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El Chapo (Shorty) Guzman on the Lam

El Chapo (Shorty) Guzman on the Lam

Although Mexico’s attorney general has called for a “full investigation” into Guzmán’s escape, we may never know exactly what happened. But if there is a level of complicity by the state, or state agencies, this would not be illogical. Friendly relations between the state and Guzmán would have a rational motive. Not for nothing did the Sinaloa cartel, until recently, have its own hangar at Mexico City airport, not far from the President’s.

In matters mafia, one of the dilemmas is whether it is harder for a state to live with an organised, patriarchal pyramid of power, like Guzmán’s, or the myriad mini-cartels, street-gang micro-cartels, so-called combos and super-combos, that arise if the pyramid is smashed. Which is worse: a formidable power with which some kind of accommodation is possible, or a narco-nuclear-fission reactor of electrons and protons charging into one another?

Colombia had to opt for smashing the pyramid, in the form of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin cartel, because it was becoming a a state within a state that threatened to take over. In the improving situation for Colombians, the problem is now the miasma of uncontrollable combos.

But the Mexican experience is different. The worst violence has ravaged the country since December 1996, when President Felipe Calderón sent the army into Tamaulipas and Michoacan to deal with insurgencies in those states by the Zetas and a cartel called La Familia, which were breaking up the prevailing order of things. Once the hornet’s nest was kicked, the killing accelerated as Guzmán laid claim to the whole frontier (previously allocated by his predecessor Gallardo) and the army and police established mafia systems of their own, often in league with one cartel or another.

In this war, Guzmán and the state have a common cause against the insurgents and new-wave cartels, and it is no secret that Mexico’s best bet in bringing down the violence is to back the strongest and biggest against its rivals, or at least to act in tandem. An official of the ruling PRI party, when it was fighting the last election, talked to me about the need for “adjustments” with the most powerful cartel.

The figures speak for themselves. For a while, in 2008, Tijuana was the most violent city in Mexico, as Guzmán assailed the local Arellano Felix cartel. Soon afterwards, Ciudad Juárez became the most dangerous city in the world, as Guzmán, the local Juárez cartel, army and police factions fought over local drug markets and smuggling routes to the US.

The military went into both places, followed by the Federal police, with Guzmán’s cartel gunmen on the slipstream of both, recruiting local gangs. Now, both cities are relatively quiet; no one knows quite why, but the most common (and terrifying) explanation is that Guzmán now runs the drug business – domestic and export – in both cities, with official or semi-official blessing.

The tunnel began with a 50-by-50-centimeter (20-by-20-inch) opening inside the shower of Guzman’s cell, Rubido said. The tunnel stretched for about a mile and ended inside a half-built house

To pull off the escape, it’s likely the Sinaloa cartel had spent years infiltrating the country’s prison system, a Mexican official said on Monday. Whoever helped in the plot likely had the architectural plans for the prison that pointed them toward the shower area, the official said.

Official: 'El Chapo' escape tunnel had motorcycle track

 As authorities detailed the evidence they’d found pointing to Guzman’s escape through the underground passageway, one drug war expert questioned Monday whether the notorious kingpin even used the tunnel at all.

“If he went out that tunnel, it was with an armed escort, most likely a mix of prison guards and his own people, if the past is prologue,” said Don Winslow, who’s tracked Guzman’s career for 15 years and wrote about a fictional version of the famed kingpin’s 2001 escape in his recent novel “The Cartel.”

“My bet is that he went out the front gate, and the tunnel was a tissue-thin face-saving device for Mexican officials, the motorcycle a dramatic improvement over the laundry cart.”

How did Guzman slip by the prison’s extensive network of security systems?

It’s likely prison workers played a role, Mexican Interior Minister Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong said Monday as he announced that he’d fired the prison’s director and other prison officials as authorities continue their investigation.

Guzman, he said, was inside a cell with 24-hour hour closed circuit video surveillance and a bracelet that monitored his every move. The video system, he said, had two blind spots that Guzman exploited. And he left the bracelet behind before he crawled into the tunnel and made his getaway.

Mexico’s attorney general said Monday that 34 people had been questioned in connection with the escape. And the country’s interior minister asked for help from the public in tracking Guzman down.

Where could he be?

It’s possible Guzman is hiding out in the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City while the search is hot, accordintg to a Mexican official.

But in the end, the official said it’s likely Guzman will head back to his home turf in the Sinaloa region on the Pacific Coast, where there’s a vast network of local residents who will help him stay out of harm’s way. Guzman is believed to have found refuge at times during his past stints on the lam in rugged mountain areas of Mexico.

No matter where he’s hiding, time is of the essence, according to Mike Braun, a former chief of operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration who spent years tracking and gathering evidence on Guzman.

