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Alfredo Cesar Meza García, alias “El Tacks”, extradicted to USA

The Department of Justice United States today announced the first extradition of a significant drug trafficker by the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Alfredo Cesar Meza García, alias "El Tacks", identified as lieutenant of the Tijuana cartel

Alfredo Cesar Meza García, alias “El Tacks”, identified as lieutenant of the Tijuana cartel

Alfredo Cesar Meza García, alias “El Tacks”, identified as lieutenant of the Tijuana cartel, was extradited to San Diego, where he faces charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

The Federal Attorney in the California region bordering Mexico extradited is reported that the leader of a cell of 19 drug dealers to whom a grand jury brought charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine.

Garcia Meza, 38 years old, faces a minimum sentence of five years imprisonment and maximum of life imprisonment. Also have to pay a fine of $ 10 million, according to judicial sources.

Duffy thanked the government of Mexico and said that drug trafficking is one of the greatest threats to the United States.

The attorney said that the extradition of Garcia Meza means “a step towards the safety of our communities on both sides of the border.”

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Hezbollah Muslim extremist setting up on Mexican soil

Expert sees challenges for the new government, from Muslim extremists who are strengthening in areas where corruption reigns

Muslim extremists setting up operations in Mexico!

Muslim extremists setting up operations in Mexico!

MEXICO CITY, The “violence” and “chronic corruption” in Mexico have attracted the presence of Muslim extremist organization Hezbollah and other transnational criminal groups, said a text of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA Council Hemispheric Affairs).

Signed by JT Larrimore research associate, the text said that “a number of arrests coupled to the discovery of an international scheme of money laundering in Mexico, has led some to claim that Hezbollah has established a presence in the country”, but accepted that “their presence is still questioned.”

Coha said the “footprint” of the group in Mexico is “still relatively light.”

But at the same time is “an indication of the level of insecurity in the country operates daily.”

The document warned that “a high rate of corruption accompanied by a lucrative drug trade perpetually threatens to stifle the desire of Mexico to overcome its reputation as a haven for transnational criminal and terrorist organizations.”

In its conclusions, the text said that the new Mexican government has promised several ambitious reforms to relieve certain problematic sectors of the economy “and said that although several are legitimate,” others seem designed to fail in its attempt to address fundamental questions about the instability. “

Challenge the new government

The article Coha considered based on “political traditions deeply rooted in Mexico”, it is “critical obstacles for President Enrique Peña Nieto achieve their goals.”

The researcher said in this regard that “the president should attract foreign investment that can not be sustained unless the remnants of the war on drugs are contained.

“Achieving this task will be a difficult task for the new government but is an initiative that the administration (Peña Nieto) must confront and successfully achieve.”

According to COHA, however, the framework of operations for Hezbollah is ideally given the group’s history of operating in areas where they are present high levels of corruption. “

Coha is a liberal group analysis established in 1975 by Larry Birns, an academic specializing in Latin America.

Its called “research associates” are usually college interns supervised by professional analysts.

Always according Coha-who based their analysis on press reports and official reports, “Mexico, with its half-decade of increasing drug activity, presents conditions similar to those Latin American regions and is believed to have ties to Hezbollah.

“These regions suffer from bouts of instability and are afflicted with high levels of corruption and a lucrative drug trade.”

The report stated that the presence of the Muslim organization in Mexico is “a topic of conversation between politicians and security experts” in addition to several arrests and a number of allegations “strengthen the argument that Hezbollah acts in the country.”

In his briefing, Coha recalled that last May 5, 2012 Jamal Yousef, a former member of the Syrian army, pleaded guilty in U.S. court to conspiring to provide weapons to a “Colombian terrorist organization” in exchange for cocaine.


According to court documents “weapons used for the transaction were stolen from Iraq and were stored by an operator of Hezbollah in Mexico.”

On 23 June this year Ayman Joumaa, described as “Hezbollah associate,” was accused in federal court of the northern neighbor of “conspiring” to distribute narcotics and engaging in potential money laundering.

