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Ten people Executed in the port of Acapulco over the weekend

For more than a year the group The Sweeper an Independent Acapulco Cartel has been in a battle for control of the square


Ten people Executed in the port of Acapulco

Ten people Executed in the port of Acapulco

CHILPANCINGO– At least ten people were killed in various violent acts in the last few hours in the resort city of Acapulco, Guerrero. Sources state that the Attorney reported that last night and until noon today we found the bodies of 9 men and women in different parts of Acapulco. 

The body of the woman was found earlier today around 2:00 AM local time on a road near this city. Authorities say she was approximately 20 years old, but her identity is unknown.

Two more dismembered bodies were found this morning also by the Municipal Police of Acapulco.  The report noted that they were found in Colonia La Maquina de Acapulco and the two heads and limbs of the dead were lying on the ground . 

On Saturday morning in the same colony two men were shot and killed near a basketball court. The other five bodies were found with gunshot wounds in different parts of the resort the city. 

For more than a year the group called The Sweeper and Independent Acapulco Cartel (CIDA) are in a battle for control of drug sales in the square. Both groups belonged to drug lord Edgar Valdez Villarreal, was arrested by Mexican authorities in 2010. 

The governor Angel Aguirre Rivero maintains that a major operation with police forces and federal police in all areas normally attends national and international tourism, but in the periphery of the population is constantly demanding more security.

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Is the noose closing on El Chapo, and El Lazca?

which is trying to stop Joaquin El Chapo Guzman , others say it was a clash between people of Chapo and Beltran Leyva

Thomas Gisby, a Canadian killed last Friday night in Nuevo Vallarta, was not just a tourist. In fact, he was the head of one of the two major bands (cartels call them here) that control drug trafficking in Canada, the Dhak, faced with the Hells Angels, who is headed by David McDonald . This news is important not only for the fact itself, but because it serves, once again, to show how great the drug trade transcends borders, but also because it allows you to locate two forms of violence that respond to two distinct phenomena: a hand, the struggle and clashes between the large cartels and, on the other, the local gang fight not a stretch of the border and territory, but a corner, a street, a neighborhood or a school, not engaged in large drug trafficking but the drug dealing, kidnapping, extortion, theft.

Gisby was killed because he was a partner in a major drug cartel in Mexico. His death was addressed with a clear objective. It is also interesting in another context: the fighting in Choix, Sinaloa in the north, and the party in Monclova, Coahuila, which stood in the musical group Banda Jerez, and the party allegedly escaped Heriberto Lazcano , The Lazca , head of Los Zetas .


It has been said, without being able to confirm the information, which is trying to stop Joaquin El Chapo Guzman , others say it was a clash between people of Chapo and Beltran Leyva and, speaking with the Army, widespread fighting. The truth is that it appears that, for the deployment of force and violence, if it was not Shorty, it had to be one of the top leaders of that organization, both because of where the events occurred, in the Golden Triangle, the land that Guzman Loera controls, and the magnitude of the fighting. The fact is that until yesterday and after nearly four days of fighting, the dead totaling at least 27 people.

In the case of Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of Los Zetas, was about to be arrested in a way that reminds us what happened to his partner, Arturo Beltran Leyva , who in December 2010 ran away from an inn which was organizing La Barbie , Edgar Valdez Villarreal , in Cuernavaca, where even the musician was arrested Ramon Ayala , but following the trail left by then, allowed the security forces swoop in a few days later in the same city, in an apartment building.

Murders like Gisby, given hits like Choix or in Monclova, which confirm something that looks like the U.S. government: the big cartels have suffered very severe blows in recent months and intelligence work, involving also other countries, is rounding up its leaders have had to replace its main operators, lower-level people, under pressure and dismantle their networks.

You may wonder then why it has not affected the reduction of violence in certain regions. And the answer is not the case because, first, these criminal groups are active, have stocked drugs for the drug dealing business and high-powered weapons, and gangs who live and operate in many cities, and there are those that could not be controlled by local police. Second, the difficulties of the operations have turned also to other businesses, feeding themselves with gangs, such as theft of gold and silver yesterday.

The reduction rates of violence and insecurity may not have very significant reductions, but the siege against the major drug lords, who remain at large, as we have said many times in this space, is closing.

Refineries and businesses

When Lopez Obrador or some of his followers speak of building new refineries and investing billions in them, they would have to remember that just made the U.S. airline Delta: Delta bought a Conoco refinery to produce all the fuel oil that they need for their aircraft and the surplus market. The refinery will cost, just a hundred million dollars, which is what they are being worth refineries, many of them unused in the United States.

The oil business is refining, but in the extraction and marketing of crude oil. It offers no refineries worldwide: what Delta did Pemex could do by paying a sum of infinitely small that it would cost to design and build new refineries, with very high profits for the company and the country. But here we are politically correct and that choice, they have already made several very important business, it is always discarded.

