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USA, China, Syria and Egypt oppose the regulation of ammunition!

USA, China, Syria and Egypt oppose the regulation of ammunition!

Lack of global arms treaty is incomprehensible omission : Mexico

On average, one person dies every minute in the world as a result of a light weapon, says UN

The lack of a legally binding treaty regulating the arms trade is “an incomprehensible omission of the international community”, said the representative of Mexico to the International Treaty on Arms Trade UN Roberto Dondisch.

Mexican negotiator at the United Nations (UN) highlighted in the agency’s headquarters in New York that also need an agreement that “to achieve legal certainty to the States.”

In a speech broadcast here Friday at the sidelines of a meeting addressed by the Treaty emphasized that “the humanitarian” should guide the negotiations, whose final goal would be to prevent “unnecessary loss of lives.”

On average, one person dies every minute in the world as a result of a light weapon, plus they are abused and injured thousands on a daily basis.

In late 2010, an estimated 27.5 million internally displaced people living in conflict between armed factions, according to the UN.

Despite the damage, there are currently no legally binding international rules governing global trade in conventional arms and loopholes are common in regional agreements on the subject.

“It’s hard to understand that in a world that regulates trade in all goods, including basic consumption to date are not available a regulatory framework for products designed and produced for the sole purpose of causing harm “said Dondisch.

He felt that although access and use of weapons by states is a necessity, it is absolutely intolerable access to weapons by non-state groups, especially transnational organized crime.

The Mexican diplomat warned however that international regulation of little use if not treated the diversion of weapons to the illicit market, whose activity Mexico suffers in the flesh.

He also felt that the treaty should cover all types of conventional weapons, as well as their parts and ammunition, and must create a mechanism to prevent arms being sold to states that commit serious human rights violations.

According to the Campaign for Arms Control-organism which includes the major international human rights groups, trade in conventional arms has an annual value of 60 billion dollars and not only feeds the violence in the world, but also promotes corruption and undermines social development.

This group has stressed that most governments want a strong treaty, but countries like USA, China, Syria and Egypt oppose the regulation of ammunition, and Middle Eastern nations reject the component of respect for human rights.

The appointment to address the International Treaty on Arms Trade UN began last Monday and will run until July 27.

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Argentina – Sentenced to 50 years for stealing babies during Videla dictatorship

The trial began with a complaint for “removal, retention, concealment and replacement of identity under ten years”

Argentina Justice sentences Videla to 50 Years
Argentina Justice sentences Videla to 50 Years

Argentina Justice today condemned the former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla to 50 years in prison for the theft of babies in a systematic plan implemented during the last military dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983).

The court ruled tested a crime against humanity “by the systematic and widespread abduction, detention and hiding of children under 10 years” in the context of a “plan of annihilation” against the civilian population of the argument to end the “subversion” during the military dictatorship.

Considered a process “landmark” by human rights organizations, the trial began with a complaint of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo and covers more than thirty cases.

Along with Videla sat on the bench the former dictator Reynaldo Bignone, sentenced to 15 years, Antonio Vanek, a former admiral sentenced to 40 years, former Commander Jorge Eduardo Acosta, sentenced to 30 and the former general Omar Riveros, to 20, among other repressive military dictatorship.

Sitting in the front row, Videla listened impassively as he was sentenced, which adds to the life sentence already levied against him for crimes against humanity committed during the coup regime.

According to estimates from humanitarian organizations, 105 children stolen during the dictatorship have recovered their identity, although there are over 400 similar cases pending complaints.

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Human smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars a year

Still exposed to a series of violations of their human rights, compromising their integrity and life, said the UN

Human  smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars each year
Human smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars each year

MEXICO CITY, April 16. – The smuggling of migrants is an industry that generates about seven billion dollars a year, said the Mexico representative of the Office of the United Nations Organization (UN) Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio L. Mazzitelli.