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seven people dead after a gunman opened fire in a bar in northern Mexico

640x480_347517At least seven people have been killed after a gunman opened fire in a bar in northern Mexico, which has seen a resurgence in drug-related violence in recent weeks.
The man, armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, killed four men on Friday night who were customers in the bar in Chihuahua state as well as three women who worked there, said a spokesman for the state attorney general’s office.

“It has not been determined whether the attack is connected to drug trafficking, but by the type of weapon involved, it is to be assumed,” said the spokesman, Carlos Gonzalez.

The attack occurred in the city of Chihuahua, the capital of the state that is also home to Ciudad Juarez, considered one of the most violent cities in the world until recently.

The attacker entered the bar with his face covered by a bandana, said the spokesman.

Chihuahua has seen heavy fighting between the local Juarez cartel and the Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman, who is seeking to control the city that is one of the main routes for trafficking drugs into the United States.
In spite of a change of government in December and a new strategy that avoids direct confrontation with the powerful cartels, violence in Mexico has picked up in recent weeks with fighting along the border, in the western state of Michoacan and the tourist destination of Cancun.

Nearly 3,200 people have been killed in drug-related violence during the first three months of President Enrique Pena Nieto‘s government, according to Mexican government data.

During the government of his predecessor Felipe Calderon, almost 70,000 people died as a result of the drug trade and 27,000 disappeared in one of the most violent periods in Mexico’s history.

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half ton of marijuana in the state of Hidalgo confiscated

Police say trailer carrying a hidden compartment of 177 packages were extracted in the state of Hidalgo

half ton of marijuana in the state of Hidalgo located in trailer truck

half ton of marijuana in the state of Hidalgo located in trailer truck

Elements of the Federal Police seized a trailer having a hidden compartment with more than half ton of marijuana in the state of Hidalgo.

After stopping a Truck attached to a double trailer, which circulated on the kilometer 24 +500 of Highway 45 MexicoCiudad Juarez, federal police detected in the area designated for the load inside measurements did not match those from outside the unit.

Therefore, a thorough inspection was made into the box, where boards were located with silicone covering a hidden compartment, the drivers name was Jesus Tellez David Barron, 42 and the truck was taken to the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office in Pachuca, Hidalgo.

There in the presence of Ministerial Agent 177 packages were found containing green grass with the characteristics of marijuana, which yielded a total weight of 1,589 lbs .

Therefore, the drugs, vehicle and Barron Téllez was who were read the “Charter of the Rights of Persons Assisting in Detention”, were made available to the Public Prosecutor of the Federation, which hosts the investigations.

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67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua,

Cops uncover psychopaths and Narcos in Chihuahua

The 67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua, infiltrated by organized crime, mainly drug cartels

67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua, infiltrated by Drug Cartels
67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua, infiltrated by Drug Cartels

CHIHUAHUA, – and in some cases psychopaths have been un-covered, as police in Ciudad Juarez, accuse the State Commission of Human Rights (ECHRCH).

In most cases, the main problem is corruption, because it believes that it has been infiltrated by the cartels and, and in some cases, criminal gangs are naming the director of the police and preventive agents.

In other cases, such as Juarez and the state capital, they have created groups that dominate domestic corporations, where they work real psychopaths, who have come to torture and even kill innocent people to death, accused of being hit men.

They call themselves fraternities and meet weekly to share the profits illegally obtained by extortion, bribes, robberies and kidnappings, where leverage to organize and plan criminal acts to be perpetrated in his spare time.

For the ECHR, the case is very serious and critical, because in all municipal companies/corporations are vices that must be addressed immediately.

José Luis Armendáriz González, President of the Commission, explains what, from their point of view, is the root of the problem.

“Why not set-up legislation on electoral matters and eliminate individual contributions to campaigns, especially in small municipalities, where the situation will not change.”

The figures speak for themselves. From the first of January to November 28, 2012 came to this Commission thousand 233 complaints against 67 corporations equal number of municipalities.

The one with the most complaints and the most serious cases of police officers, who have killed innocent citizens to death, is Ciudad Juarez, with 262 cases.

We follow the state capital, with 87 complaints; Cuauhtémoc, with nine; Delicias, with six and striking Parral, much smaller population, but with ten complaints in total.

So, this year in the capital stopped two officers recently graduated from the academy, which settled fake checkpoints and assaulted citizens.

Of the 87 complaints to the ECHR, mostly are for abuse of office, theft, threats, torture and injuries.

