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Seven people killed in Guerrero

ACAPULCO, The Attorney General of Guerrero is investigating the murder of seven people that happened in the bar of the Hotel Las Vegas, in Ciudad Altamirano, region of Tierra Caliente.

Seven People killed in mass shooting rampage

Seven People killed in mass shooting rampage

The ministry said that among those killed were three elements of the federal police and four civilians, while two other officers were wounded in the attack.

According to the preliminary MIN/SC/03/114/2013, civilians are victimized Ángel Martínez Castillo, Enrique Palacios Duenas, Jesus Alejandro Mariano Galarza Juanche and Anuar Santamaría.

Meanwhile, the federal agents are Ludwin Lopez Casanova, Hector Jose Escribano Escribano and Benito White Velázquez, who were stationed in Coyuca de Catalan.

According to preliminary investigations, a group of gunmen arrived and started setting a shoot straight to the bar where the officers were.

The office was informed of the facts by the Preventive Police , so ministerial elements moved to the place with the aim of carrying out inquiries and found caps for 7.62X3 caliber and AK-47.

Meanwhile in the Clinic of the Americas, located in Ciudad Altamirano two elements of the Federal Police, and Samuel Nieto Moscosa Alcantara Fernando Aparicio, who were wounded by gunfire in the attack are being attended to.

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Rape of Tourist in Acapulco

Tourist are not safe in Acapulco!

Español: Área turística del Acapulco Tradicion...

Español: Área turística del Acapulco Tradicional o Náutico en Acapulco, Guerrero, México. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The coordinator of the PRD senators, Miguel Barbosa, said the violation of six Spanish tourists last week in Acapulco, Guerrero, requires three levels of government to exhaust all lines of investigation.

The legislature also highlighted problem in capturing those responsible, otherwise will challenge the actions of the authorities and law enforcement in Mexico.

This unfortunate event will not be solved with the demarcation of powers or responsibilities, with dramatic unfortunate statements or requests federal support, but through actions and coordinated strategies between the fields of government, he said.

Guerrero is one of the entities facing enormous complexities and obstacles, “precisely because of that situation, Guerrero citizens opted for a change and elected people with the ability, experience and strength to meet their demands,” he said.

“That trust can not be disappointed,” he said and warned that these unfortunate events in Acapulco can generate economic damage by the withdrawal of Spanish and European tourism in the Mexican resorts.

This, he added, is serious because right now the federal government and various state governments view tourism as a sector of the economy to trigger the development and promotion of the best tourist destinations is to ensure safety for visitors.

“We can not resign ourselves to that insecurity prevents citizens from around the world visit us because we can not guarantee the minimum required security,” he said in a statement.

Barbosa Huerta felt to do justice in this case and that “violations must not go unpunished, otherwise, the ability of the authorities will be compromised and with it, the entire administration of justice in our country.”

The Institute also president Belisario Dominguez said that Mexico has to show its capacity for research and application of justice, so sued the federal, state and municipal spare no resources to clarify the facts.

It is necessary, he insisted, provide care for the victims and their companions, make capturing their attackers and then take actions and decisions so that crimes of this nature resubmitted against any foreign or domestic tourists.

“Events like those that occurred in Acapulco should be the reason for the three levels of government have coordinated actions, innovative and above all, sensitivity to the victims,” ​​he said.

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Cuernavaca- 11 policemen arrested for allowing traffickers escape

They were arrested for the escape of Antonio Román Miranda alias “La Mona”, who accompanied Rogelio Maldonado Crisóforo alias “The Horn”, leader of The Reds

11 policemen arrested for letting traffickers escape

11 policemen arrested for letting traffickers escape

Cuernavaca, Mor. – At least 11 judicial police and municipal police Cuernavaca were arrested by the escape of a suspected drug trafficker, identified as Antonio Román Miranda alias “La Mona”, who accompanied Rogelio Maldonado Crisóforo alias “The Horn” leader Reds Guerrero.

According to a statement released by the state attorney establishes a folder that was initiated research, at par, the General Inspectorate VG/SV/296/2012 one affidavit, prepared by the national control and internal discipline of the institution.

The constitutional arrest of 36 hours against five elements of the Ministerial Police, also must appear before the Inspector General, including his statement surrendered all investigation documents initiated by the prosecution SC01/13659/2012.

It was determined from these facts, that five policemen and six municipal police ministry officials have given their statement to determine responsibilities for evasion and drug lord lieutenant of The Reds, criminal group controlling the town of Temixco, Emiliano Zapata and Jiutepec.

In the statement, the Office of Morelos, “reiterates that investigations into the case continue to determine responsibilities, since not tolerate breach of the duties and obligations of public servants of this institution, much less protection links or crime members organized “.

On Monday, Rogelio Maldonado criminal group leader Reds in Guerrero and Morelos Cuernavaca was arrested after he was shot and wounded in the Colonia Flores Magon, while walking down the street Durango.

