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President Obama “No future, no vision concerning Africa! Only Gay rights!

Orthographic map of Africa

Orthographic map of Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama’s trip to Africa is little more than a public relations stunt to a continent desperate for his help, Lawrence K. Freeman, editor of Executive Intelligence Review magazine, told RT.

RT: What can we expect from Obama’s three-nation tour, do you think? 

Lawrence Freeman: There’s not going to be much accomplished. The purpose of the trip is not to help the African people to develop these African nations. This is a very calculated, glorified public relations tour to three countries and most people in Africa are going to realize, and do realize already, that this country is doing nothing to help their continent. And what they do know is that the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, led by Obama and NATO, has been a catastrophe for north and West Africa in supporting various elements that have now allowed the destabilization of many of these countries, especially with the arms and the flow of Tuaregs and terrorists coming out of Libya. So the South African people are not pleased or happy with President Obama and he’s going to offer absolutely nothing except maybe entice private sector companies to make a few investments. But this is really pathetic in terms of what Africa needs. 

RT: To what extent is this more about China’s influence there? 

LF: Well there is this silly notion in the US that somehow China is our competitor in Africa. But in fact what China has done over the last recent period, five to ten years, is invest massively and construct all types of infrastructure projects throughout many African countries totaling tens of billions of dollars per year. So the US had to stop doing that 40 years ago. The US does not build infrastructure. The US does not provide government-backed investment in the kinds of projects that are necessary for the people of Africa. We’ve done nothing, for example, to develop water management in the African Sahel. We’ve done nothing to develop the Arab culture capability of these regions and therefore you have the spread of terrorism, the spread of insurgency because you have these alienated youth who see no future because their economies are dying. In fact Obama’s done less than George Bush and less than Bill Clinton even though he’s called the Son of Africa. So he has a record of failure and in fact he’s been supporting destabilization, such as the overthrow of Gaddafi, which has actually worsened conditions throughout Africa. 

RT: In terms of visits, he had one brief visit to Ghana in 2009 and now this short visit. Why only that, why not more? 

LF: He’s not really concerned. In 2009 he spent less than 24 hours and made one speech in Ghana. Here he’s visiting three countries – Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania – and avoiding going to other countries such as Nigeria, such as Mali, many other countries that are in the spotlight right now. He doesn’t have anything to offer them, the United States – the transatlantic community of Europe and the United States, the financial system, is collapsing. We see this throughout Europe and the United States, dying economically, politically, and culturally. We have no vision, we have no future. Obama cares nothing about the welfare of the South African people as he cares nothing about the welfare of the people of the United States. In fact he’s supporting a British policy of genocide throughout Africa by allowing destabilization and by allowing hunger and shortages of food and medicine to kill Africans in large numbers, and this is something that could be corrected and changed if we had a policy to do that.

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Mexico is not all about violence

blank map of mexico

blank map of mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Misconceptions about Mexico

By Ravi Agrawal, CNN

Editor’s note: Ravi Agrawal is senior producer of Fareed Zakaria GPS. The views expressed are his own. This was originally published in September 2012 and re-posted as Mexico’s President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto meets with President Obama on Tuesday.

Here’s some trivia. Which of these countries has the highest average income: India, China, Brazil or Mexico? If you guessed Brazil, you’d be wrong. And if you guessed India or China, you’d be way off: even if you combine the incomes of the average Indian and Chinese you wouldn’t reach the $15,000 annual purchasing power of the average Mexican.

These numbers don’t fit with many people’s perception of America’s southern neighbor. Mexico, you see, has a PR problem. A quick Google search for news from Mexico throws up a set of results that usually includes the words violence, drugs, cartels, and migrants (or the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico). But it’s not just the international media that seems to have it in for Mexico’s reputation. Mexicans themselves seem woebegone. A recent Pew survey found that only a third of Mexicans think they have a good national economic situation. Compare that with half of Indians, 65 percent of Brazilians, and 83 percent of Chinese. Or let’s go back to average citizens: 52 percent of Mexicans think they have a good personal economic situation, but for Indians, Chinese, and Brazilians, those numbers rise to 64 percent, 69 percent, and 75 percent respectively – and that’s despite the fact that in purchasing power terms, Mexicans actually earn more per capita than citizens of all three of those countries. And, unlike the others, Mexico’s growth rate is actually rising.

Indeed, Mexico’s economy has a number of strengths. It is the 14th largest in the world. If you take into account purchasing power, it is the 11th largest economy – larger than Canada, Turkey, and Indonesia. It is projected to grow 4 percent this year, and even faster in the coming decade, a rate that the financial services firm Nomura says will lead to Mexico overtaking Brazil as Latin America’s biggest economy within 10 years, despite the fact that Brazil’s economy is currently twice as large.

