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Is America being Torn Apart By Civil Unrest!

Is America being Torn Apart By Civil Unrest!

This has been the worst period in the history of the United States of America! Immigration, Clinton Foundation Scandal, Hillary Cover up, Emails deleted, Classified emails shared on an un-certified Server, Cheating, False Statements, DOJ Corruption, FBI Corruption, Voter fraud, White House cover-ups, Obama’s New World Order and more!

I am ashamed to be called an American anymore. I grew up in Florida in the 1950-60’s and we had respect for The American Flag, The Lords Prayer, Our National Anthem and our love of God and Country. We joined the Military when our nation was in danger, and we freely give our time, and lives to make sure that those of us that lived afterward had the freedoms, and blessing of our great nation! We stood for God, family and our religion of choice.  Yes, there was the period where Martin Luther King stood up and made our great nation even stronger by his sacrifice! Yet, if you look at his genius, he did this against great odds and he did not belittle himself or kill anyone because he was a man of conviction! He sacrificed his life that you the African-Americans of today can enjoy your freedoms!

But, you African-Americans feel that you are owed something in return, but, Why? What have you as an individual sacrificed for your country, nothing, but who wants everything! You kill each other openly in Chicago every weekend, yet I do not hear you going out in the streets protesting this! You had rather keep the old mentality and blame someone else, especially, a policeman or a white guy. That is your easy cop-out for creating a mob scene.

What has the Democratic Party ever done for the American Blacks? You speak about racial equality when you are the precise ones, along with the News Media that claim that all acts of violence are someone else’s fault. If you can name one thing that the Democratic party has done for you; let it be known; otherwise you are still a slave in bondage by that same Party you vote for and keep in office year after year!

This post is not against anyone, regardless of your color, heritage or culture. The point being made is this; you have a CHOICE! Stay where you are in your own little self-centered world; or stand-up and make a difference, change your lives and prosper. It takes you to decide, no-one can make your choice except you, and then you must live with the results!

Ask your self, self what has Obama done for me? Has my life improved, do I make more money, is Obama Care working, can you pay the premiums he has forced on you and your family? Will you accept Muslims taking over your towns, cities, and states? Will you allow those Muslims that have been brought into your hometowns to change your laws, so that you will be governed not by the Constitution of the United States, But by Sharia law? If you agree with this then you are in the right place at the right time for this to happen to you!

We are now being over-run with Muslims who are protesting everything that is American when they complain they are offended by what is our heritage, our flag, our Constitution, and Liberals are agreeing with them and for what reason? Has America become a land of hate and where Dreamers want a free ride and we the hard working Americans just tolerate it and say it’s ok! Is America Being Torn Apart?

America you have turned away from being “One Nation Under God” and you have brought this crisis upon yourselves. President Trump wants to help all Americans but you do not want to listen, you prefer Mob action, rioting, looting and killing each other for your own self-reward. America you need to come to your senses, investigations into every aspect of President Trump’s life before and after his election will not change the fact that he was duly elected to be President of the United States of America.

Our Government is made up of three different branches; The Executive Branch, The Department of Justice and the Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) yet, a single Federal Judge can make a ruling that is applied all across the USA and this brings about questions as to who has authority over the people or who represents who? The President represents the American People and that means all of you! You do not need to like him, but he is your President. If you think he is a failure in 2020 vote him out, rather than destroy our great nation! By your destructive ways, you are asking for Civil War, and that will not be tolerated in the USA! Patience is a virtue but destruction of private property is breaking the law!

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Gaddafi’s gold Scam!

A new scam is circulating on the Web in which a mischief maker under the guise of the fallen Libyan leader’s wife is attempting to extort money using the old Internet throwback commonly referred to as the “Nigerian Letters” ploy. Someone claiming to be Safia Farkashal-Baraasi Gaddafi is spewing messages from an email account announcing that they need to unload several tons of gold and can only make it possible with help from you.

