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College Spring-breakers should avoid Mexico at all costs!

spring breakers should avoid Mexico due to violence
spring breakers should avoid Mexico due to violence

Texas asks college spring breakers not to vacation in Mexico because of violence

Police joined a warning from the U.S. government to advise students to avoid visiting the country

AUSTIN, Texas, March 6. – The Texas Police on Tuesday added a warning from the U.S. government to advise students to avoid travel to Mexico during spring break.

The Department of Public Safety Texas bordering Mexico, issued the warning to American students who usually travel to Mexico for vacation-known as spring breakers, noting the continued presence of violence in Mexico.

Violence related to organized crime escalated in December 2006 when it began the government of President Felipe Calderon, who intensified the fight against drug cartels.

The U.S. State Department recommended last month the Americans against traveling to certain parts or all of the territory of 14 of the 31 states of Mexico. The travel warning is made larger than the United States since Mexico intensified the fight against organized crime in 2006.

The director of the Texas Public Safety, Steven McCraw, said the violence of Mexican drug cartels and other criminal acts constitute a significant threat to safety, even in some resorts.

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Mexican drug cartels control networks in Texas, USA, and recruit students!

Six of Seven cartels Control usa

Six of the seven Mexican drug cartels control networks established in Texas, USA, and recruit students from that state to engage in drug trafficking, people, cash and weapons , who perform on both sides of the border, said the Department of Public Safety Texas (DPS acronym in English).

In a statement, the DPS called on parents to Texas to talk to their children about the risks involved be hooked by these organizations not identified with their names.

The Mexican cartels have corrupted almost an entire generation of young people living in northern Mexico and seek to corrupt our youth, and expand their smuggling operations,” said DPS Director, Steven C. McCraw.

“The Mexican cartels Texans recognize teens for their ability to serve as disposable labor in different roles, and have unlimited resources to recruit our children,” McCraw warned.

It notes that these organized crime groups are “extremely violent, and who torture and kill thousands of people in Mexico and transnational criminal gangs used to carry out their operations” in both countries.

He claims that the Texas border region represents 9.7% of the state population, but then leave the 19.2% of juvenile arrests for drugs and 21.8% of those are associated with gangs.

He also mentions as an example that in a border county that does not identify juvenile crime over 25-under 17, according to state law, were arrested on drug charges in the past year.

“Last month, two teenagers in Texas were ‘lured’ to go to Mexico, where they were kidnapped, beaten, ransom and then released in a spider near the Rio Grande,” said the statement from the Department of Public Safety of Texas.

Tambipen reported last week a 12 year old child was arrested at another county border, who was driving a truck, “pickup” reported as stolen, which had been loaded with more than 800 pounds of marijuana, less than 400 kilos.


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