Still, there is a weakness in Mexico’s growth, as I saw for myself when I was there last month: the money hasn’t been trickling down. According to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Mexico has the highest rate of poverty among the group’s 34 member nations. If you consider inequality, the OECD ranks it the second most unequal, with only Chile more unequal.

So although the headline numbers might surprise, Mexico presents something of a mixed bag. Yet this hasn’t deterred investors taking a growing interest in this Latin-but-North American country. In a special report on investing in Mexico, the Financial Times went as far as to call its macroeconomy “virtually bulletproof.” Move over BRICs – Brazil, Russia, India, China – it’s time for the MISTs – Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey.

Part of Mexico’s appeal to investors is tied into what I think may be the country’s key weakness: inequality. You see, at the lowest-end, labor remains cheap. The Economist points out that in 2003, Mexican pay was three times China’s rates; now it is only 20 percent higher. So Mexican manufacturing is poised for a boom. And while in the past few years Mexico banked on its proximity to the U.S. (lower transport costs) and trade deals like NAFTA to compete with China, it will now be able to manufacture and price products at an advantage.

The big question, of course, is whether the export dollars will trickle down. But making this happen will require significant market reforms. In his recent book “Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles,” Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma points out how the top 10 Mexican families account for more than a third of the country’s stock market value – an almost unheard of number. “Private cartels produce about 40 percent of the goods that Mexicans consume and charge prices that are 30 percent higher than international averages,” he writes. “Phones, services, soft drinks, and many foodstuffs cost more in Mexico than in the United States.”

One thing is clear – Mexico is not the war-torn wasteland it is often made out to be. Its people have a glorious history, and a hopeful future. This isn’t to say that Mexico is destined to be the next investment hotspot – that’s far too simplistic a way of looking at this. Instead, the numbers suggest the truth is somewhere in between. Mexico has enormous capacity to surprise on the economic stage. But to really shine, it needs to work on developing a vibrant – and bigger – middle class.

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Miss Sinaloa tested positive for use of firearms!

Former Female Sinaloa 2012 tested positive radizonato tests she underwent as authorities reported

Miss Sinaloa

Sinaloa Authorities confirmed that Maria Susana Flores Gamez Miss Sinaloa 2012, was killed in clashes between soldiers and gunmen, gave positive tests radizonato sodium.

The delegation of the Attorney General’s office in Sinaloa underwent tests that prove that Flores Gamez used firearms.

Early results on Flores Gamez, who last March won the crown of Miss Tourism East Mexico participated in a beauty pageant in China,  she went with an armed group that was traveling in a Humvees in the community of Palmar Los Leal in Mocorito, Sinaloa, and she was used as a human shield.

State Attorney General Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez, external competition declined to federal investigations into these incidents, which killed four people, including the minor and a soldier.

According to the expert, the body of the Sinaloa Model 2009 was found a few meters from a truck and an automatic rifle and several feet of two Army units that had several bullet holes in heavy gauge chassis and windows.

Higuera Gomez said on Monday that the advances that have in the two preliminary open on three violent events yield evidence that the model, 22, was part of the criminal group.

“Unquestionably, the record we have is who was in the group of offenders who clashed with the Army,” said Higuera Gomez.

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Spanish police dismantle Chinese Mafia in Fuenlabrada!

Among those arrested was the alleged ringleader, Gao Ping, the Socialist councilor José Borrás and porn actor Nacho Vidal


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Spanish police today broke up, with a hundred arrests, a network led by the Chinese mafia laundering money between 200 and 300 million euros a year, and in which they participated, among others, a Socialist councilor and a well-known porn actor.

Anticorruption chief prosecutor, Antonio Salinas, who appeared before the press to explain the “Emperor operation”, said it carried out at least 80 arrests in Spain, although 108 have been issued arrest warrants, 17 in 7 other countries.

The operation, which involved more than 300 officers and remains open, was centered mainly in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and she seized 202 vehicles and seized 6 million cash in the various records that were held in homes and storage warehouses.

Among those arrested was the alleged ringleader of the network, the Chinese citizen Gao Ping, the Socialist councilor José Borrás, responsible for security of the city hall of the town of Fuenlabrada, on the outskirts of Madrid, and the porn actor Nacho Vidal, reported police sources.

Gao Ping, a leading Chinese entrepreneur and owner of a gallery in Madrid, close to the Reina Sofia Museum, intended to become a “bridge” between Spain and China with art-related businesses.

In 2007, Gao Ping, 45, who lived in Spain since 1989, created the Foundation for Art and Culture (IAC), which, according to its own website, was born as cultural platform to promote the development and exchange of art between Spain and China.

Another of the detainees is the Spanish porn star Nacho Vidal, one of the few in the profession who had managed to have a good public image for the generalist, making its activity is not socially stigmatized.

But it was his work as a businessman which ended vinculándole now with the Chinese mafia.

