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Eyes to see with! What about you?

The Christian concept of apocatastasis include...

The Christian concept of apocatastasis includes a restoration of the world to its original state, as in the Garden of Eden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you look at something do you really see it or is it just imaginary, a vision that is seen but not remembered? Chances are that is exactly what happens and it can be said that when you hear sounds that also is the result. Seen yes, heard yes but then what?

When you look at a flower do you remember the smell, the colour and the form or

shape as it may be or do you simply remember its’ a rose and that is your take! You should open your eyes and look at the rose with perspective; look at the colour and think just how did this rose become red, pink, yellow or white and the smell, is it different according to the colour and the pedals are they larger or smaller, thicker or thinner? So the question is: When you look at something do you really see it?

Have you actually looked at what is around you, and thought how did it get there and why? Who placed things the way they are and the size and shape of that thing or object? Who placed man in the Garden of Eden and where is that garden?

Perhaps we are living in the midst of that beautiful innocent garden and we humans are too blind to see it. Just perhaps all these wonderful things we so take for granted are the garden and only if we were to open our eyes and really see it we would be amazed and then ask the question, just how did this get here!

Where did all the beautiful forms, colours and species come from this is a question? If the big boom caused the earth to be created, then think about it! If an explosion occurs things die, they do not live, trees do not grow, oxygen is sucked out of the air and the place burns and shrapnel is thrown about the land and it becomes desolate.

Only God created the heavens and the earth (Garden of Eden) should I say and only he created Man and Woman and placed us in the Garden of Eden to his liking, and then we (humans) messed it up! We decided that we could become the same as God, and did eat of the forbidden fruit, and lo and behold we are now paying the price, and that will be for-ever!

When man wakes up and realizes that he is not God, and begins to fear God, then we will have a chance for survival in this beautiful Garden that he so graciously made for us. Don’t you see, open thine eyes and look at what is happening around you, earthly things are of the earth and not of God for they would be called Godly things, and that is eternal life, heaven and acceptance of Jesus as your lord and saviour.

God gave us free-will that is for us to use and make choices in our lives, and it depends on what you do with your life that will make a difference in the end! Being rich on earth does not guarantee you will get to heaven, it only guarantees that you can have earthly things, for when you die you will leave earthly things behind and what your heirs do with it, you will not know, for you are dead and will return to dust.

Just imagine yourself as a grain of dust that is swept away by a broom or sucked-up in a vacuum cleaner then discarded! This is the end result for you if you have not made the right choices during your life!

The soul cannot be killed by man, the human body is like a rented car it will never be yours, it will wear out and it will die! Can you see this happening to You! I can! So open your eyes and take in the beautiful things that God has provided for you to see! We see good and we see evil and where do you see yourself, can you answer that?

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Los Zetas lose another leader in Cardel!

Jesus Ramirez Daniel Vargas, the alleged leader of Los Zetas in the city of Cardel died after a confrontation with law enforcement

Los Zetas in confrontation with the military

Los Zetas in confrontation with the military

VERACRUZ, In a clash between the operating elements and Veracruz sure Jesus died suspects Daniel Ramirez Vargas, the alleged leader of the Zetas criminal group in the city of Cardel, belonging to the municipality of La Antigua.

According to a state government release, the incident occurred shortly after noon during a ground survey on the road Cardel-Tamarindo, where “security forces were attacked by criminals, who fled on the roads”.

“He immediately launched a ground and air operation and achieved witthe location of Vargas Ramirez, who confronted the police and was killed,” he said.

He said that after the confrontation seized several weapons and three vehicles, which were made available to the competent authority.

While elements of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) rushed to the scene to conduct an investigation, of the victim and other proceedings as prescribed by law, and so documented.

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Accused assassin “The Arete”, arrested in Colima!

The New Generation Assassin leader “The Arete”, arrested

Vicente Mendoza alias “The Arete”, is also responsible for the attack on the Attorney General Armory, Colima, on September 14

COLIMA, The Office of Colima reported the arrest of Rafael Vicente Mendoza alias “The Arete”, 38 years old, the main operator and leader in the Armory municipality called New Generation Jalisco Cartel, and alleged responsible for several crimes.

This suspect was involved in the killing of the following people: Armando Lopez Lopez (a) “The Toluco”, the brothers Pedro and Armando Alejandro Castañeda surname Mojica, Rafael Figueroa Serratos, Jose Mendoza Guizar, Luévanos Jesus Garcia, Rogelio Fifth Sixto, Salazar Miguel Tejeda, Hector Manuel Gonzalez, Miguel Quezada Hernandez and Francisco Sanchez Reyna.