According to the indictment, he and his accomplices introduced drugs from Colombia to Mexico to Los Zetas and the proceeds would be sent and “washed” around the world.

Subsequently, business would be placed in accounts belonging to Hezbollah.

In September 2012, U.S. authorities arrested three suspected Muslim organization operatives hiding in Mexico.

“One was a Lebanese Raffic Labboun name, naturalized U.S. citizen, who was regarded as the leader of Hezbollah operations in San Francisco, California.

“However (Labboun) fled to Mexico after being released from prison in the U.S. for fraud linked to the terrorist organization”, appropriated the text of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs.

Signs light up red flags

Last September, the INM warned that Labboun Rafic was arrested, an alleged member of the terrorist group.

When Labboun Allaboun was arrested five others living in the subdivision of Francisco de Montejo, west of the capital, were also detained, but only two were arrested while four of them had papers.

The arrests occurred before the  immigration alert was enacted by the U.S. embassy in Mexico.

Labboun Allaboun was found with documents and a passport which identified him as a citizen of Belize by the name of Dick Wilhelm.

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Seven bodies found dismembered in Torreon

The remains were found in plastic bags inside an abandoned farm in the colony Bishopric

The dismembered bodies of seven men were found today in the city of Torreón, Coahuila, authorities said.

The commander of the investigative division of the state police reported that at 02:00 local time (08:00 GMT) the remains were found inside an abandoned farm.

English: CARTAGENA/COLOMBIA, 7 APRIL 2010 - En...

Welcome Mr President!

Early reports indicate that after an anonymous report, investigators discovered the bodies in the colony Bishopric.

“There were seven male trunks and different body parts like hands, arms, legs and feet and heads, six black plastic bags,” the source said.

The bodies were taken to the forensic facilities of the corporation to carry out the surveys of law, the authority said.

Two other bodies were located in different areas of the city streets; two men dead, ages about 22 and 30, allegedly killed by firearms, according to the command.

The city of Torreon has been controlled in recent years by the organized crime group Los Zetas, but the dispute over the territory by the Sinaloa cartel has unleashed multiple clashes between the two bands.

The creation of a national program for the prevention of crime in order to combat the wave of insecurity with comprehensive measures, was placed first in a series of immediate actions announced yesterday the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, in his first address to the nation shortly after taking over as head of state.

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The 37 most wanted criminals in Mexico

Mexico‘s navy on Thursday presented the top leader of the Gulf Cartel, Jorge Eduardo “El Coss” Costilla

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Mexico’s navy on Thursday presented the top leader of the Gulf Cartel, Jorge Eduardo El Coss Costilla, one of the most wanted drug lords and whose detention is seen as an outstanding victory against crime organized.

Costilla was arrested without a struggle Wednesday afternoon during an operation in the port of Tampico, Tamaulipas, where cartel region is active and is the scene of bloody clashes against its former armed wing Los Zetas, now become bloodthirsty.

The arrest came after the Navy troops chased a vehicle with armed men entered a home where he was the drug lord.

In his presentation to the media at a Navy installation in Mexico City, El Coss , populated black eyebrows and a frown, was guarded by two lions and wore body armor.

The arrest comes after last week that the Navy captured another of the leaders of the criminal organization, Mario El Gordo Cárdenas Guillén, brother of the historic leader of the Gulf Cartel, Osiel Cardenas was arrested in 2003 and extradited to the U.S. in 2007.

Costilla was an enemy of the Cardenas family.

Bloody war and the top 37

Costilla ranks high on a list of 37 wanted drug lords that the Mexican government published in 2009 and had a bounty of 30 million pesos (2.3 million) who could provide information for their capture. Over 20 kingpins on that list have been captured or killed.

Vergara said Costilla is involved in at least two investigations of Mexican authorities and is required by a federal court in Texas, while the Justice Department offered up to U.S. $ 5 million for information leading to his capture.

With his arrest, the Gulf cartel appears increasingly weak and bloody turf wars for control of the northeastern border with Texas now intensify, analysts say.

