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United States of America has Lost its’ way!

It is August 5, 2016, and I have not written a post in quite some time because I have been observing what has been happening in the United States of America and I am appalled! We have the first African American President and a few years ago, I thought that he would do a great job for us, but after many heartaches, I have found that it was probably our biggest mistake of all times to elect Barack Obama. He has literally destroyed our homes and our country. It is just awful what he has done to destroy our most beautiful country.

Now we are in the process of selecting a new President, and that is a most difficult challenge. The Democrats have chosen for their candidate a woman, the first woman to be running as the nominated representative of the Democratic Party, what a shame! Any other woman would have been or could have been a great thing for America, but they chose HRC the biggest liar, criminal, corrupt individual in the history of American politics. I don’t understand the American mentality when they make such ignorant decisions as this one. I suppose they are just plain stupid and think that by electing a crook everything will work out! It is hard for me to post such, but I love my country and I don’t know what to do to save her from this calamity.

Donald Trump is a businessman and he is outspoken and could be the solution for our problems at home, where we have an evaporation of jobs, lost infrastructure and open borders where we are inundated with illegal aliens coming into the USA. Yet, this is not the only set of problems that America is faced with; terrorism from ISIS and radical Islam, which our current President refuses to acknowledge. Yet they are very real and they have already penetrated our borders and have set up training facilities across our country. Obama is bringing in more and more migrants from Syria and other Muslim countries and this is now an urgent problem in many States. These Muslim migrants are causing havoc across our nation, everything American from our Flag to our National Anthem causes the Muslims anxiety and in turn, Obama and the courts agree and find all things American Offensive to the new Muslim onslaught. I guess no one believes in our freedom with rights and a Constitution that protects those rights of its citizens above and beyond non-Americans and illegals. We have lost our way, and if we (The American People) do not stand for those rights and our freedom then we will go down in flames, as the Muslim population continues to grow inside the USA, we are at the point of destruction and this is exactly what Obama wants to happen.

It is time to get rid of this Muslim President and regain our self-dignity and position in the free world, as a leader that is strong, and based on Christian values and brotherhood. Where one can enjoy home, freedom, prosperity, and religion of choice.

I ask that all Americans stand up and fight for our Country, our Freedom and our way of life! We are not destined to worship Allah or any other false god or idol but the one God, Jesus Christ, who is the Kind of Kings and Lord of Lords for all mankind!

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Americans have lost their faith now the Famine!

God the Father 12

God the Father 12 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Let Faith Prevail

Do you sometimes feel that your needs exceed your supply? Do you run out of money before you run out of bills? Do you feel physically drained? Are you afraid of emotional bankruptcy?

Do you feel like you are spiritually starving? Again, whatever your need, God is your Source, and His provision is perfect!

First Kings 17 shows how God brought a drought to the land of Israel to punish Ahab, the King of Israel, for his wickedness. The drought lasted for 3 ½ years, and it resulted in a great famine. Yet, despite the shortage of food and water, God took care of Elijah. He told the prophet, “And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there” (1 Kings 17:4). God used birds to feed Elijah, and He supplied water from a small stream.

If you are facing a famine in your life, take heart! God has not forgotten you! He will meet your needs, even if He has to use birds and brooks! The famine that hit Israel lasted a long time and was devastating.

You may feel devastated by your circumstances today. You may have a serious shortage in your finances. You may feel pressured, worried, and upset. You may have unmet emotional needs, and as a result, you feel depressed and alone.

You may be experiencing a physical setback through sickness, disease, mishap, or outright catastrophe. You can live in fear—or, you can turn your attention to the Source. When you have calamity in your life, you can do one of two things: You can turn to God and learn from the experience, or you can give in to fear, worry, and unbelief.

If you permit fear and doubt to dominate your thinking in times of need, you will be unable to receive the provision God has for you. The dry period will escalate into a full-blown famine. You must be on guard during the dry times, or you will be overwhelmed by your own needs.

When famine comes, you cannot talk yourself into abundance or bargain your way out of debt. Famine will drain you of your life, energy, hope, joy, finances, and health.

Elijah’s attitude was to focus on God’s goodness and mercy, making the best of his situation and learning from this experience. He refused to let fear and unbelief dominate his thoughts. Instead, he was grateful to God.

When there is a famine in the land, the Holy Ghost can assist you in being able to demonstrate an attitude filled with gratitude, peace, and joy. Elijah trusted God to meet all his needs and, as a result, goodness, mercy, signs, wonders, and miracles followed. Elijah had faith that prevailed.

What about you? You can lose—or you can win. You can prevail—or you can fail. The choice is yours.

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Eyes to see with! What about you?

The Christian concept of apocatastasis include...

The Christian concept of apocatastasis includes a restoration of the world to its original state, as in the Garden of Eden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you look at something do you really see it or is it just imaginary, a vision that is seen but not remembered? Chances are that is exactly what happens and it can be said that when you hear sounds that also is the result. Seen yes, heard yes but then what?

When you look at a flower do you remember the smell, the colour and the form or

shape as it may be or do you simply remember its’ a rose and that is your take! You should open your eyes and look at the rose with perspective; look at the colour and think just how did this rose become red, pink, yellow or white and the smell, is it different according to the colour and the pedals are they larger or smaller, thicker or thinner? So the question is: When you look at something do you really see it?

Have you actually looked at what is around you, and thought how did it get there and why? Who placed things the way they are and the size and shape of that thing or object? Who placed man in the Garden of Eden and where is that garden?

Perhaps we are living in the midst of that beautiful innocent garden and we humans are too blind to see it. Just perhaps all these wonderful things we so take for granted are the garden and only if we were to open our eyes and really see it we would be amazed and then ask the question, just how did this get here!

