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Tultitlan- Alleged dealer of the Family arrested by the SSC

Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC

“The Teak” was identified as responsible for the sale and distribution of drugs in the town of Tultitlan, SCC seized an assault rifle and a submachine gun

Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC
Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC


Salvador Neme Sastré, head of the Department of Public Safety (SSC) of the State of Mexico, announced in his account Twitter @ NemeSSC information on the arrest of Juan Luis “N” “N”, aka “Teak” 21 years of age and alleged drug dealer of the criminal organizationLa Familia Michoacana . “

“There is a 21-year old detainee nicknamed” Teak “who claims to work for # LaFamilia and distributes drugs in the region,” said Neme Sastré.

In a statement, the agency reported that the subject was logged in a home located in the Barrio Nativitas Tultitlán municipality where SCC seized an assault rifle and a AR-15 submachine gun 9 mm, two magazines and 66 cartridges of both types gauge, plus 39 envelopes containing marijuana.

The suspect was identified as a member of the criminal organization to monitor who conducted the sale and distribution of drugs in the region.

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TOLUCA, Caen seven alleged kidnappers of La Familia Michoacana arrested

During an operation in the municipality of Otzolotepec, the Department of Public Safety was able to rescue two hostages who were entrepreneurs

Elements of the Public Safety Secretariat (SSC) rescued two kidnapped businessmen and said seven suspected members of a cell of La Familia Michoacana criminal group in the municipality of Otzolotepec.

The incident occurred in the Villa Cuauhtemoc, where the suspects were confronted with elements of the military and for those injured Avelino Ignacio Santana, aka “El Tigre“, 26 and identified as the leader of the group.

During the intervention of members of the SSC were arrested Ezequiel Hernandez Sanchez, 23, Victor Vicente Ignacio, 35, Omar Ortiz Hernandez, 23, Jose Alberto Davila Aguirre, 20, Luis Lemus Raymundo Juarez, alias “the Seven”, 32, and Marlene Viridiana Rodriguez Gonzalez, 19.

In the operation were released two men of 46 and 43, respectively, nightclubs entrepreneurs who were deprived of their liberty in recent days and remained in captivity in a safe house while negotiating his release.

The detainees were seized a gray Chevrolet Cavalier vehicle plates MHL 1294, and two firearms, a .38 caliber super, a .22 caliber rounds of ammunition and 42 mm .38 caliber and .9 millimeter and three magazines and a bulletproof vest.

Also eight mobile teams, two chips, a hundred doses of drugs with characteristics of crack cocaine and two packs a herb like marijuana, items that will be made available to the officer concerned.

Ignacio Santana, who was shot, was admitted to a hospital under police guard.

According to victims, how to operate the cell was first required to pay a fee called “dues” and if they refused to cooperate, they were deprived of liberty to demand payment for the rescue.

The SSC encourages citizens to recognize if the modus operandi of the criminal cell or identify any of the members of the criminal cell, come to report to authorities.

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Mexicos’ loss due to the drug wars and criminal organizations

MEXICO CITY 160 000 businesses closed because of lack of security

The organization complained that an increasing number of abductions and burning of vehicles to block roads.

These Organized crime cartels are responsible

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Mass escapes of prisoners, kidnappings, and executions are frequent, says

The Employers Confederation of Mexico (Coparmex) said that organized crime is deteriorating competitiveness of the states, discouraging domestic and foreign investment, which has caused the closure of at least 160 000 businesses across the country during 2011 and the migration of thousands of productive families to other nations.

Desigaud Alberto Espinosa, president of business organization, said the climate of insecurity prevailing in Mexico has forced the closure of businesses , migration of business and tourism sector losses. also called inefficient fight against organized crime at the failure of the commitments made by the three levels of government, Congress and the judiciary, in the field, more than three and half years of signing the National Accord for Security, Justice and Legality.

 “Not only is it changing the lives of Mexicans, the economy is being affected because in the north, the premium insurance increased 30% to 24 million passengers border prefer to stay longer in Mexico, which has an economic loss of more than $ 800 million in the last five years, “he said.

He added that Mexico’s image has deteriorated seriously, causing several nations issued alerts to prevent tourists travel to our country, because only in America, is considered to Ciudad Juarez as the world’s most dangerous city. “Organized crime is deteriorating competitiveness of the states, discouraging domestic and foreign investment, causing the closure of formal enterprises, because in 2011 more than 160 000 companies ceased to operate throughout the country, “he said.

As for the construction industry, said it has increased the risk of to increase the cost of infrastructure, because the contractors will have to pass on rising costs made to counteract insecurity.

 “The worst is that employers and families are going to other countries in search of safety and well, so it is necessary to evaluate the strategy of the fight against crime implemented by the Federal Government to identify opportunities and design new programs, more effective, “established. stressed that coordination is required, responsibility and a vision of State long term and that insecurity is reaching levels not seen in decades and the public perception is that violence, is far from diminishing, but is increasing.

