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Six of the eight cartels have Command networks in Texas!

The Mexican drug cartels are the biggest threat of organized crime in Texas, according to an intelligence report, released today which highlights the main risks to public safety entity.

Human trafficking at the Border“Six of the eight cartels currently have command and control networks operating in the state and move drugs and people into the United States while carrying cash, weapons and stolen vehicles into Mexico,” said the report.

The “Summary of Threats to Public Safety Texas 2013″, released by the Department of Public Safety (DPS), said to be a “top priority” in severely obstruct the scope and power of Mexican drug organizations.

“The impact of crime cartels is painfully obvious when we look at our neighbors in Mexico, with about 60,000 deaths since 2006 and continuing cases of brutal torture,” he said during the presentation of the report, DPS director Steve McCraw.

The report was based on information and perspectives of law enforcement, gathered from multiple national security agencies.

The report noted that state prison gangs are the second greatest threat of organized crime in Texas.

“Many gangs are now working directly with Mexican cartels, who earn substantial profits from drug trafficking,” he said.

“The prison gangs operating inside and outside the prison system, and are responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime,” he added.

The report said that “criminal aliens” who may not be affiliated with cartels or gangs, also pose a threat.

He said that “from October 2008 to December 2012, Texas has identified a total of 141,982 foreign nationals held in prisons throughout Texas.

“These individuals are responsible for at least 447,844 criminal offenses, including 32 murders and two to five thousand sexual assaults.

The report also warned that “criminal organizations and individuals are involved in the exploitation and trafficking of children for profit”, including extortion, forced labor, sexual assault and prostitution.

Topped that currently takes into Texas 76,272 registered sex offenders and at least 60,871 of these were as a child victim or child.

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Knights Templar Criminal Cartel 10 arrested

Detainees were involved in various killings, kidnappings and extortion, according to the state Department of Public Safety.

10 arrested in Guanajuato

10 arrested in Guanajuato

In a joint operation between the Attorney General of Guanajuato and the Public Security Ministry, were arrested 10 suspected members of the criminal group Knights Templar.

Secretary of State for Public Security, Alvar Cabeza de Vaca, said the detainees were involved in several killings, kidnappings and extortion in the cities of León, Silao, Guanajuato, Irapuato and Salamanca.

During the joint exercise they stopped the gang leader, identified as Ricardo Espinoza Gonzalez Bogar and / or Oscar Fernandez Campos and / or Suástegui Mauricio Correa, nicknamed “El Nino” and / or “Baby”, 25 years old.

During an interview, the official said that four months after entering the current acting state public administration, it has been dismantling 12 organized crime groups.

During the exercise carried out on Saturday five assault rifles AR-15, two 5.56 rifles and five handguns nine millimeter caliber were seized, also used vehicles to carry out their crimes and for drug sales and four safe houses.

Most of the detainees are from Morelia, Michoacan, identified as Jose Alfredo Guzman Villaseñor, nicknamed “Shorty”, 23, Santiago Hernandez Resendiz, “Jaime”, of 25, Salvador Andrade Méndez, “the Viejon”, 44, and Jose Luis Chavez Silva, “the Chelis” of 21. The leader Jesus Rodriguez also called “the Insane”, 23, Alejandro Nicolas Padilla Palomares, “the Pelon “, 30, Jose Francisco Silva,” Frank “, 28, Oscar Padilla Gómez,” the Jeton “, 30, and Bernardino Ayala, 37.

According to state prosecutors, these people are responsible for a series of extortions in the form of payment of dues or square, to the detriment of merchants and entrepreneurs from various fields, especially in the city of León.

In addition the activities related to the sale and distribution of drugs, participation is investigated several of them in the commission of multiple murders in Leon, Silao and Guanajuato.

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Seven policemen accused of joining the criminal organisation “Chalco”

He arrested the officials with a sniper rifle 308 mm, a 5.56 mm rifle, three pistols, not allowed for police

308 Sniper Rifle with scope

The Department of Public Safety (SSC) reported that the investigation continues around linking public safety officials and Chalco Chalco Valley with organized crime gangs, since they found high power weapons not authorized to municipal corporations.

