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Coming to America Trained Assassins Near to you!!

Coming to America Trained Assassins Near to you!!

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Coming to America Trained Assassins Near to you!!

Are you aware of the inner workings of terrorist training base camps operating in El Salvador as well the planned influx of MS-13 trained assassins into the United States which was accomplished with the oversight of DHS. These forces will soon come into prominence in the coming weeks and months. We are going to see violence in this country on an unprecedented scale just as we are seeing in Europe with the Muslim immigration, the local police will be powerless to act because they are ultimately controlled by federal agencies like DHS who will roadblock normal law enforcement. I am telling you it is hard to not believe that the real goal is to perpetuate massive civil unrest so that more formal uses of governmental power can be brought to bear against and potential American dissident movement which has really mushroomed since the beginning of the Trump candidacy

My purpose for writing to you today is to let you know that I have contact with DOJ and in particular many FBI officials as a result of daily activities. I have to watch my ass and it is not as it was two years ago when we first communicated. I am determined to see the release of certain information prior to the election because I believe you and others are correct when you say, the criminal cabal that seems to have taken over key positions in our government are poised to change America and my children and yours will have to try and survive what is coming and then they will have live in this shit hole.  I am playing this very close to the vest. Responding to this email will be pointless as all of our future conversations will have to remain one-sided but I am not writing anything that I do not want to be released. Please release everything I am sending to you.

To a person, my colleagues feel betrayed by the present FBI Director and Attorney General, but I am telling you that Obama is controlling the activities through his appointed CIA operatives who have infiltrated the DOJ as well as military, generally, and the FBI, specifically. The tone of the influence is decidedly pro-“Radical” Muslim and anti-American in the traditional sense. This undue influence often seeks to perpetuate the activities of those people of privilege who seem to be beyond the reach of traditional law enforcement. Their activities include gun running and drug dealing. This has reached into your area because Maricopa County Sheriff Joe will be/is the victim of election fraud because the certain people want him out because he will not look the other way when it comes to cartel drug activity in Arizona which is key because Arizona is a border state.

Your reporting of the corrupt voting machines in your area seems to be correct but Arpaio is more of a target than Trump because he is an impediment to drug trafficking in your area. You have to remember that your Sheriff was at one time one of us, so we know what we are seeing. Yes- I am saying that Obama’s DOJ is protecting the drug dealers by going after Arpaio. The persecution of the Sheriff has nothing to do with the violations of the civil rights of immigrants and has everything to do with his refusal to cooperate with the Obama administration by looking the other way when it comes to both cartel and the intertwined activities of terrorists that have crossed our borders in great numbers since 2010.

Most will never know who these people are until they act. They live among us, work with us and their children even go to school our children. When they are arrested, DHS shows up to intervene and the issue is cloaked under the guise of racial prejudice and border agents and local law enforcement who are over-stepping their bounds. The police are so discouraged that they have basically given up.  This is actually a case of thinly disguised criminal enterprise corruption and DHS always runs the interference. This is a lot of what you see in these inexplicable catch and release activities. The bigger the drug and gun fish that is apprehended, the quicker they are released to repeat the same actions.

A case in point from the past: Do you remember when Congressman Bridenstine tried to enter a holding facility for immigrants at Ft. Sill during the 2014 immigration crisis and he was told by DHS to come back and make an appointment? DHS was attempting to shield what was truly going on which was the introduction of foreign operatives into mainstream America. West African terrorists are also coming across our border with bad intentions, not just people from Central America and the Middle East. I have every indication that these forces are ready to unleash massive waves of destruction in our country as their drug activities have increased exponentially in the past several months. They are raising money for purposes that extend far beyond mere living expenses.

You have written that you expect the left to unleash terror attacks should Mrs. Clinton not win the election through whatever means is at her disposal. You are correct, but I think this may be a moot point.  Speaking of Mrs. Clinton, the Foundation is the most criminal enterprise organization on the face of the earth. They avoid detection because of the use of their shell corporations which gives them at least 2-3 degrees of separation.

When the President of the Philippines executed thousands of drug dealers he was upsetting the balance of trade in the drug industry and I believe he was cutting into Foundation activities. This is why Obama was going to Manila to personally speak with him until Obama was attacked with a tirade of insults and name-calling by this newly elected President. This politician will not be in power for long. The CIA has a way of taking the massive protests that we see in the news and turning it on whomever, they want to displace. The people of the Philippines are protesting the military presence in the Philippines today but this could be turned into revolutionary force tomorrow. This is why this rogue President is moving towards  aligning with China and you have picked up on that in an article I read. This President is looking for protection and he should be.