“There is frustration and disappointment in all sectors of society, the impunity that prevails in the country and lack of responsibility of the authorities, which has resulted in eight out of ten Mexicans consider that security is worse than in 2011 and added to that, 50% of citizens consider that organized crime is winning the battle and the government 40% defined as the current strategy failed because three out of ten people have been victims of crime in the last three months, he said.

He recalled that there are often mass escapes of prisoners, kidnapping and burning of vehicles to block roads and primary roads; performances mainly in Nuevo Leon, Guerrero, Coahuila, Durango, Chihuahua and Tamaulipas.

Within society, added that in the past five years the offenses occurred in the country increased from 1.5 to 1.8 million and the homicide is has doubled and kidnapping has rallied 81%, in Durango, Tamaulipas and Guerrero.

According to figures from the 32 state attorneys in 2011 reported an average of four kidnappings and two thousand robberies daily, throughout the national territory and that same year saw four thousand 600 complaints for the crime of extortion, with greater involvement in Chihuahua, Baja California, Jalisco and Mexico City.

In addition, he concluded the union leader-, that 98% of crimes go unpunished, and total cases go to trial, only one in ten offenders receive judgment.

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State of Mexico offering a reward of one million pesos for “the Flirty”

TOLUCA, February 29. – Attorney Alfredo Castillo Mexico State will meet in the next few hours with relatives of the victims of Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta, alias “the Flirty responsible for multiple homicides.”

the Flirtatious wanted for Murder and Rape
the Flirtatious wanted for Murder and Rape

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) also confirmed that offering a reward of one million pesos to anyone providing information leading to the arrest the rapist and murderer of women.

It is expected that the meeting with the families of the young people who were killed by Librado Legorreta will be conducted behind closed doors in the city of Toluca.

The prosecutor said that in the last hours they have investigated 14 homes related to the criminal, where they have located the victim’s belongings.

The office reported that so far they do not have clues as to the whereabouts of the two judicial police who allegedly are related to the escape of the criminal.

The governor instructed the mexiquense Attorney Eruviel Avila, Alfredo Castillo, to facilitate the investigations leading to the recapture of Armando Librado Legorreta, aka “Flirty”, accused of rape and homicide.

In a statement reported that the state government was determined to dismiss the charge of the Commissioner General of the state ministerial police of Mexico, Enrique Dominguez Abasolo, to facilitate investigations into the case and determining if there are more public servants suspected of evasion of arrest.

In addition, Villegas Avila ordered the state prosecutor to speed up the investigation and implement the mechanisms necessary for legal and intelligence gathering to lead to the capture of Saul Antonio Rodrigo Sanchez and Israel Rodriguez, the two policemen at large for whose negligence or complicity, made it was possible for the detainee to escape.

Further instructions were for the Deputy Governor for the Investigation of Crimes Linked to Gender Violence and the prosecutor Alfredo Castillo in the sense of providing all necessary attention to the families of the victims of the fugitive.

The governor also asked the head of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico structural analysis of substance dependence to identify those actions which may need to improve and streamline their work

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CUERNAVACA, a new criminal organization has begun a war for the drug market.

The attack on a bar in Temixco, where one person was killed, was in response to a massacre of February 15, according to the investigations.

CUERNAVACA, February 18. – Two years after the Soldiers of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico swooped in in this city, the Arturo Beltran Leyva groups that originally started the contest for the place was thwarted, but a new criminal organizationhas begun a war for the drug market.

The beginning of a new criminal Organization
The beginning of a new criminal Organization

After two years of killings, disappearances, kidnappings, shootings, burning of homes and businesses, called the South Pacific Cartel (CPS) who commanded Radilla Julio Hernandez aka “The Black”, was disbanded and its leader put behind bars accused of being responsible for the killing of Juan Francisco Sicily and six others.

The CPS was the organization in Cuernavaca through which Hector Beltran Leyva sought to seize the square, to avenge the death of his brother and kill Edgar Valdes Villareal aka “La Barbie,” who was blamed for the capture of Arthur Beltran in Cuernavaca.

The other side linked with Barbie also suffered casualties, after their leader Ulises Gonzalez Martinez, aka Mojo , was killed by agents of the Federal Police in the neighborhood of Tlaltenango, on June 7, resulting in an apparent decrease in violence, which lasted just under two months.

Now, the criminal organization The Reds and formerly known as The Warrior Pelones , reorganized small scattered cells of the followers of the Barbie and began to control criminal activities in the metropolitan area of Cuernavaca.

According to investigations by the authorities, La Familia Michoacana settled in Cuautla, where he began to have a presence in the state and now has challenged the Reds to a new struggle for Morelos Square, a place that previously was considered a white area, ie , a rest of bosses, where there were only low-profile criminal activities so as not to heat the place.