This could be a headache for the next president, Enrique Peña Nieto, who takes office in December. Peña is committed to quickly reduce the number of executions.

Since Calderon took office in December 2006 have been recorded in the country more than 55,000 deaths related to drug violence.

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USA the largest consumer of Drugs in the world!

Ensures that its main objective is the safety of Mexicans, in combating crime. Rejects the concept of “war”

Ivonne Melgar


USA the largest consumer of Drugs in the world! says the Mexican President Felipe Calderon

Vladivostok, Russia, September 9. – President Felipe Calderon said the drug problem in Mexico is that “America is the largest consumer of drugs in the world.”

In an interview with Russian Television, while participating in the APEC forum, the president said that “it has brought a fateful consequence to Mexico and other nations. If America consume far less drugs, we would have far fewer problems. “

He noted that the term “war on drugs” he does not like, “because my main goal is not drugs. What I want for Mexico is a state of law, a place where the law is enforced, which is enforced and where families are safe. “

He acknowledged that the problem of violence due to territorial control of criminal gangs, now not only exported to America, but seek to place their goods in Latin America, which leads them “to a struggle for territorial control”, generating more violence .

“Difficult, being a neighbor of the U.S.”

The President spoke on the Russian television that if the U.S. consume less drugs “we would have less problems”

President Felipe Calderon took up the phrase of Porfirio Diaz “Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States” to recognize that the relationship with its northern neighbor is complicated and that “it is a problem that live next to the biggest drug consumer in the world and everyone wants to sell drugs through your door or in your window. “

He said his priority is not to eliminate drugs, but to create safe conditions for families, for the problem of drug trafficking in Mexico is that “America is the largest consumer of drugs in the world.”

“If the United States consumed far less drug, we would have far less problems,” he said.

In an interview with Russian Television (Russian Television ) broadcast yesterday, the Federal Executive hoped that Enrique Peña Nieto will have a general government will continue with the tasks in this administration pushed.

“On security, he has said he will support efforts to modernize the institutions and combating organized crime, I hope so,” said the president to the question about what direction the country will take the next presidential relay 1 December.

He argued that such continuity expected because “Mexicans rest day that police have reliable when banish corruption in general, but particularly of the police forces and prosecutors and judges. And in that sense is the biggest challenge. “

Asked about the proximity to the United States, Calderon said he had “a very good relationship” with his counterpart staff Barack Obama, even though he admitted that the link has always been and will be historically complex between the two governments.

The President described as “complicated and sometimes tense” relations between Mexico and the United States.

“There was a President over a hundred years ago that had a phrase that became famous and say, ‘Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States’. I think, however, that the very proximity to the U.S., it does bring a complexity of problems, also brought us very clear benefits, it’s just a great economic advantage, at least, have the world’s largest market, the greater consumer in the world right on your doorstep “, said input.

Then, it is also assumed that the relationship entails complications in the field of migration and security.

“It is also a problem living next to the largest consumer of drugs in the world and everyone wants to sell drugs through your door or your window, and that the relationship becomes more complicated. However, we have established a constructive relationship, at least in my government, to address these problems together, “he noted.

The President expressed confidence that the U.S. electoral balance in November will not change its relationship with the government of Mexico, as happened before.

“Because there are always temptations everywhere election, parties always incur unfortunate decisions, please him suddenly to a sector that supports them,” he warned.

Felipe Calderón recalled that in the past, during the elections of the neighboring country, it was the case that if any agricultural sector had problems, sought to put political protection trade barriers against Mexico.

He noted that the Federal Executive, in the current electoral process, “fortunately these temptations have not yet been expressed.”

He expressed his expectation that this may not express these behaviors. “I do not want to intervene in the future of a decision that applies only to Americans, but I do hope that this relationship matures, co between Mexico and the United States, continue after the elections.”

Calderon also made an assessment of the social actions that prompted management to raise the quality of life of Mexicans, and concluded that this resulted in the reduction of emigrating to the United States. He said that this trend also helped the country’s economic recession.