The world war that is coming has a lot to do with drug wars, not just Syria. There are clear divisions in the world that are firming up along these lines and it would be a mistake to ignore these developments.

The DEA is just as corrupted as the FBI, as we are still honoring our under-the-table agreement with the Sinolas in which we agree to only interdict 20% of the drug shipments into the United States in exchange for some unknown amount of intelligence information. How many terrorist cells do you think we are knowingly letting in along with the drugs? It was during the same time frame that you and I were talking that Judicial Watch came across the ISIS and drug cartel base camp near El Paso. I am sure you asked yourself how many facilities like this one exist and if there are any inside of the United States? There are and they are now working with foreign entities inside the United States. When we make our token busts, we frequently come upon the involvement of Russian and Chinese national who are in this country and they are immediately released by DOJ and DHS. It is starting to look like one big and happy criminal enterprise family that is international in scope but does enjoy the protection of the Obama administration.

Your article about a multi-pronged attack including a Red Dawn element is close to what I know to be a real possibility and this is the advanced force designed to disrupt command and control in the coming war. The sad thing is that many agents suspect this and we are powerless to expose it. Congress has been tipped off and they show no interest.  A lot of the reason that I think you are correct about what you have recently written, are the paramilitary base camps in and around San Salvador which have now spread to Honduras. this is a growing problem and growing concern. These terrorists have been trained on stingers and 50 cal weapons. They are also serving as drug transport entities.

In the past couple of days since Director Comey announced he was reopening the investigation on Mrs. Clinton, I have had several advanced warnings of what was coming. The Clintons have fallen into disfavor with important entities- groups.

My colleagues believe that more than Mrs. Clinton is being targeted and that there are unknown actors looking to commit a hostile takeover of the Clinton Foundation because the Clintons have stepped on important toes in the international drug and gun trade, in particular, in Peru, which is the conduit between Middle East terrorists and the cartels.  As I have told you before, my associates on the FBI drug task force(s) tell me that this reopening of the investigation is not the result of Director Comey being pressured to act against Mrs. Clinton from within the FBI, as many publications have insinuated. The sudden turning of Director Comey against Mrs. Clinton is motivated by forces outside of the FBI. At least that is what we are being led to believe and I think it is so. Any agent that would launch an investigation into any of the areas that I have mentioned here would be finished or worse.

I have spoken with some who participated in the original email investigation. When the emails led to guns and drugs, the emails were destroyed and this line of the investigation was reduced to a series of meaningless leads. I know this for a fact because we had some of the same information.

Everyone of the agents will privately admit that the first FBI investigation was designed to produce exoneration for Mrs. Clinton. My people are aware of this because some of the subject matter involved money laundering from drug and gun operations.  Don’t make the mistake in believing that this present investigation is any more or any less honest that the last one. Of course, you should also not believe what you are reading and seeing in the press. The Clinton duo is being taken down for reasons that are unknown to me by forces that I have to come to believe control Director Comey and AG Lynch. In one of your most recent articles you talked about Clinton being elected and then indicted. This opens an endless universe of possibilities about how the transition of power will be handled in January.

Many of us believe that the United States is about to become a thinly veiled narco-terrorist state, the biggest in the history of the world. I could see cartel members, of their representatives visiting the White House in this next administration. At present in the DEA, we are most often cast into the role of blocking legitimate investigations in these areas. Some fear that we will soon become facilitators. To date, that role has always been fulfilled by the CIA. However, we think it is going to permeate the ranks of my agency. By the way Dave, you have claimed to have contact with another DEA source during the time we were speaking. Be careful, trolls abound with false information.

I strongly believe that Hillary could be indicted. I think that what you have written about the possible scenarios following an indictment is possible, but that part is unknown and unconfirmed from my perspective. I do know that the FBI investigators with our assistance are still being limited in what they can look at. I have been contacted for information related to past drug investigations only to have the requests prepared and the FBI no longer shows any interest in the information, particularly if it is drug related.  Any investigation that includes drug trafficking and money laundering seems to still be out of bounds. The Weiner angle is laughable but they may make it stick.  It appears to some that it is open season on Hillary Clinton at the Bureau with regard to these emails.