The new declaration of war came on Wednesday February 15 when an armed commando left six dismembered bodies on the free road Cuernavaca-Cuautla, in the same place he left a message threatening one of the alleged ringleaders of the Reds .

The answer was not long in coming, since the criminal group known as The Reds shot the entrance to a bar and killed an employee guarding the main entrance, in response to six people multihomicidio perpetrated on Wednesday in the town of Yautepec As is clear from the messages left in place.

This is despite the strengthening of Joint Operations Bases (BOM). This armed group started a shootout in the town of Temixco, culminating in the death of a person, where he left a message to challenge the criminal group known as La Familia Michoacana.

The facts pointed to the village in the municipality of Acatlipa Temixco on the free highway to Acapulco Cuernavaca, where the attack took place after midnight at the bar called El Tapatio.

In the place were more than 12 plain gauge known as c 7.62 uerno goat , as well as an alleged message was left near the body identified as Manuel Yanez Campuzano, security guard at the bar.

After the attack, there was a strong police mobilization in the area, even during the course of the day were conducted several raids in hotels and real estate, suspects, where they could shelter the killers of these criminal organizations.

Soldiers went to the scene of the municipal police, state, federal and military, who guarded the area while experts from the State Attorney research first.

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Ixtapaluca febrero, is one of the most unsafe places in the State of Mexico

Olympic Swimming Pool Fast Lane Category:Outdo...
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MEXICO CITY, 12- the Federal Deputy Maricela Serrano Hernandez said, Ixtapaluca febrero is one of the most unsafe places in the State of Mexico and currently ranks first in auto theft crimes and kidnappings, though it is one of the largest in the state, it is one of the three poorest, to deliver the facilities of a semi olympic pool of the hill tejolote.

“Ixtapaluca is the most insecure of all municipalities, and occupied the first place which is not an honorable thing. To be first in auto theft crimes and kidnappings and the authorities did not invest in sport, do not invest in culture and do not invest in education and employ only policemen who are very poorly equipped “said, Serrano Hernandez.

He noted that Ixtapaluca, is one of the largest areas in the State of Mexico and is a municipality in recent years that has grown considerably, but its budget has grown much less in services.

“Today, we occupy the penultimate position in the distribution of state budget that is allocated to each municipality. The second to last when the contradiction we are the last places of poverty. It’s not fair that our town is in the marginalization, “he said.

Finally he said, that Ixtapaluca has only one public swimming pool, and it is now abandoned so the construction of a semi-Olympic pool this is an opportunity for everyone in Ixtapaluca and is open to the general public.

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Matthew Raymundo Cruz. alias “The Kill”, leader of La Familia arrested


la familia structure

la familia structure The Kill captured

Toluca .- Officers of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM), in coordination with the Department of Public Safety (SSC), arrested Matthew Raymundo Cruz. alias “The Kill”, the alleged leader of La Familia Michoacana operating in five municipalities.

In a press conference, the state prosecutor Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, and the Director of the SSC, Salvador Neme Sastré, said that the arrest was made this past weekend in the municipality of Villa Nicolas Romero.

They said that during his arrest at Matthew Cross, it was not necessary to use firearms, at the time of his arrest was unarmed and living in one of his safe houses located in this town. Castillo Cervantes said that the offender was involved in at least 12 homicides in the municipalities of Villa Nicolas Romero, Jilotzingo, Cuautitlan Izcalli, Naucalpan and Atizapán of Zaragoza. “He would dismember the kidnapped victims and even leave them a message that made ​​reference to the Familia Michoacana “he said.

He said that with the arrest of “The Kill” a blow is given to organized crime, and this capture and Jose Luis Soto Silva (Beto) has dismembered this band completely dedicated to the distribution of cocaine in the Valley of Mexico.

In his first statement of “The Kill”, said some elements of the municipal police of Villa Nicolas Romero were in charge of providing protection to the members of his band. Each of them was paid 2,500 pesos a week. “However, when there were strong shock or drug transfer, the payment was higher and the offender sometimes had to spend more than five thousand dollars for each officer that protected them.

Raymundo Castillo Cervantes said Matthew Cruz, also is being investigated by state authorities because he also was engaged in extorting bars operating in those municipalities, which are, called shares above 20 thousand dollars a week. “With this arrest and the” El Beto “, recorded last week there is a very important step in fighting crime, that soon also carried out operations to capture other capos, including “M1”, “The Pony”, “The Relative”, “The Cowboy”, “The Badger”, “El Comandante” and “The Sow”.

For his part, Secretary of Public Safety, Salvador Neme Sastré, stated that these actions are a frontal combat organized crime operating in this part of the Valley of Mexico. On the participation of municipal police of Villa Nicolas Romero, who offered him protection, Sastré Neme reported that these will be investigated so that no crime goes unpunished.

It should be noted that in 2011 the State of Mexico authorities broke up several cells that commanded “The Kill”, who was linked to a shooting that occurred on July 31 at the Zodiac Bar, located in Nicolás Romero

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