As part of the inauguration of the International Conference on the Smuggling of Migrants, “Challenges and progress in implementing the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air“, expressed his concern about the increased illegal flows persons.

“What is most frightening is the lack of legal and institutional structure, and will void the policy, especially the lack of resources to increase the instruments” in order to advance in this area, he said.

So he said, the migrants are exposed to a series of violations of their rights, compromising their integrity and life.

Although the number of ratifications of the protocol has been increased, it is 127 to date, the political will to sign the instrument and incorporate it into the international legal order is still insufficient, he said.

The Mexican representative to the UN Office said, that the main obstacles, throttling the implementation of the protocol is insufficient is its prevention policy to migrant smuggling, as the lack of databases and research on the phenomena.

Furthermore, the absence in many cases is legislation on the subject, the weak responses of the implementation of justice and, finally, the protective measures for migrants who are victims of this business.

He indicated that by its geographical position, Mexico is not only a country of migration, but is always a transit country for thousands of Latino immigrants who want to have a new opportunity in America.

“Sharing a border makes the territory of Mexico is always the place where the desire of these migrants are treated by the services offered by criminal groups ever more cruel, ruthless and inhuman,” he explained.

But he warned that the country is impossible without cooperation support of other nations to the thousands of migrants who pass through its territory, and would be unfair to blame Mexico for only the violations of human rights of migrants when they themselves are delivered to criminal organizations, he added.

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the negative impact of the “drug war” on the border communities!

Another forum of talk; where is the action? Who will take the first step?

the negative impact of the "drug war"

the negative impact of the "drug war"

Los Angeles, A forum held today at the California State University Northridge (CSUN) addressed the negative impact of the “drug war” in the communities along the border between the U.S. and Mexico.The event entitled “Mexican exiles and the First Amendment” met a lawyer who specializes in political asylum cases of Mexicans and Mexican activist civil rights advocate, currently in exile in USA, who witnessed the impact of violence on the southern border.

The civil rights activist Saul Reyes Salazar explained the difficulties faced by many of its citizens and said that the early days in El Paso, Texas, where he now lives with his wife and children after receiving asylum, were the first in a time “where I could sleep through the night without having nightmares”

The activist claimed that the inhabitants of cities such as Ciudad Juarez, where he resided, and other Mexican cities bordering the U.S. – are suffering in the midst of the struggle between drug traffickers and the army and police of Mexico.

Reyes Salazar not only criticized the drug violence but also the military actions of the Mexican police and innocent people, which is becoming “collateral damage” of war.

In Guadeloupe, a small village near Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, the activist was 180 dead, 26 missing and eight unidentified bodies that were left stranded.

His family began receiving threats when he began to criticize the violence and the militarization of the city. And not only threats: six members of his family have been killed since 2008, why we asked for political asylum.

For immigration lawyer Carlos Spector, experience helping victims of violence also has been impressive. He explained that 21 activists of the civil rights defenders have been killed in the state of Chihuahua since joining the army in 2008.

“The Mexican border communities are terrorized by drug cartels, police and Mexican army and an economic model designed to destroy their economic survival,” noted José Luis Benavides, head of the journalism department at CSUN.

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forced to marry her rapist, under 16 years old Minor commits suicide

The family of a child under 16 years reported to the authorities that the sex offender remains at large Amina

RABAT, March 14. – The family of Moroccan minor who committed suicide last Saturday near Larache in northern Morocco, having been forced to marry her rapist denounced his assailant is released.

“He was arrested but released now until the close of investigations,” he lamented in a statement, Hamida, sister of the victim, adding that Amina (16) was subjected to systematic abuse by the husband and his laws as “revenge” for having denounced the man for rape.

Commits suicide when forced to Marry her Rapist

Commits suicide when forced to Marry her Rapist

Amina was buried Tuesday afternoon and her own husband, Mustafa, lurking in the place of the funeral armed with a knife, Hamida reported.