Yesterday, the government secretary Messeguer Jorge Guillén confirmed the start of a research folder, plus the search for alleged drug trafficker who managed to evade the authorities, due to collusion of municipal and ministerial policemen, who released him after his capture.

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New Alliance leader slain in Alcapulco early on Wednesday morning

In the early hours of Wednesday, was killed by two bullets to the Costera Miguel Aleman, Miguel Angel Torres Gutiérrez

New Alliance leader killed with two bullets to the head

New Alliance leader killed with two bullets to the head

ACAPULCO, In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Costera Miguel Aleman, the municipal leader of the New Alliance Party (Honeycomb) in Acapulco, Miguel Angel Torres Gutiérrez was killed with two bullets to the head.

According to the police report, the incident occurred on the main tourist strip, ten minutes after 12 o’clock at night.

The political leader was getting into his vehicle when a man approached him from behind and shot him twice in the head, and then fled.

To have the report of the facts, federal public safety officials, state and municipal cordoned off the area and covered the car with the body inside political leader.

Miguel Angel Torres was manager of the travel agency “Omega”, located in the Twin Towers condominium, which is located on Avenida Miguel Alemán, in the Golden Zone of Acapulco.

The political leader assumed the leadership of New Partnership in Acapulco, in September 2008, in the last municipal elections, in which the mayor was renewed. 

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Ecopetrol faces murder charges after pipeline fire!

No one manage to escape the house!

Ecopetrol faces murder case after people killed and homes destroyed by pipeline fire!

The smell of gas was so strong that my family became dizzy and could not be saved. They were my father, my mother, a niece, another niece’s husband, a toddler and a family friend. The fire consumed everything.

It has been almost 11 months and Ecopetrol continues regardless of moral damages. ” So Albeiro Guerrero recalls the tragedy that struck her family last December 23 with Ecopetrol pipeline explosion in the sector Villa Carola in Dosquebradas (Risaralda), which destroyed the neighborhood and left nearly 100 injured and 33 dead.

This is the same version that gives the answer why he refused to reconcile with Ecopetrol, as have several of the victims, and why was awarded, along with 13 other relatives of the deceased, a power of attorney Abelardo Espriella to represent them in criminal proceedings against the oil company.

Initially two hypotheses were raised against the causes that led to the rupture of the pipeline: the first aimed at a possible fuel leak caused by fuel theft, and second, that the tube broke because of a landslide, generated the winter season. However, both versions were contradicted by months after an investigation that conducted the Comptroller General of the Republic.

For the control authority, what happened in Dosquebradas was the result of “a failure to maintain the pipeline”, work was the responsibility of the oil company to anticipate and avoid the risk of damage to the pipe. Furthermore, given that a similar explosion had occurred eight years ago.

Based on these findings, the lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella instituted a complaint against the president and members of the board of Ecopetrol, as suspects in the death of Carlos Arturo Guerrero and Flor de Maria Julian Guerrero Albeiro parents. In the criminal complaint names as co-authors of the murder by way of possible fraud.

The document, filed on Aug. 16 in the Office of Pereira, emphasizes that “the accused knew the external circumstances, which elevated the level of risk of another explosion.” At this point the complaint relates to multiple ads in media for the increased rainfall and foreknowledge that the company had about theft, which made urgent maintenance of the pipeline. “The accused were indifferent to the danger posed by his conduct to the legal rights of life and personal safety of local residents, despite multiple evidence that allowed them to warn of impending criminal result.”

This complaint is in addition to two previous, also filed by De la Espriella to Ecopetrol answer on charges of damage to property, environmental pollution and personal injury Aguazul broken with physical deformity.

When asked by The Spectator, says the oil has not been notified of the complaint and that for now it will not react. However, Jaime Bocanegra, Dosquebradas program manager, told this newspaper that since the submission of the incident, Ecopetrol has accompanied the victims and created the program to repair Dosquebradas: “In addition, of all the medical, surrendered bonds $ 500,000 dollars for each person who lost their property, whether injured and those who lost their clothes and shoes. ” According Bocanegra, the idea is to restore the social fabric.

According to the census of Ecopetrol, were 38 houses destroyed by the blast and already reconciled with 36 owners. “First, there was the valuation of the property and then proceeded to make the payment in cash.” On the other hand, points out that the company already reconciled with groups of 33 relatives of the deceased and that “we have had approaches including some relatives of Carlos Arturo Guerrero and Maria Julian Flower”.

This version is confirmed Albeiro Guerrero, who acknowledges that six of his brothers were not involved in the lawsuit filed by De la Espriella, preferring to reconcile with the oil.

Bocanegra explains that reconciliations have been made based on the statement by the State Council, “depending on the degree of consanguinity, conciliation can range from 50 to 100 minimum wages.” Also insists that all processes are monitored by the Office and go to court in Pereira, where it is determined whether to proceed with the recognition.

