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Mexican drug cartels have established command and control in Texas

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Mexican Cartels moving to Texas
Just Across the Border!

For 18 months, six of seven Mexican drug cartels have established command and control in Texas cities networks, while in the past year the number of gangs working with the cartels rose from four to 12, that they are recruiting adolescents in school age for its operations on both sides of the border and they have clashed violently to police to avoid being captured which means an overflow of the crime, said Steven McCraw, director of public security of the Government of Texas.

The increase in the presence of cartels in Texas, said McCraw, it means three times, so it is necessary to increase capacity tactical police at the border, because the drug traffickers have adopted a confrontational attitude to block cars and use traps to avoid the authority to stop them in persecution, while another group recovers the drug so that it is not guaranteed.

Since January of 2010, the Department of public safety of Texas has identified 22 killings, 24 rounds, 15 clashes, 23 attempts at extortion, five kidnappings and virtual kidnappings directly linked to the Mexican cartels, that the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI) not included in its system variables such as extortion, kidnappings, incidents by smuggling, corruption, assurance of cartels, weapons and smuggling money in Mexico any of Mexican organizations operating in Texas.

However, the Office of the FBI in San Antonio reported 266 abductions since 2004, including Americans kidnapped in Mexico, victim abducted in Texas and taken to Mexican territory, and victims kidnapped in Texas from subjects of Mexico.

The Department of public safety of Texas has also seen an increase in seizures of drugs, weapons and cash, the points of revision and in the 10 largest Texas corridors, McCraw said.

In this sense, he explained that the assurances of heroin increased in 2,493%, cash smuggling increased by 168% of weapons by 155% of methamphetamine by 135% of 124% marijuana and cocaine by 28 per cent.

Recruiting police officers

In addition to recruit students in Texas to operate on both sides of the border, “the Mexican cartels have been actively recruiting US officials to support their smuggling operations”, said McCraw.

Traffickers of Mexico and Texan gangs operate in human trafficking and 480 victims have registered in the past four years, 77% of them children, and approximately 10% of calls to the national human trafficking line come from Texas, more than any State.

Texas, reported, has invested more than 250 million on improving the security of the border, which it has adopted.

There has been a drug-related shoot-out between rival gangs in the Mexican city of Tampico, a Mexican Gulf coast city. Seven people were left dead in the battle, with five men and two women killed during the course of a nightclub fight.

Members of the Gulf cartel and the Zetas drug gang are believed to have been involved!
Also in Tampico, rumours of gunfire prompted people to flee a street fair which had been filled with thousands of people. While it has not been established whether gunfire was actually heard, people fled in panic for fear of being caught up in Mexico’s brutal drug-gang violence. Tampico is in the state of Tamaulipas, which straddles Texas in the north and the Gulf of Mexico farther south.

Nightclub shooting kills 7 in Mexican Gulf state
A shootout between rival gangs at a nightclub left seven people dead in a Mexican Gulf coast city besieged by drug-related battles, while rumors of gunfire prompted people to flee a street fair where singer Jenni Rivera had been about to perform.

Five men and two women were killed late Friday in the shootout between rival gangs at the nightclub in Tampico, the state government of Tamaulipas said on its Web site. It gave no other details, and nobody was available for comment Saturday at the offices of the Tamaulipas state Public Safety Department or the prosecutors’ offices.

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