The facts date back more than a year ago, when Amina’s family filed a complaint of sexual assault against Mustafa, but after an intervention known of the two families, the attacker avoided jail after admitting the offense and agreed to marry his victim.

“Mustafa took her home, threatened with a knife and took her to the nearby forest,” said the sister to describe the rape of Amina when she was 14 or 15 years.

“If married (Amina) was to protect and prevent people talking ill of her. (At her husband) not fed, mistreated and were the ones who had to buy clothes and food. His mother threatened routinely, are a family of criminals, “said Hamida.

Amina ended his life last Saturday after having consumed a rat poison in the house of his in-laws, desperate for the rejection and mistreatment suffered from husband and family, and the rejection of his father to meet her at home, explained the local newspaper “Al Massae” in yesterday’s edition.

Asmae Baghdadi, feminist activist and member of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (MAHR) in the city, said that several women’s associations and human rights activists will gather Moroccan tomorrow at noon in one sitting in front of the Court of Larache, for denounce and condemn this tragedy early marriage and gender violence.

The Moroccan penal code exempts the rapist of a minor penalty when the victim agrees to marry as long as not made a complaint against him by the family of the child.

The event has gone largely unnoticed in the Moroccan press. Although the suicide of Amina was first revealed by a newspaper written, no other media has echoed the matter, except for some web portals.

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U.S. Criticizes drug death toll in Mexico’s war on drugs

The Northern Command chief, Charles H. Jacoby says that violence has increased in the fight against drug trafficking

Politicians doing a lot of talking, I want results!

Politicians doing a lot of talking, I want results!

A representative of the U.S. military said yesterday it was “unacceptable” that the fight against drug trafficking in Mexico has killed nearly 13,000 deaths in 2011 and admitted that the capture of drug lords not have had a positive effect on public perception of violence.

Appearing before the Committee on Senate Armed Forces, General Charles H. Jacoby, head of Northern Command, said that Mexican authorities have been successful in capturing or eliminating 22 of 37 identified drug bosses, “but that has not had an appreciable effect, a positive significant effect.”

“Violence has continued to increase. It was a tremendous increase this year, but figures are unacceptable, “said the commander in answering a question from Republican Senator John McCain.”I think it is premature to judge whether they are winning or losing the fight against organized crime.”

The senator asked for a diagnosis of the situation in Mexico after mentioning that almost 50 000 deaths have occurred since 2006 and almost 13 000 last year, related to the fight against organized crime.

“I agree that there are other things that need doing, and the Mexican armed forces are trying to establish security by reducing the violence in communities, particularly in the northeast. I think it’s the right strategy, “the military without specifying additional measures.

His comments contrasted with the usual stuff from the White House and State Department to avoid at all costs commenting that may seem like a criticism of the efforts of Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

“We see all the bad things that can be attributed to transnational organized crime at the border. We know from our experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq border, weak institutions are run by evil and illegal activities, “said Jacoby.

McCain continued his questioning, and asked why the United States have become known to the heads of the cartels in Mexico, but not the names of heads of cartels operating in thousand U.S. cities, according to a recent report from the Department of Justice .

“My estimate is that we know to a certain level of members of cartels that are operating in the U.S.,” said Jacoby. “I think we have a distant connection with some of the cartels in Mexico, but I think we have our own problem with gangs in America. We recognize this as a problem, and I know that our federal agencies and the Department of Justice are working on that. “

McCain also addressed the Southern Command chief, Gen. Douglas Fraser, who has requested an assessment of the security situation in Central America.

Fraser said the drug “in some cases are better equipped than their military and police,” adding that the problem of corruption among public officials “is still very, very serious in much of Central America.”

Change of address

On Tuesday March 6, the chief of the Northern United States, Charles H. Jacoby, had appeared before the House of Representatives in another tone.

“The military to military relationship between the U.S. and Mexico has advanced to levels of coordination that is unprecedented,” he said.

“Our Mexican colleagues share information on combating transnational criminal organizations,” he said.