Jose Luis Armendariz, ombudsman state, recalls a fact that he lived: in 2007, entering as Mayor Carlos Borruel, during the first month of his tenure there was not a complaint of police abuse, but then returned to normal. “What happened?, Is that the cops were measuring whether there would be a radical change in the new administration, but when he did not change anything, the officers continued with their illegal activities.

A hero murdered

A case in point, although not the only one, is given in Ciudad Juarez, when a man, Ismael Chavira Fierro, 26, saved a woman and her son in a shooting in the downtown area.

It was detailed in the record that Ishmael GR-132/2011 washing a car in the street when there was a chase and shootout between two gangs, a collision, a death and the gunmen fled on foot.

Ismael runs to safety, but he meets a woman and a child he tells the woman to run for help with the child in her arms to get them to safety in a neighbor’s house.

However, local police, thinking it was one of the gunmen, blows him out of the house until he was unconscious, and put him in the patrol.

The Human Rights complaint was laid by the mother of Ishmael, who learned because “I realized through local news that my son was presented to the prosecution and alleged hit man, which flatly refuse, because my son is oblivious to these facts and make it look like it belongs to the group of three gunmen also arrested.

“I could see that he was extremely beaten on his face and body, because he could not stand up,” he said in the document that gave rise to recommendation 11/22 of the 262 there against police municipal city.

Ismael’s story climaxed when submitted by the municipal police, displayed as a hit man and savagely beaten.

A few days later he was released for lack of evidence, but a month later he died from the savage beating.

In documents of the ECHR, with pages 202-252, 2012, can be read complaints against municipal police injury, illegal detention, torture, threats, sexual harassment, forced disappearance, murder, burglary, theft and so on.

The Commission found that, in the case of Ciudad Juarez, the facts are systematic and outlines cases of psychopaths in Preventive Corporation.

“Chiefs impose controls”

In the 21 municipalities of the Sierra Tarahumara and other rural area, corporations are also controlled by drug cartels, state Human Rights reported.

For the Ombudsman, José Luis Armendariz, accuses it is very common that local warlords and drug traffickers to finance the campaigns of candidates for mayor, because in the end they ask in return that the police chief is appointed by them.

In refusing the mayor, criminals kill the first commander appointed without his consent, until such time as his.

Guachochi recently, considered the capital of the Tarahumara, revealed a video where police fired on a civilian city and, in droves, beat him.

Among the agents are civilians armed with AK-47.

For people in the rural and mountainous area, this is a common thing, because “the police can do what they please,” as comments posted to this video posted online.

What certification?

The National System of Public Security revealed that Chihuahua is one of the most backward states in the certification of the police forces.

For the president of the Human Rights Commission is urgent that the government of César Duarte work urgently the situation, it is critical, in Ciudad Juarez, for example, the ECHR receives almost daily complaint against the municipal police. Throughout the added entity thousand 233 complaints against officers.

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Violence explodes in Chihuahua, seven dead and counting

The bodies of three men and a woman shot and executed, were found in the cargo bed of a trailer

Carlos Coria

Violence explodes in Chihuahua, seven dead

The bodies of three men and a woman shot and executed, were found in the cargo bed of a trailer, which was abandoned at the side of the road leading from Ciudad Juarez to Namiquipa.

The preliminary report of the facts indicates that the cargo vehicle was stolen by gunmen on Tuesday night, at the exit of Ciudad Juarez.

Around noon on Wednesday, the unit was located abandoned at kilometer 60 of the highway from Ciudad Juarez to Namiquipa.

Arriving ministerial officials reported that the body of a man was lying under the trailer of a Freightliner brand of a local transport company based in Ciudad Juarez, and inside the trailer were the bodies of two men and the a woman.

None of the bodies have been identified.

In other developments, a man was killed in Ciudad Juarez, which was pursued by two vehicles, from where he was shot several times.

The man was killed aboard a van on the streets of Tamaulipas and Yucatan Airport Expansion colony.

Before, first thing, a woman was shot dead and his body found inside his vehicle at the intersection of the Milky Way and Nozzle street in Granada fractionation.

Finally, the DPP informed of the location of the body of a man shot to death, which was wrapped in a blanket in the dirt gap peripheral that connects the North with the area known as “The preson” Heroes of the colony of the Revolution, in the city of Parral.

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Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman moves on the Juarez cartel says NDIC

English: Joaquín Guzmán Loera drug lord and li...

English: Joaquín Guzmán Loera drug lord of the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico.

Federal District-led organization of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman moved on the Juarez cartel in controlling the drug trafficking corridor in Ciudad JuarezEl Paso, so starting in 2011 he increased the movement of cocaine, black tar heroin and methamphetamine, and west Texas there is a greater availability of these drugs, reveals an intelligence report from the Department of Justice of the United States. The report, prepared by the National Drug Intelligence (NDIC) is an analysis of the market in the region, it notes that the Sinaloa cartel “increased its influence over lucrative smuggling routes in Mexico and West Texas region,” a disputed area since 2007.

