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Knights Templar Criminal Cartel 10 arrested

Detainees were involved in various killings, kidnappings and extortion, according to the state Department of Public Safety.

10 arrested in Guanajuato

10 arrested in Guanajuato

In a joint operation between the Attorney General of Guanajuato and the Public Security Ministry, were arrested 10 suspected members of the criminal group Knights Templar.

Secretary of State for Public Security, Alvar Cabeza de Vaca, said the detainees were involved in several killings, kidnappings and extortion in the cities of León, Silao, Guanajuato, Irapuato and Salamanca.

During the joint exercise they stopped the gang leader, identified as Ricardo Espinoza Gonzalez Bogar and / or Oscar Fernandez Campos and / or Suástegui Mauricio Correa, nicknamed “El Nino” and / or “Baby”, 25 years old.

During an interview, the official said that four months after entering the current acting state public administration, it has been dismantling 12 organized crime groups.

During the exercise carried out on Saturday five assault rifles AR-15, two 5.56 rifles and five handguns nine millimeter caliber were seized, also used vehicles to carry out their crimes and for drug sales and four safe houses.

Most of the detainees are from Morelia, Michoacan, identified as Jose Alfredo Guzman Villaseñor, nicknamed “Shorty”, 23, Santiago Hernandez Resendiz, “Jaime”, of 25, Salvador Andrade Méndez, “the Viejon”, 44, and Jose Luis Chavez Silva, “the Chelis” of 21. The leader Jesus Rodriguez also called “the Insane”, 23, Alejandro Nicolas Padilla Palomares, “the Pelon “, 30, Jose Francisco Silva,” Frank “, 28, Oscar Padilla Gómez,” the Jeton “, 30, and Bernardino Ayala, 37.

According to state prosecutors, these people are responsible for a series of extortions in the form of payment of dues or square, to the detriment of merchants and entrepreneurs from various fields, especially in the city of León.

In addition the activities related to the sale and distribution of drugs, participation is investigated several of them in the commission of multiple murders in Leon, Silao and Guanajuato.

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Mexico City- Jalisco Cartel leader of New Generation presentted by SSP

Alberto Radillo Eliot “was responsible for maintaining control of drug distribution,” Edward Small said at a news conference

Jalisco Cartel leader of New Generation captured

Jalisco Cartel leader of New Generation captured

The Federal Ministry of Public Security announced the capture of Alberto Radillo Peza Eliot, alias Pancho, Jalisco Cartel operator Generation and who allegedly was the chief operative for the metropolitan area of Jalisco.

Ramon Eduardo Small, head of the Drug Division of the Federal Police said the alleged offender was arrested Monday in Zapopan, Jalisco, along with a partner named Juan Carlos Salazar de la Cruz, alias Charly, who have secured two rifles, a grenade and a packet of the drug known as crystal.

The official said the alleged criminal maintained direct contact with Colonel Jose Angel Carrasco, nephew of the kingpin Ignacio Coronel Villarreal, aka Nacho Coronel.

Ramon Eduardo Small, Chief, Division Federal Drug Police said “Radillo Peza, 30, is related to the crime of unlawful deprivation of liberty and murder against civilians and members of opposing groups and elements of police forces also Nemesio reported Oseguera Ramos, The Mencho , identified as one of the main leaders of the criminal group present in Jalisco, Colima and Guanajuato.”

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U.S. State Department condemns attack against Sabritas

The State Department praised the fight against drug cartels in Mexico reiterates its commitment to fight organized crime

The U.S. government condemned “energetically” the recent attacks against the company Sabritas, a subsidiary of U.S. multinational PepsiCo in Mexico, and reiterated its commitment to fight organized crime.

“The United States strongly condemns these attacks and all acts of criminal violence,” he said in a statement the State Department, which said the embassy of the American Union in Mexico City has been in contact with Mexican authorities and company representatives.

The federal agency was reacting to the attacks on 25 and 26 May last in five of the Sabritas distribution centers in the states of Michoacan and Guanajuato.

As of press time, in relation to the facts, are detained four people in Guanajuato.

The State Department praised the “courage” and “determination” of the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, the Mexican government and people face the “challenges and threats of transnational criminal organizations.”

“America will continue to help in Mexico’s efforts to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations, in strict accordance with the law and respect for Mexican sovereignty,” said the note.

On Tuesday, the company Sabritas, which is still assessing the damage, denied having been extorted or threatened.

Meanwhile, the Army and Federal Police are investigating the possible involvement of the criminal group of Knights Templar, which maintains ties to drug gangs in South America and other states.


In Michoacan, Sabritas representatives submitted to the State Attorney’s Office PGJE, complaints related to fire in the warehouses of Lazaro Cardenas, Apatzingan and Uruapan.

According to information from the PJGE, last Tuesday there were reports from the first incident in the port city, a couple of hours after the lawsuit was settled in the municipality located in the hot ground.

The report of the third assault reported in the city of Uruapan was filed during the early hours of yesterday, and officially started the preliminary investigation regarding the transnational conflagrations.

Meanwhile Hector Gomez Trujillo, state leader of the National Action Party, criticized the inaction of the authorities responsible for Michoacan law enforcement regarding the investigations.

“No single action taken by the Attorney General the attorney did not see him step up and get involved in the investigation, no arrests or research was done and is very clear what is happening,” said PAN.

Trujillo Gomez expected to have achieved results and to find those responsible for these criminal acts in Michoacan. “All these actions are the courts responsibility and the injuries and you have to read the state penal code and take action or make a report.”

The State Police protects Sabritas and the seven facilities in the state, while operating to deter crime is common. Federal Police and the army travel to the 113 municipalities in Michoacan.