It is my belief that if Mrs. Clinton survives this latest round, and I do not think she will, we are going to see a massive purge in the government like this country has ever seen. I have given you a lot to digest so I am going to close for now.

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the capture of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

the capture of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

US authorities announced plans to seek the extradition of Mexico’s most powerful drug lord after his capture in a US-backed operation that included a drone, cellphone intercepts and elite Mexican marines.

As prosecutors in New York prepared their request, new details emerged Sunday from the manhunt that led to the capture of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, whose empire has smuggled drugs to the United States, Europe and Asia.

The US surveillance drone was used for two weeks between mid-January and mid-February to back up a massive operation in the northwestern city of Culiacan, a US government official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Guzman eventually slipped out of Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state, after escaping through tunnels under one of his safe houses as the marines closed in on him, Mexican and US officials said.

Under pressure, the 56-year-old drug capo, who had been on the run since escaping from prison 13 years ago, fled further south to the beach resort city of Mazatlan.

It was there that the elite marine unit captured him on Saturday, in the fourth floor of a condominium, with a surprisingly small entourage that included one lookout, one bodyguard and a woman believed to be his beauty-queen wife, the US official said.

Guzman went down without a single shot.

“Cellular telephone intercepts were involved in the arrest,” the official said.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration had provided intelligence information to the marines.

The US official said the remote-controlled aircraft was not used in Mazatlan, but it had been deployed in Culiacan to corroborate other intelligence and that Mexico’s military had authorized its use.

One of the world’s most wanted man, Guzman had been spending most of his time in the bustling city of Culiacan, living in houses with escape tunnels, extra thick walls and steel-reinforced doors, officials said.

“It’s a big city where he has his contacts, his women, his houses,” the US official said.

Officials had hoped that Guzman would flee to a rural, more open space to capture him, and his decision to run to Mazatlan around three days before his arrest was a surprise, the official said.

His arrest capped a months-long operation that resulted in the arrests of a dozen Sinaloa cartel operatives, including alleged bodyguards of Guzman’s top associate, Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada.

Several cellphones were seized from the detainees and later used to establish wiretaps as part of the operation against the Sinaloa cartel, said an official from the Mexican attorney general’s office.

The official said authorities are still searching for Zambada, who is considered Guzman’s natural successor.

– US seeks extradition –

Nabbing Guzman, who is considered the world’s biggest drug trafficker, was a major victory in President Enrique Pena Nieto’s push to rein in drug violence in his country.

The Sinaloa cartel’s turf wars with rival gangs contributed to a wave of drug violence that left more than 77,000 people dead in the past seven years.

The United States had offered a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture, with several indictments in cities from New York to San Diego.

Robert Nardoza, a spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, said prosecutors there “plan to seek his extradition.”

A senior Republican lawmaker called for Guzman’s extradition, warning that “the biggest fish ever” may try to flee again in a repeat of his legendary 2001 escape from prison in a laundry cart.

“I think that would be the best course for not only Mexico, but also the United States, in ensuring that what happened in 2001 does not happen again,” Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told ABC television.

A Mexican foreign ministry spokesman declined to comment on the planned extradition request.

An official in the Mexican attorney general’s office said Guzman has to finish the 20-year sentence he avoided by fleeing eight years into his prison term.

But he is also facing new charges of drug trafficking, using illegal funds, organized crime and possession of weapons reserved for the military, the official said.

The captured kingpin is not facing murder charges

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The Tacks, leader of the Arellano Felix in Tijuana Arrested

Alfredo César García Meza was turned over to federal authorities for his extradition to the U.S.


The Tacks, leader of the Arellano Felix in Tijuana Arrested

TIJUANA, Elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) Alfredo Meza apprehended César García, alias “El Tacks”, alleged leader of the Arellano Felix cartel in the border and who is wanted by U.S. authorities.

The director of the corporation owned by the Ministry of Public Security of the state, Marco Antonio Gómez Montoya said also stopped other alleged members of the criminal group, including a woman.

He explained that Garcia Meza was wanted by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of the U.S., so this subject was made available to federal authorities for his extradition to the United States.

The official said that agents also arrested PEP Lagunas Adrian Vazquez, alias “El Macho Prieto” and other alleged members of that cartel, which disintegrated into a dangerous crime cell operating in this border.