Also the murder of taxi driver Paul Pano Robles, Ramon Solano and Quezada, Gilberto Farias Noah Jimenez, Guadalupe Castaneda Valladares, Armory and municipal police in the death of Benigno Jimenez Larios.

It was also reported that two mass graves were found, the first in a grove of banana that is bound to the town of Paradise, Armory and the second in the backyard of a home in Laguna Street Chamela, the colony’s Springs Royal Armoury where exhumed human remains.

Vicente Rafael Mendoza, is responsible for the damage caused to the premises of the Attorney General in Armory, as well as vehicles of that council, after throwing grenades early on September 14.

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Obama; declares he is muslim the face of Evil!

Official photographic portrait of US President...

President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; The Face of Evil!

The Face of Evil, is he your choice to lead our nation? No! He is the key to the USA’s collapse over the next 4 years!!

Is he going to be your next President? If so then you are also of the Muslim faith, and you will have turned against GodJehovah” and Jesus Christ!

You will become responsible for the Destruction of the United States of America for your support and belief in his Capability to lead our country in Freedom! He has already contributed to the Bankruptcy of the country, and his undeniable support against the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the Free Americans! You Choose your own damnation!

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Investigators have discovered new Christian iconography in Jerusalem

Investigators may have discovered earliest evidence of Christian iconography in Jerusalem

Investigators using a robotic arm equipped with a remote-controlled camera have discovered what is being called the earliest evidence of Christian iconography in Jerusalem.

Investigators may have discovered earliest evidence of Christian iconography in Jerusalem

Investigators may have discovered earliest evidence of Christian iconography in Jerusalem

The newly discovered ossuary carries a Greek inscription calling on God to “raise up” someone, which is being interpreted as an early reference to the biblical resurrection of Jesus.

A second limestone box appears to show the carved image of a fish, which may be a reference to the biblical prophet Jonah. This would be a historical first, as references to the resurrection had not previously been discovered before the 2nd century.

“If anyone had claimed to find either a statement about resurrection or a Jonah image in a Jewish tomb of this period I would have said impossible — until now,” University of North Carolina scholar James Tabor said in a statement. “Our team was in a kind of ecstatic disbelief, but the evidence was clearly before our eyes, causing us to revise our prior assumptions.”

As significant as this discovery is, it may itself be buried under renewed discussion over the potential discovery of a tomb inscribed with the names of the biblical Jesus and his family. The investigators, lead by University of North Carolina scholar Tabor, are the same team who five years ago claimed to have made “The Jesus Discovery.”

“This does reopen the whole question about the ‘Jesus Tomb,” Tabor told MSNBC. Yahoo News contacted Tabor, but is still waiting for a response.

In addition to his efforts on the “The Jesus Discovery,” Tabor is also working on a new translation of the Bible, known as the Original Bible Project. He contributed to a controversial TV documentary called, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” which received significant attention at the time of its release, since it was produced in partnership with Academy Award winning director James Cameron.

The new discovery is actually part of an earlier finding made by Tabor and his team. However, the Israeli government shut down the initial investigation due to protests from local religious groups. A house was built on top of the excavation site, which is now referred to as the “Patio Tomb,” because a patio literally rests on top of the site. Tabor and his team were finally able to receive cooperation from the Israeli government by using the robotic technology to explore underneath the site.

“This inscription has something to do with resurrection of the dead, either of the deceased in the ossuary, or perhaps, given the Jonah image nearby, an expression of faith in Jesus’ resurrection,” Tabor said in the statement, referring to the “raise up” inscription on the ossuary.

“We now have the new archaeological evidence, literally written in stone, that can guide us in properly understanding what Jesus’ earliest followers meant by their faith in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead — with his earthly remains, and those of his family, peacefully interred just yards away,” Tabor and Jacobovici wrote.

However, skeptics say that Tabor is attempting to connect circumstantial evidence to his larger theory of the so-called Jesus Tomb.

“The attempt to connect [the Patio Tomb] to the other tombs is sheer conjecture, unless the tombs were connected,” Ben Witherington, a New Testament scholar at Asbury Theological Seminary, told MSNBC.

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Attackers; murder police officer, Daniel Samaniego Jesus Felix, shot 17 times!


Attackers; murder police officer, Daniel Samaniego Jesus Felix, shot 17 times!
Attackers; murder police officer, Daniel Samaniego Jesus Felix, shot 17 times!

