with photograph in hand attesting the act.

“They already know, referring to the Federal Government, ‘but I want to speak with the governor to investigate here in Sonora, how is it, that if you hear me there and here in my state,” said one protester who was seen as Reform along the street, where today it killed him.

According to the official report of the Attorney General of the state, Muñoz Moreno, 56 years old, had about a year and a half ago been arrested for carrying and possessing firearms used exclusively by the army after he was involved with the armed attack suffered a house in Residencial Los Lagos, which occurred in November 2005.

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