The incident occurred on Boulevard Agua Caliente in this city, when Garcia Meza was recognized by police officers and confirmed his identity after it was discovered that he had a provisional warrant for extradition to the United States on charges of organized crime.

After which the police moved to the colony of Sepanal, where Joselyn and Leslie Marquez, 23, acted to commit an act of crime in a subdivision of Playas de Tijuana.

There also arrested Zazueta Luis Angel Cornejo, with one kilogram of cocaine, whose was paid $ 500.

In colonia Terrazas del Valle, agents intercepted a Ford Explorer 2002 and detained foreign plates Lagunas Vazquez and his companion Luis Gabriel Ramirez Duenas.

Both suspects were arrested and guns, drugs, a charger and plastic scrap for drug dosing was seized.

Later, in the Buena Vista neighborhood, she assured José Francisco Farias Prado, alias “Chucho”, who was driving a vehicle Geo Metro 1991, a wrapper with the drug known as “ice”.

The detainees were turned over to the appropriate authorities.




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DEA alerted Mexico and Colombia on drugs and football

Mexican teams Necaxa, Santos, Puebla and Salamanca involved in receiving illegal money

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) warned the authorities of Colombia and Mexico that Colombian drug mafias uses Mexican soccer teams to wash their assets, reported RCN and mundofox networks today.

Colombian drug lords, and paramilitaries extradited to the United States and a guerrilla leader made “investments” in Mexican soccer between 2003 and 2006, according to files seized from a drug dealer by the Attorney General of Colombia.

Mexican teams Necaxa, Santos, Puebla and Salamanca are accused of being involved in receiving money from paramilitary groups, which are part of drug trafficking in Colombia, according to Colombian radio station RCN and U.S. mundofox.

Both media explained that the Attorney General of this South American country is investigating documents from a drug dealer found the Norte del Valle, which are investments in the Mexican league teams.

The alleged transfers to Mexican football were made between 2003 and 2006, according to records in the files seized from the mafia North Valley.

In the list of investors are also known paramilitary leaders and drug cartels operating in this South American country, some of them arrested and extradited to the U.S. under President Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010).

In the files contained payments for about two million dollars for teams in the league of soccer in Mexico, both the first and second division.

For example, the sports entrepreneur Carlos Ahumada Kurtz, who was at the time equipment owner Leon and Santos, appears with a payment for $ 94,000, according to document found by the Colombian Attorney.

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DEA is focused on the capture of El Chapo Guzman!

WASHINGTON, DCMichele Leonhart, director of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA, for its acronym in English), said that agency is focused on the capture of El ChapoGuzman.

Michele Leonhart official photo. Found at http...

Image via Wikipedia


“Our operations and intelligence, both the DEA and other agencies, like those of our partners in Mexico, are all concerned about this. El Chapo Guzmanis the target of our operations and investigations.

DEA in search of-Joaquin Guzman, alias “El Chapo

DEA in search of-Joaquin Guzman, alias “El Chapo

He is someone we’re focused, she said in an interview.

For the first time, Leonhart spoke about the DEA undercover operations performed in Mexico. He said that operations to infiltrate and track consistent drug trafficking and money laundering have contributed to “break the back” of the cartels, and Mexico has always been aware of deployment.

She considered that “President Calderon has the right strategy” to fight anti-crime, and said that work in both countries may continue despite the upcoming changes in the governments of Mexico and the United States.

Michele Leonhart, DEA director “We are breaking away from the cartels’

Says it will be a great day when El Chapo Guzman is captured, defends undercover operations and research indicates that the instance in charge always have done in Mexico with the knowledge of the Mexican government

Michele Leonhart, director of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) first spoke about the covert operations that the U.S. government drug agency made ​​in Mexico and were revealed by the newspaper The New York Times a month and a half.

In an interview with Excelsior, the official defended the operations of drug trafficking and money laundering that the DEA used to infiltrate criminal groups in Mexico.

She said that by including the DEA has helped to “break the back” of the cartels and that a measure of its success is the arrest of half of the top kingpins worldwide, many of whom have been extradited to the United States.

Leonhart, who is director of the agency since December 2010, although he had been leading it since October 2007, pending ratification by the Senate, had words commendable for their counterparts in Mexico.

He said that the current relationship between the DEA and the Mexican government “unprecedented” in the last 40 years. He expressed his confidence in collaboration and support strategies to combat organized crime in Mexico, which he said, “have had successes.”

