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James Holmes, 25, accused murderer at a Colorado Movie Theater in court!

The accused murderer at a Colorado Movie Theater can be subjected to tests with the “truth drug” if found having mental problems to avoid a harsh sentence, reported the local ABC station in Denver.

Colorado accused mass-murderer back in court!

Colorado accused mass-murderer back in court!

The trial judge, William Sylvester, warned today that if James Holmes, 25, claims insanity and plead not guilty, something that may happen tomorrow, must undergo a polygraph test or psychiatric examinations “narcoanalíticos” to determine whether he is lucid and lies.

The so-called “truth serum”, which is usually a barbiturate compound, helps the person to recall and in the case of Holmes can be used to determine if indeed the young man was unable to discern when he burst into a cinema in the town of Aurora during the premiere of the latest film “Batman” and killed 12 people and wounded 70 others.

The defense believes these techniques are unconstitutional and has criticized the laws of the State of Colorado for allowing them, and by not respecting medical confidentiality if the defendant claims mental illness.

The judge said that if Holmes is finally declared mentally ill, something that would allow detention to be much milder, he must meet all psychiatric analysis and questioning with “medically appropriate drugs.”

Holmes, who could face the death penalty, he planned the attack carefully and filled his apartment with booby traps in an apparent attempt to mislead the police and to act with impunity at the movie theater.

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