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This has been the worst period in the history of the United States of America!

This has been the worst period in the history of the United States of America!

This has been the worst period in the history of the United States of America! Immigration, Clinton Foundation Scandal, Hillary Cover up, Emails deleted, Classified emails shared on an un-certified Server, Cheating, False Statements, DOJ Corruption, FBI Corruption, Voter fraud, White House cover ups, Obama’s New World Order and more!

I am ashamed to be called an American anymore. I grew up in Florida in the 1950-60’s and we had respect for The American Flag, The lords Prayer, Our National Anthem and our love of God and Country. We joined the Military when our nation was in danger, and we freely gave our time, and lives to make sure that those of us that lived afterwards had the freedoms, and blessing of our great nation! We stood for God, family and our religion of choice.  Yes, there was the period where Martin Luther King stood up and made our great nation even stronger by his sacrifice! Yet, if you look at his genius, he did this against great odds and he did not belittle himself or kill anyone, because he was a man of conviction! He sacrificed his life that you the African-Americans of today can enjoy your freedoms!

But, now you the African-Americans feel that you are owed something in return, but, Why? What have you as an individual sacrificed for your country, nothing, but who wants everything! You kill each other openly in Chicago every weekend, yet I do not hear you going out in the streets protesting this! You had rather keep the old mentality and blame someone else, especially, a policeman or a white guy. That is your easy cop out for creating a mob scene.

What has the Democratic Party ever done for the American Blacks? You speak about racial equality when you are the precise ones, along with the News Media that claim that all acts of violence are someone else’s fault. If you can name one thing that the Democratic party has done for you; let it be known; otherwise you are still a slave in bondage by that same Party you vote for and keep in office year after year!

This post is not against anyone, regardless of your color, heritage or culture. The point being made is this; you have a CHOICE! Stay where you are in your own little self-centered world; or stand-up and make a difference, change your lives and prosper. It takes you to decide, no-one can make your choice except you, and then you must live with the results!

Ask your self, self what has Obama done for me? Has my life improved, do I make more money, is Obama Care working, can you pay the premiums he has forced on you and your family? Will you accept muslims taking over your towns, cities and states? Will you allow those muslims that have been brought into your home towns to change your laws, so that you will be governed not by the Constitution of the United States, But by Sharia law? If you agree with this then you are in the right place at the right time for this to happen to you!

This is the reality of what is happening in the United States of America today! I am not saying that a Republican President will answer all of your questions; but don’t you think it is worth taking a chance on Donald Trump? As his opponent says, “What difference will it Make” perhaps in choosing Trump you will really discover the difference it makes!



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Human smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars a year

Still exposed to a series of violations of their human rights, compromising their integrity and life, said the UN

Human  smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars each year
Human smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars each year

MEXICO CITY, April 16. – The smuggling of migrants is an industry that generates about seven billion dollars a year, said the Mexico representative of the Office of the United Nations Organization (UN) Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio L. Mazzitelli.

As part of the inauguration of the International Conference on the Smuggling of Migrants, “Challenges and progress in implementing the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air“, expressed his concern about the increased illegal flows persons.

“What is most frightening is the lack of legal and institutional structure, and will void the policy, especially the lack of resources to increase the instruments” in order to advance in this area, he said.

So he said, the migrants are exposed to a series of violations of their rights, compromising their integrity and life.

Although the number of ratifications of the protocol has been increased, it is 127 to date, the political will to sign the instrument and incorporate it into the international legal order is still insufficient, he said.

The Mexican representative to the UN Office said, that the main obstacles, throttling the implementation of the protocol is insufficient is its prevention policy to migrant smuggling, as the lack of databases and research on the phenomena.

Furthermore, the absence in many cases is legislation on the subject, the weak responses of the implementation of justice and, finally, the protective measures for migrants who are victims of this business.

He indicated that by its geographical position, Mexico is not only a country of migration, but is always a transit country for thousands of Latino immigrants who want to have a new opportunity in America.