He admitted that both governments could do a better job of reporting on their successes, but said that the fact of working with undercover sources often makes it difficult to speak about it without putting lives in danger and without compromising operations.

Leonhart said that research done in Mexico DEA always have the knowledge and participation of the Mexican government, which contrasts with the statement on 11 December by presidential spokeswoman Alejandra Sota, who told Univision that Mexican authorities were not aware of the covert operations revealed by the Times a week earlier and would be extended on 9 January.

A graduate of Bemidji State University, a small house of studies in northern Minnesota-famous professional players of ice hockey have been there-Leonhart is a veteran DEA agent, where he enlisted in 1980 after a brief stay in the Baltimore police.

In the 90’s was responsible for operations in the southwestern United States, the position from which contributed to the dismantling of the Arellano Felix clan.

On the future of the relationship with Mexico, Leonhart predicted in an interview that the cooperation would continue, despite the fact that both countries will have elections this year.

“We are all concerned about drug trafficking, so what concerns us is to develop an anti-drug association, refine techniques, to develop intelligence, whatever happens on the political scene of our two countries, have few enforcement officials and Dedicated justice have the tools they need. “

The following is the text of the interview:

– How will the DEA’s relationship with Mexico?

-We have had unprecedented relationship with the Mexican government, especially with the SSP (Ministry of Public Security), which leads Genaro Garcia Luna, as well as other agencies in Mexico.

“We have almost 40 years working with our Mexican counterparts, but never before have we seen such a relationship, joint collaboration, exchange of information, shared concerns.

“We have come to understand that we have the same goals, and these organized crime groups have no respect for borders and are doing damage to one side of the border, so the best solution for us is to cooperate and work together, share techniques, methods, intelligence and make joint investigations.

“When I was a young officer, I worked on the border in San Diego, as a supervisor of the group, and in that time we have very good intelligence on organizations operating in Mexico, but had partners who inspires us the confidence to share that information.

“But now an agent can work on the border, or in Chicago or Detroit, and know that that information can be shared with the very reliable and talented researchers who are in Mexico and that it will have positive consequences for our common goals. It is a round connection that has an impact both in the U.S. and Mexico.

“There is an evolution and we have become better at refining our intelligence sharing, and platforms have different ways of developing and sharing information, especially with the SSP, we trust. We know we can give them information and they will use it in good research.

“So now, thanks to this company that did not exist years ago, we learned much about these traffickers, such as the Arellano Felix organization. Now there are two partners to develop better information sharing, and there is mutual respect on both sides of the border. It’s the only way to break away from the cartels: working together. And that is what has really been happening in recent years. “

‘As you know, in Mexico there has been criticism of the way the government has been fighting the cartels. Does the DEA that the Mexican government has done the best way? Do you think there settings that can be done?

-The DEA has been in business for 40 years and believe that President Calderon and his government have the right strategy. They realize that it is necessary to pursue these organizations, and our experience as DEA has been that when you’re behind them with the best results.

“The Mexican government has been steadfast in his determination to break his back to the cartels and has had success. If there is something to criticize one side of the border on the research we perform, we work with covert operations and sources, and that makes it not easy to share that information without putting lives at risk without exposing or research before are completed.

“I think our two countries should do a better job of reporting on these achievements.

“In the recent visit made me Genaro Garcia Luna, I realized that there have studied the data to determine which of their strategies, which we support have the greatest impact. Now there is evidence that they are making a difference.

So if there is something to adjust, I would say is to let the public know that it’s not just the number of murders, you have to see what was before the homicide rate, how effective are these organizations to move their product and money and infiltrate markets in Mexico and the United States.

“When you see that, the conclusion is that we have had significant success since late 2006 and we are breaking their backs on these cartels, together.”

-Let me ask covert operations by the DEA in Mexico, which has released The New York Times . Do you think you have been successful?

-When we see that there are strategies or techniques are unsuccessful, we may be or how we do them.

“I think that the techniques we used, especially covert operations are the most effective way to put us in the midst of these organizations and are the more impact they have.

“With all the research we do an evaluation, we try to improve them, and what we have learned is that these joint operations, we do not only in Mexico but in other parts of the world, have great success when we work together and we turn techniques that work and have been used for many years and we’ve perfected.

One of the achievements that can be observed, and that gives pride to our country, is that in Mexico, Colombia and other South American countries have been able to apprehend the worst and biggest drug kingpins around the world.