Where did all the beautiful forms, colours and species come from this is a question? If the big boom caused the earth to be created, then think about it! If an explosion occurs things die, they do not live, trees do not grow, oxygen is sucked out of the air and the place burns and shrapnel is thrown about the land and it becomes desolate.

Only God created the heavens and the earth (Garden of Eden) should I say and only he created Man and Woman and placed us in the Garden of Eden to his liking, and then we (humans) messed it up! We decided that we could become the same as God, and did eat of the forbidden fruit, and lo and behold we are now paying the price, and that will be for-ever!

When man wakes up and realizes that he is not God, and begins to fear God, then we will have a chance for survival in this beautiful Garden that he so graciously made for us. Don’t you see, open thine eyes and look at what is happening around you, earthly things are of the earth and not of God for they would be called Godly things, and that is eternal life, heaven and acceptance of Jesus as your lord and saviour.

God gave us free-will that is for us to use and make choices in our lives, and it depends on what you do with your life that will make a difference in the end! Being rich on earth does not guarantee you will get to heaven, it only guarantees that you can have earthly things, for when you die you will leave earthly things behind and what your heirs do with it, you will not know, for you are dead and will return to dust.

Just imagine yourself as a grain of dust that is swept away by a broom or sucked-up in a vacuum cleaner then discarded! This is the end result for you if you have not made the right choices during your life!

The soul cannot be killed by man, the human body is like a rented car it will never be yours, it will wear out and it will die! Can you see this happening to You! I can! So open your eyes and take in the beautiful things that God has provided for you to see! We see good and we see evil and where do you see yourself, can you answer that?

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Obama; declares he is muslim the face of Evil!

Official photographic portrait of US President...

President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; The Face of Evil!

The Face of Evil, is he your choice to lead our nation? No! He is the key to the USA’s collapse over the next 4 years!!

Is he going to be your next President? If so then you are also of the Muslim faith, and you will have turned against GodJehovah” and Jesus Christ!

You will become responsible for the Destruction of the United States of America for your support and belief in his Capability to lead our country in Freedom! He has already contributed to the Bankruptcy of the country, and his undeniable support against the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the Free Americans! You Choose your own damnation!

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USA flushed down the toilet! by Obama!

united states currency seal - IMG_7366_web

united states currency seal – IMG_7366_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

The USA is being flushed down the toilet. They have lost all sense of morality! Gays and same-sex marriages are winning the war and America is letting it happen. Whatever happened to our country? America has changed from a country believing in God, into a country that worships MONEY, and no man can worship two Gods!

Obama will ultimately destroy the USA, and lead it further into being a bankrupt economy. Democrats are the true bureaucrats of the times, they hunger for our destruction and they believe that they know what is best for the USA! Only the founding fathers knew what was best and they created the basis of our way of life. Obama in four years has caused the USA to become a second-rate country headed downward even further. Our credit ratings are the worst in history.

Obama Care, does that mean that we become a Socialist country which is next to communism. Is that what you the American Citizens wants? Well I don’t! Democrats you brought this President on-board, and you will have to live with-it.

REVELATIONS 22 VERSE 12-16- Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, The First and the Last, “The Beginning and the End” Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolators and everyone who practices falsehood.

Even the Bible speaks about those who practice falsehoods, and following is a list of OBAMA”S lies!

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Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló on Romantic Holiday

Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló on Romantic Holiday

The Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló, photographed on a romantic vacation in Mexico with a woman, asked for forgiveness today, amid the investigation began and the Vatican.

The television cameras of Argentina showed the eve of former President of the humanitarian organization Caritas Argentina when kissing a woman in a pool of a luxury hotel in Cancun.

On Wednesday, the television channel America 24 sought the bishop, who first refused to comment on the fact, but then gave his version.

Bargalló said the images are from two years ago when he traveled to the Mexican Caribbean to participate in the meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Secretariat of Pastoral Social Caritas.

“The photos actually respond to a meeting in Mexico, where we agree with this friend of my childhood, she and her family maintain strong bonds of friendship,” said the prelate.

The priest lamented the situation in which it was wrapped and admitted that his attitude was not exempt from “a certain recklessness” because “may have given rise to misunderstandings.”

Although the images are explicit, with kisses and hugs, the bishop confirmed his loyalty to the vows of chastity and poverty, and said it is “committed to God and the Church” Catholic.

However, the apostolic nuncio, Emil Paul Tscherrig, as reported to the Vatican, which will assess the penalty to be applied to Bargalló.

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A six-month-old Baby dies and is half-eaten by ants in Tabasco

The accident happened in the village C-35 in the municipality of Cardenas, by the willful neglect of the mother partying and left the infant alone

A six-month-old Baby dies and half-eaten by ants in Tabasco

A six-month-old Baby dies and half-eaten by ants in Tabasco

A six-month-old died early on Tuesday after falling from his mother’s bed, where he hit his head and was half eaten by ants.

The accident happened in the village C-35 in the municipality of Cardenas, Tabasco, where the neglect of the mother partying that left the infant alone in bed at night. It is presumed that the girl fell round the bed, causing a head wound and was then attacked by insects, which caused her death.

The girl’s mother Karina “N” by the name of God Yuredely of Cordova, who during Monday night accepted the invitation of a person to go have fun. However, she took little care for her daughter six months old leaving her alone in the house.

At home, there was no one to assist the child, although nobody paid attention when she cried for help, said one of the neighbors who remained anonymous.

When the mother returned home at two o’clock in the morning, but other versions of neighbors who say it was at 6:00 am on Tuesday-, Yuradely of God, she found her daughter’s body covered with ants, when she saw the child she ran to her to help her, but she was already dead. The ants were eating her!

The Public Prosecutor legal testified about what happened and ordered the arrest of the girl’s mother, for the possible crime of “omission of care


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