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21 bags located in Jalisco containing human remains

21 bags found containing human body parts

21 bags found containing human body parts

The discovery happened on Saturday afternoon, at the eight kilometer road marker to San Gabriel Sayula. Sayula Township Authorities found at least 21 bags of human remains

MEXICO CITY, Sayula Township Authorities found at least 21 bags of human remains. The discovery happened this afternoon, gave the eight kilometer road Sayula-San Gabriel, Jalisco

At first it was thought that the remains corresponded to several people, but after investigating the contents of the 21 bags it was concluded that they belonged to a single individual.

The Forensic Medical Service personnel took charge and opened the bags and confirmed that it was the body parts of a single male person.

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Venezuelan model was found dead in Guadalajara

Daisy’s body Yenire Ferrer Arenas, who lived in Zapopan, was found in a canal,

GUADALAJARA, – A Venezuelan model was found dead in Guadalajara, Jalisco, nearly a week after her disappearance, sources said Wednesday the State Attorney.

According to the Attorney General of the state of Jalisco, the body of Daisy Arenas Yenire Ferrer was found Tuesday in a canal east of Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, following an anonymous tip.

The body of the young model, between 25 and 30, had gunshot wounds to the head and apparently showed no signs of violence.

The model was identified by residence in Mexico where they found the body.

According to the first data collected by the authorities, the model disappeared the night of Dec. 12 and until the discovery of her body no one had asked for her rescue.

Some of the friends of the girl confirmed that the Attorney Ferrer Arenas was from Venezuela and worked as a model in Jalisco, although the agency asked the Foreign Ministry more information about their immigration status.

The model was living in a colony of Chapalita, in Zapopan, a municipality that is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.

Until this morning her body had not been claimed by relatives

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Accused assassin “The Arete”, arrested in Colima!

The New Generation Assassin leader “The Arete”, arrested

Vicente Mendoza alias “The Arete”, is also responsible for the attack on the Attorney General Armory, Colima, on September 14

COLIMA, The Office of Colima reported the arrest of Rafael Vicente Mendoza alias “The Arete”, 38 years old, the main operator and leader in the Armory municipality called New Generation Jalisco Cartel, and alleged responsible for several crimes.

This suspect was involved in the killing of the following people: Armando Lopez Lopez (a) “The Toluco”, the brothers Pedro and Armando Alejandro Castañeda surname Mojica, Rafael Figueroa Serratos, Jose Mendoza Guizar, Luévanos Jesus Garcia, Rogelio Fifth Sixto, Salazar Miguel Tejeda, Hector Manuel Gonzalez, Miguel Quezada Hernandez and Francisco Sanchez Reyna.

Also the murder of taxi driver Paul Pano Robles, Ramon Solano and Quezada, Gilberto Farias Noah Jimenez, Guadalupe Castaneda Valladares, Armory and municipal police in the death of Benigno Jimenez Larios.

It was also reported that two mass graves were found, the first in a grove of banana that is bound to the town of Paradise, Armory and the second in the backyard of a home in Laguna Street Chamela, the colony’s Springs Royal Armoury where exhumed human remains.

Vicente Rafael Mendoza, is responsible for the damage caused to the premises of the Attorney General in Armory, as well as vehicles of that council, after throwing grenades early on September 14.

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Miss Sinaloa 2012 found dead with an assault rifle!

Miss Sinaloa was traveling with members of organized crime: PGJE

Miss Sinaloa found dead with an assault rifle next to her!

The attorney of Sinaloa, Marco Antonio Higuera said in a news conference that Maria Susana Flores Gamez riding gunmen in a vehicle before being found dead

The Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa, Marco Antonio Higuera, said at a press conference that Maria Susana Flores Gamez, Miss Sinaloa 2012 was traveling in one of the vehicles of suspected gunmen clashed Saturday with soldiers.

The body of the 20 year old was found with an assault rifle.

“She walked into the group of criminals, but we cannot say who was involved in the shooting, right now we have to investigate the scene and background of the action,” said the attorney.

Flores, a young brunette, was elected in February as Miss Sinaloa 2012, a contest that is confined to the state.

The prosecutor said there was a first meeting and then a persecution by the military. Two of the alleged gunmen were also killed and four more were arrested.

Higuera said only that they were members of organized crime, but now federal authorities shall determine which group.

Another winner of beauty contest, the Miss Sinaloa 2008 Laura Elena Zúñiga, was arrested in December of that year in the western state of Jalisco while traveling with suspected drug traffickers in a vehicle in which weapons were located, cartridges and thousands of dollars.

In early 2009 she was acquitted of drug charges.

The title of Miss Sinaloa, Sinaloa different from woman, allows the winners to participate in the national beauty pageant to represent Mexico in Miss Universe.

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the Army locates and ceases three narco-laboratories in Jalisco

the Army locates and ceases three narco-laboratories in Jalisco

In the Yahualica mililtary municipality nine reactors seized which produces different synthetic drugs, in this case, crystal

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Elements of the 15th Military Zone narco-laboratories secured three in the town of Yahualica, in which were nine reactors which produce different synthetic drug, in this case the glass. Notably, the products found at the site were caustic soda, oxygen tanks, and LP gas centrifuges and generators.

The assurance was because local soldiers conducting an operation above the area because of anonymous complaints about a smell of chemicals processed, so military began monitoring.