The weapon [308 mm sniper rifle] was found in a vehicle the five officials of the municipal police in Valle de Chalco were traveling in, without registration and have the military could not verify the source.

Secretary of Public Safety, Salvador Neme Sastré news conference said that so far only seven of the 23 detainees elements of both corporations have criminal entry, the rest have been accused by the Attorney General that mexiquense conducted investigations to locate the source of the weapons found.

“The day the operation was implemented Olympus, was found unmarked private car they were traveling near the cluster near the parking lot, five members of the municipal police there is located a 308 mm sniper rifle, I would like to know what the police with a sniper rifle, but did not establish the property at the time the license or any item that could be given with respect to that gun and a 5.56 mm rifle, three pistols and 38 special caliber 3.57 that most do not corporations are accustomed to police. ”

Given the alleged complaint of the municipality of Valle de Chalco for theft of weapons and destruction, caused by the elements of the SSC, the official denied that he had registered a theft, but agreed they could register destruction and argued “goes, we were chasing murderers, kidnappers and we are pursuing even more hiding in plaque and in police uniform gives courage, but not a single shot, “he added.

Regarding weapons issued instructions said to keep track of these weapons have municipalities, as all should be welcomed to the same type of weapons.

In addition to reviewing the municipalities of Valle de Chalco Chalco and to determine if there are any missing or stolen weapons.

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farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

Fausto Vallejo discarded the idea of organ trafficking of the murdered children of Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan. – The murder of his children Arroyo and Jose Luis Rosales Yamileth Heredia is not related to organ trafficking. Here we don’t have ‘the organ trade, said the governor, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa.

This afternoon, the governor presided over the ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding of boarding Spain-Mexico, once completed, he spoke about the case to the Attorney General of the State and the Department of Public Safety share three hypotheses, which failed to reveal any results.

That is what citizens are demanding results, I have three reasons I have expressed both to the Public Security Office, but we have an obligation to be discreet so as not to hinder it.”

farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

The streets where they used to play are now occupied with coffins, hundreds of people are going to fire them, they leave flowers, candles or pray that their souls rest in peace in the afterlife with God, they are Jose Luis Gonzalez Arroyo are, Chepe and Yamilet Daniela Heredia Calderon, Yami, are children of Tenure Morelos, whose bodies were found Saturday in a water pipe.

The un-consolable parents with downcast eyes go from side to side in this sad funeral, they watch as people come and collecting his feeling that all this is like living a nightmare.

According to Scheme Agency, the people of tenure sympathize with the loss of Chepe and Yami, go to the wake and give the condolences to the bereaved, in a brotherly hug, a handshake that is translated as a gesture of encouragement. Chepe’s mother cries, no room for words, there is no way how to describe their suffering while sitting in a chair near the door of his house, with a bottom shelf where a photograph of his son now dead, surrounded by flowers and religious images, just laughs, Chepe’s voice when he played in that place has been supplied by silence for the pain. Yamilet’s parents, talk with their other family members are serious, they can not believe what happened while justice requires clarification of the case.

In irony, Farewell Street became precisely a farewell, a goodbye to the angels of the Morelos Holding, whose loss will always marked this population.

Daniel Heredia, Yamilet father, said of the prosecutors’ investigations: “Since my daughter was taken by a Group of kidnappers, Anti-Kidnapping was supporting us a lot, and it was very good work, the operation where they located my daughter was well orchestrated, there were plenty of staff, police, paramedics and dogs, now we just want to continue to investigate and clarify the case.”

Also, Leticia Solorio Garcia, Chepe’s aunt, said: “We lost children and came to find them as well, already dead, we want justice. You do not run this with impunity, what we want is that the police come to the end and discover the truth.” Today Tenure Morelos mourns for the loss of two of his children, whom their deaths surprised them in the prime of his childhood, Jose Luis, was four he disappeared from his home on May 11th of this month, while Daniela Yamilet was lost on the 30th of that month, she was five years old.