The organization headed by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, “The Viceroy”. The square is strategic for drug traffickers because it has four of the seven official border crossings leading into West Texas: the bridges of the Americas, Paso del Norte, Stanton Street Bridge, crossing the International Bridge Ysleta (all part of the gate at El Paso).

The report, which diagnosed the stage until late 2011, notes that “in the past year, several indicators suggest that the Sinaloa cartel can win this battle, and has a greater influence on drug smuggling through the Valley of Juárez, where it now dominates the drug smuggling operations carried out through small towns along the Rio Grande, once controlled by the Juarez cartel.”

The drug trade is growing according to Police reports citing that the report indicates that the Sinaloa cartel dominates the drug transport across the Valley of Juárez, even in cities like Guadalupe and Future, “and members of the Juarez cartels rivals have left these areas as a result, and violence has not decreased.”

It points out that even in Ciudad Juarez of the Carrillo Fuentes organization has lost ground against the onslaught of cells “El Chapo”: “The Sinaloa cartel is proactive in looking for any opportunity to take control of the Juarez cartel in the city, while it operates in defense of its territory, trying to offset losses caused by the rival group.” Although it has not yet lost control due to its connections with the group-gang Barrio Azteca ranked among the most violent. The Juarez cartel is also “weakened” as a result of the arrests and deaths of its members and partners, he says.

The impact of the growing influence of “Shorty” in the region has resulted in an increase in drug trafficking. While in the period 2006-2010 there was a decrease in the availability of narcotics, from 2011 it began to increase again.

In the report it explains that there is an increased amount of methamphetamine in West Texas, he even distributed in schools, “which emanates from the Sinaloa cartel’s ability to produce large amounts of these drugs in Mexico, and its growing influence on the Plaza El Paso-Juarez.” It is also recognized that “the availability of cocaine has increased in the region.”

The Clearinghouse estimated that the high level of violence in Ciudad Juarez will not diminish in the near future, “but it may increase if the Sinaloa cartel is able to further reduce the ability of drug trafficking operations of the Juarez cartel, which to a certain extent that reduced forces of the criminal group is involved in other criminal activities for profit, such as extortion and kidnapping.”

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Mexico is on the list for web – terrorism

If you Write on internet words like Sonora, Tamaulipas and Juarez you may be investigated by the U.S.

Mexico is on the list for web -terrorism
Mexico is on the list for web -terrorism

MEXICO CITY, – Pressured by a civil lawsuit, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS by its initials in English) was forced to publish a manual of operation, 2011, which includes the list of more than 300 words you use to monitor “terrorist” activities in social networks, among which are the name of Mexico and a dozen other cities or states whose use is regarded as suspicious by the authorities of the northern neighbor.

The case dates to February 2011, when DHS announced it would begin implementing a program of monitoring the content of media, including social networks, online forums, blogs , pages, web and even messaging services such as messenger .

The program would be implemented by individuals with fictitious identities to create profiles that allow them to spy on users of social networking and would last five years.

But a civil society organization, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) filed a complaint and after a battle of nearly a year he was issued as the operating manual of 2011 as the list of over 300 keywords that are used, but has failed to stop the program.

Distant Neighbors

Among the more than 300 words that the U.S. DHS systems detected as key to tracking scenarios that may compromise the security of the United States emphasizes both the name of our country, as several states and cities of the same: Mexico, Juarez, Sinaloa, Tijuana, Torreon, Ciudad Juarez, Nogales, Reynosa, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and Matamoros.

Other words related to Mexico listed are on Calderon, Gulf Cartel, La Familia, Los Zetas, Michoacan, Barrio Azteca and Mexicles, the report said.

According to a report by the U.S. magazine Forbes, EPIC was able to force the Department of Homeland Security to publish this, and other documents by appeal to the Freedom of Information Act.

The full document, titled Desktop Binder, which is available from this weekend, provides new details about how the U.S. government patrol activities of Internet users, though, according to Forbes, it is unclear how to obtain the government agency access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter for tracking words or concepts which, in its  consideration are indicative of a terrorist act or threat.

Among the media that are monitored by the government of the United States are The New York Times , Los Angeles Times , The Huffington Post , Drudge Report , Wired and ABC News , the report of the DNS.

Do not write it!

In the list of about 300 words is a bit of everything

– Ebola

– Excercise

– Hostage

– Salmonella

– Wave

– Pork

– Hacker

– Pirates

– Erosion

– Twister

– Cyber security

– Malware

– Virus

– Trojan

– Cyber Command

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