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Los Zetas and hezbollah share money laundering ops

Specialists and U.S. authorities confirm the link with terrorist Ayman Joumaa Zetas

laundering and weapons training are the main points in the relationship between Mexican drug cartels and alleged international terrorist groups operating in the country as Hezbollah.

los zetas and hezbollah shre money laundering links

los zetas and hezbollah share money laundering links

Although not confirmed links between drug trafficking and terrorist groups by Mexican authorities, according to experts and a review by the Strategic Studies Institute United States Army War College was raised otherwise.

The presence in our country last year, a member of Hezbollah and two suspected members of the terrorist group also put on alert Mexican authorities and the United States.

According to a study by the international analyst Douglas Farah, in recent years there has been a relationship that involves just business and money laundering between the cartel Los Zetas and the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

The report, which cites U.S. authorities, notes that Los Zetas have the same money launderer Hizbollah: it is a Lebanese criminal named Ayman Joumaa, 48, who is known to have coordinated in collaboration with the Mexican cartel , smuggling of cocaine from Colombia through Central America and Mexico.

In December 2011 the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia said Joumaa is the axis that does business between Los Zetas and Hezbollah without any ideological relationship between the two criminal organizations.

It was on December 12 of that year when, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, for its acronym in English), the U.S. government filed charges against Ayman Joumaa, on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.

The indictment alleges that he and his accomplices introduced drugs from Colombia to Mexico to Los Zetas and the proceeds would be sent and laundered worldwide to finally be placed on business or accounts belonging to Hezbollah.


According to DEA sources quoted at the time, the criminal activities of Joumaa, who is linked to Hezbollah, facilitated the work of “numerous global drug trafficking organizations, including the criminal activities of the cartel Los Zetas . “

The latest reports from the DEA said the Lebanese citizen in Colombia, currently washing over 200 million dollars a month to support the financing of Hezbollah.

During a hearing before the Armed Services Committee of the U.S. Senate in March 2012, General Douglas Fraser, head of U.S. Southern Command, noted that the Treasury Department had found connections between two criminal groups.

According to the statements, Ayman Joumaa washed about 850 million to Los Zetas through a Canadian bank, and was also accused of smuggling tons of cocaine.

“Although we have not yet seen any international terrorist groups attempt to capitalize on these routes of transfer, we vigilant of the potential threat that transnational criminal organizations collaborate to introduce terrorists,” said Fraser.

For Senator Arturo Zamora Jimenez, who in 2011 denounced Hezbollah’s presence in our country, based on information from the U.S. House of Representatives, it is certain that there are terrorist groups that movement that are conducting training processes criminal groups.

Hezbollah is a political and military power of the Islamic Shia of Lebanon.

It was designated as a foreign terrorist organization in October 1997 and as a threat to the peace process in the Middle East in January 1995.

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Hezbollah Muslim extremist setting up on Mexican soil

Expert sees challenges for the new government, from Muslim extremists who are strengthening in areas where corruption reigns

Muslim extremists setting up operations in Mexico!

Muslim extremists setting up operations in Mexico!

MEXICO CITY, The “violence” and “chronic corruption” in Mexico have attracted the presence of Muslim extremist organization Hezbollah and other transnational criminal groups, said a text of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA Council Hemispheric Affairs).

Signed by JT Larrimore research associate, the text said that “a number of arrests coupled to the discovery of an international scheme of money laundering in Mexico, has led some to claim that Hezbollah has established a presence in the country”, but accepted that “their presence is still questioned.”

Coha said the “footprint” of the group in Mexico is “still relatively light.”

But at the same time is “an indication of the level of insecurity in the country operates daily.”

The document warned that “a high rate of corruption accompanied by a lucrative drug trade perpetually threatens to stifle the desire of Mexico to overcome its reputation as a haven for transnational criminal and terrorist organizations.”

In its conclusions, the text said that the new Mexican government has promised several ambitious reforms to relieve certain problematic sectors of the economy “and said that although several are legitimate,” others seem designed to fail in its attempt to address fundamental questions about the instability. “

Challenge the new government

The article Coha considered based on “political traditions deeply rooted in Mexico”, it is “critical obstacles for President Enrique Peña Nieto achieve their goals.”

The researcher said in this regard that “the president should attract foreign investment that can not be sustained unless the remnants of the war on drugs are contained.

“Achieving this task will be a difficult task for the new government but is an initiative that the administration (Peña Nieto) must confront and successfully achieve.”

According to COHA, however, the framework of operations for Hezbollah is ideally given the group’s history of operating in areas where they are present high levels of corruption. “

Coha is a liberal group analysis established in 1975 by Larry Birns, an academic specializing in Latin America.

Its called “research associates” are usually college interns supervised by professional analysts.

Always according Coha-who based their analysis on press reports and official reports, “Mexico, with its half-decade of increasing drug activity, presents conditions similar to those Latin American regions and is believed to have ties to Hezbollah.

“These regions suffer from bouts of instability and are afflicted with high levels of corruption and a lucrative drug trade.”

The report stated that the presence of the Muslim organization in Mexico is “a topic of conversation between politicians and security experts” in addition to several arrests and a number of allegations “strengthen the argument that Hezbollah acts in the country.”