Testing Libyan Gold

As you might imagine, Mrs. Gaddafi isn’t really the owner of the Gmail account that is sending these pleads en masse, and the likelihood that anyone that lends a hand by way of providing personal information will come into possession of the precious metal is as possible as Col. Gaddafi himself delivering it across the Atlantic on a magical, seafaring condor.

Spammers have long employed these scams to extort the gullible, however, and even online security companies are finding it necessary to warn their customers. Kapersky Labs, a venerable antivirus company with over 300 million users, Tweeted this week that, “No, [Gaddafi’s] wife doesn’t really want to give you money.”

Lucky recipients of the alleged letter are welcome to try to assist in moving the gold, but it will involve the disclosure of some personal details which may or may not turn you into the victim of not just identify theft, but one of the oldest trick’s in the Internet hooligan’s playbook. In the classic “419 scam” that usually comes from a member of Nigerian royalty, the recipient of the email is coerced into helping move funds, but typically after a transaction or transfer fee is handed over to the sender of the email. Of course, these kinds of correspondence almost always don’t end with both parties happy.

If you do manage to receive an email from Mrs. Gaddafi, be advised that, despite her plea, the transaction might not be the best way to rake in the dough, even if she claims it is “100 percent safe on your side.” If you feel real daring though, ask her for the location of the “underground safe” that she lifted the $25.7 million in riches from. The colonel’s got to have some more of those gold necklaces lying around.

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Rupert Murdochs faltering Empire!

Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World newspaper hacking scandal has taken over both American and British media headlines. Could this type of embarrassment happen in the US? If you think not, you might be living under a rock.

Phony political scandals flashing dirty laundry. Racy, made-up celebrity gossip and crime stories almost beyond human imagination.All this gets served on a platter and sold for a couple of quarters by tabloids.

Veteran journalist Michael Musto knows the business inside out.

“In America we don’t break the law per se, but they do have sleazy tactics. They will slant a story. They probably make up sources. When you read an anonymous source – ‘an anonymous source said’ – well, who is it? Many times they can just make up the quote themselves. They say Joe Smith from Queens said bla bla bla. A lot of times I feel they are inventing these quotes to back up the thesis of the story,” said Musto to RT.

Fascination with scandal is almost religiously observed in the US — and Great Britain.

“We are both countries and media environments, where gossip sells and there is a tremendous interest in celebrity.” Both countries are abuzz after Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World newspaper phone-hacking shocker broke in London.

His empire stretches far and wide across the US as well.

“Let’s not forget – he owns The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News and The Daily,” said Musto, to name a few.

At a protest outside Rupert Murdoch’s Big Apple pad, protesters demanded an investigation into his publications at home.

“We don’t know if newspapers are hacking other people in this country yet, but I see no reason to put it past them,” said demonstrator Harry Wasbren.

So how far from potential public embarrassment do American newspapers stand?

“The ones that are owned by Rupert Murdoch – without question. The New York Post is one of the most hideous, deceitful tools of criminals that there could be,” said musician and journalist Will Gallison.

When it comes to getting scandal sold in the US, counting on the reader’s short attention span is a common publishing trick.

“Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have gotten together about 42 times so far this year, and I haven’t seen them photographed together since 2006. They are able to keep selling and re-packaging the same story that isn’t even a story,” said Lilit Marcus, editor of

No publication would admit to paying for information, but that’s also often a technicality.

“What a lot of news publications can get away with doing is they won’t explicitly give someone money in exchange for an interview, someone might set up a charitable organization and then the news will happen to give twenty thousand dollars to that charitable organization,” explained Lilit Marcus.

The culture of sensationalism in the press is putting the future of journalism on the line.

“The Anglo-American style is trashy, it’s rye-balled, with this snickering tone that is very American. We are a juvenile society, we are a young society. I don’t really know what the Brits’ excuse is – they’ve been around a long time. Hey, we blame it on them, because we are their children,” said Rall.

While some will always remain fascinated by tabloids, as rags continue to sell, others have reached a breaking point.