“When one focuses on bosses, which we call CPOT (Consolidated Primary Targets Organization), we can see that we have perfected our techniques and we have hunted since 2002 or so. And of all those who have been identified, it is surprising that, nearly ten years later, we could process more than 75 percent of the worst and largest in the world, we have arrested more than 50 percent of them, and a data remarkable to me is that more than 35 percent of them have been extradited to the United States.

“Those are hard statistics show that these efforts, which not only have to give credit to the DEA but law enforcement agencies in many countries, are serving nations affected by organized crime. I’m talking about Mexico, I’m talking about Colombia and other South American countries.

“And now these same techniques are being shared and used by our counterparts in Europe, because they are now seeing cocaine shipments going there, the same things we’ve seen here in the United States. So now the DEA and other agencies and our counterparts in Mexico and Colombia, are sharing these techniques with counterparts elsewhere in the world, to perform the same job of connecting the dots and use all available tools to prosecute these organizations to remove the power and reduce in size, so that these large organizations become smaller trafficking groups that can be attacked by the authorities of local law enforcement. “

-In Washington there are concerns about the future role of the relationship. Both countries have elections this year. The opposition parties in Mexico have not been very clear about their strategies and what they think about the cooperation. Do you fear that politics will interfere?

-For us, as well as anyone in the world anti-drug policy is not a factor. We are all concerned about drug trafficking, so what concerns us is to develop an anti-drug association, refine techniques, to develop intelligence, whatever happens on the political scene of our two countries, we get a few officials and law enforcement Dedicated to have the tools they need.

“It will be very difficult for someone to remove them once we have developed and proven to work. What we think is that all the successes we have seen in the past five or six years will continue regardless of what happens politically either side of the border.

“Our mission, says a drug agent with 31 years of experience, is to pursue those organizations. We do not get involved in politics. We just know we have work to do for our country safe.

“I know that Genaro Garcia Luna agrees. What we do is stare at those organizations that try to have an impact on our two countries. We use the techniques and work together, we respect and we have a shared responsibility and mutual trust, without prejudice to the jurisdiction of each country. And that has nothing to do with politics. “

– Were you surprised that President Calderon’s spokeswoman said that the Mexican government learned of these covert operations?

‘What I would say about our association, without getting into specific issues, is that we do operations and research and if they have connection with Mexico talk with our Mexican counterparts and they make the decisions.

“We respect the laws and authorities of each person. We have mechanisms for undercover investigations and other projects as well as rules and protocols agreed to work together. So if we are conducting an operation in Mexico we are doing together with our Mexican counterparts. “

– How important is for the DEA find Joaquin El Chapo Guzman?

‘I can tell you that our operations and intelligence, both the DEA and other U.S. agencies, like those of our partners in Mexico are all Pre-occupied with this. We all like to see it stopped. Is the target of our operations and research and will be a great day when we can stop it. He is someone we are focused, but at the same time we focus on all the posters.

-Being focused on all cartels, are there some that are a priority for the DEA, either for violence or for other reasons?

We believe that all are dangerous and they are all white. We will use all our resources and efforts to pursue them. All have an impact not only in Mexico but the United States.

– What do you think the cartels, to break or be arrested their leaders, often become more violent?

-A good example is what happened when disrupted the cartels in Colombia. What Genaro Garcia Luna has shown that when strategies are being pursued for the first time to these organizations, from top to bottom, and make arrests, will be some violence because the people who is fighting for positions and territory.

“What I generates optimism is that we are seeing the same thing in Mexico than in Colombia was, that these organizations end up losing their power and influence leaders and groups become smaller and less strong. And that’s very important, because the large cartels generate more money and are more likely to corrupt institutions.

“When one pursues them and breaks down, trying to reconstitute themselves but are less powerful, do not have the resources they had, and one of the first things that hurt them is their lack of ability to corrupt and use their money, influence and resources to get away with it. We saw that in Colombia, we have seen in other parts of the world, and now we are seeing in Mexico. And that’s a good sign because it means that these organizations are less powerful than in the past, and will eventually be a problem for law enforcement and criminal groups are only those who can deal with law enforcement techniques and law enforcement agencies. “

Reflectors on the hood

As for Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, head of the Sinaloa cartel, was reported last week that the Treasury Department’s U.S. drug trafficker “world’s most powerful.”