In his briefing, Coha recalled that last May 5, 2012 Jamal Yousef, a former member of the Syrian army, pleaded guilty in U.S. court to conspiring to provide weapons to a “Colombian terrorist organization” in exchange for cocaine.


According to court documents “weapons used for the transaction were stolen from Iraq and were stored by an operator of Hezbollah in Mexico.”

On 23 June this year Ayman Joumaa, described as “Hezbollah associate,” was accused in federal court of the northern neighbor of “conspiring” to distribute narcotics and engaging in potential money laundering.

According to the indictment, he and his accomplices introduced drugs from Colombia to Mexico to Los Zetas and the proceeds would be sent and “washed” around the world.

Subsequently, business would be placed in accounts belonging to Hezbollah.

In September 2012, U.S. authorities arrested three suspected Muslim organization operatives hiding in Mexico.

“One was a Lebanese Raffic Labboun name, naturalized U.S. citizen, who was regarded as the leader of Hezbollah operations in San Francisco, California.

“However (Labboun) fled to Mexico after being released from prison in the U.S. for fraud linked to the terrorist organization”, appropriated the text of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs.

Signs light up red flags

Last September, the INM warned that Labboun Rafic was arrested, an alleged member of the terrorist group.

When Labboun Allaboun was arrested five others living in the subdivision of Francisco de Montejo, west of the capital, were also detained, but only two were arrested while four of them had papers.

The arrests occurred before the  immigration alert was enacted by the U.S. embassy in Mexico.

Labboun Allaboun was found with documents and a passport which identified him as a citizen of Belize by the name of Dick Wilhelm.

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Irans technology has copied sophisticated U.S. Drones!

Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel

Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The defense minister, Ahmad Vahidi, said to have more advanced drone that Hezbollah shot down by Israel

With this technology coming from the US made drones design and being copied by the Iraneans they have the same capability as the US. This solidifies their prowess and ability to strike Isarel. 

defense minister, Ahmad Vahidi,

Iran has drones with much more advanced technology than the drone was shot down by Hezbollah earlier this month when he entered Israeli airspace, reported the Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi.

“Today the Islamic Republic has available drone technology far more advanced than that Hezbollah forces sent to the airspace of the Zionist regime (Israel),” Vahidi said, quoted by IRNA news agency.

“Undoubtedly, the technology in the drone Hezbollah (Lebanese Shiite group) … was not the latest technology from Iran, “he said.

On 6 October, the Israeli Air Force shot down a drone when he had penetrated 55 kilometers into Israel and flew over the northern Negev desert in the south.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the aircraft, saying that his pieces were manufactured and assembled in Iran in Lebanon.

The Iranian news agency Mehr said the drone of Hezbollah came very close to Israel’s Dimona nuclear plant without being detected by the advanced radar systems Israelis and Americans.

For the Iranian Minister of Defense, “the power of Hezbollah shows the drone flying ‘Ayub’ in heaven exploded when hit by Israeli forces this false regime”.

The acting commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Hossein Salami, warned Israel that they “definitely” will face harsh reprisals if it attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities.

An attack on Iran will accelerate the annihilation of the Israeli regime since it lacks a strong defense strategy, military said.

The commander said Iran is more prepared than ever with military equipment and infrastructure, and emphasized that there is no vulnerability in the defense system of the country, reported the semi-official news agency ISNA .

Israel has repeatedly threatened to carry out an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, under the idea that its true purpose is military.

Salami added that Israel has engaged in a campaign of psychological warfare and in a game of political deception against the Islamic Republic, which has failed fully but has strengthened Iran’s leadership.

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Islamist group Hezbollah, terrorist arrested in Merida sent to USA

He was arrested in the United States and obtained his release, returning to Lebanon, but he had a problem with the law

The US had him in custody but let him go! What kind of Security is the US Running. Must someone be killed before they wake up again!

He was arrested in the United States and obtained his release, returning to Lebanon, but he had a problem with the law

The INM identified him yesterday as being Rafic M. Labboun, and reported that no other person of Lebanese origin was presented

MERIDA, The delegation of the National Migration Institute (INM) confirmed that the suspected terrorist Rafic M. Labboun, identified as leader of the Islamist group Hezbollah, was already sent to the U.S. following his arrest last weekend in this city.

Labboun, who was located in the popular subdivision Francisco de Montejo, the northwest of this city, was transferred to the U.S. yesterday, just hours after being arrested along with three others.

The foreigner was taken to federal custody Merida international airport and put on a commercial flight with Officers for the city of Houston Texas.

Upon arriving in Houston, Mexican agents turned him over to U.S. immigration authorities and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

The INM identified him from terror suspects arrested yesterday, and reported that no other person of Lebanese origin as presented, but not identified.

Staff explained that the delegation will be the headquarters of the institute which will forward information on this fact and the fate of three other detainees.

Rafic M. Labboun-who is called “Rafic Haij” – had a false passport and was arrested by officers from elite state Public Security Secretariat of Planning (SSP) and the INM.

The suspect, 44, was born in Lebanon and later settled in the United States, where he completed college in California, but later faced legal problems of a financial nature, in which the organization was involved with Hezbollah.

He was arrested in the United States and obtained his release, returning to Lebanon, but he had a problem with the law and violating his probation left the country and went to Central America where he arrived in Mexico with false immigration documents.


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