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Human Trafficking network discovered in Ensenada

A trafficking network was uncovered after the Ensenada Municipal Police presented a report indicating that they had located a group of people suspected Salsipuedes Field, located 30 kilometers north of the city of Ensenada .


Human Trafficking Network discovered in Ensenada

According to the official report, around 14:40 C-4 reported that in the tourist field called Salsipuedes to kilometer 97 +650 of the Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road, the security guards had secured the site 15 people.

The agents of the Sauzal Police, observed a group of people, which was at the edge of the beach, they were guarded by security personnel at the tourist camp.

The officers met with security guards, who explained that they arrived just before a boat came in which was carrying 20 people, who were on the beach.

Then came a pick-up in blue and took five people, before the guards arrived at the edge of the beach to intervene.

Questioning the 15 insured, all nationals from inside the country, they confirmed that they were taken on board a boat from the night of August 22 were decomposed so were stranded at the height of the Island of All Saints .

They added that on Thursday August 23, came to them a boat to which came and took them to the edge of the tourist area in question, telling them to wait at the place and they were going to go for them, retiring the driver of the boat .

Almost simultaneously came a blue pick-up type vehicle, which took five people with the promise that the vehicle back for others and bring them food.

At that time the officers realized that a blue Nissan Pick-up model 2000, AN-39 414 plates, which was driven by one named Samuel Espericueta Najar, 46 years old.

When questioned he revealed he was coming from Tijuana to fish, and he questioned about the first five people who took them in the city of Tijuana for a thousand dollars was paid to deliver food to people and bring them of that place and the remaining 15 had paid between 3000-6000 dollars each to cross into the United States.

With this information the man was arrested and the 15 people rescued of which, five were women and 10 men who said to come from the states of Chihuahua, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Mexico State, Tlaxcala, among others.

Al Najar was questioned about the first five people whom he took to a village near the north, where he left to take public transportation to take them to the city of Tijuana.

The remaining 15 people were taken to the doctor on call for medical recovery and subsequently were presented before Judge Qualifier, which take turns to Samuel Najar determined the Federal Public Ministry for the crime of Human Trafficking, and the 15 people as filed with the same authority.

The vehicle was towed to a storage yard and made available to the same authority.

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Mexico fails to address growing violence against women: Amnesty International

Amnesty International, the Mexican government has failed in its obligation to protect women.

The report explains that the number of rapes is” alarming”

The information submitted by the international agency detailing the increase in threats and assaults against women human rights activists

Women abused in Mexico on the increase according to AI

Women abused in Mexico on the increase according to AI

The government institutions in Mexico have failed in their obligation to protect women from increased violence and discrimination against them, as well as legally prosecuting of those responsible, said Amnesty International (AI). In a report released Wednesday, the advocacy group Human Rights said that despite the recent creation of laws and institutions to bring down gender violence in Mexico, violence against women is rising. ”

 In Recent years have witnessed not only an increase in murders of women, but a continuous and habitual lack of effective investigations and justice,” said Rupert Knox, AI researcher for Mexico. After his describing the situation as” alarming” The expert noted that” much of the problem lies in the non-implementation of laws passed” for women, as well as the weakness of government institutions working in this field.

The report was submitted to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in the UN, which on July 17 next evaluate the progress of Mexico to the Convention on the subject.

This UN body will publish its findings and recommendations at the end of its session on 27 July. The report states that” the gender-based violence remains a widespread and femicide official figures have grown rapidly in the last three years.”

He further explained that in the state of Chihuahua there was a large increase in the numbers of murdered women, because in 2010 one of every 11 deaths were women, whereas in 2008 it was one in 14.

For rape, AI recalled that in 2009 it reported 14,829 allegations of such abuse throughout Mexico, while only achieving two thousand 795 convictions in court. The report explained that the number of rapes is” alarming”, given that most women do not report these crimes. It further found that most cases are not effectively investigated and measures taken to protect survivors are insufficient.