“I don’t have that great of a sense of what happens in Britain, but I know it’s pretty bad here. There are a lot of people that are really upset about the culture of news in America and just how little information seems to get out in between all the gossip,” said organizer Duncan Meisel in New York.

“The press has to be vigilant, and in the United States the press has fallen asleep.” I don’t know if this is a truism or not. The US Press can ride a story to death, and cut it in a hundred different ways.“ There is no doubt about it. We have the Jerry Springers and we have COPS which, by the way, is Murdoch. We had A Current Affair — that was Murdoch. We’ve always had a tabloid culture,” said Cohen.

“What I think Murdoch has done in the US is he accomplished what he already accomplished in England, which is the meshing of tabloid culture with political news,” said Cohen, who notes that Murdoch’s News Corporation produces products that can offer both political news and prime minister endorsements alongside celebrity gossip.

“Our tabloid culture tends to be not news. Murdoch, in England, has merged the two and that’s the big difference.”

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Obama lies about dying mother; is this for Real?

Much of America has come to terms with President Obama being not the most truthful guy at times. He campaigned on ending US wars and has only started new ones. He vowed to close Gitmo yet the infamous prison is still in operation.

But will you get a load of this one? One author is saying that the president lied — get this — about his mother. The gull!

In a new biography of President Obama’s mother, former New York Times reporter Janny Scott writes that Barack was fibbing about a make-believe ordeal his mom went through while fighting cancer.

Back on the campaign trail, Obama often alluded to the problems with American health care. The then-Senator would regularly make references to his mom’s own struggles with insurance companies and would speak out about her dying days marred by health care woes.

“I remember in the last month of her life, she wasn’t thinking about how to get well, she wasn’t thinking about coming to terms with her own mortality, she was thinking about whether or not insurance was going to cover the medical bills and whether our family would be bankrupt as a consequence,” said Obama in one September 2007 speech.

“She was in her hospital room looking at insurance forms because the insurance company said that maybe she had a pre-existing condition and maybe they wouldn’t have to reimburse her for her medical bills,” he said another time months later.

In Scott’s new book, however, she reports that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, was actually insured the whole time.

Scott says she obtained correspondence between Dunham and others that confirms that she was under health care coverage throughout her bout with ovarian cancer.

In one message, Dunham writes her then-boss about whether or not she should leave the country for surgery, to which her employer at Development Alternatives responded, “You’ve got health insurance, that’s taken care of.”

Scott adds that during her time with Development Alternatives in Jakarta, she received health insurance benefits which indeed covered the costs of most of her medical treatment. When Dunham eventually returned to her home in Hawaii, Scott says that “the hospital billed her insurance company directly, leaving Ann to pay only the deductible and any uncovered expenses, which, she said, came to several hundred dollars a month.”

“Though he often suggested that she was denied health coverage because of a pre-existing condition,” Scott writes, “it appears from her correspondence that she was only denied disability coverage.”

Dunham died in 2005 while being treated for her condition and the president often recalled her days at death’s door while on the campaign trail.

Unless Obama made that one up too.

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You Win but loose, “Only in Thailand”

Thailand is becomming a state that practices deception, and absolute disrespect for the peoples decision at the polls, when it comes to elections. Yingluck Shinawatra, has won my a landslide and now, because she is of the Shinawatra bloodline, is being cast as a cheater, and the infamous Election Commission is trying to derail the peoples choice.

Perhaps the real investigation should be aimed at the EC instead of the winners of the election. The question is; Who is being paid, and who is doing the paying, it must be the winner, as their is no corruption in the EC, which is rather doubtful.

Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand’s prime minister-elect, says she is unfazed by investigations by the country’s election authorities which have delayed endorsement of her victory at the polls earlier this month.

Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) approved 358 of the 500 winning candidates during a marathon meeting on Tuesday but held back on endorsing the remaining 142, including Yingluck, whose Puea Thai Party won the July 3 election in a landslide.