Throughout the interview, the President stressed the idea that drug trafficking is one of the main causes in the fact that the United States “is the largest consumer of drugs in the world, and that has brought a fateful consequence for Mexico and other nations. “

Regarding the pending changes that Mexico needs, said reforms are needed, particularly well in the labor field and reducing corruption.

What’s next for Mexico?

“That’s a good question for my successor. Well, I hope that to be successful, the truth, beyond our ideological differences, Mexico requires that each stage of its history results in success, and who govern have the support, at least in substance, to address the big issues national. “

Ensures that ended his political career

Ten weeks of concluding his term, President Felipe Calderon said yesterday the Russian TV : “I’ve arrived at the end of the road, in a political career.”

Asked by journalist Jelena Millincic about his immediate future, the federal Executive expressed his expectation to live many years. He joked that with the help of medical science would like to reach the centennial, and outlined several activities they devote their time after December 1.

He spoke of his pending reads and how much he cares now devote their three teenage children (Mary, Luis Felipe and Juan Pablo), and their interest in the academy and the role of public policy advisor.

Calderon said in its response that the policy will remain part of their exercise of citizenship, a vision he learned from his father since childhood.

He defined politics as a service activity, being aimed at the common good.

“So I hope as a citizen to make policy that manages the common good and in that sense will keep working for Mexico,” forward.

He explained that in the country as “no reelection, presidents and we cannot reelect, or within six, 12 or 18 years, so I already got that way down the road to a political career. That (the President) is the highest office to which they can aspire. “

Calderón recalled that in August reached its half century of life. “And I intend to live another 50 more, and I live them well, or at least close, I hope that science can give us the opportunity to extend our lifespan.”

While said it would seek a life intense, the Federal Executive said: “I do not know exactly what I will do.”

Calderón traveled to this city on the Russian border with Asia, the last station of the Trans-Siberian Railway, to participate in the Forum of the 21 economies with access to the Pacific.

The president called it passes through Los Pinos as “a wonderful experience”.

The President also aired his plans to combine professional and family activities:

“I hope I’m probably in the academy for a while, writing, teaching, and reading. I have read many books. And being a little closer to my children (…) are becoming teenagers and I have to be very close to them. “

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US anti-drug cooperation will continue with whoever wins elections in Mexico

English: Felipe Calderón, president of Mexico....

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US anti-drug cooperation will continue with whoever wins elections in Mexico

The U.S. government said he did not foresee changes in military strategy against organized crime adopted by Felipe Calderon

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22. – The U.S. government said today that cooperation with Mexico will remain unchanged in the war on drugs, whoever wins the presidential elections in July in that country, while drug violence has been the focus of several congressional leaders.

The fight against drugs in Mexico, since December 2006, has claimed the lives of some 50,000 people in that country, and is a key part of bilateral relations, but has also been a source of friction between the two countries.

However, neither human rights organizations, nor the Washington government and analysts expect changes in military strategy adopted by President Felipe Calderon.

“Since late 1990, Mexico has undergone a major political developments after seventy years of being ruled by a single party. It is a profound change and that we have welcomed,” said William Ostick, a spokesman for the Department of State.

“The interests and American values are the same as in Mexico: a free and fair election decided by the Mexican people. Look forward to working closely with the Mexican government, led by the political party chosen by the Mexicans,” he said Ostick.

For lack of better options on the table, none of the presidential candidates in Mexico has explained what changes would you make in the current strategy, nor have they indicated whether long-term would, for example, more room for maneuver for the agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on Mexican soil.

The candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Enrique Peña Nieto, who leads polls ahead of elections next July 1, leans in favor of a gradual withdrawal of the military displaced in 14 of the 31 states, but has not offered a timetable for achieving it.

“Whoever is elected in Mexico will largely continue the current strategy, but the next president may seek a greater focus on strengthening institutions and prosecuting the most violent groups,” said Andrew Selee Efe, director of Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

“The general policy will not change, but may change the way it is applied there,” said the expert.

