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Venezuelan model was found dead in Guadalajara

Daisy’s body Yenire Ferrer Arenas, who lived in Zapopan, was found in a canal,

GUADALAJARA, – A Venezuelan model was found dead in Guadalajara, Jalisco, nearly a week after her disappearance, sources said Wednesday the State Attorney.

According to the Attorney General of the state of Jalisco, the body of Daisy Arenas Yenire Ferrer was found Tuesday in a canal east of Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, following an anonymous tip.

The body of the young model, between 25 and 30, had gunshot wounds to the head and apparently showed no signs of violence.

The model was identified by residence in Mexico where they found the body.

According to the first data collected by the authorities, the model disappeared the night of Dec. 12 and until the discovery of her body no one had asked for her rescue.

Some of the friends of the girl confirmed that the Attorney Ferrer Arenas was from Venezuela and worked as a model in Jalisco, although the agency asked the Foreign Ministry more information about their immigration status.

The model was living in a colony of Chapalita, in Zapopan, a municipality that is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.

Until this morning her body had not been claimed by relatives

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Jalisco authorities confirm that the Mencho remains at large

The alleged leader of the New Generation Jalisco cartel was not captured during the operation last Saturday August 25

Secretary of Public Security of Jalisco, Luis Carlos Najera Gutierrez de Velasco confirmed that Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias El Mencho , alleged leader of the New Generation Jalisco cartel, was not captured during the operation last Saturday August 25, as had been reported initially.

“(The Mencho) was in the locks himself in the metropolitan area at the time of the events they covered their retreat. Therefore it has not been presented to the public, nor does it appear from the dead, “said the official.

At a press conference, Najera Gutierrez de Velasco, said the social outrage should be focused against the offenders, “they caused the death of a person, which damaged the heritage of Jalisco and causing blockages.”

After participating in a meeting between the heads of municipal public security of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara between state and federal authorities said they returned to the peace in the region Cienega, where on Sunday there were some incidents, “a State Police that area sent surveillance operations and also the Mexican Army patrol in that area. “

He said that the authorities already conducted an investigation related to the blockages and helps with such instances.

As for the Code Red, mentioned that still remains and will be based on an analysis to be conducted in the next few hours to determine their conclusion.

He explained that the Code Red is an operating system that starts when any type of emergency, “is a communication that unites all security corporations and emergency according to the decision of the command is”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the 15th Military Zone, Federal Police, the Ministry of Transportation, the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) and public security holders of the suburban municipalities to Guadalajara.

The State Security Ministry takes a detached information gathering video surveillance system, it will make available both the PGJE, as the Attorney General’s Office.

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Six narco-attacks by fire and more this morning in Jalisco

Six vehicle fires in addition to the 22 that occurred on Saturday in the same area.

One of them took place within a mile of an infantry garrison

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GUADALAJARA, The Public Security Secretariat of Jalisco, confirmed that there were six vehicle fires overnight in various roads of Jalisco.

He explained that a tank type trailer was burned at 3:10 hours on the GuadalajaraChapala, near Santa Rosa, in the municipality of Ixtlahuacán of Quinces, while a truck was also burned in the road-Ayotlán Atotonilco , a mile before Ayotlán.

In addition, the attackers set fire to a bus at 3:43 pm in Morelia-Guadalajara highway near Zapotlán del Rey, and a private car at 4:47 on the road Tototlán-Atotonilco, at the entrance of Tototlán.

The state agency also reported a fire truck at 5:00 pm on the Guadalajara-Ocotlan, near Celanese, in the municipality of Poncitlán.

Also, at 5:10 pm, a truck was cremated in Jamay-La Barca highway, one kilometer from the premises of 92 Infantry Battalion, in the municipality of Jamay.

With six fires totaling 28 this morning those that occurred during the last few hours in this state, the corporation added.

The locks have been a response to the alleged arrest of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias El Mencho , identified as leader of New Generation Jalisco Cartel.

