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El Paso Couple arrested for selling ammunition and guns to Mexican Criminals

EL PASO, Federal authorities arrested a couple who owns a gun business in Laredo, Texas,

for allegedly selling ammunition in bulk and weapons that were destined to end Mexico‘s criminal cartels.

Selling guns to criminals in Texas

Special Agent of Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security (HSI) in San Antonio, Texas, Jerry Robinette said that this arrest is part of the commitment of the U.S. authorities to stop the illegal flow of arms and ammunition destined for organized crime in Mexico.

The couple is accused of selling ammunition to illegal immigrants, among others, and his first statement in court is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Each offense he is charged could lead to fines of up to $ 250,000.

Both detainees Jacaman Robert Sr. and his wife Veronica Jacaman, eleven face federal charges for crimes related to trafficking in arms and ammunition, explained Robinette, who noted that the prosecutor asked to be denied bail.

The indictment also are accused of having conspired to provide ammunition and chargers to illegal immigrants, as well as ammunition and an assault rifle to convicted criminals.

The detailed indictment that from January to July 2012 detainees conspired to sell large quantities of .223 caliber ammunition and a thousand rounds of 7.62 x 39 mm to an undocumented immigrant who was in the country, and had entered the United States on a nonimmigrant visa.

Also facing charges for selling a CMMG, Model 4SA semiautomatic a person with criminal charges and ammunition illegally exporting assault weapons to Mexico.

Cartridges, weapons and ammunition were intercepted by authorities before reaching Mexico.

The investigation was conducted by the HSI and the Office for the Control of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

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seven people killed in Nuevo Laredo in Nothern Mexico

seven people killed in Nuevo Laredo in Nothern Mexico

Monterrey (Mexico), – Seven people were killed yesterday in Nuevo Laredo, northern Mexico, in a violent day which today joined with an explosive attack against the headquarters of the Police City Municipal, who left no dead but property damage, municipal and state sources.

A spokesman for the attorney general of Tamaulipas (PGJT) said, at about 08.00 local time (13.00 GMT) aboard an unknown vehicle, a missile was launched, presumably a grenade against the local police headquarters, an attack that left one civilian injured in a car burned and another damaged.

Local media also reported that after the incident broke out in the area, located in the area known as Santa Fe, west of the city, a shootout between the army and the alleged assailants.

On the target of the attack, the city police headquarters, there was only to record damage, added the sources.

Police sources Laredo (Texas, USA) consulted by Efe also said that the four international bridges that connect the U.S. and Mexico are operating normally.

The Tamaulipas Attorney explained further that yesterday evening there was in this city bordering Laredo two shootings that left seven people dead have been identified.

The upsurge in violence in the border Nuevo Laredo, a stronghold of the criminal organization Los Zetas, apparently has to do with increased pressure from the authorities against criminal leaders of that group, and an alleged encounter Los Zetas against their rival of the Sinaloa cartel.

The violence has intensified in the last ten days in a city patrolled by the Mexican army, which took one year for public safety work in the city due to the corruption of police forces operating in the area.

On 17 April, the bodies of 14 men between 30 and 35 years were found inside a vehicle parked on the side of the Municipality of Nuevo Laredo, the event highlights of recent.

In the past month, the Army has beaten harshly with Los Zetas and one of its operatives killed Francisco Medina Mejia, alias “El Quemado”, April 4.

Earlier, on March 14, soldiers captured Carlos Alejandro Martinez Escobedo, aka “The Fabiruchis” who had taken the lead of Los Zetas in the area after Gerardo Valdez War, aka “The War”, was killed in a clash military personnel the first of March.

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Thirteen suspected criminal gangs members were killed in Nuevo Laredo

Thursday afternoon heavy gunfire was reported in the city Laredo (Texas, United States), , no casualties reported by government forces

Thirteen suspected criminal gangs members were killed in Nuevo Laredo

Thirteen suspected criminal gangs members were killed in Nuevo Laredo

NUEVO LAREDO, March 1. – Thirteen suspects were killed during a shootout with the Mexican Army and police in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, the military said.

This afternoon, heavy gunfire was reported in that city, on the border with Laredo (Texas, United States), on the southern bank of the Rio Grande and where several areas of the town were blocked.

The sources corresponding by telephone said, the military zoned off the area and that thirteen suspected criminal gangs members were killed in the fighting, and added that government forces had no casualties. They did not specify whether anyone was arrested during the operation.

The state of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Laredo has been one of the most affected by the violence generated by drug cartels in the country.

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