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Denver; 80 people arrested drug trafficking

80 people involved in drug trafficking arrested in Denver

80 people involved in drug trafficking arrested in Denver

More than 500 federal agents and local police participated in an operation today in the Denver metropolitan area which culminated in the arrest of 80 people suspected of bringing large quantities of drugs from Mexico to Colorado via California, reported federal prosecutors.

According to Attorney John Walsh, the operation was “the largest in the history of Denver” and allowed to seize 26 kilos of cocaine, a kilo of cocaine, “crack”, almost half a kilo of methamphetamine, over 400 thousand dollars in cash and 12 firearms, including two assault rifles.

Walsh said that in the operation involved agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and officers from several jurisdictions that are part of the Denver Metro Drug Enforcement Group and effective police departments Aurora and Denver.

“These combined actions allowed dismantle four distinct groups, but related,” Walsh said during a press conference in Aurora.

He said that investigations into this case began in December 2009 and ended recently when a special jury ruled seven counts of drug trafficking and other crimes against 97 people, of which 17 have not yet been arrested.

Most arrests were made in dozens of homes in Denver and surrounding areas, with no reported clashes or injuries. As a result of the arrests, 12 were under the care of child protective services.

The prosecutor reported that the drug entered from Mexico to California and then was transferred to Colorado. Although not revealed amounts, Walsh referred to “very substantial amounts” and “many kilos for the streets of Colorado.”

These drug trafficking activities were connected with a group of 25 gang members over the past two years committed at least 16 local bank robberies. The investigation of these assaults resulted in identification of many of those arrested today.

Because they face federal charges, the suspects could receive sentences of up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $ 10 million.

The official report does not provide names or nationalities of the detainees.

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Gulf Cartel member pleads guilty in US court!

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José Luis Zúñiga Hernández said he was fleeing from certain death when he was arrested near the Rio Grande

A senior member of the Gulf Cartel, related to operations in the city of Matamoros, on Monday pleaded guilty to charges related to immigration and arms one day before the start of jury selection his federal trial in Brownsville.

A statement issued by federal prosecutors said José Luis Zúñiga Hernández presented his guilty plea in federal court in Brownsville. District Judge Andrew Hanen district ordered to remain in custody until his sentencing hearing, scheduled for April 16. It could be sentenced up to 30 years in prison.

Court documents have shown that Zuniga, also known as “Comandante Guicho,” admitted his involvement in marijuana trafficking operations of the Gulf Cartel.

Zuniga said he was running away from “certain death” when U.S. agents arrested him on October 26 near the Rio Grande carrying a gold-plated gun, cocaine and approximately $ 20,000.


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