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Tultitlan- Alleged dealer of the Family arrested by the SSC

Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC

“The Teak” was identified as responsible for the sale and distribution of drugs in the town of Tultitlan, SCC seized an assault rifle and a submachine gun

Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC
Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC


Salvador Neme Sastré, head of the Department of Public Safety (SSC) of the State of Mexico, announced in his account Twitter @ NemeSSC information on the arrest of Juan Luis “N” “N”, aka “Teak” 21 years of age and alleged drug dealer of the criminal organizationLa Familia Michoacana . “

“There is a 21-year old detainee nicknamed” Teak “who claims to work for # LaFamilia and distributes drugs in the region,” said Neme Sastré.

In a statement, the agency reported that the subject was logged in a home located in the Barrio Nativitas Tultitlán municipality where SCC seized an assault rifle and a AR-15 submachine gun 9 mm, two magazines and 66 cartridges of both types gauge, plus 39 envelopes containing marijuana.

The suspect was identified as a member of the criminal organization to monitor who conducted the sale and distribution of drugs in the region.

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TOLUCA, Caen seven alleged kidnappers of La Familia Michoacana arrested

During an operation in the municipality of Otzolotepec, the Department of Public Safety was able to rescue two hostages who were entrepreneurs

Elements of the Public Safety Secretariat (SSC) rescued two kidnapped businessmen and said seven suspected members of a cell of La Familia Michoacana criminal group in the municipality of Otzolotepec.

The incident occurred in the Villa Cuauhtemoc, where the suspects were confronted with elements of the military and for those injured Avelino Ignacio Santana, aka “El Tigre“, 26 and identified as the leader of the group.

During the intervention of members of the SSC were arrested Ezequiel Hernandez Sanchez, 23, Victor Vicente Ignacio, 35, Omar Ortiz Hernandez, 23, Jose Alberto Davila Aguirre, 20, Luis Lemus Raymundo Juarez, alias “the Seven”, 32, and Marlene Viridiana Rodriguez Gonzalez, 19.

In the operation were released two men of 46 and 43, respectively, nightclubs entrepreneurs who were deprived of their liberty in recent days and remained in captivity in a safe house while negotiating his release.

The detainees were seized a gray Chevrolet Cavalier vehicle plates MHL 1294, and two firearms, a .38 caliber super, a .22 caliber rounds of ammunition and 42 mm .38 caliber and .9 millimeter and three magazines and a bulletproof vest.

Also eight mobile teams, two chips, a hundred doses of drugs with characteristics of crack cocaine and two packs a herb like marijuana, items that will be made available to the officer concerned.

Ignacio Santana, who was shot, was admitted to a hospital under police guard.

According to victims, how to operate the cell was first required to pay a fee called “dues” and if they refused to cooperate, they were deprived of liberty to demand payment for the rescue.

The SSC encourages citizens to recognize if the modus operandi of the criminal cell or identify any of the members of the criminal cell, come to report to authorities.

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MONTERREY; Drugs sold through social networks

Social network
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The young man offered them through social networks like Facebook and Messenger, was arrested by authorities in the municipality of Guadalupe

February 18. – A young man who sold drugs through social networks like Facebook and Messenger was arrested by authorities in the municipality of Guadalupe.

An anonymous complaint was what led to the arrest of this person, who had his home at 145 Avenue of Plutarco Elias Calles, in the division Azteca.

As reported, members of the Department of Public Safety identified the young man, who was arrested along with six others.

The defendant was Alan Garcia Torres, 22 years old, who was six months working on the distribution of the drug. The boy’s mother called: Yolanda Garcia Torres, 45, was also captured.

The detainees were seized with: a bag with a kilo of marijuana, two pills, opium gum, several phones and 830 thousand pesos in cash.

The alleged accomplices of the drug dealer are: Roberto Villanueva Torres, age 23, Jorge Gonzalez Ledezma. Of 30, Aaron Osiel Alpuche Contreras, 23, Noah Diaz de Leon Rodolfo Pedraza, 25 and Daniel Trevino Jose Zavala, 27 were also made available to appropriate authorities

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