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Guadalajara, Four suspects arrested for murder of girl on Christmas Day, 2011

Four suspects arrested for murder of girl on Christmas Day, 2011

All four are charged with the murder of Mena Junior Jimenez, 27, whose body was found on Christmas Day, 2011

Official Flag of mexican municipality of Tlaqu...
Official Flag of mexican municipality of Tlaquepaque, JAL. Español: Bandera oficial del municipio mexicano de Tlaquepaque, JAL. Français : Drapeau officielle du municipalité mexicain du Tlaquepaque, JAL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GUADALAJARA, March 22. – The Attorney General of the state reported that four suspects were arrested for a murder that occurred the morning of December 25, 2011 in the village Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

He said that those arrested are Fernando Chavez Junior Arreola alias Junior, 20, Ernesto Ortega Rodriguez nicknamed the Brain, 21, Francisco Xavier Huerta Marroquin, 29, and Jose Francisco Mendoza aka Robledo Vale, 24.

All four are charged with the murder of Mena Junior Jimenez, 27, whose body was picked up around 4:40 am on Christmas Day, 2011, at the intersection of Long Street and Governor Curiel Pinos in Colonia Orchard Pines, in Tlaquepaque.

He said eyewitnesses reported that the now deceased had come to a liquor store to buy beer when he was approached by two persons, identified as Fernando Chavez Junior, aka Junior , and Ernesto Ortega, nicknamed the Brain , who demanded that he hand over the I had bought drinks.

As the young man refused to shock bundled with individuals, who though they were two retired to return accompanied by more and among all Junior Meza Jimenez beat and killed him, he said.

Procurement agents belonging to the Division of Judicial Orders orchestrated an operation by which they were detained three of the alleged killers in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

By obtaining data in Ciudad Guzman lay Robledo Jose Francisco Mendoza aka “the Gift”, the agents moved to that location and arrested him.

The four detainees against whom an arrest warrant was issued in the Third Criminal Court on charges of murder are in the Puente Grande prison.

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Guadalajara – “The Buzzard” New Generation cartel Lt. captured

GUADALAJARA,Jose Padilla Guadalupe Serna, who also calls himself Oswaldo Muniz Hernandez, aka “The Buzzard was arrested this weekend by members of the Fifteenth Military Zone.

Oswaldo Muniz Hernandez, aka "The Buzzard"

Oswaldo Muniz Hernandez, aka "The Buzzard"

The suspect was identified as a lieutenant in the New Generation cartel in the south of Jalisco (Ciudad Guzman, Pihuamo, Gordian Tamazula, Tuxpan, and Jilotán Tecalitlán of Sorrows) and was directly subordinate to Erick Valencia Salazar, “85” also was captured by soldiers on March 9th.“The Buzzard” was captured along with his colleague Oscar Jimenez Well he walked accompanied by other members of the criminal group in the stretch of highway Zapotiltic Tamazula in seven trucks. But when they realized the presence of the military they fled, there was no confrontation and the military managed to capture Serna and Wells.

“They were flowing, we saw that they brought weapons, intercepted, they tried to flee but we caught,” he said in an interview the XV General Military Zone, Gilberto Hernandez Andreu.

Following the arrest of “85” in the municipality of Zapopan soldiers of the Army intensified their surveillance, both in the metropolitan area and within the State which is proving to be working, try to be more active and have more surveillance, “he explained.

Detainees were captured along with: 16 rifles, 8 handguns, 3 launchers, 4.395 cartridges of different caliber, 27 caliber 40 mm grenades, three fragmentation grenades, 102 magazines of various calibers, 33 detonators, 15 kilos 215 grams of apparently a crystalline substance methamphetamine, 85 kilos 250 grams of marijuana, 7 vehicles which 2 of them are shielded. Detainees and assurance were made available to the Federal Public Ministry.

The Attorney General’s Office AP/PGR/JAL/GDL/AG2M2/1490/2012 start the preliminary investigation against the accused for his alleged role in committing “crimes of organized crime, against health, violation of Federal Firearms and Explosives and the resulting derivative research, “confirmed the company Denilde Sanabia Castro.

The Military has not been able to disband the criminal group, despite the capture of “85” and “The Vulture” who are two major cartel lieutenants I can’t tell until the investigations are concluded as to the relevance of this action, “concluded the General.