“Sharing a border makes the territory of Mexico is always the place where the desire of these migrants are treated by the services offered by criminal groups ever more cruel, ruthless and inhuman,” he explained.

But he warned that the country is impossible without cooperation support of other nations to the thousands of migrants who pass through its territory, and would be unfair to blame Mexico for only the violations of human rights of migrants when they themselves are delivered to criminal organizations, he added.

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A Zetas Slave! Truth or Fiction? You decide!

There was no one that will answer for her. Before the end of the week from when she was kidnapped from the edge of the train tracks in Coatzacoalcos Veracruz, she became the cook for the kidnapped migrants and the security chief at that house. “At first I will only cook but then when they had more confidence on me they gave me clothes to wash,” she says.

One night, when she finished serving dinner, the man, nicknamed the Dog, which was like the head of the safe house, got drunk, got a lot of cocaine up his nose and asked her to sit down and talk with him. At that point he asked: “Guerita: do you know why I bring the clothes so dirty?

Marisolina recalls that she was afraid of the man because he always carried a gun and will abused the migrants. “I told him that I imagined the dirty clothes were from fixing trucks or something in which he moved the kidnapped Central Americas.”

The dog let out a tremendous laugh and said, I am the butcher. I do not do anything mechanical. My job is to get rid of the garbage that does not pay.

Frightened, she recounts that moment: “In a mocking way and with out remorse he told me that he was responsible for killing the migrants who didn’t had the money to pay the ransom. He said first I will cut them in small pieces to fit them in drums and then set them on fire until nothing remains of those assholes.”

That night I could not sleep. I was attentive to every sound. I will heard people coming and leaving the house but I didn’t had the courage to peek and see what was happening. The next morning the Dog, gave her clothes to laundry.

Silent for a few minutes before continuing with the story. Crying she says: “I washed many times, the blood of these people. When scrubbing the clothes pieces of meat will fall out. Everything smelled so foul, which for me, it means the smell of death. ”

Marisolina was three months in captivity by a group calling them self the Zetas. Whether it was partying or to arrange business meetings, she was responsible for serving food to the chiefs. “When they got together I will hear that the Zetas were a very respectable organization. Sometimes they will take me to hotel they had rented in Coatzacoalcos. There I was able to identify the chain of command of the company. That’s how they will call their organization. ”

The Zeta soldiers, she reveals, were those who will cared for the migrants day and night. “Then there were the Alfa people, I will listened to them many times when they will talk to the police, with immigration or with the train drivers. They will tell them about a large group of Central Americans in the train, or when they were arrested.

Trying to hide the Salvadoran accent, she remembers noticing six butchers, one for each safe house. “On top of the butchers were the real chiefs, they will give the order of how many were to be killed.”

She covers her face as she remembered that she knew many of the missing. “One day I was ordered to take food up to a room I had never entered. The pure smell of that place will make me cry. There they had the ones tied. They were the ones who could not afford to pay and were on the list to be killed. The eyes were covered and they were handcuffed. They could not leave that room unless it was to be killed. I will fed them at night and the next morning they were gone. And then more people will go up in that room. I saw many disappear. And it hurts me that I couldn’t help any of them, even though many will begged me to help them. ”

One night, after an army operation in one of the safe houses of Los Zetas, where other migrants were rescued, El Perro ask Marisolina and a friend to accompany him to buy cigarettes and soft drinks. Outside the shop they were let go, but not before warning them not to let their mouth get them kill. Long walks, days and nights without eating, leading up to the claim of his captivity under the command of Los Zetas. “We did not want to talk to the police because we will not trust anyone. We agreed to talk because people in the National Human Rights Commission, which helped us a lot, said that our evidence could be used to prevent anyone else from suffering the same as us. “

But the biggest disappointment came later when personnel of the Attorney General’s office informed them that their situation as victims of change to the indicted because “there was a suspicion that we were people of Los Zetas they could not believe that after all that, these criminals would have let them go just like that. “

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