Mexicali, Baja California (PH) Abel Galván Gallardo, Deputy head of the Organized Crime (SCDO) spoke yesterday about the progress of investigations into the murder of police, Daniel Samaniego Jesus Felix, shot at noon on Thursday on Boulevard Benito Juarez .

The Official said, The forensic evidence, established the finding of 17 shell casings at the crime scene and in the car allegedly used by the killers. They are 7.62×39 caliber shells, which are used in high power rifles, Ak47, known popularly as “goat horn”. Also in the vehicle were tactical gloves and a navy gun type, caliber .40, which was in the passenger seat of the Ram pickup white double cab used by the murderers.

“This car has a been reported stolen in the United States,” said the Deputy of the SCDO. Galván Gallardo reported that the investigations are at the stage of analysis and collection of more evidence forensics. He added that already they have testimonials from people and guests of the restaurant where the assault occurred in a parking lot shooting, as well as the security videos of the nearby establishments that have established the way in which events occurred.

“We are well aware of the timing and the route taken by the police officer, since he left the command post until he arrived at the restaurant, “he said. To analyze the causes for the crime the Organized Crime Attorney, the Attorney General of the State said that officers charged with investigating his family and work. He did not specify whether the agent had received death threats by organized crime.

But Garcia Galvan revealed that upon receiving the report on the deceased, staff noticed he had several charges, for the crimes of abuse of authority, fight injuries and injuries aggravated by reason of domestic violence. “He also had an arrest warrant for abuse of authority, but it was a case already arranged and the order had been canceled,” said the deputy.

He indicated that Galván Gallardo had phones and mobile communication devices which will be analyzed on the lists of incoming and outgoing calls. For now, the 0624 unit that was attacked the officer and the Ram pickup California license plates, are in the courts of the PGJE in defense as carried out the research

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“The Bride” 18, “The Cuina” 18, “The Bottle” 22. get Jail for extortion!

Four gang members allegedly engaged in an extortion ring were captured by personnel from the Attorney General’s Office in the act of charging “fees” to a bilingual school in this city.

At least one of those arrested was an employee of the school. Those arrested are Jesus Adrian Flores Portillo, alias “El Pelon” for 21 years, Graciela Torres Torres, aka “The Bride” 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka “The Cuina” 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias “The Bottle” 22.

"The Bride" 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka "The Cuina" 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias "The Bottle" 22.

"The Bride" 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka "The Cuina" 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias "The Bottle" 22.


The atrocities committed by the gang of “La Cuina” as the prosecutor identified, occurred during the month of December 2011 and January 2012. During the first days December 2011, the principal of the school made ​​several threatening messages arrive in the sense that if you did not pay the amount of 30,000 pesos monthly processing fee and / or dues would run against him, would cause havoc on families and on campus; identifying the attackers as members of a criminal group operating in the city.

Therefore, the director informed the telephone number indicated by their abusers and agreed that payments would be made ​​the second week of each month also threatened the victim not to report the facts, otherwise the first death would be a relative.

The investigating officers observed when Edgar Daniel Escobedo Corral “The Cuina”, reached the Paseo mall and walked toward the rear of the building and made ​​the delivery of cash to Jesus Adrian Flores Portillo, Graciela Torres Torres and Gabriel Botello Eduardo Avila, who greeted in a suspicious manner.

For this observed behavior Edgar Escobedo Daniel Corral and the people who received the envelope with the money were detained in terms of the flagrancy in the intersection of Del Huizache Montemayor and the colony El Roble, and transferred to the facilities of the Attorney General, Northern Region, to conduct interviews for. Escobedo Corral “The Cuina “said an employee of the victim, who first served as mayor and now as a security guard, also stated that his girlfriend and two friends whom they identified as Graciela Torres Torres, Gabriel Eduardo Avila and Jesús Adrián Botello Flores Portillo, planned to extort money from his employer, and the profits divided equally. Also, Graciela Torres Torres, Eduardo Botello Gabriel Adrian Avila and Jesus Flores Portillo, said their leader is Edgar Daniel Escobedo Corral (a) “Cuina”, who was the person who planned the extortion and left messages on the door of the school and home of the victim.

Gabriel Eduardo Botello Adrian Avila and Jesus Flores Portillo, were threatened by death was the manager of the phone calls and gave instructions how to make the payment.

Therefore, the prosecution requested the collaboration of employers, traders and the general public should recognize their attackers arrested today come to denounce them.


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