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three gangs – known as Air It Out, True Money Gang and Whoade on Facebook?

125th Street in East Harlem, NYC, between Park...

125th Street in East Harlem, NYC, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Street gangs in the midst of turf battles may want to rethink their Facebook privacy settings. New York officials who announced the indictment of 63 members of three rival street gangs say messages posted to social media were critical as evidence.

The three gangs – known as Air It Out, True Money Gang and Whoade – began a tit-for-tat series of violent reprisals in New York’s East Harlem section following the 2009 shooting of three members of True Money Gang, which resulted in one fatality. Over the next three years, the three gangs were linked to at least 10 additional shootings and two additional homicides.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly credited the city’s monitoring of social media channels like Facebook in successfully launching the indictments of what are referred to as three of Manhattan’s most violent gangs.

Social media remains a double-edged sword in our crime-fighting strategies. It is used by crew members to brag about past crimes, taunt rivals and incite violence. On the other hand, we use social media to document past crimes and intercept new ones being talked about openly by crew members on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

According to the documents released by the NYPD and the District Attorney’s office, hundreds of Facebook and Twitter posts, text messages, cell phone videos and calls made from the Rikers Correctional Facility provided evidence of gang members plotting deadly assaults on their rivals.

Surprisingly, members of the gangs were fairly open in communicating with one another over open channels, coordinating firearms trafficking as well as warning one another of potential police action. And though gang members used code when communicating with one another, the language was simple enough for the NYPD to pick apart and decipher.

One gang member, for example, was arrested after using a phone while in prison and saying, “I went over there, you know, and played the flute twice,” meaning he had shot someone twice.

The indictment announcement itself shed light onto an otherwise insular world for these gang members, who codify essentially all of their illegal activities:

A gun is a ‘biscuit,’ ‘blamer,’ ‘clickety,’ ‘drum set,’ ‘flocka,’ ‘girlfriend,’ ‘grip,’ a ‘flamingo’ or a ‘sandwich.’

If a member posted needing “electricity for the 2 and 5 train” this meant he was out of ammunition for his .25-caliber pistol.

Cops are ‘boys.’ A shooting is ‘playing the flute,’ ‘popping a bottle’ or ‘dumping it on.’

And murdering someone is ‘rocking them to sleep early.’

The three street gangs operated in close proximity to one another, managing to turn  a ten-block radius of East Harlem into a veritable war zone. One gang member  managed to compare the turf war to exactly that via a Facebook post.

I’m 2 Glocks strapped, rolling down 112th Madison, 116th this is the New Iraq,” one gang member boasted on Facebook.

The indictments follow a three-and-a-half-year investigation by the New York District Attorney’s Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit, which recently dismantled another three Harlem gangs.

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band of hawks working for the Zetas in Anahuac Arrested

The gang leader was identified as Jose Antonio Mata Ortiz, alias “The Tamagotchi“, 26 years old

band of hawks working for the Zetas in Anahuac Arrested

band of hawks working for the Zetas in Anahuac Arrested

Five people who allegedly worked for the criminal gang the Zetas, as “hawks”, were arrested including a child under the age of 14, in the town of Anahuac, Nuevo Leon.

The gang leader was identified as Jose Antonio Mata Ortiz, alias “The Tamagotchi” 26 years of age.

Along with him were captured: Jaime Escobedo Andres Lara, aka “The Twin”, 30, Juan Antonio Torres Hernandez, aka “Pants” or “Tanga”, Jesus Antonio Lona Veliz, 19 and the lowest Jose Angel, alias ” El Charro “, 14.

They were arrested by elements of the State Agency for Research on the 185 kilometer road to Colombia in the said municipality.

His arrest was achieved when detected suspicious of “Pants” or “Tanga”, who was in a chapel of the Santa Muerte and, apparently, with his cell phone reported the movements of the authorities.

After an arrest for investigation, were captured from the other band members.

Between what is confiscated: 2 bags of marijuana, pick-up truck Dodge Ram 2500, they were traveling, 2 magazines for AK-47, 6 7.26×39 caliber bullets and several phones.

The “hawks” confessed the criminal group working for the Zetas, watching the movements of the authorities and killing members of rival groups.

