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Woman held captive Seven Years by her partner and had four children

held captive by her partner and had four children
held captive by her partner and had four children

Seven years held captive by her partner and had four children

Was subjected to physical and psychological abuse, plus it was separated from her offspring, her family contacted her via Facebook

BUENOS AIRES, Feb. 25. – A woman was held captive in Argentina for seven years by her partner, who bore him four children, who subjected her to physical and psychological pain, today confirmed the victim’s family.

The woman, identified as Sophia Encisa, 24, was released Thursday in a police operation conducted in the locality of Guernica, in which her partner was arrested Oscar Roberto Enriquez, 33. “He’s very upset, sad, and shocked.

She wanted to go and not the left. Once she tried to escape and he stabbed her in the buttocks. He beat her unconscious, “said Rocio, the sister of Sofia, Radio 10, Buenos Aires.

Enriquez is charged with alleged illegal deprivation of freedom and holding a woman captive since April 2005. The investigation was initiated by a complaint from the sister Sophia, who had recently made contact Rocio through Facebook.

“Sofia did not go out, and when she did, she was accompanied by her captor. So I could not help. One witness recounted that when they saw her occasionally, she could express in short sentences the situation she was in and asked for help with signs, “said the judicial instructor Germain Di Pascual , in remarks published today by the newspaper La Nacion .

Sequestration rule  Di Pascual said the woman was “never missing” because her family always knew she was with Enriquez and explained that, therefore, “the figure is not kidnapping but illegal deprivation of liberty be doubly aggravated by situations of violence or threats, “a crime that is punishable by two to six years in prison. He said that Sofia had “freedom of movement within the house, but was not allowed to go outside or have contact with others” and “was enclosed under threat of death to her and her children, and was the victim of physical violence and threatened with guns several times.

Dew the victim’s sister, said today that Sofia “lived under constant threat and was psychologically abused” and did not reside with their children, aged 1 and 6 years, because Enriquez had them in another house. “Once I went to the house and (Enriquez) said to me she does not want to see her family. I did not know that my sister was like that. He made me think that she did not want to see the family” said Dew. Even today she is still shaken by her ordeal.

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