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Wanted! alleged white supremacists accused of shooting State prison Chief!

Colorado authorities suspect two white supremacists may have been involved in the fatal shooting of a state prison chief that answered the door to his house, only to be greeted with gunfire.


WANTED! The alleged White Supremacist!

The alleged white supremacists

The alleged white supremacists, 47-year-old James Franklin Lohr and 31-year-old Thomas James Guolee, are believed to be part of a prison gang called the 211 Crew, according to a Reuters report based on statements made by Lieutenant Jeff Kramer, a spokesman for Colorado’s El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

The murder victim, prison chief Tom Clements, was shot dead when he answered the door to his home located 45 miles from Denver on March 19. Judicial officials on Monday announced that Evan Spencer Ebel, a former convict and alleged member of the 211 Crew, was the main suspect involved in the shooting.

Due to a clerical mistake, Evans had been mistakenly released from prison in January, even though he had only served part of his sentence.

“It sounds like a horrific oversight,Pueblo County Commissioned Buffie McFadyen told AP, referring to the mistake that led to the man’s early release. “It’s tragic clerical error.”

After killing Clements, shooting a pizza delivery driver on March 17, and engaging in a roadside gun battle with Texas policemen on March 21, Ebel himself was found dead. His weapon, a 9 mm Smith & Wesson, was linked to the fatal shooting of Clements just two days earlier.

Police are now searching for Lohr and Guolee, who they believe might have been collaborating with Ebel in the death of the state’s corrections director last month, since phone records show both men communicating with Ebel in the hours leading up to the shooting. Both of the men were already wanted on warrants unrelated to the Clements murder.

“Because of the circumstances where you have violent folks who are willing to execute a DOC official, we don’t want to underestimate these guys,” Kramer told the Denver Post. Colorado investigators issued an alert Wednesday, warning law enforcement to be on the lookout for the two white supremacists that they believe to be armed and dangerous.

Authorities told USA TODAY that the men are not “suspects” of the white supremacist prison gang, but that they are “known associates”. They believe the men have fled the state and could be headed towards Texas or Nevada, based on unconfirmed reports about their whereabouts.

The white supremacist prison gang known as the 211 Crew is considered dangerous, and authorities are investigating whether leaders of the group ordered a hit on Clements. Benjamin Davis, founder of the 211 Crew, is currently serving 108 years in prison for a racketeering conviction, in addition to a 30-year prison sentence he received for a 1995 robbery and first-degree assault. An unnamed prosecutor told the Denver Post that Davis has been convicted with conspiracy to commit at least four assaults on various people. After authorities brought up his name in connection to the Clements murder investigation, he was placed in administrative segregation at the Buena Vista Correctional Complex.

Authorities are also investigating whether members of the 211 Crew had any involvement in the January 31 murder of Kaufman County assistant district attorney Mark Hasse, 57, who was shot and killed while exiting his vehicle on his way to work. Witnesses told local police that they saw two suspects leave the scene.

“Investigators are looking at a lot of different possibilities,” Kramer told AP in regards to the gang’s connection to the Clements murder. “We are not stepping out and saying it’s a hit or it’s not a hit. We’re looking at all possible motives.”

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James Holmes, 25, accused murderer at a Colorado Movie Theater in court!

The accused murderer at a Colorado Movie Theater can be subjected to tests with the “truth drug” if found having mental problems to avoid a harsh sentence, reported the local ABC station in Denver.

Colorado accused mass-murderer back in court!

Colorado accused mass-murderer back in court!

The trial judge, William Sylvester, warned today that if James Holmes, 25, claims insanity and plead not guilty, something that may happen tomorrow, must undergo a polygraph test or psychiatric examinations “narcoanalíticos” to determine whether he is lucid and lies.

The so-called “truth serum”, which is usually a barbiturate compound, helps the person to recall and in the case of Holmes can be used to determine if indeed the young man was unable to discern when he burst into a cinema in the town of Aurora during the premiere of the latest film “Batman” and killed 12 people and wounded 70 others.

The defense believes these techniques are unconstitutional and has criticized the laws of the State of Colorado for allowing them, and by not respecting medical confidentiality if the defendant claims mental illness.

The judge said that if Holmes is finally declared mentally ill, something that would allow detention to be much milder, he must meet all psychiatric analysis and questioning with “medically appropriate drugs.”

Holmes, who could face the death penalty, he planned the attack carefully and filled his apartment with booby traps in an apparent attempt to mislead the police and to act with impunity at the movie theater.

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Denver; 80 people arrested drug trafficking

80 people involved in drug trafficking arrested in Denver

80 people involved in drug trafficking arrested in Denver

More than 500 federal agents and local police participated in an operation today in the Denver metropolitan area which culminated in the arrest of 80 people suspected of bringing large quantities of drugs from Mexico to Colorado via California, reported federal prosecutors.

According to Attorney John Walsh, the operation was “the largest in the history of Denver” and allowed to seize 26 kilos of cocaine, a kilo of cocaine, “crack”, almost half a kilo of methamphetamine, over 400 thousand dollars in cash and 12 firearms, including two assault rifles.

Walsh said that in the operation involved agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and officers from several jurisdictions that are part of the Denver Metro Drug Enforcement Group and effective police departments Aurora and Denver.

“These combined actions allowed dismantle four distinct groups, but related,” Walsh said during a press conference in Aurora.

He said that investigations into this case began in December 2009 and ended recently when a special jury ruled seven counts of drug trafficking and other crimes against 97 people, of which 17 have not yet been arrested.

Most arrests were made in dozens of homes in Denver and surrounding areas, with no reported clashes or injuries. As a result of the arrests, 12 were under the care of child protective services.

The prosecutor reported that the drug entered from Mexico to California and then was transferred to Colorado. Although not revealed amounts, Walsh referred to “very substantial amounts” and “many kilos for the streets of Colorado.”

These drug trafficking activities were connected with a group of 25 gang members over the past two years committed at least 16 local bank robberies. The investigation of these assaults resulted in identification of many of those arrested today.

Because they face federal charges, the suspects could receive sentences of up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $ 10 million.

The official report does not provide names or nationalities of the detainees.

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