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three Cartel leaders transferred to Puente Grande, after violent day in Apodaca


Riots at Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

Riots at Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

The PGR reported this morning that the prisoners aka, The Junior, Jose Angel Vega and Francisco Gámiz Raul Hernandez, The Stranger were transferred to Puente Grande.

The Attorney General’s Office, in conjunction with the Army finalized the transfer of three inmates from the prison in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Puente Grande, Jalisco, whose operating triggered yesterday a violent day in and out of prison Monterrey.

These are internal Quiroga Marcos de Leon, Commander Chabelo, Mario Andres Rios Alcorta, The Junior , and Jose Angel Vega and Francisco Gámiz Raul Hernandez, The Stranger.

At a press conference to read a statement, Assistant Attorney General Criminal Process Control of the PGR, confirmed that the transfer operation of the three defendants was in compliance with the order of a judge.

She explained that at about 1:30 am this morning was received by Apodaca to the above internal and already in Puente Grande.

He explained that yesterday, at the edge of 19:00 hours, arrived at the penitentiary Apodaca employees involved in the transport of prisoners, at the time when violence was at its peak inside and outside the prison.

He indicated that the cars that make up the criminal 216/2011-V, the Third District Judge in Criminal Matters in Nuevo Leon instructed trial of these persons for offenses of possession of firearms and possession of cartridges for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

The official of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said they were also charged with drug crimes in the form of drug dealing, in its variant of possession for purposes of trade.

He explained that pursuant to the execution made by the Seventh Circuit Court of the Third Assistant Center Region based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on 16 February this year the reference judge issued an arrest warrant them for the crime of crime organized.

He said that on day 20 of the case the judge ordered the transfer of the three defendants to any of the Social Rehabilitation Centres Maximum Security, declining jurisdiction in favor of any of the judges of crime where there is a Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation ( Cefereso).

This, he said, arguing that it lacks jurisdiction to continue hearing the facts, so the judge instructed the Federal Public Ministry staff to carry out the transfer of the accused.

Jimenez Pacheco said that for this reason on 20 February, the representative office of the federation established the links of coordination with government authorities of Nuevo Leon that have responsibility for the Centre for Social Reintegration of Apodaca.

Nevertheless, he said, was not achieved the transfer of three death row because the PGR was informed that there was a riot inside the prison, so that federal forces had to provide perimeter security at the request of state authorities .

The official said that, to fulfill the agreement, ministerial staff, accompanied by federal forces, was presented Tuesday at Apodaca criminal inmates to receive and carry out the shipment ordered by the judicial authority.

Jimenez Pacheco stated that the delivery of the three defendants found at 1:30 am on Wednesday and were taken to the Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation of Puente Grande, Jalisco, where they were interned!

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muffins made ​​with marijuana sold at Flea Market- Guadalajara

Muffins with a buzz:; Marijuana

Muffins with a buzz:; Marijuana

The woman stood at a street market

For her alleged role in the commission of a crime against public health, in the form of possession of marijuana for purposes of trade, the Attorney General‘s Office (PGR), through the public prosecutor attached to the Federation Delegation in Jalisco, criminal action against a woman.

And, according to the investigation AP/PGR/JAL/GDL/MIXMIII/3158/2011, officers of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Police, upon receiving a citizen report which indicated that in a flea market called “Cultural Tianguis”, located on Avenida 16 de Septiembre, between the Avenue and Avenue Farmer’s Postman, a woman was engaged in the sale muffins made ​​with marijuana.

The police went to the Market where they surprised the operation of the sale of drugs in progress, for selling three rolls of marijuana to one of its customers for the amount of 150 pesos, also they found an additional six rolls and 973 pesos, as a result of the sale.

The drug was available to the prosecutor of the Federation, which opened a preliminary investigation cited above, same as appropriated to the Fourth District Court for Criminal Matters crime referred, while the accused was transferred to the Women’s Prison in Guadalajara metropolitan area, located in Puente Grande.

How to report crimes against the public? The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) in Jalisco, invites the public to continue to report anonymously by phone: 39-42-33-20 and 36-43-33-98, and throughout the national territory 01-800-00-85-400 also email, the possible commission of federal crimes.

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