AI said that the case of San Salvador Atenco”” is emblematic, because despite that 26 women were sexually assaulted by police after being arrested in demonstrations in 2006, have been denied access to both state and federal justice.

The information submitted by AI also detailed the increase in threats and assaults against women human rights activists working for are made justice to their murdered relatives. He also criticized inadequate responses of the Mexican state on women’s rights, gender discrimination, violence against migrants and lack of enforcement of judgments of the Court of Human Rights.

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Narco-grandmother Arrested in Ciudad Juarez

The woman 66 years old, was engaged in selling psychotropic pills on the street, was arrested on suspicion of trafficking

Narco-grandmother Arrested in Ciudad Juarez

Narco-grandmother Arrested in Ciudad Juarez

CHIHUAHUA, – Elements of the Municipal Public Security Ministry arrested an elderly woman who possessed a total of 100 psychotropic pills of various types.

She hid the sale of the drug by selling matches, and fly poisons in the streets of the first sector of the city.

The arrest occurred at 15:45 pm yesterday, at the intersection of Francisco Javier Mina streets and Martha Ortiz of the colony center, when traffic agents were performing their safety inspections of the industrial area realized that a woman was selling various items on the public highway, which was very nervous at the time the SSPM units passed close by.

Preventive agents approached her and after performing a search, located in her possession a plastic bag containing 80 pills of psychotropic drugs Roche brand, 10 pills of ecstasy, known as 10 tablets of Rivotril, which is why she was arrested and was identified as Maria del Rosario Velazquez, 66 years old.

The woman arrested was taken to the police station at University District, where a judge responsible for rail consignments of the investigating authority of federal courts was to determine who was responsible.

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Mexico- why is Ciudad Juarez the most dangerous city?

Map showing the Rio Grande drainage basin.
Map showing the Rio Grande drainage basin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The authorities of the State of Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez say it is not the world’s most violent city

The authorities of the State of Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez say it is not the most violent city in the world. That honor now falls to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, or in some areas of Rio or Caracas, who knows. The killings have gone from over 3,000 in 2010 to 2,000 last year and the trend continues downward. A new governor, the presence of federal police in the past year and a half billions of federal government investment and the mobilization of its people have contributed.

However, local journalists attribute the drop in the number of homicides to a very simple reason: the Sinaloa cartel, headed by Joaquin, El Chapo Guzman, has imposed on the remnants of the Juarez cartel, which was founded 20 years ago by Armando Carrillo Fuentes, the Lord of Heaven, named for the air fleet which came to move cocaine to the U.S..

But what happened to the city of tame Indians met by the Spanish Franciscans, the liberals of Benito Juarez, the Apaches of the skirmishes, and raids of Pancho Villa became the turn of the century in the capital world of crime?

Ciudad Juarez is impressive it has a special vibe as the Mexicans say. A vast expanse of flat land urbanized until the eye with buildings that do not exceed two floors. West and north the limit and the border mountains on the south, the desert. On the dusty streets, not always paved and poorly lit, rusting cars without number plates, stunning Suburban or Explorer trucks tinted windows and pickups of police patrols. Do not walk on them handsome and tough like Benicio del Toro and talking softly with his eyes closed, but teens fucking dwarf, poor and probably armed. Actually no walks. Juarez does not invite the stranger nothing, puts to the test.

It is the great backyard of El Paso, Texas, paradoxically, the most peaceful city in the U.S… On this side separates the Rio Grande, because once had floods and floods, and is now a dry moat. On the other, the Rio Grande is green and channeled peers. Three bridges cross the international office, where thousands of vehicles take more than hour and a half to travel to a crawl just 500 meters. In the main, before arriving at the poster you like “Bon Voyage”, a cross on a pink background and a small sign at the bottom that says “No More!” Reminiscent of the more than 1,200 women killed, shot, raped, tortured, beheaded and dismembered in the last 20 years.