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Lieutenant of the Knights Templar involved in attacks on Sabritas

Experts said the weekend attacks were the most violent and concerted crime against a private company in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, – Authorities arrested a lieutenant of a cartel of drug traffickers suspected of involvement in a series of arson attacks on facilities and vehicles in Sabritas, a Mexican company and subsidiary of PepsiCo chips.

In five separate attacks carried out between Friday and Saturday, on distribution centers and dozens of vehicles were torched in Sabritas in the states of Guanajuato and Michoacan.

Authorities in the central state of Guanajuato reported Monday that several suspects were arrested for the attacks, including an alleged cartel lieutenant of the Knights Templar.

Experts said the weekend attacks were the most violent and concerted crime against a private company in Mexico five years ago and media launched an armed offensive against drug cartels.

Mexican state oil company has suffered hundreds of thefts of fuel products, plus it has suffered the abduction of some of its employees.

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Multiple cartels involved and 15 arrested in GUANAJUATO

Multiple cartels involved and 15 arrested in GUANAJUATO,
Multiple cartels involved and 15 arrested in GUANAJUATO,

The detainees are the result of the raid ton 12 safe houses, where they secured arms, drugs, among other things

The attorney general of Guanajuato presented to 15 people were arrested after several raids in the city of Leon.

These people are part of criminal cells operating in several municipalities and belonged to different cartels, which in rivalry, began to carry out a series of executions.

The research and intelligence allowed, according to authorities, to identify members of these cells and their location.

The detainees are the result of the raid to 12 safe houses, where they secured arms, drugs, communication equipment and police uniforms.

Members are responsible for many killings occurred in lion, San Francisco del Rincon, Purisima and Yuriria and responsible for drug distribution in the area.

Among those arrested were responsible for carrying out the executions, and who controlled the distribution of drugs.

Several of the detainees say they belong to the cartel “Jalisco New Generation” and more to “The Knights Templar and / or Familia Michoacana ‘, hence their rivalry.

They made the shots were operating in vehicles toward their victims.

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Women consume alcohol to get drunk in Mexico

In the past five years the consumption of alcohol has increased in women, especially adolescents, in fact the prevalence is similar to that of men

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The director of the Center for Youth Integration (CIJ) in Toluca, Alba Carrera Testa, reported that 24 percent of Mexico‘s population, or about 27 million people between 12 and 65 years of age, consume alcohol in large quantities.

In an interview, said of the 27 million of these people, nine million are women, while others 670 000 abuse of this substance.

He explained that women metabolize alcohol more slowly than men, which facilitates its rapid accumulation in the blood, reaching states of drunkenness or intoxication in less time.

He said that risky sexual practices, violence, depression, unwanted pregnancies, aggressiveness and physical damage are some of the causes of excessive use of alcohol.

He added that in the last five years the consumption of this substance is increased in women, especially adolescents, in fact the prevalence is similar to that of men.

He noted that the dependence made a survey of female students, averaged higher in states that show rates of alcohol consumption above the national average according to the National Addiction Survey 2008.

Among them, Baja California, Campeche, Aguascalientes Chihuahua, Mexico City, Colima, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacan, Morelos and Nayarit.

According to the study it showed that increased consumption of alcohol was found among high school level students, and similarly found that women with dependence and abuse of alcoholic beverages belonging to members of social networks with more users of alcohol.

Also stressed that consumers of alcohol has a greater need to explore and search for new sensations, as well as experience through strong drink, which in turn leads to the use of other drugs.

He added that they perceive the use or abuse of this substance as a means of “liberation and equality with men.”

The specialist said that women need to know the risks of smoking and how it affects your health, which is important to consider biological and psychosocial elements in the areas of prevention and treatment.

This, with the goal “to eliminate barriers to access of women to be treated by alcohol problems,” he said.

Reported that the Youth Integration Center provides prevention and treatment services in its 113 units distributed throughout the republic, and also edited the book “Young people and alcohol in Mexico, an emerging problem in women,” in order to provide more about this problem.

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Police arrest 13 suspected Zetas cartel members in Guadalajara

Vasquez Zetas Member
Vasquez Zetas Member

Police arrest 13 suspected Zetas in Guadalajara

One of the detainees received between 100 and 150 thousand dollars to be paid to the services of other members of the cell

GUADALAJARA, Feb. 20. – Mexican authorities today seized 13 people, including two women, who allegedly made up a cell of the group “Los Zetas” in the western state of Jalisco, officials said.

The suspects were arrested this morning in the town of Tlajomulco, about 15 kilometers from Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, following some traders complained that sought to extort money, reported the Ministry of State Security.

According to the first statements of the group leader, Alfredo Vazquez, detainees were recruited by a “chief zeta”, identified as “Don Jose”, which led to the town earlier this year in order to “execute some criminal actions “.

In addition, Vasquez said he received between 100 thousand and 150 thousand pesos (between 7 thousand and 11 thousand U.S. dollars) every two weeks, which was distributed to members of the cell as payment for his services.

The Security Ministry announced that seven of those arrested are from the state of Guanajuato (central Mexico), four of Durango, (north) and two of Jalisco, and some of them have criminal records.

In the operation state police seized a AR-15 rifle, five handguns and two trucks with plates of Durango.

Military personnel have dismantled, in the same municipality, various laboratories for the manufacture of synthetic drugs, including an industrial type with more than 18 hectares in which were found about 20 tons of chemicals, and seized 15 tons of methamphetamine.

In this region the Zetas operate a group that until 2010 was the armed wing of the Gulf cartel, and Jalisco band New Generation, created following the divisions between drug trafficking organizations after the death of Ignacio Coronel, aka “Nacho Coronel“, a leader of the powerful Sinaloa cartel.

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