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Acapulco, capture of Victor Manuel Rivera Galeana, “Victor El Gordo”,

Captured Victor Manuel Rivera Galeana!
Captured Victor Manuel Rivera Galeana!

In a recent  press conference and presentation Mexico‘s Federal Police announced the capture of Victor Manuel Rivera Galeana, “Victor El Gordo“, a co-founder and top operator of the La Barredora criminal organization.

La Barredora and CIDA (Cartel Indpendiente de Acapulco) are the two ultra-violent, local criminal organizations locked in a vicious battle for control of the retail drug market, extortion and kidnapping in Acapulco, Guerrero, one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations and now one of the country’s bloodiest cities.

Rivera Galeana, 35 years old and a native of Acapulco, was captured in Edomex (the state of Mexico that borders Mexico City).

This is the second arrest of a top La Barredora operator within the past month. Christian Hernández Tarín, “El Chris”, another co-founder of La Barredora, was arrested on the 18th of October.

Jair Sosa Carbajal, “El Cremas”, the third co-founder and leader of La Barredora, remains at large.

La Barredora is thought to be largely responsible for the extortion and kidnapping threats to Acapulco’s school teachers that have paralyzed the city’s schools.

La Barredora’s rival, CIDA, has also been hard hit by arrests and attacks from La Barredora and is believed to have joined forces with Hector Beltran Leyva‘s Cartel del Pacifico Sur and Los Zetas.

La Barredora was originally a faction of CIDA that broke away in late 2010. Both gangs are composed of drug dealers and sicarios from cells once loyal to both Sergio Villarreal Barragan, “El Grande” and Édgar Valdez Villarreal, “La Barbie”, former top lieutenants in the Beltran Leyva Organization.

Acapulco, a city of aproximately 800,000 inhabitants, has suffered 746 murders from January to the end of August, 2011, according to figures released by the Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Publica (SNSP), a federal government agency responsible for the coordination of law enforcement policy.

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Acapulco, young woman and young man caught with ice chest, containing human remains!




In Acapulco, meanwhile, federal police said they caught a young woman and a young man as they were getting out of a car near a shopping mall with an ice chest that contained a decapitated head and other human remains. Police had followed them because the car matched the description in a kidnapping report.

Inside the vehicle, police said, they found another head inside another ice chest.

Police officers discovered the bound bodies of the victims in a car near Acapulco two hours after the arrest.

Federal police said 19-year-old Damaris Gomez leads a group if killers working for “the street sweeper” gang. The 21-year-old man riding with her is an alleged hit man, police said.

The local gang has been fighting the Independent Cartel of Acapulco for control of the coast city since the 2010 arrest of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, known as “La Barbie.” He is accused of being a drug capo for the Beltran Leyva cartel

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has deployed federal police officers to the port city to curb drug violence.

In the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas, police found the dismembered bodies of four men in bits scattered around the city.

Prosecutors spokesman Arturo Sandoval said police first found two heads and parts of two bodies at street corner in the southern part of the city, along with a handwritten message saying “To the New Juarez cartel, keep recruiting, we’re waiting for you.”

The New Juarez Cartel is a group that recently appeared, and which accuses authorities of favoring the Sinaloa cartel, which is fighting a bloody turf battle against local gangs for control of Ciudad Juarez.

The other victims’ remains were found scattered elsewhere in the city later in the day.

Amid continuing reports about the operation of U.S. intelligence officers in Mexico, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City issued a statement Tuesday saying that “in accordance with Mexican law, the U.S. government does not carry out law enforcement operations in Mexico. That is a job for Mexican authorities.”

The U.S. statement noted that “we closely cooperate with Mexican authorities in that effort, in full respect for Mexico’s sovereignty and Mexican law, for the mutual benefit of our two counties and our shared goals. The U.S. government does this by providing equipment and training, and by sharing information.”

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Adrian Ramirez Soria “El Hongo” captured

Siria Adrian Ramirez, "El Hongo"

Siria Adrian Ramirez, "El Hongo"

Adrian Ramírez Soria
Apelativos: El H. o El Hongo
Edad: 38
Señas Particulares: ESTATURA: 1.65 metros, COMPLEXIÓN: Robusta, TEZ: Moreno claro, PELO: Lacio, parado, CEJAS: Depiladas, OJOS: Cafés, chicos, BOCA: Chica, LABIOS: Gruesos, NARIZ: Ancha
Delitos: Se sabe que este grupo delictivo, tomo el control del mercado de drogas y estupefacientes, y se les relaciona por lo menos con siete homicidios.
Organización Delictiva: El Cartel del Centro
Zonas de Operación: Ecatepec, Coacalco, Naucalpan y Cuautitlán.
Buscado por: PGJ-Estado de México

Soria Adrian Ramirez, “El Hongo”, alleged leader of the Central Cartel, was arrested Thursday by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) in the Municipality of Tecámac. According to the agency, the capture of the suspected drug trafficker was with 10 of his bodyguards, in the town of Ojo de Agua.