In the legislative session on Tuesday, the head of Northern Command gave a list of aspects shared by the Pentagon with the Army and Navy of Mexico, as part of the unprecedented relationship.

Senate urged to push for a settlement against weapons

The Senate called on President Felipe Calderon strengthens Mexico’s international lobbying to achieve international agreement to prevent the sale of weapons from one country to another when there is a risk that will be used by organized crime.

Unanimously, the Senate called on President Calderon to Mexico, along with nations interested in the subject, promote an international treaty on arms trade to ensure the basic rules of international law, human rights and international humanitarian law to ensure that States do not engage in any arms transfers where there is an imminent risk that they may be used to commit serious violations thereof.

“The treaty must be based on shared responsibility of manufacturers and consumers as well as all the actors involved at different stages of the transfer process, which provides objective, nondiscriminatory and transparent to the arms trade.

“Similarly, it is essential that the Treaty will contribute to avoid the irresponsible trade in conventional weapons, or their diversion to the illegal market, where there is risk that the weapons will be used to commit or facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights humans, and the risk involved to peace and security, “the three senators,” according to the preamble.

It also calls on legislators to urge their own members of all parliamentary groups that “through the mechanisms of parliamentary diplomacy, involving, invite their counterparts to promote the signing of the International Treaty on Arms Trade to avoid forwarding them to activities prohibited by international law.

In the explanatory notes that motivate “as a neighbor of one of the largest suppliers of weapons worldwide, Mexico is suffering the consequences of illicit arms trafficking and the subsequent use violence generated by the crime.

“According to official reports, 85% of the weapons seized in the fight against organized crime came from the United States, where you can buy these weapons.”

The senators also refer to Mexico recently joined the Wassenaar Arrangement, a multilateral treaty that seeks to bring pioneering safe trade in conventional weapons, “from establishing export controls.”

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Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice calls for release of Cassez Florence, Zaldivar

calls for release of Cassez Florence, Zaldivar
Minister of The Supreme Court calls for release of Cassez Florence, Zaldivar

The Supreme Court will examine the case in requesting freedom for the French woman sentenced to 60 years in prison for kidnapping

MEXICO CITY, March 8. – The Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) Arturo Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea proposes the immediate and absolute freedom of the French Florence Cassez, sentenced to 60 years in prison for kidnapping.

It will be on March 21 when the First Chamber of the country’s highest court to discuss the draft Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea is in favor of granting an injunction directly to sentencing.

Zaldivar was accused in 2009 by President Felipe Calderon to join the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court will not discuss whether the French citizen is guilty or not guilty of plagiarism. Only refer to whether or not rights were violated during his arrest in 2005. This is the second time under the defense that Cassez stands before the Court, which was rejected in 2011.

The case provoked Cassez in 2011, the suspension of Mexican participation in the “Year of Mexico in France.” The diplomatic dispute came to the point that President Felipe Calderon demanded respect for the French Government of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Minister calls for the release of Florence Cassez

Arturo Zaldivar argued that their rights were violated notification, contact and consular assistance

The Justice of the Supreme Court’s Office (Supreme Court), Arturo Zaldivar proposed granting the injunction and orders the immediate and absolute freedom to Florence Cassez, a French citizen accused and convicted of kidnapping.

On Wednesday 21 March the First Chamber of the country’s highest court will try the case sentenced to 60 years in prison; the draft is silent on the evidence of another detainee, Israel Vallarta Cisneros.

Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea argued in his project, being foreign Cassez Crepin, he was denied his right to notice, contact and consular assistance were also violated its guarantees to be made available immediately to the prosecution and the presumption of innocence.

He said that Florence was not immediately made available to prosecutors, but was taken to Rancho Las Chinitas to participate in a “montage prepared by the authorities who arrested her.”

Argued that there is any constitutional justification for the time Cassez was retained on the property and exposed to a performance planned and orchestrated by the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI) to expose to the media as responsible for the commission three kidnappings.