The EC has until the end of the month to process dozens of complaints and approve 95 per cent of the winners, or 475 seats, in order to endorse the poll and allow parliament to convene and start the process of choosing a prime minister.

Yingluck, a 44-year-old businesswoman who will be Thailand’s first female prime minister, said she was confident that she and her party would be given “justice” despite allegations of campaign irregularities.

“We respect public opinion and the work of the Election Commission,” said Yingluck.

Other leading politicians still awaiting approval include Abhisit Vejjajiva, the outgoing prime minister, and several senior members of his Democrat Party, which will return to the opposition benches after winning 159 seats. 

The complaints against Yingluck and her party centred on alleged campaign violations, including illegal assistance from banned politicians.

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Americans developing addictions to prescription drugs!

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With more and more Americans developing addictions to prescription drugs, the country is experiencing a surge in violent crimes as fiends are taking drastic measures to fuel their fix. Prescription drug abuse is nothing new in America, but not only is the problem getting worse in the States, but an increasing number of addicts are resorting to violent crimes to avoid withdrawal.

In a recent study from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), 15 percent of American high students admitted to abusing prescription pills.

There has been a gradual increase in prescription pain killer admissions for quite a few years now. But it’s still a great concern because it shows that it’s a continuing problem out there. With more and more people developing dependencies, a crime epidemic is overtaking America as addicts attempt to obtain opiates at all costs.

This is far from a global crisis, too. Americans make up around 80 percent of the world’s prescription painkiller users and abusers, reports IMS Health. And now, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription painkillers have surpassed illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine as the leading cause of fatal overdoses.

It’s not the drugs themselves that are doing all the killing, though.

Last month four people were murdered at a Long Island pharmacy when David Laffer allegedly open fired in a New York drug store after emptying the store of their entire supply of hydrocodone. His wife, Melinda Brady, was later charged in related crimes after she told police that her husband had committed the armed robbery so that she could have the pills. He killed a 17-year-old clerk and a middle-aged pharmacist before shooting a couple in the back of the head and taking hydrocodone-based drugs from the shelves.

A month earlier across the country, an Oakland, California drug store was robbed at gunpoint by two masked men seeking a prescription narcotic cough syrup rich in codeine. If they don’t abuse the tonic themselves, bottles can fetch upwards of $200 a piece on the streets.

It seems almost too obvious to the California Board of Pharmacy. “People want prescription drugs and they see pharmacies as where to get them.”

Sixty Five (65) pharmacies in the state of Florida were held up in 2010. In all the country saw 686 drug store robberies that year, an increase of 80 percent since 2006. While the drug-deal-gone-bad scenario is a stigma which is often associated with the poor and impoverished of inner-city America, RdPatrol, the country’s only database for pharmacy crime, says around 80 percent of the incidents are perpetrated by white males.

“These are very typically addicts who possibly can no longer get controlled substances in the manner they used to get them,” said the director of law enforcement liaison for Purdue Pharma, which makes the narcotic painkiller Oxycontin. “This really is a crime of desperation and that makes for a much more dangerous suspect.”

Many patients are turned into addicts after taking legitimate prescriptions. Eventually, however, it is not uncommon for them to turn to crime if they are laid-off and left without their prescription but with an undying addiction. People with addiction who could be perfectly good people will do all sorts of horrible things to maintain their supply.  Many times . . . people can lose jobs and with certain things with health care we see lack of insurance now.”  “It seems to me the situation is becoming worse.” Recently a man walked into his store, went behind the counter and held a clerk at knife point, demanding hydrocodone.

These incidents are far from isolated and only getting worse.

As addicts try to snuff their itch and pack their wallets, this trend doesn’t seem to be disappearing. In a Seattle courtroom last year, a 14-time felon talked about how he transitioned from vehicle prowling and a string of misdemeanors into drug store hold-ups: “Robbing pharmacies for OxyContin is the only way to go,” was written  in court documents.

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