“The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC, for its acronym in English) will continue working with our police and their foreign counterparts to help disrupt and eventually dismantle the criminal empire of El Chapo Guzman, “said Adam J. Szubin, director of that office.

“This is the fourth time in the last year that (the) OFAC has focused and exposed support structures of the organization led by El Chapo Guzman, the world’s most powerful drug, “said the holder of that office.

International concern

Almost a year ago, while participating in Cancun, Quintana Roo, on 18 th International Conference of Drug Enforcement (IDEC, for its acronym in English), Michele Leonhart said that all countries are “concerned about the long-range” that have won the drug cartels in Mexico.

The head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency said at the time, ie in April 2011 that the governments of 103 countries that participated in this meeting are concerned about the power of Mexican cartels.

He also emphasized the results of the fight against drugs in Mexico.


Michele Leonhart, and Genaro Garcia Luna agreed nearly a year in the 18 International Conference of Drug Enforcement (IDEC, for its acronym in English). In the interview today introduces this newspaper, the director of the DEA’s work emphasizes collaboration and scope of the Department of Public Safety.


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Mexico; Laundering Act is insufficient if the United States persists in using DEA: PAN


Money Laundering Acts a flop if DEA is used!

Money Laundering Acts a flop if DEA is used!

Laundering Act is insufficient if the United States persists in using DEA: PAN

He regretted that U.S. agencies like the DEA resort to acts of “money laundering” to find the presumed route of resources

MEXICO CITY – The Anti-Money Laundering Act is expected to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies “will be insufficient if the U.S. persists in its practice of covert operations funds of illicit origin whitening as those conducted by the DEA “.

The legal deputy coordinator of the PAN in San Lazaro, Oscar Arce Paniagua, lamented that U.S. agencies like the DEA resort to acts of “money laundering” to find the presumed path of the funds of illicit origin in Mexico and the United States.

“It is unfortunate that while efforts are made in Mexico in terms of improving the legal framework to stop multinational crime of money laundering, the United States encourages these illegal in Mexico,” he said in an interview.

He stressed that the operation of the DEA and others as “Fast and Furious” that encouraged the entry of weapons into Mexico, “are really disappointing for Congress and Mexican government, as well as being an illegal interference are performed without any coordination and with no results.

He recalled that the Joint Committee on Justice and Treasury approved shortly that law which extends the punishment for a crime that was punishable as money laundering, which moves in Mexico is estimated 45 billion dollars annually.

Arce Paniagua said to be regarded as suspicious betting all purchases in excess of 200 thousand pesos, and also oversees the buying and selling art, jewelry and real estate.

Operations also deported to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) is the assembly of vehicles by more than 400 thousand pesos, and cars with value over 300 thousand pesos.

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Do we need the DEA to Teach Money laundering Tactics?


Money laundering

Money laundering

Undercover American narcotics agents have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials.  The agents, primarily with the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled shipments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash across borders, those officials said, to identify how criminal organizations move their money, where they keep their assets and, most important, who their leaders are.

They said agents had deposited the drug proceeds in accounts designated by traffickers, or in shell accounts set up by agents. The officials said that while the D.E.A. conducted such operations in other countries, it began doing so in Mexico only in the past few years. The high-risk activities raise delicate questions about the agency’s effectiveness in bringing down drug kingpins, underscore diplomatic concerns about Mexican sovereignty, and blur the line between surveillance and facilitating crime. As it launders drug money, the agency often allows cartels to continue their operations over months or even years before making seizures or arrests. 

Agency officials declined to publicly discuss details of their work, citing concerns about compromising their investigations. But Michael S. Vigil, a former senior agency official who is currently working for a private contracting company called Mission Essential Personnel, said, “We tried to make sure there was always close supervision of these operations so that we were accomplishing our objectives, and agents weren’t laundering money for the sake of laundering money.”

Another former agency official, who asked not to be identified speaking publicly about delicate operations, said, “My rule was that if we are going to launder money, we better show results. Otherwise, the D.E.A. could wind up being the largest money launderer in the business, and that money results in violence and deaths.”

Those are precisely the kinds of concerns members of Congress have raised about a gun-smuggling operation known as Fast and Furious, in which agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed people suspected of being low-level smugglers to buy and transport guns across the border in the hope that they would lead to higher-level operatives working for Mexican cartels.

After the agency lost track of hundreds of weapons, some later turned up in Mexico; two were found on the United States side of the border where an American Border Patrol agent had been shot to death.


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