“The violation of these three rights generated in case a corrupting effect throughout the criminal process and vitiated all the incriminating evidence against Cassez Florence.”

It stresses that this is a case in which the violation of fundamental rights to consular assistance and the provision without delay caused a total helplessness Cassez Florence.

The paper notes that these violations of fundamental rights were affected in total procedure to have a devastating impact on other fundamental rights such as presumption of innocence, adequate defense.

The draft indicates that Zaldivar minister because of the “assembly” by the AFI to stop Cassez the December 8, 2005, consciously distorted reality in order to create a filter and expose a person to society and predominantly with future parts of the process as guilty of the offense.

“The installation involved the exposure of Florence Cassez pointing as responsible for a crime without a trial mediate clarification of their legal status, and a supposed recreation of events that never happened, but they certainly tried to make an impact on public opinion.”

Are analyzed in the project tests against Cassez and concludes that lack of reliability, since the testimonies of victims, and the statements of the policemen are the result of a distortion of reality caused by the AFI.

NGOs support Minister

Organizations dedicated to the promotion and defense of human rights promoted in 2010 to the Seventh Circuit Court in Criminal Matters an Amicus Curiae, which is the legal opinion offered by third parties and voluntary before a court to assist in the resolution of a process , which identifies the major inconsistencies in the case Cassez by violating their individual rights.

The resolution of the appeal filed by Cassez interest to various organizations specializing in human rights, because it has elements of their daily work.

“The minister Zaldivar project fits what we noted in the Amicus Curiae, that violations against Florence Cassez are crucial to allow freedom and primarily because it violated his right to due process basically too, as himself says minister in his project, “he said in an interview with Sergio Mendez, head of the Directorate General of the Mexican Commission for Defense and Promotion of Human Rights.

In the draft by Zaldivar minister in which he proposes to grant the injunction and order the immediate and absolute freedom of Cassez, Mendez Silva hoped the civil organizations that ministers members of the First Chamber of the Court approving the project Zaldivar.

The PGR defends penalty 60 years

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) defended the judgment to Florence Cassez for kidnapping and although not required to rule on the draft decision of the Minister Arturo Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea which provides for the immediate release of the French precisely who was sentenced by the evidence found against him for the kidnapping of three.

In statement released near midnight yesterday, the federal agency said the accused was found guilty by the trial judge and the appellate court for committing three kidnappings, including that of a woman and a child, possession and carrying of firearms used exclusively by the army and organized crime.

“We express concern about the logic that seeks to reach the speaker to the alleged defects encountered in the process and the possible disqualification of the value of the testimony of the abductees, without documentation contained any evidence proving the alleged distortion of reality The speaker referred to the minister.”

According to the PGR, the doomed fought the appeal resolution by direct amparo, even that was denied. “Three federal courts considered that in this case the Attorney General of the Federation was able to prove the crime of serious crimes for which criminal action and determine the criminal liability of Florence Cassez,” he argued in its statement the Federal agency.

The attorney criticized the Cassez case has been taken by the Court when it was not within its jurisdiction and stated “the decision of the Appellate Court did not rule on the unconstitutionality of a law or established direct interpretation of a provision of the Constitution which also involve a criterion of importance and significance to warrant the Court’s jurisdiction, so that the resource itself is inappropriate review in accordance with the provisions of Article 107, paragraph IX of the Constitution of the United Mexican States. “

The minister of this administration

In 2009, President Felipe Calderon, who that same year said he opposed the transfer of Florence Cassez to a French prison, proposed by the Senate Arturo Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea as minister of the Supreme Court.

Arturo Zaldivar applicant is a lawyer in constitutional matters. He was a member of the Drafting Committee of the Draft New Law of Protection, established by resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court’s Office. He holds a PhD in Law from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), the second year professor of constitutional law at the Free School of Law and a professor at the graduate level at the same institution in matters related to constitutional law.


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