During a hearing last week, Arizona Sen. John McCain, questioned the commitment of “at least one candidate” to continue the fight against drug traffickers, but declined to say whether he was referring to Peña Nieto.

Through the Merida Initiative, a regional security initiative, 400 million, U.S. aid to Mexico to fight the drug cartels to prevent a “contagion” of drug violence in its territory.

Last Thursday, during a ceremony in Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso (Texas), Calderón again requested U.S. assistance to curb the flow of arms to his country, which nourishes “the terrible violence” afflicting the country.

“No more weapons to Mexico (No more weapons to Mexico),” Calderon cried in English, after a ceremony where he witnessed the destruction of nearly seven thousand weapons, including assault rifles and grenades, seized organized crime.

The Spanish group President of Congress, Charlie A. Gonzalez said today that in the next two weeks will review with representatives of the various proposals Mexican presidential candidates in the drug war in Mexico.

“They asked us to submit proposals and recommendations. I do not know how different can be a focus (of the war on drugs) than it has been doing the government of Felipe Calderon … whoever is in front of the next government will have to get the full support of the Mexican people, their commitment, their participation, “he said.

In these ideas Mexicans “are those who risk their personal safety. The task is not easy. The United States must be a partner, an ally and we have to find how we can help the Mexican people to engage in their own future, “stressed the Texas legislature.

Without giving details, Gonzalez said the meetings will be held in Texas.

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El Chabelo”, was arrested with ten other alleged gang members!

Mexican forces have captured an alleged high-ranking leader of the Zetas drug cartel gang after a shoot-out which had left at least nine people dead.

The suspected leader, known as “El Chabelo”, was arrested with ten other alleged gang members after several days of co-ordinated police and military operations.

El Chabelo is believed to have been in charge of several cities in the northern Nuevo Leon region.
In a separate development, the Mexican military has freed 61 men being held captive and forced to work for a drug gang in a violent northern border city.

The army said on Sunday that the men were found in a safe house in Piedras Negras on Saturday.

English: The Merida Initiative, a U.S. Counter...
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Soldiers made the discovery during a security sweep in the area that also turned up an abandoned truck filled with 6 tons of marijuana.

A statement said one of the captive men is from Honduras, while the others are from various parts of Mexico.
Piedras Negras sits across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, which has been the scene of ongoing battles between drug gangs.

Last week the army arrested a major figure from the Zetas drug cartel there.
The rescue mission comes a day after more violence hit Mexican prisons.
Twenty prisoners died and 12 others were injured on Saturday in a prison on the Mexican-US border town of Matamoros, after a dispute between two inmates turned into a melee that lasted almost three hours.

President criticises opposition

Meanwhile, Felipe Calderon, the Mexican president, said on Sunday that politicians in the main opposition party may consider deals with criminals, opening an inflammatory new front in the nation’s presidential election campaign.

Calderon’s blunt remarks about the centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which is favored to win the July 1, 2012 election, are unusual in a country where the president is expected to stay largely aloof from party politics.

Centering on the policy that has dominated his presidency – an aggressive army-led crackdown on drug cartels – his comments risk polarizing opinion on how to restore stability to Mexico, where the drug war has killed 44,000 in five years.

Leading members of Calderon’s conservative National Action Party (PAN), other PRI opponents and political analysts have accused the once-dominant party of making secret deals with drug cartels in the past to keep the peace in Mexico.

In a weekend New York Times interview published a day after he said a state governed by the PRI had been left in the hands of a drug gang, Calderon was asked whether the opposition party might pursue a corrupt relationship with organized crime.

“There are many in the PRI who think the deals of the past would work now. I don’t see what deal could be done, but that is the mentality many of them have,” Calderon, whom the law prevents from seeking a second six-year term, said.

Analysts say Calderon is bitterly opposed to the PRI, which dominated Mexico for seven decades until the PAN won the presidency in 2000 under its candidate Vicente Fox.

The tide of drug war killings has eroded support for the PAN, and the PRI’s main hopeful, Enrique Pena Nieto, is said to have around twice the support of his nearest rival.

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