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Guatamala Detects that the Mexican Zetas gang trains the Mara Salvatrucha

Detect that Zetas gang trains the Mara Salvatrucha

Guatemalan authorities say the Zetas gang of drug traffickers is training Mara Salvatrucha in paramilitary camps

Mara Salvatrucha
Mara Salvatrucha being trained by the Mexican Zetas gang

GUATEMALA. April 7. – The Zetas are recruiting gang members of Mara Salvatrucha for training in paramilitary camps in Mexico, Guatemalan authorities said.

For years, the Zetas gang has controlled the criminal networks in the cities of the country and are responsible for much of the extortions, kidnappings, assaults and murders.

The Zetas want the gangs to generate chaos in Guatemala City, capital of the country, to distract the actions and resources of the authorities and thus ensure the control of rural land routes used for drug trafficking with the support of the intelligence provided by a local criminal sophisticated structure, said Guatemalan authorities.

The maras can improve their criminal operations and make more money with access to military training, long-range weapons and drugs for sale or consumption, the authorities concerned.

“In this union with Los Zetas , (the) Mara Salvatrucha is more capable of articulation, strategy and more maneuverability, “said Stuart Velasco, chief coordinator of the Task Forces of the Ministry of Interior.

According to police intelligence sources, Los Zetas seek to recruit five thousand employees. “The strategy is that the Mara Salvatrucha chaos concentrated in the metropolis to keep it clear of drug runners inside the country, “says the source.

The presence of Mexican cartels in Guatemala, particularly the Zetas, led the government of Alvaro Colom to impose states of emergency in the provinces of Peten in May 2011 and in Alta Verapaz in December 2010.

The Minister Lopez Bonilla says that in addition to Los Zetas criminal groups are more American territory: “They are like 22 groups in different areas,” he said, “the most important and dangerous is that of Los Zetas , because not only engage in drug trafficking take control of the criminal structure and completely take over all kinds of activities. “

Velasco, who is coordinating police operations against criminal groups in the country, explained that “they know that the economic benefit is great and that Los Zetas, being a foreign group, need their networks to increase their operational level in Guatemala. “

The information on the alliance between gangs and mushrooms came after the arrest of 50 people linked to the massacre at a cattle farm of Petén on 14 May that killed 27 people, 25 of them beheaded a senior official of the Attorney General.

The Zetas seek to integrate the Mara Salvatrucha is “full and we are providing military training and political indoctrination in Mexican fields.”

Guatemalan officials say there are training camps of Los Zetas in the states of Veracruz, Sonora, Chiapas and San Luis Potosi.

To date the Mexican authorities have reported that Los Zetas have recruited or trained gangs in Mexico.

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USA; Gang related Drug distribution and trafficking- getting more sophisticated!

Major Cities Reporting Gang-Related Drug Activity

Major Cities Reporting Gang-Related Drug Activity

In larger cities and suburban counties account for the majority of gang-related violence and more than 96 percent of all gang homicides in 2009. As previous studies have indicated, neighborhood-based gangs and drug crews continue to pose the most significant criminal threat in these regions.

  • Law enforcement officials in the Washington, DC metropolitan region are concerned about a spate of gang-related violence in their area. In February 2011, ICE officials indicted 11 MS-13 members for a two-year spree of murders, stabbings, assaults, robberies, and drug distribution. Likewise, gangs such as MS-13 and Bloods in Prince George’s County, Maryland, are suspected to be involved in up to 16 homicides since January 2011.
  • USMS reported 5,705 gang-affiliated felony fugitives in 2010, a 14 percent increase from the number of gang fugitives in 2009. California and Texas report the highest number of gang fugitives, with 1,284 and 542 respectively.

Gang-Related Drug Distribution and Trafficking

Gang involvement and control of the retail drug trade poses a serious threat to public safety and stability in most major cities and in many mid-size cities because such distribution activities are routinely associated with lethal violence. Violent disputes over control of drug territory and enforcement of drug debts frequently occur among gangs in both urban and suburban areas, as gangs expand their control of drug distribution in many jurisdictions, according to NDIC and NGIC reporting. In 2010, law enforcement agencies in 51 major US cities reported moderate to significant levels of gang-related drug activity.