The anti-corruption prosecutor and the Spanish National Court, the court deals with crimes of particular relevance-directed the operation, one of the largest undertaken by money laundering and tax fraud, according to legal sources.

Agents conducted 120 records, half of them in London, primarily in the industrial Cobo Calleja, an industrial area of ​​Fuenlabrada (Madrid), which houses more than 350 distributors and wholesalers is the largest shopping center of Chinese entrepreneurs Europe.

The center Ping Gao owned several businesses, from where products are distributed arrivals from China, like jewelry and handbags that were put on sale by up to 110 different locations in Spain and Europe.

Beside a Chinese trade, a Spanish worker polygon already declared it was “suspicious” that there were “too many high-end cars.”

The investigation began two years ago mainly centered in that polygon, where it was discovered the arrival of containers from China with low-priced products sold in Spain run by local Chinese.

That was the origin of the research tax crime, smuggling and money laundering as part of that merchandise was not declared to the tax, legal sources said.

Detainees were laundering “black money” generated in two ways, either they took the money in carrying bags to China, or delivered to a group of Spanish and Israeli who laundered in offshore shell companies.

All money generated is then used to create other companies, which led to investigate other related crimes karaokes related businesses and restaurants, as well as prostitution and extortion

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Most wanted in China Kehua Zhou, 42 shot dead!

A Chinese fugitive suspected of killing nine people in armed robberies since 2004 was shot dead on Tuesday by police, authorities said.

Most wanted Kehua Zhou, 42 shot dead by Chinese police

The Ministry of Public Security of China said that agents in the southern city of Chongqing shot dead Kehua Zhou, 42, after an extensive search.

A photo page spread in the official news agency Xinhua Zhou showed Zhou in a pool of blood with a bullet in the head.

in a pool of blood with gunshot to the head

Zhou was one of the most wanted fugitives in China. According to the ministry, was suspected of having shot and killed several people in Chongqing and two other cities since 2004.

Zhou later shot and killed one person and injured two others Friday in a bank robbery in that city.

The Chinese authorities, including the Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu and Communist Party chief in Chongqing, Zhang Dejiang, had requested the arrest of the suspect as soon as possible.

The ministry said Meng and Deputy Minister traveled to Chongqing, where he ordered the search and arrest of Zhou.

China bans the private possession of firearms and robberies of this kind are rare. The official media said the disappearance of the police calmed Zhou and society.

After the death of Zhou, Meng signed a document praising the police officer in Chongqing.

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Counterfeit drugs and the Internet!

The rapid growth of Internet commerce has led to an explosion of counterfeit drugs sold around the world, with China the biggest source of fake medicines, pharmaceutical experts said Thursday.

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The illicit trade is now believed to be worth around 75 billion dollars globally, with criminal gangs increasingly using the web to move their products across borders, said Scott Davis, Pfizer‘s top security expert for Asia.

“The Internet has led to an explosion of availability of these products,” Davis told a health forum in Manila.

“About 90 per-cent of counterfeit drugs… are at some point marketed and sold on the Internet.”

He said websites selling fake drugs commonly did not have physical addresses and exploited weak or murky customs regulations to ship their products.

“They are getting more sophisticated,” he said, adding that law enforcers were finding it ever more difficult to tell the fake drugs from the real.

“We often have to send the pills to our labs to tell us the difference,” he said.

The US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer makes the anti-impotence drug Viagra, which along with Eli Lilly‘s Cialis are among the world’s most widely copied drugs.

“But now it’s not just Viagra or lifestyle drugs but other medicines like malarials,” he said. “These criminals will copy anything to make a buck.”

He said China was the number one source of counterfeit drugs last year, followed by Jordan, the United States, Israel and Canada.

Catherine Dauphin, a World Health Organization expert on pharmaceutical policy, told the same forum that more than half the drugs sold on Internet sites without approval from governments were fake.

She said criminal gangs typically lured the public into buying fake drugs by offering them at cheaper rates and without the need for medical prescriptions.

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Mexico – more mass graves found in China, Nuevo Leon

 mass graves found in China, Nuevo Leon

The National Defense Secretariat indicates that at present working on a clandestine cemetery, where complete skeletons have been found

Mexico – more mass graves found in China, Nuevo Leon

Mexico – more mass graves found in China, Nuevo Leon

Authorities of the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that in the municipality of China, Nuevo Leon, five alleged mass graves were found, but so far experts are working only at one of the sites identified by alleged members of the Gulf Cartel, a place where there were burials.

The discovery was made after members of the Army captured eight suspected criminals yesterday in this town bordering Tamaulipas, as part of intelligence work the Department of Defense deployed after the slaughter of 49 people in Cadereyta.

In the first grave located on a stretch of highway China-Mendez, the military authorities confirmed, an undetermined number of bodies have been found so-far, but “it is complete with skeletons” so it is not the remains of the victims of Cadereyta.

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