“El Hongo”, 38 yrs old, was the rival of “La Mano con Ojos“, who were fighting for control of drug sales in Mexico City in Tlalpan, Magdalena Contreras, Naucalpan, Tlalnepantla, Cuautitlán Izcalli, Ecatepec, Huixquilucan y Coacalco.

Oscar Oswaldo Garcia Montoya, “La Mano con Ojos”, in his declaration mentioned that Soria is linked to Carlos Ramirez Alejandro El Ricalde, who once worked as a municipal police in Huixquilucan.

In the operation to arrest “El Hongo”, not a single shot was fired, despite the fact that the criminals had drugs and weapons. Soria Ramírez remains in Toluca under strict security, his criminal organization is linked to at least 10 homicides in the State of Mexico, including two murders of municipal police.

A gun was seized with the letter “H” engraved in gold, it was reported by the unit of investigation that the Central Cartel was formed following the capture of Carlos Montemayor “El Charro”, father in law of Edgar Valdez Villareal “La Barbie” captured last year by the Federal Police.

 The arrest of La Barbie split the group led by Garcia Montoya and José Jorge Balderas Garza, “JJ” the aggressor of the soccer player Salvador Cabanas. After the arrest of “JJ”, Soria Ramirez was at the head of the criminal structure that allegedly corrupted local and state police of the State of Mexico.

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bodies of seven men were found tied up like dogs in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

On Sunday, at around 0200 hours, the bodies of seven men were found tied up like dogs in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. The general public travelling on the Boulevard next to a bustop were terrified when they saw the pile of bodies and immediately notified the police.

The victims bore visible signs of being tortured and appeared to have wounds consistent with gunshots. The men had their feet tied to a pole with a rope, some were nude and over their bodies were large signs with messages that were allegedly signed by Los Caballeros Templarios. The content of the message was not made public and the identity of the victims was not yet known.

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U.S.-born drug trafficking suspect “La Barbie” has gone on a hunger strike!

Image of Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez

Image via Wikipedia

Edgar Valdez Villarreal

Edgar Valdez Villarreal

The U.S.-born drug trafficking suspect known as “La Barbie” has gone on a hunger strike at the high-security prison in Mexico where he awaits extradition to the United States because authorities are denying him conjugal visits over discrepancies in his partner’s documents, authorities say.

Edgar Valdez Villarreal, a 38-year-old Texas native known as “La Barbie” for his fair looks, has not eaten prison-prepared food since Oct. 2, authorities said.

He is still receiving food and cleaning products that inmates are able to buy inside the Altiplano prison in the central state of Mexico, the federal public safety ministry
said in a statement released Thursday (link in Spanish).

The statement comes after a brother of the suspected drug-trafficker told the San Antonio Express-News that Valdez stopped eating on Sept. 26 over conditions at Altiplano. Abel Valdez said his brother went on a hunger strike out of fear that prison authorities are setting him up to be killed by other inmates by spreading a rumor that he is a snitch.

Veronica Peñuñuri, spokeswoman for the federal public safety ministry, said the allegations had no merit. “La Barbie” chose to stop eating the prison’s cafeteria food after his petition for a conjugal visit with an unnamed woman was tripped up due to discrepancies in copies of her birth certificate, Peñuñuri told The Times.

The woman’s documents showed locations of birth in three places: Acapulco, in Guerrero state, Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas, and Laredo, Texas, where “La Barbie” was born.

“This is done with all inmates,” Peñuñuri said. “All that is happening is that we are determining where she was born so that she can enter.”

Valdez’s health is not in danger and he is being monitored by prison doctors, she added.

“La Barbie,” accused of running an ultra-violent enforcement arm of the Beltran-Leyva cartel, was arrested in August 2010.

He sparked intrigue among drug-war observers for sporting a sly grin when Mexican authorities presented him in a customary media event. One theory that circulated at the time suggested that Valdez, as a U.S. citizen, was expecting to become a protected witness for U.S. authorities in exchange for a lighter sentence if convicted.

He faces multiple drug trafficking charges in Texas and Louisiana.

More than a year later, Valdez has not been extradited and remains behind bars in Mexico. His brother told the San Antonio paper this week that “La Barbie” is being set up by prison authorities who are spreading rumors about Valdez to other inmates.

“They’re using tactics to keep my brother’s mouth shut because he knows too much,” Abel Valdez told the Express-News.

The suspected trafficker’s lawyers also allege that they’re not given access to their client.

“La Barbie” — a former high school football player in Laredo — also became an unexpected fashion icon after he was presented to the media wearing the clothes he was wearing when captured: a pine-green Ralph Lauren polo shirt with “London” on the front.

These shirts — or more precisely, large quantities of knock-off versions — have since become hot-selling items in the notorious Tepito market of downtown Mexico City and other dense streets where vendors hawk pirated goods, raising concern among Mexican officials about the rise of “narco-fashion”

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