NDIC survey data indicates that 69 percent of US law enforcement agencies report gang involvement in drug distribution.

  • In June 2010, a joint federal-state law enforcement operation led to the arrest of eight people linked to a San Gabriel Valley street gang involved in violent crimes and methamphetamine trafficking in support of the California Mexican Mafia (La Eme).

NDIC reporting suggests that gangs are advancing beyond their traditional role as local retail drug distributors in large cities and becoming more influential in large-scale drug trafficking, resulting in an increase in violent crime in several regions of the country.

  • Law enforcement reporting indicates that gang-related drug distribution and trafficking has resulted in an increase of kidnappings, assaults, robberies and homicides along the US Southwest border region.

Gang involvement in drug trafficking has also resulted in the expansion and migration of some gangs into new US communities, according to NDIC reporting.

  • Gang members from the Midwest are migrating to southern states to expand their drug trafficking operations.

Juvenile Gangs

Many jurisdictions are experiencing an increase in juvenile gangs and violencec, which is often attributed, in part, to the increased incarceration rates of older members and the aggressive recruitment of juveniles in schools. Gangs have traditionally targeted youths because of their vulnerability and susceptibility to recruitment tactics, as well as their likelihood of avoiding harsh criminal sentencing and willingness to engage in violence.

NGIC reporting indicates that juvenile gangs are responsible for a majority of crime in various jurisdictions in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

  • Juvenile gang members in some communities are hosting parties and organizing special events which develop into opportunities for recruiting, drugs, sexual exploitation, and criminal activity.
  • Gangster Rap gangs, often comprised of juveniles, are forming and are being used to launder drug money through seemingly legitimate businesses, according to NGIC reporting.

Collaboration between rival gangs and criminal organizations and increased improvement in communications, transportation, and technology have enabled national-level gangs to expand and secure their criminal networks throughout the United States and in other countries.

  • According to NGIC reporting, gang members in California are collaborating with members of rival gangs to further criminal activities such as drug distribution, prostitution of minors, and money laundering.
  • Gangs in the correctional system are committing crimes for other gangs in an effort to confuse and evade law enforcement.

Gang members are becoming more sophisticated in their structure and operations and are modifying their activity to minimize law enforcement scrutiny and circumvent gang enhancement laws. Gangs in several jurisdictions have modified or ceased traditional or stereotypical gang indicia and no longer display their colors, tattoos, or hand signs. Others are forming hybrid gangs to avoid police attention and make to it more difficult for law enforcement to identify and monitor them, according to NGIC reporting. Many gangs are engaging in more sophisticated criminal schemes, including white collar and cyber-crime, targeting and infiltrating sensitive systems to gain access to sensitive areas or information, and targeting and monitoring law enforcement.

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most wanted drug kingpin in Rio’s largest slum caught, Alias- Nem!

Antonio Bonfim Lopes, Alias "Nem"

Antonio Bonfim Lopes, Alias "Nem"

The most wanted drug kingpin in Rio‘s largest slum has been caught hiding in the trunk of a car as dozens of crack police tighten their noose ahead of an imminent assault to take control of the Rocinha favela.

Antonio Bonfim Lopes, also known as “Nem” and considered one of the city’s most wanted criminals, was arrested on Thursday as he tried to flee the shantytown which had been controlled by narco-traffickers for the past 30 years.

Lopes, who is wanted on charges of drug trafficking, kidnapping, money laundering, and murder, is the head of the “Friends of Friends” drug gang that control a drug distribution point.

The “Friends of Friends” gang is said to be responsible for a multi-million dollar a month drug trade in Rio’s largest favela.

The gang is being dismantled, and this is a good moment for law-abiding citizens who want to see their children living in peace to pass information on where criminals, guns and drugs are hidden,” said Alberto Pinheiro Neto, head of operations for Rio state police.

Federal police inspector, Victor Poubel, said the other occupants of vehicle attempted to bribe police twice before opening the trunk. When discovered, Lopes did not resist arrest.

Lopes’ capture comes at a time when police in the Olympic City prepare to squelch crime in Rochina ahead of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, both to be held in Brazil’s second largest city.