City border and femicide, was a woman, Ignacia Jasso, the Nacha, which began in the late twenties of last century smuggling drugs north. Marijuana and heroin flowed naturally to the hearts of the soldiers gringos. La Nacha, with the help of his man, Pablote, a couple of legend, he mastered the business without serious mishaps over 50 years.

Juarez then began to change. In the mid-sixties came the maquilas, the factories of components that dominate half of the territory, today converted into a symbol of labor exploitation. Men and women, especially women, in southern Chihuahua found work in them.

The new and the old smuggling industry filled the pockets of the city, but there was still worse to come.

The signing of the FTA with the U.S. in 1993, born the same year as the Juarez cartel, another paradox was much bigger business. Flashes of this unlikely Eldorado came to southern Mexico. Thousands of women traveled there in search of jobs they had lost in the field. The city received 100,000 new residents a year, the population doubled in a decade to almost a million and a half now, as fast growing real estate speculation. But only awaited the mob, not of course public services. They found a swamp of impunity in which criminals and corrupt police officials imposed by law. There were many weapons, drugs and money. Killing was very easy and almost impossible to be punished for. It was born a Factory of crime as his indispensable book titled journalist Sandra Rodriguez. Homicides increased from year to year from 55 to 120.

Thousands of gang members, i.e., “who at the age of 17,” wrote Magda as Coss Nogueda in Arms trafficking in Mexico, “have already chosen which song they want to be buried”, became killers. Came the Aztecs, the Mexicles, assassins Murderers, named for their origin graffiti, and Line, the group of agents working for the cartel.

And here came Chapo. From 2007 and especially 2008 the Sinaloa cartel began to dispute the Juarez plaza. Murderers for hire were recruited, as armed guards who divided, bribed and threatened his opponents, public officials and infiltrated the police as part of organized crime.

A wave of betrayal and revenge spread through the city, the settling of scores made some months exceeded the 200 murders. The drug war would leave thousands of dead and missing in the streets in mass graves in the desert. Now, that wheel of death begins to stop. The sun begins to set on the big stage of the crime.

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CIUDAD JUAREZ – Hitmen change of tactics, are now using bicycles

The unidentified man was attacked by a gunman, who came on a bicycle and shot him in the back

CIUDAD JUAREZ - Hitmen change of tactics, are now using bicycles
CIUDAD JUAREZ – Hitmen change of tactics, are now using bicycles

A gunman that killed a man in Ciudad Juarez, used a bicycle to go to his victim and flee easily, within a wave of violence that left Sunday for a total of seven dead in this border and the state capital.

Witnesses said one of these killings to the police that the gunman was riding on a bicycle, which got close to the victim when washing his vehicle, then fled quietly, going unnoticed by the police, who searched for a gunman on board a car running at high speed.

The police report indicates that about 15:00 on Sunday, a man about 30 years old was shot while washing his truck in a car-wash at the intersection of Avenida Panamericana and Rye.

The unidentified man was attacked by a gunman, who was riding on a bicycle and shot him in the back. While the victim tried to run, he was killed a few yards from his truck.

At the same border an hour earlier, two men were executed and their bodies dumped on the peripheral Camino Real.

Another person was executed in the streets of Graphite and Acacias, where gunmen dropped the body of a cholo looking man, aged approximately between 30 and 35. Another was executed in the colony Farmer.

Just this past Sunday, at the state capital, two people were executed in the intersection of Ninth and JJ Calvo, of the Santa Rosa. Another was in serious injuries.

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In one year we have found 22 bodies of adolescents in Juarez reports AGO

In one year we have found 22 bodies of adolescents in Juarez
In one year we have found 22 bodies of adolescents in Juarez

In one year we have found 22 bodies of adolescents in Juarez

In a most confidential manner, the Attorney General’s Office yesterday  returned the remains of Perla Ivonne Gonzalez Aguirre

CIUDAD JUAREZ, April 22. – With the return of the remains of a young adolescent, found in the Sierra del Valle de Juarez, where the total dead mounts to 22 teenagers who went missing during the last 12 months, confirmed the Attorney General of Chihuahua.

