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Guadalajara – “The Buzzard” New Generation cartel Lt. captured

GUADALAJARA,Jose Padilla Guadalupe Serna, who also calls himself Oswaldo Muniz Hernandez, aka “The Buzzard was arrested this weekend by members of the Fifteenth Military Zone.

Oswaldo Muniz Hernandez, aka "The Buzzard"

Oswaldo Muniz Hernandez, aka "The Buzzard"

The suspect was identified as a lieutenant in the New Generation cartel in the south of Jalisco (Ciudad Guzman, Pihuamo, Gordian Tamazula, Tuxpan, and Jilotán Tecalitlán of Sorrows) and was directly subordinate to Erick Valencia Salazar, “85” also was captured by soldiers on March 9th.“The Buzzard” was captured along with his colleague Oscar Jimenez Well he walked accompanied by other members of the criminal group in the stretch of highway Zapotiltic Tamazula in seven trucks. But when they realized the presence of the military they fled, there was no confrontation and the military managed to capture Serna and Wells.

“They were flowing, we saw that they brought weapons, intercepted, they tried to flee but we caught,” he said in an interview the XV General Military Zone, Gilberto Hernandez Andreu.

Following the arrest of “85” in the municipality of Zapopan soldiers of the Army intensified their surveillance, both in the metropolitan area and within the State which is proving to be working, try to be more active and have more surveillance, “he explained.

Detainees were captured along with: 16 rifles, 8 handguns, 3 launchers, 4.395 cartridges of different caliber, 27 caliber 40 mm grenades, three fragmentation grenades, 102 magazines of various calibers, 33 detonators, 15 kilos 215 grams of apparently a crystalline substance methamphetamine, 85 kilos 250 grams of marijuana, 7 vehicles which 2 of them are shielded. Detainees and assurance were made available to the Federal Public Ministry.

The Attorney General’s Office AP/PGR/JAL/GDL/AG2M2/1490/2012 start the preliminary investigation against the accused for his alleged role in committing “crimes of organized crime, against health, violation of Federal Firearms and Explosives and the resulting derivative research, “confirmed the company Denilde Sanabia Castro.

The Military has not been able to disband the criminal group, despite the capture of “85” and “The Vulture” who are two major cartel lieutenants I can’t tell until the investigations are concluded as to the relevance of this action, “concluded the General.

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PGR and the Department of Defense presented Erick Valencia Salazar, alias “85”

PGR and the Department of Defense presented Erick Valencia Salazar, alias “85”, the alleged leader of the New Generation Jalisco cartel.

PGR and the Department of Defense presented Erick Valencia Salazar, alias "85",

PGR and the Department of Defense presented Erick Valencia Salazar, alias "85",

Mexico. – The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) presented on Monday at Valencia Erick Salazar, alias “85”, the alleged leader of the New Generation Jalisco cartel who was arrested on 9 March. At the headquarters of the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (OFDI), were also presented his alleged lieutenants Otoniel Mendoza, aka “Tony Montana” and Jose Luis Salazar Gutiérrez, “the Chelis” who ran with Valencia Salazar drug trafficking the so-called Pacific corridor.

The arrest of Erick Valencia occurred in Zapopan, Jalisco, caused several clashes in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, made by those who were also detained about 12 people.

At a press conference, the director of Social Communication of the Department of Defense, Ricardo Trevilla, announced that a federal judge asked the Specialized criminal searches, rootedness and Intervention of Communications, the roots of “85” and two of his accomplices.

The injunction, the official said, was requested to continue the respective investigations and expects the Federal Public Ministry consign them to a federal judge for various crimes.

The PGR is investigating all three subjects by organized crime, firearms collection exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force and possession of cartridges for the exclusive use of the armed forces.

Ricardo Trevilla reported that Erick Valencia is identified as the leader of the criminal group known as “Los Zetas Kill,” which allegedly executed 35 people in Veracruz in September 2011.

He said the alleged offender became the successor of Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel and from July 2010 was devoted to consolidating the New Generation Jalisco cartel.

One of the main missions of this group was the control of drug trafficking in Jalisco, from South America across the Pacific route, while the port of Manzanillo, Colima, was one of its strategic points, for coordinating the distribution of cocaine from Colombia and ephedrine from China, the official said.

The group led by Salazar Valencia, said, he struggled to maintain leadership with the organization known as “The Resistance”, for which at first formed an alliance with “Los Zetas”.

He stressed that under his command and in the context of this struggle, the New Generation Jalisco cartel expanded to Michoacán, Morelos, Guerrero and Veracruz.

At the conference, various weapons were also secured to the suspects, including 19 rifles AR-15 with grenade launcher attachment, six handguns, two machine guns, two rifles Barret, three fragmentation grenades, 119 porters and 69 000 Cartridges different cartridges.

Also seized were three silencers, communication equipment, clothing, various documentation and two vehicles.

The Department of Defense spokesman said that at the time of his arrest, the three suspects resisted, so the military repelled the attack.

In the confrontation, Valencia Salazar was wounded in his right hand due to the detonation of a grenade he tried to pitch against the military, while Othniel Mendoza hit by shrapnel in various parts of the body.

The detainees were taken to hospital facilities for medical care, in full respect of human rights, said a spokesman for the Department

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