At a press conference on Thursday, Rio state police said they are planning an on-going operation to take back the shantytown of 100,000 people and are calling for the assistance of the local population in Rochina.

They said they planned to occupy Rocinha in the coming days and that gang members were trying to escape any way they could.

Rio state Governor Sergio Cabral, in a television interview on Thursday, hailed Nem’s capture as “another major step to bring peace to residents of Rocinha and Vidigal” and said the drive to pacify the two favelas would be completed “by the end of the week.”

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Matazetas, or “Zetas killers” in English

A group calling themselves the Matazetas, or “Zetas killers” in English, has emerged in the Mexican city of Veracruz.The group has vowed to protect Mexicans from the notorious Zetas drug gang and claim they were involved in the killing of 49 people last week who they claim were associated with the Zetas.Mexican authorities, however, describe the Matazetas as just another criminal gang



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Mexican drug cartels have established command and control in Texas

Jenni Rivera in a small concert/performance in...

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Mexican Cartels moving to Texas
Just Across the Border!

For 18 months, six of seven Mexican drug cartels have established command and control in Texas cities networks, while in the past year the number of gangs working with the cartels rose from four to 12, that they are recruiting adolescents in school age for its operations on both sides of the border and they have clashed violently to police to avoid being captured which means an overflow of the crime, said Steven McCraw, director of public security of the Government of Texas.

The increase in the presence of cartels in Texas, said McCraw, it means three times, so it is necessary to increase capacity tactical police at the border, because the drug traffickers have adopted a confrontational attitude to block cars and use traps to avoid the authority to stop them in persecution, while another group recovers the drug so that it is not guaranteed.

Since January of 2010, the Department of public safety of Texas has identified 22 killings, 24 rounds, 15 clashes, 23 attempts at extortion, five kidnappings and virtual kidnappings directly linked to the Mexican cartels, that the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI) not included in its system variables such as extortion, kidnappings, incidents by smuggling, corruption, assurance of cartels, weapons and smuggling money in Mexico any of Mexican organizations operating in Texas.

However, the Office of the FBI in San Antonio reported 266 abductions since 2004, including Americans kidnapped in Mexico, victim abducted in Texas and taken to Mexican territory, and victims kidnapped in Texas from subjects of Mexico.

The Department of public safety of Texas has also seen an increase in seizures of drugs, weapons and cash, the points of revision and in the 10 largest Texas corridors, McCraw said.

In this sense, he explained that the assurances of heroin increased in 2,493%, cash smuggling increased by 168% of weapons by 155% of methamphetamine by 135% of 124% marijuana and cocaine by 28 per cent.

Recruiting police officers

In addition to recruit students in Texas to operate on both sides of the border, “the Mexican cartels have been actively recruiting US officials to support their smuggling operations”, said McCraw.

Traffickers of Mexico and Texan gangs operate in human trafficking and 480 victims have registered in the past four years, 77% of them children, and approximately 10% of calls to the national human trafficking line come from Texas, more than any State.

Texas, reported, has invested more than 250 million on improving the security of the border, which it has adopted.

There has been a drug-related shoot-out between rival gangs in the Mexican city of Tampico, a Mexican Gulf coast city. Seven people were left dead in the battle, with five men and two women killed during the course of a nightclub fight.

Members of the Gulf cartel and the Zetas drug gang are believed to have been involved!
Also in Tampico, rumours of gunfire prompted people to flee a street fair which had been filled with thousands of people. While it has not been established whether gunfire was actually heard, people fled in panic for fear of being caught up in Mexico’s brutal drug-gang violence. Tampico is in the state of Tamaulipas, which straddles Texas in the north and the Gulf of Mexico farther south.

Nightclub shooting kills 7 in Mexican Gulf state
A shootout between rival gangs at a nightclub left seven people dead in a Mexican Gulf coast city besieged by drug-related battles, while rumors of gunfire prompted people to flee a street fair where singer Jenni Rivera had been about to perform.

Five men and two women were killed late Friday in the shootout between rival gangs at the nightclub in Tampico, the state government of Tamaulipas said on its Web site. It gave no other details, and nobody was available for comment Saturday at the offices of the Tamaulipas state Public Safety Department or the prosecutors’ offices.

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