But another is the figure Espriella search of the process: “As for the victims of homicide, it is not a criminal but administrative responsibility, and in this case the compensation can reach thousand minimum wages,” he said to the Spectator one of the firm’s attorneys.

If successful, the lawsuit, this figure would join Ecopetrol presents accounts: $ 14,000 million in restitution, $ 8,000 million and $ 3,600 million investment in education, excluding humanitarian aid, funerals and transport subsidies.

Albeiro Guerrero has a different perception of what happened: “As in all tragedies, the early days were very specific with aid, but time passed and now the support has been very little. The housing issue has not been solved. I think most of those who did so because they are reconciled in a difficult situation and I think it is not, which is reconciled buy at left to give them. ”

The truth is that lack a good time so you know who is right. For now, the complaints against Ecopetrol add to the list of processes dammed by the judicial strike and have made little progress. From October 23 rests on the attorney a request for intervention and special surveillance in criminal investigations, but there is no statement on the matter.

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The Jiuvy arrested, head of square Reds in Guerrero

Coat of arms of Chilpancingo.

Coat of arms of Chilpancingo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The federal SSP reported that the arrest of the alleged leader of kidnappers occurred as part of the actions taken in an operation

Federal Police detained in the state of Guerrero Roberto Pedraza Jose Molina, nicknamed “The Jiuvy” was linked to the crimes of illegal kidnapping and extortion in the service of the criminal group “The Reds”.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that federal arrest suspected leader of kidnappers occurred as part of the activities carried out within the operating Guerrero Seguro.

The investigation indicated that Pedraza Molina also served as chief of space “Reds” in the town of Ocotito, in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, where he allegedly headed the drug distribution and coordination of kidnappings and killings against members antagonistic groups.

In this case it was noted that the arrest of the suspect was made to follow up the investigations arising from the arrest of Ronces Mario Perez, on July 8 who served as chief Ocotito plaza, Guerrero.

Through intelligence reports the location of Molina Pedraza was obtained, so a search operation was put into action in Chilpancingo, once he was identified, while riding in a van, he was arrested.

After his arrest “The Jiuvy”, 29, also said he headed the illegal deprivation of freedom of several people whose ransoms demanded in different amounts of money, explained the SSP in a statement.

During the operation, said a Hummer H2, 2006 model, gray MMF3807 license plates, the State of Mexico, an assault rifle AK-47, a charger supplied with 20 rounds of ammunition, a plastic bag with marijuana, plus two telephone equipment.

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Student 16, kills his PE Instructor, because he could not stand him

According to the investigation, on August 20 relatives of the deceased went to report him missing in the town of La Junta

The state Attorney reported the arrest of two students, one of them just 16 years old, who killed his P.E. Instructor.

The state government issued a statement reported the arrest of Hazael Ever Bustillos Tello, 22, and the youngest Daniel, 16, for being allegedly responsible for killing his physical education teacher, Manuel Camacho Delgado, 40, who was also a councilor in the municipality of Guerrero.

According to the investigation, on August 20 relatives of the deceased went to report him missing in the town of La Junta, Guerrero Township.

Later on August 21, in an interview with the sisters of the victim, the Police Investigating narrated his brother Manuel Camacho Delgado was a professor of physical education at various schools, “lived much with his students, as their house was always full of young students.”

However, they stressed that the teacher hosted a young man named Hazael Ever Bustillos for almost two years which held him financially, bought him clothes and “other needs covered, until last June when he left home because he had problems and hit Mr. Young, which was repeated on 17 August.”

That’s when the investigating officers came to the home of Bustillos Tello, same as was provided by the sisters of the deceased.

Moments later the young man stood up to 74 and Eagle streets, where police identified him and began asking him questions regarding the whereabouts of Manuel Camacho.

In the interview the young said that on Saturday August 18 Manuel came for him to board his vehicle around 9 pm to the street, to walk a while in the center, then went to dinner and walked with the cousin , Daniel 16.

Spontaneously Young told police that he and his cousin Manuel Camacho had killed him “because they no longer could stand him, he was murdered, and placed in the trunk of the car and then threw his body near the museum and Mennonite left the car on Seventh Street. “

Investigating officers rushed to the scene where they found a corpse at kilometer 10 of the Commercial Corridor Cuauhtémoc Alvaro Obregon, through a gap near the museum, while at 7 and Reform was located the car belonging to the victim parked and properly closed.

Once the autopsy by the medical examiner, it was established that the cause of death was severe head trauma caused by blows, also had 48 to 72 hours without life, and the location of the find was not lost his life where the victim.

Both suspects were turned over to prosecutors, who integrates research folder to put detainees before the Judge of Guarantees, both adult and juvenile offenders, where they settled their legal status.

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