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Mexican Drug Cartels are a Barbaric Form of Cancer!

Las Zetas Cancer cells
Las Zetas Cancer cells

The Zetas are responsible for another grizzly Murder! Like all Mexican Gangs they are Barbarians, and should be dealt with. The Police, the Government and Mexico knows who is responsible. Yet, they sit and do nothing, and the Killings go on. Yes, the Drug Cartels are afraid of the Internet, because we are the silent ones, reporting about their illicit activities and atrocities against the Human race.

When there is cancer, we try to obliterate it, and the Drug cartels are exactly that, “Cancer.” They eat at the very society in which we live, they destroy our lives for a dollar, and all the while, we sit and talk without action.

The United Nations “World Drug Report 2011″ sites all of the statistics relating to this evil, which we continue to allow to exist. We know where the drugs come from and which countries. We know how much money is being earned by the Drug Cartels. Yet, we do nothing! So the killings continue in Latin America and around the world. The United States waged war against Terrorism, why not wage a real war against the Drug Cartels with the UN Supporting the Militaries of the world to rid us of these Drug Barons?

This month, a man and a woman were found hanging dead from an overpass in Nuevo Laredo with a similar message threatening “this is what will happen” to Internet users. However, it has not been clearly established whether the two had in fact ever posted any messages, or on what sites

Residents of Mexican border cities often post under nicknames to report drug gang violence, because the posts allow a certain degree of anonymity.

Social media like local chat rooms and blogs, and networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, are often the only outlet for residents of violence-wracked cities to find out what areas to avoid because of ongoing drug cartel shootouts or attacks.

Local media outlets, whose journalists have been hit by killings, kidnappings and threats, are often too intimidated to report the violence.

Mexico’s Human Rights Commission says eight journalists have been killed in Mexico this year and 74 since 2000. Other press groups cite lower numbers, and figures differ based on the definition of who is a journalist and whether the killings appeared to involve their professional work.

While helpful, social networking posts sometimes are inaccurate and can lead to chaotic situations in cities wracked by gang confrontations. In the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz, just south of Tamaulipas, the state government dropped terrorism charges last week against two Twitter users for false posts that officials said caused panic and chaos in late August.

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