In a most confidential manner, the Attorney General (FGE) held yesterday the delivery of the remains of Perla Ivonne Gonzalez Aguirre.

This is a 15 year old, who disappeared on July 20, 2009 in the center of the city, and was found dead in late January in the Juarez Valley.

It was only until Thursday when he informed the mother Elvira Gonzalez Cowgirl, their DNA tests matched those of the girl.

“All moms demand justice, not impunity, these murders, because they are not worth much hurting mother. Where are the murderers? I want them to deliver them their daughters alive, “he exclaimed.

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Mexicos’ loss due to the drug wars and criminal organizations

MEXICO CITY 160 000 businesses closed because of lack of security

The organization complained that an increasing number of abductions and burning of vehicles to block roads.

These Organized crime cartels are responsible

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Mass escapes of prisoners, kidnappings, and executions are frequent, says

The Employers Confederation of Mexico (Coparmex) said that organized crime is deteriorating competitiveness of the states, discouraging domestic and foreign investment, which has caused the closure of at least 160 000 businesses across the country during 2011 and the migration of thousands of productive families to other nations.

Desigaud Alberto Espinosa, president of business organization, said the climate of insecurity prevailing in Mexico has forced the closure of businesses , migration of business and tourism sector losses. also called inefficient fight against organized crime at the failure of the commitments made by the three levels of government, Congress and the judiciary, in the field, more than three and half years of signing the National Accord for Security, Justice and Legality.

 “Not only is it changing the lives of Mexicans, the economy is being affected because in the north, the premium insurance increased 30% to 24 million passengers border prefer to stay longer in Mexico, which has an economic loss of more than $ 800 million in the last five years, “he said.

He added that Mexico’s image has deteriorated seriously, causing several nations issued alerts to prevent tourists travel to our country, because only in America, is considered to Ciudad Juarez as the world’s most dangerous city. “Organized crime is deteriorating competitiveness of the states, discouraging domestic and foreign investment, causing the closure of formal enterprises, because in 2011 more than 160 000 companies ceased to operate throughout the country, “he said.

As for the construction industry, said it has increased the risk of to increase the cost of infrastructure, because the contractors will have to pass on rising costs made to counteract insecurity.

 “The worst is that employers and families are going to other countries in search of safety and well, so it is necessary to evaluate the strategy of the fight against crime implemented by the Federal Government to identify opportunities and design new programs, more effective, “established. stressed that coordination is required, responsibility and a vision of State long term and that insecurity is reaching levels not seen in decades and the public perception is that violence, is far from diminishing, but is increasing.

“There is frustration and disappointment in all sectors of society, the impunity that prevails in the country and lack of responsibility of the authorities, which has resulted in eight out of ten Mexicans consider that security is worse than in 2011 and added to that, 50% of citizens consider that organized crime is winning the battle and the government 40% defined as the current strategy failed because three out of ten people have been victims of crime in the last three months, he said.

He recalled that there are often mass escapes of prisoners, kidnapping and burning of vehicles to block roads and primary roads; performances mainly in Nuevo Leon, Guerrero, Coahuila, Durango, Chihuahua and Tamaulipas.

Within society, added that in the past five years the offenses occurred in the country increased from 1.5 to 1.8 million and the homicide is has doubled and kidnapping has rallied 81%, in Durango, Tamaulipas and Guerrero.

According to figures from the 32 state attorneys in 2011 reported an average of four kidnappings and two thousand robberies daily, throughout the national territory and that same year saw four thousand 600 complaints for the crime of extortion, with greater involvement in Chihuahua, Baja California, Jalisco and Mexico City.

In addition, he concluded the union leader-, that 98% of crimes go unpunished, and total cases go to trial, only one in ten offenders receive judgment.

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