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Mexico extradites former drug lord Eduardo Arellano Felix to U.S.A.

Responds to a court in San Diego on charges of conspiracy, money laundering and drug trafficking

Mexico extradites former drug lord Eduardo Arellano Felix to U.S.A.

The government of Mexico extradites Eduardo Arellano Felix to the U.S., to respond to charges of conspiracy, money laundering and trafficking in cocaine and marijuana in a court in San Diego, California, on.

The attorney for the California border city with Mexico, Laura Duffy, reported that the government of Mexico had been requested since 2010 to extradite Arellano Felix who was arrested in October 2008 in Tijuana, Baja California.

The former head of the organization of the Arellano Felix will be filed with the federal court in San Diego on 4 September.

“We thank the Government of Mexico for this extradition,” Duffy said, adding that delivery of Arellano Felix is ​​”a step in bringing to justice another figure U.S. to face drug trafficking charges serious.”

The regional director of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), William Sherman, said for his part that “the extradition of Eduardo Arellano Felix marks the end of 20 years of research by the DEA to the cartel.”

He said Arellano Felix’s extradition “illustrates how the DEA and other agencies to relentlessly pursue drug traffickers to bring them to justice.”

The indictment states that Eduardo Arellano Felix and other leaders of the organization are responsible for purchasing large quantities of cocaine to Colombian groups.

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DEA confiscated 578,000 marijuana plants in the U.S.

Operation Mountain Sweep“, taking nearly two months, was carried out in seven western states U.S.


DEA claims to have confiscated 578,000 Marijuana plandts. Did they actually count them?

Federal authorities found 578,000 marijuana plants in a raid nearly two months in seven western U.S. states, the Department of Justice.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said “Operation Mountain Sweep” was conducted from July 1 in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Utah.

Most of the marijuana, 483,000 plants were located in the state of California, the prosecutor confirmed.

He said it was an operation led interagency Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to federal, state and local.

Although the operation was not reported detention, Duffy reported that in addition to the drug plantations are located and destroyed drug camps, and facilities and resources used for drug cultivation and irrigation systems, fertilizers and agricultural pesticides.

He said most of the marijuana was discovered in forests of national parks throughout the western U.S..

For a year the four federal prosecutors in California and other states have systematically dismantled, the production and sale of marijuana for medical purposes.

In addition to locating and eradicating crops, authorities warned they could confiscate businesses selling marijuana dispensaries called, and the premises in which they are located, leading to hundreds of landlords to terminate leases and close the outlets.

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