“Military personnel of this territorial command observed near the town of Yahualica Gonzalez de Gallo Jalisco, a cave used as a clandestine drug laboratory for developing synthetic drugs,” said Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery Staff Corona Leopoldo Camacho

The production of the reactors is estimated at just over half a ton of synthetic drug, “every reactor produces about 150 kg per month each reactor here could make an estimate of 500-600 kilograms,” said Lieutenant the 15th Military Zone.

The first clandestine laboratory was located in Rancho Santillan, amid a cave where there was evidence of several chemicals essential for the development of the drug. In addition, the reactors were in flames, indicating that they had little time to have stopped working.

The other narco-laboratory was located only 50 meters below the first, which was smaller and had only reactor. The last clandestine lab was located in the town of Zapote, which operated three reactors in an abandoned house.

In the operation, no arrests were made, as they are supposed to produce some drugs and then move to another site in order to not be reached easily, “operate laboratories for very short time, get some production and try to move other points to avoid being located, “he added.

Finally, with the assurance of these three narcolaboratorios add the 28th  located by the 15th Military Zone so far this year, with the municipality most used is Tlajomulco where these illegal establishments produce the largest amount of drugs seized and  in  Yahualica, four illegal labs were found this year.

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Chapo Guzman’s rival “El Molca” The Resistance leader Captured,

At his presentation to the media, Wells Ramiro Gonzalez, alias “El Molca” smile and thumbs up

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MEXICO CITY, Elements of the Federal Police detained in the town of Metepec, State of Mexico, Wells Ramiro Gonzalez, alias “El Molca”, founder and leader of the criminal organization known as The Resistance, who for presentation to the media smiled and raised both thumbs, plus whisper slogans against the federal government.

From the armored unit in which he was transported, “The Molca” looked to representatives of the media and in a challenging position, looked up and started smiling with his thumbs as a sign of peace.

That, according to federal police commanders was a strategy that the criminal group is not fragmented, the fact that Wells Gonzalez has repeatedly smiled at the media is a direct message to the criminal organization that fights the New Generation Jalisco Cartel, to not weaken.

According to the intelligence unit of ​​the Federal Police, Ramiro Gonzalez Pozos also used aliases and Jose Antonio Regil Pechs Zaragoza Angel Morales for whom the federal government offered up to a million pesos for information leading to his capture.

He also has two arrest warrants related to organized crime in the State of Mexico and Jalisco.

Intelligence reports indicate that Wells Gonzalez began his criminal activities as a member of the defunct Millennium cartel, the organization that ran the Valencia brothers, who kept becoming compadres extrecha relationship Oscar Nava Orlando Valencia, alias “El Lobo“, who gave him a AK-47 rifle known as goat horn, gold plated gold and white.

In the 90s, “The Molca” Nazario Moreno Gonzalez met alias “El Chayo” and Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias “El Chango” Mendez, La Familia Michoacana leaders since at that time all these groups began their illegal activities .

Furthermore, according to the head of the Drug Enforcement Division of the Federal Police, Ramon Eduardo Small Garcia, head of the criminal organization Resistance became acquainted with the criminal dome operating at the time the Gulf cartel with Osiel Cardenas Guillen and others drugdealers as Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno, alias “El Azul”, who avoided being kidnapped and killed in 2002, also met Arturo Beltran Leyva and Ignacio Coronel Villarreal, aka “Nacho” Coronel who had sent him to kill.

According to investigations, the Wells brothers Ramiro Gonzalez Ayala identified as Gaston Beltran Beltran and Antonio Martín López served as bodyguards of Benjamin and Ramon Arellano Felix and participated in the year 1993 the facts that he killed Cardinal Posadas Ocampo clarifying that the purpose of the cartel of the Arellano Felix was deprived of his life by Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias “El Chapo” Guzman, the two suspects are already in prison.

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Jalisco authorities confirm that the Mencho remains at large

The alleged leader of the New Generation Jalisco cartel was not captured during the operation last Saturday August 25

Secretary of Public Security of Jalisco, Luis Carlos Najera Gutierrez de Velasco confirmed that Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias El Mencho , alleged leader of the New Generation Jalisco cartel, was not captured during the operation last Saturday August 25, as had been reported initially.

“(The Mencho) was in the locks himself in the metropolitan area at the time of the events they covered their retreat. Therefore it has not been presented to the public, nor does it appear from the dead, “said the official.

At a press conference, Najera Gutierrez de Velasco, said the social outrage should be focused against the offenders, “they caused the death of a person, which damaged the heritage of Jalisco and causing blockages.”

After participating in a meeting between the heads of municipal public security of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara between state and federal authorities said they returned to the peace in the region Cienega, where on Sunday there were some incidents, “a State Police that area sent surveillance operations and also the Mexican Army patrol in that area. “

He said that the authorities already conducted an investigation related to the blockages and helps with such instances.

As for the Code Red, mentioned that still remains and will be based on an analysis to be conducted in the next few hours to determine their conclusion.

He explained that the Code Red is an operating system that starts when any type of emergency, “is a communication that unites all security corporations and emergency according to the decision of the command is”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the 15th Military Zone, Federal Police, the Ministry of Transportation, the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) and public security holders of the suburban municipalities to Guadalajara.

The State Security Ministry takes a detached information gathering video surveillance system, it will make available both the PGJE, as the Attorney General’s Office.

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